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Obscure Elements RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Kalseng, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. OKAY.

    So what I'm thinking, and I have discussed in chat, is an Obscure Elements RP. Which is Elemental bending or magic or obscure things. While we may have gotten a little sillier than I was aiming for in chat, I think I can explain a little better.

    Your characters would be in control of an element of silly or obscure proportions, such as Potato Chips or Wheat. Something silly like that, but it would all be srs bsns. All completely serious with a plot and bending. The princess dodgeball bender is in serious need of rescue, guys. Don't fuck around. D:< It'd probably take place in a more modern setting, to cover for Cell Phone benders and facebook benders and stuff.


    Real serious shit.

    I don't have much of an idea for plots, other than someone getting a better or more pure element, like Wood or Metal or something. Maybe world bending or something? Someone learns how to bend all? I dunno. The avatar comes!


    None of that.




    Btw, I totally claim wheat bending.
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  2. I fully approve of anything Kal does, so I am rather interested in this seriously silly elemental RP ♥ I am noooot having many ideas at the moment, but I consider and claim either catbending or hatbending. These are very serious powers with dire consequences. You know that wind that sweeps your hat off your head? That's him : o Or cats. Catbending could be fun :'D

    It's possible for a plot idea actually, to have a srsace bender, like Earth Fire Water Suebending (Actually Suebending sounds fun XD) is jealous of the notsosrsbenders and kidnaps this princess dodgeball, wishing to gain her abilities over painful rubber balls ♥

    EDIT: IDEA: Nutbending. :| Just you know for anyone to take, I have no claim over the bending of nuts |D
  3. Ba ha ha! This sounds awesomely ridiculous. I'm interesting, and I would be a gerbil bender/breeder.
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    remember last time you did an elemental sorta thing RP? It died after everyone made two posts. :3 (of course that was totally my fault but eh)

    perhaps these people have lost their abilities but originally had them, so they're going to look for whoever took them away/a way to get their powers back or something? NO WAIT SOME KIDS WANT THESE COOL POWERS SO THEY GO TALK TO MR. ADOY WHO KNOWS THE SEEKRIT TO GETTING THESE POWAHS. *shot*

    See, I would join, but I'm really busy, and I always end up killing the RP/not continuing. :x
  5. Seeing as Tan isn't taking it,

    Rainbow Bender |D

    But I like this idea a lot. I shall join forces with Tan to become RainbowNut Benders!
  6. I think this sounds like fun. I'm for it.

    I haven't many ideas for obscure bending sources, but I totally claim pen and/or candy bending. Fear my pointed and sticky projectiles!
  7. But the last RP had EVERY CHARMISIAN EVER in it.

    And this would only have the cool kids in it. 8)


    Maaaaybe (Thinking out loud) There's some warrior of peace and goodness that has a more pure or advanced Elemental bending ability, but they're being controlled by a MINDBENDER. (woaaahhh)

    Maybe it's princess dodgeball. And on the subject of dodgeballs!

    What if benders had two stages of bending? Like, dodgeball benders could bend dodgeballs first, and then rubber? Or maybe what their element does? Like for a dodgeball, concussive force? And for wheat, maybe plants or growth or something?

    I dunno! Thousands of thoughts and ideas! What are yours?


    tee hee I'm so perverted
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  8. I'd join this. A lighthearted but not too ridiculous RP sounds fun to me :>

    Would being able to bend anything Orange be too powerful? On one hand almost anything could be orange, but on the other hardly anything actually is...
  9. How could I NOT have seen that coming? I'm like a magnet to those type of things.

    Anyway... With pens, comes ink. So, I can bend ink as well, right? And with candy, comes different things, like chocolate, caramel, etc... How about just sweets in general? And writing utensils in general, because markers also have ink... I'm so freaking indecisive. But I'll make up my mind eventually.
  10. Old topic.

    But my interest, and as far as I know, other people's interest is still there. I'd still really like to make this happen.

    So I want your input.

    And I don't really know what to do with this.

    Let's theorize for a second.

    Why does everyone have these crappy powers? Did we start with good ones? What could pose such a threat that we'd need to band together to defeat whatever it is that's approaching on the horizon.

    This sounds weird, but a moving castle seems really cool. That way it could literally approach on the horizon.

    This thing can't really happen without a plot.
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  11. Hmm, this thread sounds good. I am thinking of maybe a leaf element, which leads to flowers. And I like the idea of the moving castle. :3
    #11 Louie Forest, Jan 13, 2011
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