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Oak's Letter available for US Platinum players

  1. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    [img align=left]http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/f/f5/Spr_4p_492.png[/img]The event item Oak's Letter, which grants access to the Flower Paradise in-game, will be available on Wi-Fi between September 28th and November 8th of this year. Like the Secret Key before it, it is acquired by using the Mystery Gift function, and then downloading the item via Wi-Fi from there.

    Within the Flower Paradise is Shaymin - it must be caught, but at a somewhat meager Lv.30 it should be a fairly easy catch if you're prepared for it. It carries the moves Growth, Magical Leaf, Synthesis and Leech Seed, which makes its moveset slightly more catch-resistant due to the high number of healing moves Shaymin packs here.

    Two other things of note are that this event is available to players with US copies of the game - that means you don't actually have to be in the US to get the item from Mystery Gift. Finally, taking this Shaymin to Floarama Town will allow you to get the Gracidea item by speaking to one of the people standing outside in the town. Gracidea will allow you to transform Shaymin into its Sky Forme.

    For more information, go to http://www.pokemon.com/


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by KoL, Sep 23, 2009.

    1. Linkachu
      Haha. I was gonna update about this, too, but then my old PC's HDD kinda went boom and safe to say... I got a bit distracted XD

      I love that they're doing this over the WFC, though, and I'm hoping Arceus gets a similar treatment somewhere down the line. :)
    2. Stark
      Yesss, I love hijacking from the American events from my lovely British residence and my lovely American copies 8)
    3. wolflover155166
      i used the wi-fi system thingy but no gifts where to be found can u guys help me out? :'( :'( :'(
    4. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Waiting until the event starts tomorrow would probably be very helpful.
    5. wolflover155166
      Waiting until the event starts tomorrow would probably be very helpful.

      oh what time dose it start?
    6. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      Everytime I read about this event, I always think about Alex sending you a message saying "Go to mirror stone now unless you hate Shaymin. Bring sandwiches"

      But yeah, I can't get it because Wi-fi is hated in my house. It's almost as if every event pokemon to date hates me for some reason. I might get lucky and find myself with the opportunity to get on Wi fi when the event is released in Europe. Unlikely though, perhaps Shaymin and I weren't meant to be...
    7. Havak
      This event does work with European versions of the game. I tested it earlier this morning, at after 11am (as I thought the event would start at 6am in America, ala 11am in England). However, I've been told that the event was live for Europeans at 9am GMT.

      So yeh, it works. Go get your Oak's Letter and your Shaymin.
    8. POH!KEMON
      Through Nov.8, Nice! I'm going to Plam Springs during my first week of fall break, so I should get Shaymin there! :D
    9. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      For the NZ/Australian readers, the event is also live for you guys too, as well as UK, Europe and NA.
    10. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      I must say thank you, Alex, for reminding me. I nearly forgot yesterday! I was nearly ready to get out of my house to class, but after seeing it announced online, I rushed to turn my DS on and get it. I now have an Adamant Shaymin.

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