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Noticable changes in the weather?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    You can debate whether it's due to natural causes or human involvement, but what sort of weather changes - if any - have you guys been noticing where you live over the past few years?

    Lately our winters have been very mild. On Prince Edward Island (Canada, eh?) in particular, back say 7 or 8 years, there'd be multiple snow storms during the winter months that could have schools and small businesses shut down for days at a time. This year, schools were only canceled about twice the entire season, and one of those days was related to temperature as opposed to snowfall (Dangerously cold. They didn't want the kiddies waiting outside for their buses and getting frost bite).

    The last couple of years we've barely had any major storms at all, and often they seem to hit around the end of winter verses the mid months. Like last night/today, we've been hit with the biggest blizzard of the season and it's bloody April! Snow like this in spring is just not right. It's a tease :p

    So, what of the rest of you?
  2. I live in Indiana, and most recently, ever since people have started to talk about Global warming and all that jazzz , the weather has been strange. o.O in winter sometimes it would be sunny and not have any snow, and right now in spring it was about 70 for a few good weeks, and suddenly out of the blue it dropped down to 30 and 20! Call me crazy, but I think more then likely this has something to do with that O-zone thingy breaking apart or whatever.
  3. You live in Indiana, huh? Small world. I do too.

    Anyway, it's been freezing here in Indiana, even though it's almost summertime. Yesterday I had to put on my winter coat to go to the doctor, and there was even snow one day! There's been more rain lately, and the sky is so dark and gloomy that I can hardly enjoy my day. As RegiLover said, I think more than likely this has something to do with that O-zone thingy breaking apart.

    Well, we finally had a day of sun here in the Land of the Boring. (By which I mean Oaktown.) XD Still too cold to go outside though.
  4. Well you'll all be happy to hear that its not raining over here in England.

    In fact, apart from some very freak snow fall over the past couple of months its actually been very nice weather.

    10 years ago we had loads of snow around january/february time that shut schools for weeks at a time, this year we had 1 snow day, and the snow was melted by the end of it!
    This whole week has been such nice weather its actually a shame to be stuck inside doing coursework (translation, procrastinating) for hours on end...
    I walked about 6 miles in the middle of the night on thursday with my friend, me in jeans and a tshirt, not actually cold at all... This is britain, it should be cold and rainy!
  5. I live in Georgia(the state, not the country) and right now temperatures are far below normal. They dipped below the freezing mark the last two nights. The northern counties actually got SNOW in April. That's highly unusual. But that just may be a fluke.

    We also had one of the driest Marches on record. The dry weather allowed the pollen count to reach over 5500. All the cars were a nice shade of green. Overall, we're in a drought. There have been bright spots though. Some years were much better than others. 2005 had the worst hurricane season I've ever seen but we also got more than enough rain from some of the weak storms.
  6. I live in Scotland and for the past 5 days or so the temperature has been insane for this time of year. Who knows if it's global warming or if something else is causing it but I've definitely seen a big change in the weather. Last year for example, the tree's were all still green at the end of Autumn/Fall and only started to lose there leaves midway through winter. Usually the ground is littered with dead leaves around that time so it was odd to see.
  7. I live in Sweden, and our weather has been pretty freaky... The winter was rather warm; so warm in fact that they had to close one of the Sweden's most popular ski resorts for the lack of snow... and then suddenly in late January, the temperature just dropped and it snowed like never before. I don't think I've seen as much snow here in Stockholm for at least ten years.

    Then it got warmer again; at the end of march, the temperature was around 70F/20C - and now, in early April, it just turned ice cold again, around 32F/0C (and actually started snowing). And now, suddenly, the weather is just perfect all of a sudden - warm, but not too warm.

    I'm fairly convinced that global warming is playing a part in the freaky weather, but I'm not quite as convinced that we're the problem...
  8. I Live In New York City...its been pretty werid too..like one day they siad it was gonna be cold, so i took out my jacket, and it was like 80 degrees like two seconds later! then it be warm for awhile then drop the go back up...one day in jan. we had 80 degrees, and it was hot! that must be wrid, it MUST have to do with the o-zone layer and air poulltion
  9. It snowed here like a week ago, it didn't stick or anything but for April?!
  10. [size=9pt]Wow, it is interesting to read these posts. :3

    But anyways, back to the topic at hand.

    Michigan, where I currently reside, has had a very mild winter, barely any snow at all and a cold spring so far. About five years ago, we would have at least five to six inches of snow for Christmas and warm with rain showers springs.

    But, since Michigan has a sporadic climate, I can't really be sure about these changes. In July 2005, in one week, we had eighty degree weather and two days later snow and two days later we had a fall/spring mix, then back up to eighty degrees. And that wasn't the first time either.
    Though, I guess for the lack of cold, a lot of us Michiganders are surprised. We have a saying, "Michigan has only two seasons - winter and July." so the current events of our weather may be changing that saying.

    Yet, with all the current odd weather, we have yet to break any temperature, snowfall, rain drop records.
    Most of them were made about fifty years plus ago.
  11. WIMPS! We get dry, cold winters that freeze the moisture in your face with their -40-degree temperatures and 10-foot snowfalls. AND WE WENT OUTSIDE FOR RECESS, DARNIT!

    Right now we're in the awkward stage of the year, halfway between being winter and summer, so it'll snow all day, but be 10 degrees out, or rain for four minutes at a time randomly throughout the day. But I can't say I've noticed a difference from the day I was born.
  12. I live in North Carolina. Although I have been noticing the weather being weird, we have a saying here: "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." In short, the weather's always weird and fickle here. :p
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


    That's one of the joys of living on an island like PEI. We actually close down our city if there's a blizzard going on, because we can ;)

    EDIT: It's snowing outside right now... Snowing to the point that there's already a layer of white on the ground.

    Does "Spring" mean anything anymore!?
  14. We have the same saying about DC. :p (I live just outside of Washington DC, in Maryland.)

    when I was little, some of my best memories were of going out before thanksgiving and the entire world was blue, because of the cloud cover and the angle ofthe light, and then it would start snowing. and snow, and snow, and snow, and snow. We always had snow for tanksgiving. it's just the way things were.

    But. . . not anymore, mans. ;_; we haven't had snow before late december in several years. I do see a noticable change in the weather. . . whether it be global warming or a natural cyclic change, i don't know.

    You are crazy.

    (well, you asked for it! ;) )

    Since PCPs or whatever they were called have stopped being used in spray cans, The hole in the Ozone has actually closed up. (back in 2002 or 2003, if I recall correctly, it was supposed to be completely covered up again) The Ozone was always thinner over the poles, anyway. And actually, the fact the Ozone has 'healed' may be the cause of the 'global warming', hot air can't escape anymore.

    And I mean, where's all the ice going, guys? The whales stealing it for their cokes?

    They talk about doing stuff, and by 2054 we'll have a 20% reduction. . .it's already too late for that.
  15. I live in Rhode Island and nothing really has changed. It only gets hot around here in the beggining of April. I preferably like the hotter months better than the colder ones. I don't have to be cold anymore ;D

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