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Private/Closed Nuclear Radiation

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zipz, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    It was 10 years since the nuclear blast, and Pokemon all around the world have been mutated. Pokemon are now hostile, and trying to catch one is risky.
    Everyone is staying inside except these 3 kids and a team which is gathering nuclear waste to mutate the Pokemon even more..they say that they are trying to mutate legendary Pokemon and trying to control them. These kids won't allow that. Every blood drop is a sign of them getting stronger.
    They are trying to catch the non-mutated Pokemon..to keep them safe.

    These 3 kids are...
    @Possibilit , @PlayfulFox47 , and @RenzFlintrock . Here is the start of the story..

    A child was walking up the hill, trying to find any non-mutated Pokemon in sight. He is alone..and his Partner Chickorita was...gone forever. He tripped on a rock and tumbled from the mountain and made a loud noise...this attracted Mutated Pokemon. The Child was greeted by a Rattata who was somehow melted together with a Pidgey. Was covered in bumps and blood.
    "Screech!" The Rattatidgy screamed. This bought attention to more mutated Pokemon. After a few seconds..it was a mutated blood bath. The Child got out of there and ran into the nearest house possible. He stopped by a abandoned mansion.
    He was cold from the blood and wind..he needed warmth. Luckily, one small candle Pokemon knew that. It was a un-mutated Litwick. The Child sat down next to the Litwick who approached him, and he quickly fell asleep, hoping that this nightmare was over.
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  2. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    (I will still have my Candle...)
    A young lady named Kathren looked after the mansion that she called home now. After the mutation started, she took over this place. One of the Litwiks she caught, the others were wild and un-mutated. "Candle, I need more light," she whispered to her Pokemon. Her other Pokemon were lost now, her Staraptor disappeared three weeks ago. She assumed the worse. She was glad that she befriended the Litwiks here, and she made sure to take good care of them. How could she not? She went down the stairs and found a boy, asleep with a Litwik next to him. She smiled didn't disturb him. He must have thought no one lived here. Made sense, she made sure to make it look run down and abandoned.
    She heard the cries of the mutated pokemon outside. She shook her head in disgust and continued to walk silently.
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  3. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    The boy woke up to the sounds of thudding and screeching. He looked around. He was probably the most scared person on the planet. He finally stood up and shouted "Hello?". He thought this was a dumb decision, because it is abandoned. but when heard the sounds of footsteps, he held is breath.
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  4. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Kathren turned and walked back towards the boy after hearing his 'Hello'. She came back to him, Candle on her shoulder, and whispered "Be quiet. They will forget you came in here soon. Any loud noises that come from humans will draw their attention." Candle nodded in agreement.
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  5. (Im assuming this counts as an AU for me?)

    Renz looked at his empty pokeballs laid out on the bedside table. He had lost all of his friends except Krookodile. He relived the horrible memories every time he woke up.

    Hardhat had been the first to go. His leaves had withered before Renz's eyes, and he had turned to Renz with pain in his eyes. Then the pain vanished, and only hatred was left.

    Garchomp had been protecting him for years, but he had turned. So had Ceasar and Pilo. Gliscor had gone next, until only Ty and Donphan were left, but he was afraid they would be mutated as well if he took them out of the PC. Only Krookodile had been unaffected, but he was growing tired from constant battling and Renz was beginning to worry he would break down.

    Krookodile walked over and shook him to get up. Renz sensed his Pokemon's drift.

    "An intruder in the mansion? Is it one of THEM? Is Kathy safe?"

    He leapt out of bed and rushed downstairs, Krookodile following.
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  6. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    as the boy took a sigh of relief, he heard more footsteps coming from the same floor.... It was another person.
    "Hello?" Said the Boy again, still kinda scared? "Who are you?"
    The voice echo'd, repeating over and over "Hello? "Who are you?".
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  7. “I’m a survivor... the question is, who are you. I would ask why you are here, but it’s pretty obvious that you are escaping the mutant ones.”

    He spoke in a low voice, as he stood at the bottom of the stairs, fully on the alert. Krookodile looked at the newcomer appraisingly.

    “Everything alright, Kathren?”

    Renz turned to Kathren. He was glad that nothing had happened while he slept...
  8. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Kathren shook her head. "I said to be quiet. I am also a survivor, and since you said my name Renz, I will say yours. I am fine, you don't need to worry every other second for me." She looked around for a bit, her blue eyes resting on a clouded window, and shook her head. She walked toward the stairs, careful not to step on a creaky floorboard, and went up the stairs.
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  9. Renz followed her up the stairs, also being quiet. He did mutter something to himself about “so you wouldn’t be worried about me if?” But he left off in the middle of the sentence. Once he reached the top of the stairs he entered his room and quickly made his bed and did a bit of straightening up, just in case. Krookodile waited with the newcomer to escort him.
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