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Ask to Join Oakland High, A basic School RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by JacobRaze, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. This is a small time High School RP. I want it to stay pretty small, but it is what it is.

    We live in the fictional town of Lew Creek, Oregon. It is a nature filled area, surrounded by woods, creeks, and lakes, but the biggest appeal...

    Is the High School. Oakland High school is know as one of, if not, the most prestigious public school around. With Amazing sports programs and advanced teaching puts this on the map, but recently, student corruption and suicide has hit it.

    You will either be moving there or already been there, and you will live life out as a Highschooler in a bad time for this school.


    Physical Description:


    GRP rules, (Read them geez)
    Romance is allowed, but dont be over the top, this is High School.
    Have Fun?
    Up to 2 characters
    Watch your back. Its never safe. Also, tell me your favorite food in the bio.
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  2. My Transcript:

    Name: Markus Goose (yes ik.)

    Age: 14

    Talents: Takes after his father as a basketball phenom

    Physical Description: Being fairly tall for his age, 5'9, he has his fathers dark caramel skin, but soft green eyes and black, messy faded hair. He isnt buff by any means, but he has some Muscle.

    About: Markus Goose is a highly anticipated student by the school. Moving from Minneapolis, he spends the last week of summer unpacking and exploring the green town. His father was a pro basketball player, who moved into a mansion here...with a dark history. His mom is a lawyer that specializes in Immigration.
    Other: I love Fries.
  3. Name: Stella Lamont
    Age: 14
    Talents: Not a bad singer, a pretty damned good Tennis player.
    Physical Description: A shorter girl with long blond hair, Stella stands around 5’0. She has a petite build, but holds some muscle around her thighs and arms. Her eyes are wide and brown.
    About: Stella grew up in an average home, training to be a tennis player since middle school. Other than her being sport-oriented, Stella is also a tiny bit of a flirt, although ok numerous cases it becomes apparent that she doesn’t mean to be.
    Other: Loves spicy tuna rolls.
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  4. Name: David Morgan

    Age: 14

    Talents: Pretty Great at baseball He doesn't want to pursue a future in it but loves to play it. He wants to pursue being a surgeon.

    Physical Description: He his really small for his age and stands at 5'2 and looks very scrawny with his build. But he has minor muscle near his
    legs, he has peach skin and blue eyes.

    About: David Grew up in a middle-class family in Orgen with an average life going to a lot of medical summer camps. He is very shy and likes being alone or with a one really good friend.

    Other: He has one younger sister and loves popcorn.
  5. !!woah!!!

    i hate me too!!
    omg we have so much in common
  6. just realized that the dicussion oof, edited
  7. Don't know if it's okay for me to join but here i go >_<

    Name: Michael Laze (lmao just a name i came up with randomly)
    Age: 14
    Talents: he knows a little bit about hacking (not very much as he's still pretty young. And please don't have your characters ask him about it because i don't know anything about it myself)
    Physical description: nothing that sticks out (aside from his very blonde hair). He mostly wear black t-shirts and jeans. Other than that, he's quite small. He's 4'9 in height
    About: he's very shy and dislikes attention. Pretty much the weird kid that sits by himself. At times he might feel confident enough to talk to people. Otherwise he won't talk to them unless they talk to him. He's also pretty scared of trying new things so he doesn't eat lots of different foods for example. There is more to him but i don't want to reveal too much here. He has lived in the town all his life though~
    Other: two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. His favorite food is tacos although he doesn't put alot of things in them.

    Is it still okay to join the roleplay though?
  8. 100% not okay

    nah jk you can join.
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  9. I need to know more about the setting though. What day/time of day is it right now?
  10. Oh yeah, eh id say it would be the afternoon. Still summer, one week until school
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  11. I have two questions.
    1. This is a boarding school, right?
    2. What day does school start in the up? in the rp.
  12. not a boarding school,

    im going to give a avg day for school to start in like...august 25
  13. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I don't know if you're accepting still but I'll make a bio
    Name: Ryan Thorne
    Age: 14
    Talents: He is a very fast runner and enjoys play basketball and is quite good at it
    Physical Description: He is quite tall standing at 5,11, he has quite pale skin with brown eyes and sort of long black hair
    About: He grew up in a small fishing village where he was meant to grow up to be a fisher, but he didn't want to be one and wanted to become an athlete as he enjoyed sports a lot, he would practice running and playing basketball while no one was watching, he moved with his mother as she wanted to help him become what he dreamed of being
    Other: He has an older brother, little sister and a dog, his favourite food is hot dogs
  14. Another basketball player huh? Just dont steal my spotlight ;)

    yeah you can join.
  15. Name: Noah Wensiton
    Age: 15 (Yes a Freshman, birthday is two weeks before school started.)
    Talents: He is a massive gamer nerd. Won a random trivia contest in 5th grade.
    Physical Description: Extremely tall for his age standing at 6"0, has pale and smooth skin, skinny, and has dark blue eyes. Has broad shoulders and long blue hair (Dyed) and has bangs covering his left eye. Gets confused for a girl for how feminine he looks.
    About: Noah grew up with only his father as his mother who suffered a heart attack when he was only one. Noah as he grew up always stayed to himself and grew up playing video games with his father who was also a massive gamer nerd. Noah started to cross dress at 13 years old. He made himself look like a girl despite his voice saying otherwise. He is usually quiet most of the time, keeping to himself, afraid of harassment from peers. He moved from Killeen, Texas to Lew Creek, Oregon with his father during the summer after 8th grade.
    Other: Loves sweets and considers himself a femboy.
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  16. TIME SKIP TO FIRST DAY SOON? I just wanted to set life in Oakland up a bit. So we can start up school now.

    Is that alright?
  17. We should at least have the last night before school done tomorrow. Let the first day maybe tomorrow night or Thursday.
    Also should we set up a base time zone we are using for updates and RP because most of us are in different time zones
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    okay with you guys?
  19. More than one word in a post please. Just to follow the pokécharms rules~
  20. Oh oops, but still this was a discussion thread so I didn't think anything of it
  21. I understand. Me neither. But i'd rather not risk it
  22. Ok, now we need how many other people?
  23. Obby, and shadow i think
  24. I'm fine with the Timezone thing and the other stuff.
  25. Ok then let us continue.
  26. Yep, I’m good with it~!
  27. Who is starting?
  28. i may be able to do it now

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