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Nowhere to go but down

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Roland_The_First, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. OOC:Ok I know I just joined but I can rp so bare with me. No more than three more people (not including me)please. Thanks.

    BIC:In the middle of an open field, just off the path that lead into Hearthome City, Roland was intwined in a battle. He had been on his ay to the park with his Drifloon when ot of nowhere this triatlete on a Dodrio cameracing by, almost knocking him on his butt. if it wasn't for his Drifloon grabbing onto his arms, he would have gone tumbling down the hill. You'd think that someone who had just almost trampled another person would stop and help them, but no. This triathlete came racing back telling him how much of an idiot he was and to move ou of his way nexttime. And so the battle had begun.

    Roland, who was 16, had out Charmeleon and was finishing up this triathletes last Pokemon, a Starvia. The Staravia was hovering in the air then swooped down into a Wing Attack, aimed straight for Charmeleons chest. Roland sneered alittle at the attack, "Charmeleon, dodge and use Iron Tail." Charmeleon quickly side-stepped the oncoming attack and spun smashing the Staravia straight in the face with a heavy Iron Tail. Staravia fell quickly.

    The triathlete looked at his fallen Pokemon, a Wartortle, which took out Rolands Rhyperior, a Dodrio, which got taken out by Rhyperior and the Staravia. He quickly returned them all then paniced as he stared at Roland, "Fine take the stupid money and go already!" the triathlete said smacking the money in Rolands right hand then ran at top speed to Hearthme city's Pokemon center. Roland patted Charmeleon on the head then returned him, and his Drifloon. He took out a Pokeball, releasing an Aipom, who quickly climbed onto Rolands shoulder as he quickly let out his Flygon. He hopped onto Flygons back and kicked. Flygon let out a small cry then pushed off from the ground and flew to Hearthome City.

    OOC: Ugh short.
  2. ooc: ok I'm sorry but you have to fix that post. That is God-modding right there. You can't control another persons character.
  3. Roland_The_First, it's called autoing when someone else controls someone else character. Not god-modding.

    Also, you could have let the user know thourgh a PM.

    Tabby, please don't control other people's characters in an RP without their permission. It is against the rules.

    Both of you, please abide by the forum rules, otherwise, you may not be here for long.
  4. (Mind if I join?)

    Sashi sighed and looked up at the sky. "Beautiful day, Huh Raspberry?" She asked the Honchkrow that was waddling at her side.

    "Krow! Honch! Honchkrow!" Raspberry exclaimed, unfolding her wings and hitting Sashi in the face. Raspberry was a shiny Honchkrow, the shiny pigment in her feathers turning them a sleek, magenta color.

    Sashi laughed and pushed Raspberry's wings down. "Look over there," Sashi pointed at a small circle of buildings between two hills. "Hearthome. We're getting our badge from Fantasia!" She smiled. "Raspberry, you rested up enough? Do you think you could fly?"

    Raspberry sighed as only a Honchkrow can, and lowered herself to the ground. Sashi sat down on Raspberry's back. "Krow." Raspberry coughed.

    "I'm not that heavy, you know." Sashi frowned, "You're just a lazy butt."

    Raspberry coughed in dissagreement and took off.


    "Aww, Raspberry!" Sashi sighed, getting off. "Have I been feeding you too much? You used to be able to fly anywhere without stopping!"

    "She's getting old." Mimerina, the Kadabra commented, using Heal Bell.

    "Hochkrow!" Rasperry sounded agitated. It probably meant something like, "Like you could do any better. I've never seen a Kadabra fly."

    Mimerina just smirked, and kept the bell going.

    Raspberry had stopped maybe a mile from Hearthome. She was exausted, and couldn't go any further.

    "This makes me regret deleting Teleport from your moves list." Sashi sighed, patting Mimerina on the back.

    "Makes me regret it too. You're going to make me walk, aren't you? Mimerina inquired, finishing Heal Bell.

    "Yes I am," Sashi smiled, eyeing two trainers down the road, two males. One had a Dragonite. 'Want to go say Hi?" She asked Mimerina.

    "I'd rather not," The Kadabra protested, but was grabbed by the arm, and gerked away.

    "Hi guys." Sashi said, walking up to the trainers. "I'm Sashi. This is Raspberry, my Honchkrow, and Mimerina my Kadabra."

    (Check the Character Bios for Sashi's description.)
  5. [Ok, a few things. 1, how much "control" do i have over another charicter? the "Rules" dont say. 2nd, i hit the wronge button and deleted my post...and 3rd, i meant to say Dragonair, but it was like, 3:30 am and i said dragonite]

    Tabby had been walking to his cousins house in Hearthrome for 3 days. He didnt like flying, and his Dragonair, Knight, was in agreement. The last time Knight had let Tabby fly on him, they crashed into 6 feet of snow. They would have died, had a Froslass not come around and saved them. Froslass latter came with them.

    But today he was just on the outskirts of Hearthome. Thats when he decided to run, but returned Knight. As he reached the city, he tripped on a lose rock, stumbled, and fell into another trainer. "Oh, im so sorry!" Tabby apologized.

    "No, its OK, I'm Joey, who are you?" the trainer, Joey asked as they stood back up.

    "Names Tabby. I live up north in Snowpoint." Tabby responed to Joey. The two started into Hearthome together as they chatted and soon were best friends. Little did Tabby know what was in store for him.
  6. OOC: do you mind if I join(I'm kinda new to RPing but I've been involved in a few)... Also here is my character bio

    BIC: It was early morning in Hearthome, the city already seemed buzzing with excitement as there was a tournament planned for tomorrow Aero stepped outside with Shadow his eevee following closely behind.

    Shadow exclaimed "vee" in excitement as they saw Aero's best friend's with their pokemon James with his flareon, Flare, and Katlyn with her espeon, . "Hey guys" Aero said as shadow started teasing his brother and sister...

    Shadow was given to Aero by the daycare couple when James and Katlyn were given theirs. They were quick to evolve because of their confidence in each other, but Shadow was badly hurt an a battle so never got strong enough for Aero to think that Shadow could evolve.

    ..."Hey Aero" they said in unison almost as if it was second nature. The three of them had been best friends since Aero moved to Hearthome."well better get ready for the tournie today" James said. Shocked Aero said "you're joining". Katlyn replied "we both are, and you should to." "but Shadow isn't up for it..." Aero was cut off by James "c'mon you have been training for years when are you gonna get in a real battle?" After some discussion James and Katlyn convinced Aero to join the tournament with the only two pokemon he had Shadow and an Absol named Razor.

    "Time to train" all three were in agreement. they headed for the outskirts of the city. There were always trainers ready to battle just before a tournament. Shadow looked up at Aero with excitement "vee?" he said as he looked ahead. Aero looked up. James had taken off running."Last one out has to buy tournament supplies" Aero and Katlyn looked at each other and impulsively ran. Aero couldn't help but to think of Shadows near fatal battle. Although this memory kept coming back Aero's pokemon were ready, he knew it and they knew it. Now all they waited for was The tournament tomorrow...

    OOC:And tabby you have no control other than they should respond to your characters actions like if they approach you such as Shroomish-chan's character did to yours...
  7. (Forget that I talked to your characters, I just want to get moving.)

    "I want to stop." Mimerina whined.

    Sashi sighed and shook her head. "No, lazy bum. We're almost to Hearthome. See that... MIM!?! You get back up!"

    Mimerina had fell down in the grass, just a little while back. Sashi's face went red.

    "MIM! GET u.. up..." Sashi gasped. A Mismagius was floating infront of Sashi, waving her hands and chanting odd sounding incanations. Suddenly, Sashi felt a splitting headache, and she fell down to the ground.


    "Gig!" "Dail!" "Kia! Ki!" "Cress... Cellia?" "Rai.." "Tran!"

    Sashi rolled over. "Shush. I'm trying to sleep." She graoned, covering her ears. Suddenly, she didn't feel the ground. "Gah!" Sashi gasped.

    "Gig! Regi! Gig.. gigas!" A booming voice laughed, and Sashi felt herself floating back up. She landed on ground again, and opened her eyes.

    Sashi was riding on the broad shoulder of a Regigigas, A Darkrai and Cresselia floating close by, Dialga, Palkia, and Heatran in tow.

    "Gosh. Regi... Dark.. Cress.. Dail... Pal... Heat...?" She sputtered. Almost fainting, she fell back down. Darkrai caught her.

    Do you always fall down this much? Darkrai sighed, eyeing her.

    "It's... normal." Sashi blinked. She looked around. They were in a cave now. Darkrai set her down. Blinking again, Mimerina appeared at her side.

    "Heey, Sashi. Mimerina sighed.

    "Who wants food?" Palika exclaimed, holding out some potatoes.

    "You can.. TALK?"

    "Ayup. Heatran, would you mind starting a small fire?" Palkia excused her question casually.

    "I take offense that you said small." Heatran said. "I can control myself."

    Darkrai, Regigigas, and Cresselia laughed. Sashi joined in.

    "Mis, mag. Mismagius." A small voice in the back of Sashi's head sighed. "Mis."

    Sashi shook her head. "Is there a Mismagius nearby?" She asked.

    "A Mis-what-ius? Sashi, you must be thinking of Misdreavius. There's no such thing as a Mismagius. Dialga said matter-of-factly.

    "Mismagius? You know, The witch-pokemon?"

    All of the legendaries slowly shook their heads.

    "There's no such thing... No such thing..." Suddenly, Sashi was waking up. The Mismagius was gone.

    Sashi shook her head and went to wake Mimerina up.
  8. OOC: I'm kinda confused about that last post, and the trainer i will be battling is a random person not a character i plan to be using.

    Aerio had been walking around trying to find a match all day. Finally he found someone, a young guy probably about Aero's age maybe younger was training with his pikachu nearby. "wanna go talk to them shadow?" Aero asked. "VEE!!" shadow replied which always men yes. Aero headed over and stopped a couple feet behind his soon to be opponent. "Jolt use Quick attack" the other trainer said. Jolt was fast but Aero knew shadow was faster. This pikachu seemed to be suffering from a bad leg. "hey" Aero said. The trainer was startled "woah" "looking for a battle?" Aero asked. "um sure ill battle you..." "the names Aero, yours"Aero interrupted "Kai, and this is my pikachu Jolt." "Ok well this is my eevee Shadow. Are you ready"

    Kai and Aero stood on both sides of a clearing. Aero waited for his opponent to strike first. "Quick attack" Kai shouted in seconds Jolt ran towards Shadow. "counter with another quick attack shadow" Aero said. Shadow swiftly avoided the attack and countered from the side. With a squeal Jolt fell over. "Get up Jolt you can do it i know you're healed enough" Kai said. Jolt limped back to Kai and looked up at him with a questioning look. "Aero, I'm sorry I don't think Jolt is ready for a real battle yet." Aero knew what he meant he felt like that about his eevee before. "it's ok" he said "keep your money, this was just a practice match. You should probably get to the pokemon center in town they will take care of Jolt for you. "thanks!" Kai said as he picked up pikachu and took off running.

    Aero continued on into the wilderness. Then he heard the chants of a Mismagius nearby. Although it sounded like mumbles he could hear the distinct sound of a Mismagius about 20 feet away. "Better stay clear of that Mismagius" he said to Shadow. "or we could end up its play thing" Aero looked sown at shadow and they headed off through some bushes to where they thought was the opposite direction of the Mismagius.

    "oof" Aero slammed into the ground tripping over a sleeping Kadabra. "huh whats that doing there Shadow..." The eevee walked over to Aero, "eevee?" shadow said. "That pile of candy" Aero pointed to the Kadabra. As he looked at Shadow the Mismagius came by chanting "great a floating talking cake" Aero said. Shadow slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep. Then Aero started to crawl over to the candy. before he could get a bite he passed out right on top of it."goodnight candy, goodnight cake, goodnight Shadooo..." Aero mumbled and fell into a deep sleep.

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