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Not This Again... (Hetalia RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Il Fantasma, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Hey hey hey, errybady! xD

    Well, I've been wanting to make a Hetalia RP after I learned that quite a few people knew it existed. After thinking about it, here it is! Yaaay! ...Right?

    Anyway, this RP will involve the return of everyone's favorite aliens, the Pictonians!

    Everything's been going smoothly (or, as smooth as it can be, anyway) throughout the world. No major fights or happenings have gone on anywhere. Other than the occasional disagreement *cough* Francis and Arthur *cough* or prank gone wrong, the countries have been decent to each other.

    Then, a familiar UFO re-entered the atmosphere.

    Around the world, panic ensued as more and more people recognized the white craft. There have been attempts to calm everyone down, but of course it did not work. Also, for whatever reason, the UFO seemed to be smaller than before, more far away...

    That's where y'all come in!

    You are one of the world's countries who are trying to either figure out what's going on with the Pictonians (aka the main eight) or helping the citizens of Earth (aka Canada and Cuba). What will you do to pitch in, lend a helping hand? Will you be the first in line to sacrifice yourself? Or maybe you'll be on the Pictonian's side? I dunno, it really depends on what character you choose.

    Of course, there are a few rules:

    1: Make sure you follow all the General RP Rules of the site. Of course this would be here.

    2: Please, if you are to join this RP, I ask that you have some knowledge of the Hetalia series, especially about the movie Paint It, White! You need to know about the Pictonians, obviously. :p

    3: There will be no use of any 2p! characters in this RP. Sorry. :|

    You can choose any country you'd like to be! I'll hold off on choosing one for myself, so others can have first dibs. Here's a list of taken characters:

    France/Francis Bonnefoy: @Novosel

    And, as always, if you have any questions, go ahead and feel free to ask!

    PS: I'll be editing this once I get back to my computer. Making a post like this on your phone while you're being rushed isn't very easy. :p
    #1 Il Fantasma, Oct 10, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2016
  2. Hey, hey, I'm always down for some Hetalia. Would it be alright if I was France?
  3. Of course! It's good to know someone's actually interested in this! lol :p

    I'll start up a list of taken characters right now! :D
  4. *bumps so more people know of its existence*

    This is still alive, y'know.

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