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Notty's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Notty, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Um...hi!

    These are some sprites I've made. Some I submitted for the Trainer Card maker, but there's some others that were mostly too large.

    Lilina from Fire Emblem 6, Nino from Fire Emblem 7, and Ilyana from Fire Emblem 9/10

    Rydia from Final Fantasy 4 (The After version), Celes from Final Fantasy 6, and Selphie from Final Fantasy 8

    Yggdra, Luciana, and Aegina from Yggdra Union. (Luciana is Aegina mirrored with a bit of change to the face shading. Besides that, there's only three minor differences between the two.)

    Merill from Dragon Age 2, Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and Dark Magician Girl from Yugioh.

    Ciel from Mega Man Zero, and Sveta from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

    I typically freehand most sprites, using artwork, official or otherwise, and actual DPPt/HGSS/BW sprites as references. My sprites are usually female because I'm pretty rubbish with male proportions. Likewise, I'm fairly terrible at Pokemon sprites, so I tend to stick with trainer/human ones.

    I'm not taking requests right now.
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  2. I'd just like to tell you how much I like your sprites. My favorite would have to be the dark magician girl. :) And even though I've never seen these characters before, I really enjoy Lilina and Aqua. I can't wait till you post more sprites! I'll be stalking the thread. :)
  3. Thank you!

    I have some more sprites, mostly original this time. They're NPCs for a region that I created for a forum RP I run with a friend on another forum.


    The top row are Gym Leaders. From the left, the first is Jewel, a Rock-type Leader, the next two are Llynis and Mighty the Robot, Steel-type Gym Leaders, third is Ether, a Ghost-type Gym Leader, fourth is Verna, a Dragon-type Gym Leader, fifth is Minerva, an Electric type Gym Leader, sixth is Hemi, a Bug-type Gym Leader, seventh is Ignis, a Fire-type Gym Leader, and eighth is Mystico, a Flying-type Gym Leader.

    The first four on the bottom row are what we call Contest MCs (Master of Ceremonies). Because anime and game-style contests are a bit to complicated for us, we came up with our own system, where in contests are basically the same as Gyms, only instead of Leaders having a specific Type, the MCs have a specific Stat.

    From the left, the first is Alora, who specializes in Beauty/S.Def, then Sylvia, who specializes in Smart/S.Atk, then Zanna, who specializes in Cool/Attack, and Adam, who specializes in Tough/Defense. Rounding out the MCs is Ether, the Ghost Gym Leader, who pulls double-duty as the Cute/Speed MC.

    After the MCs are the Elite Four: Bunny, a Normal-type Elite, Regol, a Ground-type Elite, Fauna, a Grass-type Elite, and Artesia, a Water-type Elite. The last is Anastasia, the Ice-type Champion.
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  4. I adore your work. You are truly talanted.

    I like the idea of Contest Masters. It's interesting and creative. I also like the originial cloth designs. The effect is better than the more common splice-leaders. The second Gym Leader is probably my favourite. A robot and human? That'd be sweet.
  5. Thank you for the compliment.

    I've finished a couple of fan sprites.

    Princess Daisy from the Mario series, and Sheena from Tales of Symphonia.

    I also have some more original characters as well.

    These are basically the 'evil team' for the region I mentioned earlier. The first on the left is a 'grunt', and other three are 'admins'.
  6. :o u r good and i mean GOOOD! u r amazing i can not find a fault in your work exept one

    stop putting everyone else in the shadow!
    you r GOOD!
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  7. Really nice sprites, keep up the good work!
    You should keep doing Mario sprites, the one you made is nicely edited!
  8. Is it me or does Alora look a lot like Akeeza from YuGIOH 5DS? oh well love the sprites keep it up
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  9. Wow these sprites are just... wow! The detail is good and some of the designs for the characters you made are just awesome, I gotta say I loved these sprites the most. Sveta, Aqua, and all of the Fire Emblem Characters you made.

    Then out of your original sprites I gotta say I love the Ghost Gym Leader Ether it was really creative when you had her face the trainer through a mirror. Keep it up and I look forward towards what you make next.
  10. Have I told you that I loooove love love what you do with your sprites? If I haven't, I loooove love love what you do with your sprites~

    The shading style is so unique! I don't think I even see a trace of imperfections in these. Are these 100% scratched? They look it, anyway. If I had to pick a favorite.... the bunny girl Alora. I love the colors you used with her, and especially how you made the clothes ripple. Please keep it up! *stalks you*
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  11. Wow Notty you're pretty amazing at trainer/human sprites. Love the Aqua and DM Girl ones, the others on that post I'm not to familiar with but they look pretty great too.

    You're originals look pretty great too, Ether's mirror sprite is an awesome idea, I like the costume for Bunny ^^. Also nice to finally see a normal type elite. Come to think of it all your little extra features look great and work pretty well, would like to see how your alternate way for pokemon contest work.

    As well as more of your artwork :)
  12. I really appreciate all the kind words. =)

    Two more sprites today.

    Fall-From-Grace, from Planescape:Torment, and Sanae Kochiya from the Touhou series.
  13. I... Don't believe it. These are absolutely amazing!

    I love all your gym leaders, especially Ether. It took me a while to notice the little Haunter hands holding up the mirror, but once I found those it was so much better! Was she inspired by The Lady of Shallott at all?

    Definitely Keep it up!
  14. Heh, I was actually trying to AVOID Arthurian myth. Ooops!

    Just one, for today.

    Quote and Curly Brace from Cave Story.
  15. Wow your sprites totally rule keep up the great work! :D

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