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OC Image Songs~

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Satoren, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Image songs are in a way, theme songs for characters. Their tune can describe the character's personality based on how it plays out. Upbeat tunes for example can be likened to a character having a cheerful personality. The lyrics also help to summarize a character based on what they talk about which can be an allusion to the character's own ideals. Almost always, an image song is sung by the voice actors/actresses of the character.

    So here's the question: If your RP/PRP/Fiction OC had an Image Song, what would it be?

    For example, I like to think of the song 'Magic Number' by Maaya Sakamoto as Minnow/Naomi's image song.
    lyrics and translation
    Not only do I often imagine Sakamoto-san as being Minnow's VA, but the song's cheerful tune and lyrics about pursuing dreams and staying positive describes Minnow perfectly.

    For Ruin, I picked Nobody Knows by Suga Shikao
    lyrics and translation
    The quirky and mysterious tune and the lyrics about lamenting the past and manning up I think best describes Ruin's story as a runaway Pokemon trainer.

    So, got a song you think best describes your OC/s?
  2. Oh, RX, I love what you've done by giving us this thread~

    For Troy, I'd have to say Midnight Rain by myself. To me, it tells the tale of his dark nature while showing his good side at the same time.

    Just Melody by UVERworld would describe the complex relationship between Sakaki and Kasumi.

    And finally, Alumina by Nightmare seems to fit the the actions and reasonings of Seishuku.
  3. Oh do I love these :D

    My trainer Diego... He may be happy alot, but he's also quite the fighter, so maybe
    Aka FMA Brothehood ending 1 It has a sense of wonder to it and it sounds epic too. I don't really know what they're saying, but it still sounds like Diego.

    This would be Keel's theme.
    Bleach opening 7 It sounds like his personality: A calm level headed guy who view things on the dark side, but still fight for something with everything he has.
  4. Oh man, I used to pick entire soundtracks for my OCs. I haven't assigned a song to an OC for a while.

    One I can remember right now was for an undead pyromancer OC named Apotheosis--that was her "dead name", she had a more ordinary one as a living person--and the Rammstein song "Mein Herz Brennt" just went soooooo well with her character. Awesome song too, although I have trouble listening to Rammstein nowadays since it reminds me of my deadbeat friend.

    Another good one was "Going Up the Country" by Canned Heat for a really fun pokemon RP I was a part of-- there was no overarching SUPADORAMA plot of seriousness, it was just a bunch of ordinary trainers going out and having fun in an island league. It was a refreshing change from all the SRS TRAGIC BACKSTORY RPs that I'd been in up to that point.

    And finally, "Falling for the First Time" by the Barenaked Ladies was the 'romantic' theme for two OCs in one of the many pokemon 'fics I wrote. They had a slightly disfunctional, slightly crazy relationship that really went with the song.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOOh, this is fun stuff. :)

    For Katherine, the co-main character of one of my longest running stories, I'd say she has two 'image songs'. They're basically songs that make me immediately think about her when I listen to them. Both do well at describing two distinct parts of her life.

    Psychopomp by the Tea Party very strongly reminds me of her childhood and her rather unhealthy relationship with Kimiko (the other main character). The lyrics especially describe the situation leading up to the moment when everything in Katherine's old life goes to hell. Huh. I guess in a way it could be considered a joint image song between the two of them, but details, details. :X

    Then we have Everything Burns by Anastacia (ft.Ben Moody), which struck me hard the first time I listened to it because it was so her after the incidents described above. One segment in particular of the lyrics really stands out to me, but all of it fits to some degree.

    I'll need to ponder over songs that would fit some of my other characters, too. :X
  6. Well, here are two of my OC themes. Some of you might recognize the second, possibly.

    Toru - Blue Bird - Naruto Shippuden's 3rd opening (sorry, YT links are buggering on me for some reason so you'll have to find this one yourself)
    Now, please don't think I'm a big generic - cheesy - Narutard here, but I absolutely love the music from Naruto. It's really inspiring, and I think the lyrics really fit with Toru's personality, and the song really works with him.

    Blue Thunder - Spinning, Spinning, Spinning, Spiii!? - Gurren Lagann OST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_ndaumP7zE
    Now, you've probably heard me mention Blue Thunder before, but I've never used him in any of my 'Charms fiction or RPs I've been involved in. Shame really, as he's quite an interesting. He's a very solitary, quiet character. But he does have control over lightning, and I think this TTGL song shows that wild lightning side quite well.
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Here's what I've come up with for the five man band of Rise of Team Neos.

    Brian: Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace. Brian's nuts and you all know it. The only contradiction to the song is he's perfectly secure with his madness.

    Axel: Monkey Magic butchered by Konata Izumi. Axel knows the lyrics to this song about as well as Kona-chan.

    Zack: Mumbo No.5 by Lou Bega. Zack's a ladies man (or so he claims) so it would only be fitting that he would sing this.

    Eve: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Eve is an arrogant sadist that views people as nothing more than her playthings. She replaced her original image song just to Rick Roll you all. It gave her lulz.

    Chane: Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru. Nuff said.

    Raiden: Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Raiden specializes in training Electric-type Pokemon so we have the pun aspect, plus it would also be ironic that a man as stoic as he is has a rock song as his theme.
  8. I'm just gonna do my main characters for each story I'm writing xD with maybe my other favorites.

    Zacky Ira: Underclass Hero by Sum 41. Zacky is a free soul and doesn't like to be told what to do, even though its really ironic as he served in two different militaries and eventually leads a REBELLION. Underclass Hero represents him so damn much its not even funny, Zacky even quotes the song multiple times in the story and even becomes "The Hero of the Underclass for all." <3333

    Abel Silvio: Lionheart by Emancipator. Abel is a kind cute teenager who never liked to fight, all he wanted was to be accepted and he found a way to do it so he tried it and fought hard for it. Lionheart ftw, Abel Silvio ♥

    Cain Silvio: Spiral by Nightrage. Cain is a giant badass that even rival's Zacky's badassery, this song just rips through you like a howister firing chainsaws at a million a minute which kinda fits his power.. Somewhat. So I choose Spiral for him ♥

    Vilo Acedia: Tik Tok by Ke$ha. Even though he's a male, Vilo pretty much fits the song perfectly, he loves to party, liek hard, in his boxers and with a beer in hand, he'll party until the sunrise.

    Fang: Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars. During Hunger Install the story, Fang pretty much ran from everything but eventually grew some balls and made some promises that made him become a better person, Attack totally fits him.

    I have a loaaaaaad more songs for my characters (expessically Zacky >>;;) but I won't spam them ♥
  9. Oh man. I have like ten zillion characters, but I suppose I'll restrict myself to the ones people know about. XD I also have to admit that most of my choices are because they just fit the character to me. It's hard for me to explain, but whenever I write (or, in the case of these characters, arrange sprites on a page), I tend to have a soundtrack running through my head. These are the songs that most resemble that. So I suppose it's less their image songs and more what songs I associate with them.

    Let's see, I think Blue would get something like Kiss of Jealousy from Live-a-Live. It's upbeat and not a very serious song. (Hint: Blue is upbeat and very rarely completely serious.) Plus, for whatever reason, Blue gives me a salsa vibe. XD Runners up for Blue's song are Makes No Difference (Sum 41) and Mass Destruction (Persona 3).

    Azure gets Bastard Wants to Hit Me by They Might Be Giants. A song about an average joe who doesn't know what's going on and is thrust into the middle of something harmful? Azure written all over it. :B

    Celeste fits with Beautiful Day. I'll admit I can't justify this one, really. It's just the song that plays when I write for her.
  10. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Ooh, I have playlists devoted to my characters. XD But I'll pick just a few songs.

    Fida - You Always Believed by In This Moment. This song I feel describes Fida's feelings towards Tara and I suppose Sem as well for helping her like they did. This song is amongst one of my personal favorites; it's just so full of energy XD It's not very Fida in nature, but it also is at the same time.

    Together Again by Evanescence and April Rain by Delain are both darker. Together Again expresses Fida's hope to see Tara again and her telling herself that she will, despite that fact that to her Tara is dead. April Rain is more about her will to press on and not dabble in her past, as bad as it was, because there are good things in her life that she's lucky to have.

    Tara - Rise - Origa. (Opening for second season of Ghost in the Shell.) Video has a few sequences from the anime itself, silly AMV's xP Doesn't help that the user's name is "pockyeater"
    *rolls his eyes* Anyway, half the song is in Russian, but the English lyrics are enough to tell you what the song is about. It's really just about rising up and overcoming, which is why I picked it for Tara, who's been through so much. ♥

    Invidia by Delain and Mechanical Love by In This Moment. Invidia in my mind sorta represents Tara's conflict with Lysis' presence in her body and how she longs to be rid of her while still battling the emotions that the memories of their past friendship stir within her. But in the end, despite Lysis and all her amazing feats Tara is determined to take control. Mechanical Love more deals with how despite their past friendship Lysis seems to want to continue to use Tara while trying to make up for it with gifts, money, security, ect as a way to say that she still cares.

    Into the Light by In This Moment is a beautiful Tara/Muku song, 'nuff said.

    Lysis - Woo, quite a few songs explain her. I'll just throw out three.

    Player by Origa (Another Ghost in the Shell tune - The lyrics to the rap in the information bit :V ) This song more represents Lysis' free spirit as well as her fierceness and how she won't let anything tie her down.

    Gunshow by In This Moment The song is entirely screaming, (so if you don't like that just go on mute and read the lyrics) but the lyrics being screamed and the hard metalness of the track itself are very Lysis.

    Lastly is Tik Tok XD You don't need a link for for that. But Miss Fox does like to party.

    That's it for now. I don't feel I really need to do a song for PRP/RP Sem, and I don't really have a theme for Sorena yet.
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  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Wouldn't "Into the West" fit Sem fairly well? Assuming we're referring to the same Sem (the aquamor version), you once associated it with him. I'd say it fit pretty nicely, too. ^^
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  12. Pfft, I practically need to listen to my characters' image songs in order to get into a good drawing or writing mood. Warning, long post is long.

    Anzuru Rin is a calm, maybe stoic person, but she surprisingly loves rap and hip hop. She strives to live past people's expectations of her, and to actually have a meaningful purpose in life. In fact, she's the main protagonist of my project, Blue Roses, and immediately agreed to help the people of the Speculum World to overthrow their king, despite the fact that she was just one teen. So Bump Bump by BoA feat. VERBAL is rather fitting. "Even when so much crazy stuff happens that I’m about to lose sight; before I know it, it’s all memories. I’ve forgotten it all already, but I’m gonna shine."

    Kane Hendrix's secret passion is anything regarding Japan, anime and manga. However, he had his own little alibi; he was a pretty good athlete and wasn't bad looking either. But the downside was the fact that he had no experience with girls, and of course his popularity was non-existent if that wasn't for Anzuru. He harbors feelings for her, but isn't aware that the feeling is mutual. Your Highness ☆ My Princess sung by the current male Japanese Vocaloids definitely shows what's going on in his mind.

    Now, Wash My Blood sung by the Vocaloid Luka Megurine describes two people: Boa Elriss and Python Elriss. They're vampire noblewomen. Boa, the elder sister, is the first person Anzuru & her friends encounter in the world of Speculum. The person that went after her was assigned by her husband, who planned to have her killed so he could get her riches. Python also had that luck with men, as her only lover and his brothers tried to kill her. If this song doesn't describe their pain and anger, I don't know what does.

    Inside the Fire by Disturbed was the song that practically inspired Hector. Despite Hector's name, it's a she. She is a demon of undetermined species, and had a lot of names given to her; the "Grim Reaper," the "Devil's Daughter," the "Minor's Death Angel." The last one is because she has been known to take lives of children. However, she kills them for two reasons - one because of pity (that Speculum is under the hands of a tyrant), and the other because she's sadistic.

    Then there's my Pokemon-related characters. Kimzie's song, is surprisingly Smooth by Santana feat. Rob Thomas. During my time of being an Ultimate Battle Frontier contestant on DeviantART, due to the fact that UBF is full of hormonal....well, deviants, at day one Kimzie has tried to fight off her desires. I even drew something because of it. She became a former devout choir girl with a default "nice girl" personality to something more in-depth. She had a past of countless unrequited relationships, and being in UBF was not a good thing for her. The song itself is rather lustful and risque when you listen to it, and that's how Kimzie's feelings to a particular man were eventually.

    Nana(non-PRP form) is a bubbly, innocent little girl. However, that does not make her naive or oblivious in any way. The song Renai Circulation sung by the Japanese Vocaloid Yuki Kaai suits her. She is fully aware that her "papa" and "mama" are nothing but her brother and his ex-girlfriend. She knows that there might be a slight chance that they'll never get together again. However, she is fine with that and continues to love them as if they were her actual parents, because as the song says, "our hearts will keep on evolving, more and more".

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