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Private/Closed Nostalgia Pokemon Journey (Rolepay thread)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EmoKitty21, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. "Wellcome everyone! My name is professor Grace Oak. My grandfather founded this lab, to research pokemon with the help of young people such as yourself. Now before you choose your starter, I have a couple of surprises for you. This year I have asked a friend of mine to come in and give you a second pokemon to help you along your journey. I will also be giving you a portable pokebox to use as well. It will help you keep more then six pokemon with you at all times. After you get your starter I will pass out the gear that I have for you." Grace Oak is a slim woman with light sandy brown hair that she lets flow down. Wearing the white lab coat, over a light colored sun dress, she looked at home in lab.

    From another room, a tall man with blond hair in a modern contemporary style, came into the room. He looked to be about the same age as Grace. He had a box in hands, which he carried over to a table and set it down.

    "Hello young trainers, breeders, and researchers. My name is Blake Blackwell. I am breeder. I have a surprise for you guys. I will be giving you each a second pokemon for your journey. I will also be giveing you guys some supplies to start your journey with." Opening the box, he pulled out smaller boxes. Each box had the name of the trainers in room.

    "I have worked to give each of you a book on how to take care of each and every known pokemon, an egg container to safely travel with an egg if you come across one, a book on how to prepare pokefood, and a couple jars of pokefood to start with depending on the starter and second pokemon you choose."

    Zane was glad to see Mr. Blackwell. He was a renowned breeder. He had hoped to meet someone like him for a long time. It was his dream to work with pokemon like he did.

    "Now why don't we let you go and get your pokemon. If you follow me I will take you to where they are." Grace led the trainers to the back of the lab, where the pokemon are. Inside it looked like a jungle. It was large and spacious enough to hold many large pokemon.

    Zane was glad to see that the lab treated their pokemon fairly, though he knew that the Oak's have a way of caring for their pokemon. Walking around the room, Zane cam across a small eevee. She was napping, but woke up when she heard someone approach.

    The eevee looked up at the wolf eared boy, and knew that she would be going with him. Zane leaned down and stretched out his hand for the fox pokemon. The eevee walked over and sniffed the hand of Zane. "Hello there eevee. I am looking for a partner, would you like to come with me?"

    The eevee nodded and jumped into his arms. Zane hugged eevee close to him and walked her back to where the professor was.

    "Now when everyone has their starter, you can get with Mr. Blackwell and he will help you get your second pokemon." Professor Oak motioned the trainers to enter the room where they came from.

    Zane walked in to see Mr. Blackwell picking up pokemon and setting them on a table with their pokeballs in front of them. Every single one had a luxury ball in front. Zane was unsure of which one to pick, until a small white six tailed fox came up to him and pawed his leg. Kneeling down, Zane started to rub the head of the Alolan vulpix.

    "I can see someone has taken a shine to you, young man. Why don't you take him as your partner. He will do well with a kind person like you."

    Eevee climbed up on the shoulder of Zane, who then picked up the Alolan Vulpix. "Well I guess that settles that. Thank you for this Mr. Blackwell."
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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Valerie woke up to her alarm buzzing. Seven in the morning. Perfect. She got up and quickly got ready to go, not wanting to be late. Why would she? Today she was becoming a trainer. She rushed down the stairs and almost skipped breakfast. "Valerie! Don't you dare exit this house without eating!"
    Valerie spun around and sighed heavily. "But mom! Today I'm becoming a trainer!"
    Her mother glared at her, her icy blue gaze baring into her skin. "Sit. Down. You will not leave this house until you finish your plate."
    Valerie sighed and sunk into the wooden chair with a plate in front of it. She just wanted to leave! She scarfed everything on her plate down and placed her plate in the sink in five minutes. "Done," she said, food still in her mouth.
    Her mom sighed. "Swallow what's in your mouth, then you can go."
    Valerie quickly chewed and swallowed the food and grabbed her bag. She glared at her mother. "Now I can leave?"
    Her mother sighed. "Yes."
    Valerie jumped in the air then ran out the door, going straight to the lab. In a few minutes, she was standing in front of the front doors of the lab. She entered the lab, a huge confident smile on her face, and looked at the professor. "So, today I'm getting my Pokemon. Where can I meet her?"
  3. Preston Westland woke up with a start. He was filled with a vague uneasiness, but he didn’t know why... until he remembered he needed to hurry over to the lab to recieve his first Pokémon. He really didn’t want to miss this opportunity. His parents wouldn’t let him get a Pokémon, except through this program, and even then they had made him promise to try out the gym challenge and Pokémon contests and pick one of them to do during his travels. Preston had reluctantly agreed, but now it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t hurry. He headed downstairs, grabbed a granola bar and the backpack he had packed for his journey, and bolted out the door and towards the lab.

    Once he arrived, panting from his run, he saw the door close in front of him as someone entered ahead of him. After one more pause to catch his breath, he walked towards the door and entered as well.
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  4. "Welcome to my lab young trainers. My name is Grace Oak. If you will follow me I will lead you to where the others are then I will tell everyone what I have planned for you guys." Grace Oak led them past Zane and Mr. Blackwell. "That is Blake Blackwell. He will be giving you another pokemon as well as some supplies for your pokemon."

    In the back room where a large forest is enclosed and many pokemon are kept. "Here is where the starters are. After you have choosen them, you can come to the front and get the pokemon that Mr. Blackwell has for you."
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  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Valerie walked around for a bit until she came across a Snivy. She seemed quite relaxed, laying on a rock to sunbathe in the morning. A huge smile filled her face. Valerie rushed over to the Snivy. "Hello! I would like to be your trainer!"
    Snivy's eyes snapped open as she took a good look at Valerie, stunned by the sudden outburst. She sighed, not really caring. As long as she was treated well, she would go with any new trainer at this point. She made no move to escape when Valerie made an attempt to pick her up. This was her life now. It seemed to be better than just sunbathing all day.
    Valerie skipped over to the professor. "Where's her Pokeball?" she asked. She wanted to have Snivy's Pokeball before choosing her other Pokemon.
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  6. "Snivy's pokeball is over there near the door we came in at. Her name should be infront of the ball." Grace smiled at the girl. She liked her spirit. She was going to make a great trainer.
  7. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Have a great adventure Greyson," his mother had called out to him. "Stay safe and warm!" His mother gave him his grey beanie that he almost forgot.

    "Don't forget to call back a couple of time," Greyson's father had told him too. "We want to see how our only child is growing up."

    Those were the last parting words Greyson's had heard from his parents back at Hoenn before leaving towards Kanto to start his journey. He still remembers the warm and lasting embrace he had given them before heading off independently. Starting off his journey on his own, it was nerve wrecking, especially not having any company with him. Hopefully, the Pokemon he befriends and people he'd potentially meet were kind people to assist him in his aid. And hopefully, his Pokemon don't mind his tendency to be quite physical with him.

    Arriving in the town of the regional laboratory and entering the lab itself, Greyson found himself in clutching onto his brown satchel amidst with another few trainers waiting to start their journey too. The lab of the great Oak family, especially known for the world famous Samuel Oak, now taken over by his granddaughter Grace Oak. Th lab, much more modernized compared to it's architectural state years ago, was quite the walk from the port he was dropped off at from Hoenn. His feet was tremendously killing him. However, his drive, some may call it desperation, to start his journey is keeping the latter from hindering any longer. Greyson stood behind a few trainers. One had a bright blue tee on and a long ponytail and the other held a backpack containing a Mega Evolution symbol.

    "Welcome to my lab young trainers. My name is Grace Oak. If you will follow me I will lead you to where the others are then I will tell everyone what I have planned for you guys." Greyson heard a voice coming from somewhere. Peering between heads, he finds himself looking at a woman with a lab coat, presumably the professor of the lab herself, Grace Oak. The crew of trainers followed the professor as she led them towards another part of the laboratory, with Greyson in the middle of the pack.

    On the way, they had passed two more people, One young, the other older. "That is Blake Blackwell. He will be giving you another Pokemon as well as some supplies for your Pokemon." Professor Oak explained as she gestured towards the older male, who seemed preoccupied with the other trainer. Greyson assumed the trainer came earlier than the rest of the trainers, hence Mr. Blackwell was working with him currently.

    Eventually the group had arrived at some sort of green house room. The interior was enclosed, but quite wide, containing quite a forest within its bound and some Pokemon wandering around, not minding too much of the trainers just yet.

    "Here is where the starters are. After you have chosen them, you can come to the front and get the Pokemon that Mr. Blackwell has for you." Professor Oak instructed once again. Greyson took this message as an 'okay' to start their decision making on which starter each trainer wanted to accompany on their journey.

    The male with silver highlights wandered throughout the forested observatory pondering on the Pokemon he wanted to befriend first. Suddenly a rustling came from above, followed by a snap of a twig. The twig landed harmlessly in front of Greyson, however, a Pokemon landed directly on his head. It wasn't enough to make Greyson collapse, but it was a surprise encounter. A tail covering the trainer's eye, Greyson carefully picked up the Pokemon atop his head and held it with outstretched arms in front of him.

    A Treecko was peering curiously at Greyson with a tilt of his head. "Aren't you a clumsy one," Greyson announces rhetorically. The Treecko didn't seem fazed whatsoever and continued looking at the strange person holding it. It stayed quiet, but no signs of a decline. Greyson smiled happily and placed the creature on his shoulders, finding it more easy to traverse by those means.

    "Welcome to the team, Treecko," Greyson said giddily, while the Treecko still didn't react, but no matter. Greyson walked back to where Professor Oak stands, Treecko by his shoulders. "What do i do next?"
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  8. With a small nod of thanks to the professor, Preston moved deeper into the forested room. He felt a tingle of excitement as he looked around. There were a few Pokémon that he noticed immediately, but he decided to take his time since this would be the Pokémon he would presumably be working with for the rest of his life. He found a place where he could watch comfortably, and looked around. After a few minutes he noticed a black, catlike Pokémon lounging from a branch, and turned his attention to it. He smiled as it yawned, its tongue curling out in a way that touched Preston’s heart. Sure, he didn’t really care about the cute factor, or so he told himself, but the Pokémon definitely had his attention now. He cautiously moved closer to get a better look, and the Pokémon snapped its head over to him. The boy paused, and then held out his hand for the cat to sniff. The cat eyed him suspiciously, and then jumped down from the branch and onto the floor. It gave a small meow-like sound and sat down on its haunches, and Preston squatted down to be closer to eye level with it.

    “Hey. I’m about to start a Pokémon Journey, and I need to pick a Pokémon to come with me. You seem pretty cool, so I was wondering... would you wanna hang out with me?”

    The cat stared at the boy’s face, yawned, and sniffed his hand. Perking its head to one side, it gave another meow. Preston didn’t know whether this meant it wanted to come with him or not, and he watched nervously. Just as he was beggining to think, oh, well, I guess it doesn’t like me... well, I suppose I could try one of the other Pokémon? But what if they don’t like me eithe- the cat moved forward and placed its head under his hand. Preston was surprised, to say the least, but he gently pet the cat Pokémon on the head. He made a move to pick it up, but the Pokémon leapt to one side. Preston shrugged.

    “‘Guess ya wanna walk, huh. Okay then.”

    He turned around and walked back towards the enterance to the room, occasionally looking backwards to make sure the cat was still following him. It was, of course, although it was at a rather lazy trot. He looked inquiringly at the professor, unsure what he was supposed to do next. He had a bit of trouble figuring out what to say, but he picked out words he thought wouldn’t make him seem utterly stupid.

    “Hi again. I chose this Pokémon... what do I do next?”
  9. The sun gleamed over Landon's hoodie just as he exited his home. A few quick bites of breakfast had not stopped the man from such a rush at the laboratory. A flock of avian Pokémon flew above, as they went about their usual and daily business.

    Landon strolled in the building and jotted some significant points on a blank sheet in his notepad from the Professor's lecture. The man followed the Professor to an enclosed area.

    Inside the back room, the unfamiliar fauna and flora silently greeted his curious pair of eyes. His hard gaze was focused on a small, white and blue Pokémon that resembled a sea otter. The young creature appeared to be isolated from the other Pokémon. The little otter cowered behind a sapling when it was spotted by the man.

    When the young adult approached the water-type Pokémon, it emitted a brief, loud cry in front of the man.

    "Hey, are you alright? You look like you need some help or something," Landon politely asked the Oshawott, while the Pokémon took no heed in the man's additional remark.

    "Look, we can talk this out. I just need for you to calm down first," The man added, before the Oshawott turned away from the stranger.

    The Oshawott scurried to the Professor and hid behind her legs. It was nigh impossible for the sea otter to have another look at what Landon gently held in his hands. The Oshawott covered his watering eyes with his twitchy arms, and remained behind the Professor for the time being.
  10. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Valerie smiled and nodded as she retrieved Snivy's Pokeball and went over possible name ideas for the grass-snake. Still holding her new Pokemon, who did not care at all, she strode over to Mr. Blackwell. "So, how am I going to choose which one comes with me?" she asked, practically bouncing with excitement. Snivy gave a huge sigh. This was going to be a long journey. At least she seemed like a nice person.
  11. "EEEEE, I'm going to be late!"
    A girl sprinted into the building, catching her breath. Her multicolored pastel hair was blown every which way, and her blue overalls had paint splatters galore. She hadn't changed out of her painting clothes, due to being in such a rush.
    She took a deep breath in, sitting down on the ground. She would wait for the right Pokemon to come to her.
    Kiara closed her eyes, allowing herself to relax, waiting for her Partner Pokemon to choose her... she could almost see it now...
    She opened her eyes. Nothing.
    She was about to sigh in resignation when she noticed a small yellow fox-like Pokemon with red fur by the ears curled up next to her.
    Fennekin, she acknowledged. Didn't my brother's friend have one of those?
    Fennekin glanced up at the trainer, sizing up Kiara. The fox Pokemon looked up at Kiara's brightly colored hair and paint-splattered overalls, and nodded, a satisfied smile appearing on the Fire-type's face.
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  12. Gace picked up the otter pokemon and held them in her arms. "Hello young one these people are not going to hurt you. It looks like this trainer wants to take you with him if you will let him. I am sure he will take great care of you." Turning to Landon, she spoke to him. "Oshawott is a bit skittish around new people, but they will warm up to you soon. Why don't you hold them while I get everyone else started on the next part." Grace put the otter into the arms of the young trainer.

    Turning to the others, she addressed the group. "Now that you have gotten your pokemon, you can pick up their pokeballs by the door we came in from. Then go see Mr. Blackwell. He has the other pokemon that you will be getting. I will be there soon to give you, your starting gear."

    "So you want to be a breeder, well starting a journey is a great way to become one. You get to see many pokemon and how they are in the wild. I comend you for wanting persue that passion." Blake smiled at the wolf eared boy. Seeing a lot of himself in the young lad, Blake was glad to see that not all of the people showing up were trainers.

    Turning to the girl who shown up from the other room, he told her. "Well most of the pokemon I have brought are very friendly and will really enjoy being with an aspiring young person who wants to travel. Any one of these pokemon will be good picks for a partner."
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  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Valerie nodded and spotted a Riolu pretending to fight other Pokemon, each of them reacting differently. Valerie could not pass off such an amazing Pokemon just like that. Besides, this was the sort of Pokemon that she wanted on her team! She strode over to the jackal. "Hello! I would love to be your trainer!" She had a huge smile on her face. He jumped up and down with excitement and gave her some faux-punches. Valerie laughed while Snivy continued to think that everyone around her now was crazy.
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  14. The Oshawott gulped when he felt a familiar grip on the trunk of his body. He looked up at the Professor and attempted to articulate the few comprehensible sounds he could still remember. He shook his head for a lengthy moment when he was placed in Landon's arms. The man deposited his notepad and pen in the frontal pocket pouch of his hoodie.

    "Alright pal, so what's the matter? Are you shy with other people, or like needing some space?" Landon inquired the sea otter, before the little Pokémon silently shed a few tears in front of the young adult.

    "Okay, so did something happen to you? I'm here to see what's wrong and what I can do to help you out, but you need to like take that from a ten to like more of a five at least for me... alright?" The man continued after he gathered up his arsenal of questions. The Oshawott squirmed in Landon's arms in a swift response, though the man just kept a modest grip on the young otter for the moment.

    "Well, I guess he might need to let off some steam, but it would be a bit more helpful to see what's causing that Oshawott to act so unusual. I've never seen a Pokémon so scared of other people like right off the bat. I guess this could be my next assignment I could work on today then," Landon thought, while he continued to keep the fidgeting Pokémon as still as he could.

    The young adult shifted part of his attention to a small, spherical Pokémon within moderate proximity. The aqua mouse almost flinched from a canine Pokémon that had a brief session of pretend combat. The little mouse gave a quick nod after she took a mental note of the baby Pokémon's uncontainable excitement. The Oshawott turned towards the familiar cry of the mouse-like Pokémon and kept his flooded eyes shielded with his quaking arms. The Marill approached the sea otter and attempted to bring about a brief chat with the forlorn Pokémon.

    "Huh, that little mouse thing looks quite cute. I should ask the Professor about that one too maybe, or well... I don't know. It's kinda interesting how they just keep saying their names, but that is going to make it really difficult to understand them," Landon added in his train of thoughts, before he glanced at the Marill. The aqua mouse approached the young adult and smiled at the Oshawott.

    "Well hello there, you look quite cute and pretty. Judging from what you said, I'm going to have to take a good guess that you're Marill right?" The man eagerly said to the spherical Pokémon.

    "Marill, Mar!" The Marill excitedly answered. She performed a few high hops with the help of her bubble tail and swiftly nodded at Landon.

    "Cool, cool! You're always welcome to be another one of my friends if you want. Erm well... just don't mind the Oshawott here. The Professor said that he's a bit shy, so I guess he might need a bit of time or space... or even both I guess," The man stated, while the Marill gently nudged his right leg for a split second.
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  15. In accordance with the Professor’s instructions, Preston walked back through the door. He picked up the Pokéball for the starter he had chosen, and then continued to the area where the girl from before was. He was slightly surprised, as he thought he would only be getting one Pokémon, not two. The cat Pokémon he had chosen as his starter stalked past him and sat down, leering at the other, unfamiliar Pokémon. The only one it recognized was the Snivy, and it was fine with that one, but the others...

    Preston watched the Secondary Pokémon, and was surprised to see a Murkrow among them, fiddling with something in its claws. It looked, at least from his current position, like a Dusk Stone... but wait, if that was a Dusk Stone, shouldn’t the Murkrow be evolving? Then Preston saw the many ‘Evolution Stones’ on the walls of the lab, and he guessed that the Dusk Stone was an accurate replica. The Murkrow was now flipping the the Stone in the air and catching in its beak, throwing it up again, catching it again. Preston walked over to where the Murkrow was perched. It caught the stone and turned to look at him as he spoke.

    “Hey, Murkrow. You like shiny stuff, right? I do too! I really like collecting stuff. So would you maybe wanna come with me and see what we can find togeth-“

    And with a squawk, the Murkrow flew up just in time to dodge the pouncing cat Pokémon. It dropped the fake Evolution Stone to the floor with a thud, and began shrieking raucously at the cat. Preston seized the cat, which writhed in his grasp and nearly got out. As it was, Preston recieved several scratches before the Pokémon calmed down. And as if to rub salt in the wound, the Murkrow flew down to Preston’s shoulder and made laugh-like sounds at the cat. Preston stared at the Pokémon in front of him, not daring to look around at the other trainers in the room. He was embarrassed beyond expression.
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  16. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Now that you have gotten your Pokemon, you can pick up their Pokeballs by the door we came in from. Then go see Mr. Blackwell. He has the other Pokemon that you will be getting. I will be there soon to give you, your starting gear." Professor Oak had instructed the rest to do as the questions were being thrown at her.

    Abiding to the professor's guidance, Greyson made his way towards the entrance where the professor had led them to the green house room. Eyeing the selection of Pokeballs across the shelves, Greyson picked out the one that was specified for the Treecko he had on him. Tucking the Pokeball into the satchel across his shoulders, Greyson went back to eye the Treecko perched on him. Again, there wasn't much reactiosn etched onto the Treecko, as if it was saying that it had accepted its destiny. More specifically though, Treecko wasn't staring at his trainer now, but more so the beanie atop on his head, eyeing the grey article with interest.

    Greyson followed the fellow with the Mega Evolution insignia backpack as he was presumably going to the same direction until they hit where Mr. Blackwell was, with the other trainer he was working with. Not wanting to bother them just yet, Greyson explored the area a bit, finding a few Pokemon on their own accord within the proximity. Not as abundant as the room with Professor Oak, but still quite the generous amount.

    His attention was lost as a sudden shrieking sound came upon the room. Greyson, almost automatic, winced at the piercing screech and cover his ears on instinct. Meanwhile, Treecko was still unfazed by all that, eyeing the beanie atop Greyson's head still, not paying attention to its surroundings.

    After the screeching had died down from the cause of the trainer with the backpack, Greyson continued his exploration until his eyes fell upon a crying egg. Tears was welled up in its eyes, obviously surprised and scared from the sudden ruckus from the Litten and Murkrow. Greyson carefully approached it and picked up the Pokemon. Greyson held it close, almost as if comforting the Pokemon that everything is alright now and that it shouldn't be afraid anymore.

    Upon closer examination while holding the Pokemon close to his chest, the Pokemon revealed itself to be a Togepi. With it's short arms, the Togepi clutched onto Greyson's black and yellow flannel, as if it didn't want Greyson to go. Cooing at the cuteness overload, Greyson kept on holding the Togepi close to his chest, being very careful and delicate with the Spike Ball Pokemon.
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  17. Hecotoro walked slowly down the street in the direction of the Lab. He was already late, so he was taking his time. He had his headphones on, listening to his favorite radio station. He walked into the lab with his hands behind his head, while he looked at the other people walking about with Pokemon. I guess I'm really really late. He laughed at himself. He took his headphones of and noticed another trainer with a beanie similar to his. I guess my style is popular now a days. He thought to himself.

    He walked over to a lady who seemed to be the professor. He already knew what Pokemon he wanted, he just hoped it hadn't been chosen yet. He smiled and looked at the Professor. "Hi there. I got here late, but I was hoping to still get a Pokemon."

    He looked at the other trainers. His attention was caught by the one with the Murkrow. That would be a cool Pokemon. He though and decided express that thought. "Hey you! Nice Pokemon!" He said with a big smile.
  18. Preston looked up when he was addressed. “Aah, Uh, thanks? Um... although, it’s not exactly mine yet... although if it wants to come with me...” The Murkrow gave a loud squawk in Preston’s ear and flapped its wings, causing Preston’s hair to even crazier than usual. Preston wasn’t sure why the guy wasn’t staring at him after all the commotion that he felt was his fault.
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  19. Landon decided to head back towards the relative area of the doorway. He nodded to himself after he almost forgot what the Professor stated earlier. He took the Poké Ball that had the name of the sea otter, and placed it in his daypack.

    Even with the man's left arm that left for a brief moment, the little Pokémon was unable to break free. The sea otter continued to shed tear after tear in front of the Marill. The aqua mouse emitted a slight sigh in response and remained by the young adult.

    "I really gotta get to the bottom of this soon. I've never seen a Pokémon crying for this long in my life," Landon thought, before he softly patted the Oshawott's head. The sea otter shook his head for a split second and continued to quietly mewl like a lost child in a supermarket.
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  20. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Rene stepped out of the taxi. "Thank you!" She waved as the taxi driver away. She turned around and saw the lab in front of her. She grabbed her camara, that hanged around her neck, and took a quick picture of it.

    Rene had woken up late, she stayed up late the night before watching a documentary about Bellossoms. She was really interested in how their dances increased the sun light in the area. The research done behind it did not reveal that much, but they did look really pretty dancing around.

    She took a step closer and took a selfie with the lab behind her. She held up a peace sign with her fingers and smiled, while winking, as she took the picture. She looked at the camara to make sure the picture come out correctly and then set it on standby. "Time to get my Pokemon."

    Rene walked inside the lab and saw some trainers with their Pokemon already. Capturing this moment was something she always wanted to do, so she took several pictures. There was a girl with a Snivy, a boy with a Litten and Murkrow, one who seemed to struggle with an Oshawott and had a Marill, a boy with an Eevee and last of all one with a Treecko. She joined Hecotoro quickly after she took the pictures, wanting to speak with the professor as well. "I'm here for my starter also. I'm really sorry I was late, it wasn't my intention. By the way professor, I am a huge fan of your family's research. I always wanted a PokeDex and working for you is like my life dream. Hopefully I can help you with your research and one day be as good as you. I really appreciate this opportunity." She stopped, thinking she might sound annoying now and just smiled.
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  21. Slatzsly

    Slatzsly Previously WildFlower

    The day shined on Roria as she exited her home. With a Black Bag on her back, Roria had a piece of toast with a light cover of butter for breakfast, that hadn't stopped the girl from a quick run at the laboratory with it in her mouth however. The casual people around the town were here and there.

    Roria keeping to herself, walked in the building. She began to dot on a blank sheet in his notepad from the Professor's information. She of course tried her best to catch up with anybody else going to a backroom.

    Inside the back room, Roria was confused by the amount of pokemon and pokeballs. She had many questions, but found herself looking at a small penguin with blue. It of course seem rather cute, and was keeping to itself. It didn't seem terrified of the other pokemon, but rather just wanted to stay back out of its own interests.

    The young female teenager looked at the penguin with growing interest. Clearly, this penguin would show something she could use. Maybe this could help for anything with water? Lets be honest, Who would know?

    Roria started to walk toward the little creature, somewhat in awe. " Hello little cutie. " She said, bending downward at the cute animal. It seemed to be a Piplup, What else could it have been. The Piplup tilted its head, also in awe as it started.

    The Piplup eyed the Professor and Roria, transitioning between them. Piplup made its own attempt to walk over, but clearly wasn't quite sure what to do in the situation. Piplup waddled over hesitantly, at the feet of Roria.

    Roria giggled, looking at the cute penguin. " Well, I suppose you will do. " she said, picking it up. The Piplup made a chirp, as she held it close. Walking closer and closer to the pokeballs, hoping herself to find Piplup's pokeball.
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  22. Ani was padded awake by the gentle pushes of a Sylveon on her bed. Yawning and covering her mouth as she does so, she sat up. Her long blonde hair was like a waterfall of gold behind her in the morning sun that poured through her window by her bed. She gently pat Sylveon as she wrapped her ribbons around her hand wrist. The Sylveon reacted happily sensing her trainer’s excitement and happiness. Ani smiled at the Sylveon as she got out of her bed. “Thank you Christel.” Ani said softly.

    It was a bittersweet morning to be honest. Ani had decided to leave her old team of Pokémon at home to start a new in the Kanto region and this was the day she had registered to start. It was a difficult decision to leave them, they were like her family but she decided it was for the best and also it will be a test of their bond.

    An Espeon looks down at Ani from her perch by the window. She had always been the first one up, never failing to greet the sun as it rose, she leapt off and followed Ani who stood in front of her dresser after going through her morning hygiene routine. The Espeon and Sylveon leapt onto either side of the dresser table and looked at her expectantly. “Good morning Whisper.” Ani looked at the Espeon with half opened eyes and a happy smile

    Ani pulled out her dress, a dress that Christel and Whisper knew all too well and they immediately got to work. Whisper helped Ani change using her psychic powers while Christel brushed and styled her hair to the exact way Ani liked it. The whole process took roughly ten minutes. Ani spun around in the mirror grinned, “I’m going to miss you guys,” she hugged her two Pokémon and headed down stairs, Christel at her side with her ribbons wrapped around Ani’s wrist and Whisper following silently behind, slightly adjusting the large violet ribbon on her lower back with psychic. Ani could smell breakfast downstairs.

    “Good morning Ani.” Her mother greeted her when she entered the kitchen. Seeing her home was rather rare for Ani, but she assumed that starting her journey in a new region is something worthy enough of her mother’s time, but in reality she’s here to look after Ani’s Pokémon, she had been home for about a week now.

    “Good morning maman!” Ani exclaimed with a kind smile that could light up any room and hugged her mother tightly before she sat down at the table where her mother had prepared a full breakfast.

    “It is always a pleasure ma fifille.” Her mother sat down across from her, watching her eat. “Tell me again way you aren’t taking any of your Pokémon to Kanto with you?”

    Ani glanced at Christel, who now looked slightly more saddened but was trying to put up a strong cheery face, but Ani knew better. “I think it’s time for a fresh start, I’m not abandoning them, I already promised them that I’ll call home to say hi whenever I get the chance.” Ani pat Christel who wiggled with delight.

    Her mother sighed “At least take Christel with you, look at her….”

    Ani tried not to but failed. “My decision is final, and besides, if I take Christel the rest of the team would lose their pillar. Christel is the toughest emotionally the strongest out of all of them, she will hold down the fort… so to speak.”

    “Nyaaa!” Christel remarked, with a fire in her eyes and sat down proudly at the corner of the table.

    “You are the last one standing.” Ani giggled and pat her again.

    “If that’s what you want ma fifille.” Her mother stood up and gathered the empty plates from Ani and placed them in the sink where a Squirtle began rinsing it down. “On the coat rack, I had a tailor fix up your adventuring pack.

    Ani turned around and went to the coat rack by the door and saw that indeed it was there. A sling bag resembling a purse that matched her dress was hung there. She opened it up and checked the contents. Her mother had gone through the liberties of putting everything she would need inside. “Merci maman!” she said as she put on her bag. She felt the bag shift slightly as Whisper adjusted it slightly so it sat just right. “Thank you Whisper.” Ani sighed deeply took one last look around the home still with a smile. “Well, I guess I’ll be going now! I think I might be running late!”

    “Remember to call!” Ani’s mother called from the kitchen.

    “Oui maman! Au revoire! Je t’amie” Ani said one last time before turning to Whisper. “I’m ready Whisper.” The Espeon nodded as her body began to glow and did Ani’s, and before she knew it, Whisper had teleported Ani away to Professor Oak’s lab.

    The sudden change in scenery is something that Ani never could get used to. She stood outside a large laboratory next to a garden, the morning sun bright in the air, she opened her parasol and slung it over her shoulder it casted a shadow over her that seemed to make her sapphire eyes glow in the reflected sunlight. The nearby trainers were engaged in conversation and didn’t notice her sudden appearance. Something rather difficult due to the way she is dressed, she often times stood out in a crowd, but Ani never minded the attention. She assumed they were new trainers as well starting their journey.

    Casually she strolled into the building with a cute innocent looking smile humming a soothing melody she had made up in the past that had always seemed to calm Pokémon down. She walked down the hall towards where a group of people were, assuming that Professor Oak and some of the other trainers were there. She noticed a boy about the same age as she was who was struggling with a crying Oshawott and a Marill by his side next to the door she entered. She just continued on her way humming her melody hoping to passively calm the scared little guy down.

    “Hello Professor Oak!” Ani greeted with a curtsy when she turned her attention to Ani as she approached, “I’ll go meet the other Pokémon now, and we can talk later!” she grabbed the box of supplies that had her name on it and waved at the Pokémon professor before venturing further into where the starters were kept. Her energy and suddenness was definitely something Oak was not expecting.

    Ani noticed a lot of the pother trainers had already chosen their Pokémon already. From she understood from a letter she received, she was also allowed to pick a secondary Pokémon in addition to the starter. Ani had not been quite excited like this before, not for a while. She collapsed her Parasol and held it neatly behind her, her other arm folded behind her as well. She watched the remaining Pokémon in their habitat, playing, resting, lounging, practicing, and socializing. She watched patiently, a smile on her face.

    To her surprise a timid little Froakie hopped out of a nearby pond, looking at her with a slightly perplexed look. It wasn’t the first time Ani has been stared at by Pokémon in this way, after she seems to be dressed more like a Pokémon coordinator than a trainer. Froakies were a common starter Pokémon from her home region, but she didn’t expect to see one here. “Are looking for a Coordinator or a Trainer little guy?” Ani leaned forward slightly, “Don’t judge me by the way I look, but I’m actually a trainer if that’s what you’re looking for. If you come with me, I can guarantee you that we are going to become one of the very best!”

    The Froakie nodded and hopped excitedly over to Ani. She gently patted him “I think I’ll call you Yami!” he seemed satisfied with the name and followed her around as Ani looked around.

    Right before she was about to turn away and look elsewhere for a secondary Pokémon A Buneary leapt out from behind some bushes next to a tree. She was as excited and joyous as can be running at Ani, though the Buneary had a slight look of worry on her though Ani suspected the little bunny Pokémon barely mustered up the courage to run up her, nearly missing her chance. “BUNEARY!” the little Pokémon exclaimed hopping up and down cheerfully.

    “So you want to come along too huh?” Ani grinned at the excited Buneary. The Buneary nodded and did some faux punches with a combination of her stubby arms and punched out with her ears.

    “Fantastic! Ani clasped her hands together, “I’ll call you Bunny, and this is Yami.” Ani introduced the two Pokémon.

    “Buneary!” Bunny exclaimed excitedly and hugged the little frog next to her who was not expecting such affection and caused Yami to blush.

    This will work out very nicely….” Ani thought. She looked around for Froakie’s Pokeball and found it on a desk not too far away. She approached Professor Oak and Blackwell, “Hello again! I guess these two are it. Is there anything else Professor?” Ani smiled.
  23. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Rene looked around and noticed two trainers arriving. She was standing waiting for Professor Oak to notice her, but she really wanted to go get her Pokemon now. She grabbed her camera and took a picture of the two new trainers, she was really interested in the girl with a Froakie. Her style was something completely different, so Rene took various pictures if her. She set her camara down and walked into the foresr like area, looking for her starter.

    Rene walked along, looking for that one Pokemon she was a fan of. If she couldn't get it, then she would go for whatever came next. As she looked around she noticed a yellow tail sticking out of a small bush. That was definitely the tail of a female Pikachu. Rene approached it slowly and crouched down.
    "Hey there!" She got her camara ready.
    The Pikachu came out and peeked at Rene. She sniffed the air curiously, and then approached the human. Rene began taking lots of pictures. "You're so adorable!" She lowered her camara. "I'm looking for a partner to go with me on my travels and help me research Pokemon. Would you like to join me?"

    The Pikachu got closer, sniffed Rene and then smiled. "Pi-ka!"
    Rene smiled back. "Pi ka to you too!" She got up and straighted her back. "Now let's go, we get a second partner today, so we should go meet them. By the way, how do you like the name Michi?"
    The Pikachu nodded and ran towards the lab.
    "Wait Michi!" Rene ran after the Pikachu until both were back in the lab.

    Michi led Rene to where the other Pokemon were. They both looked around at the different options. Rene's attention was caught by a Munchlax enjoying an apple. "How about him?" Rene asked Michi, looking down at the electric mouse Pokemon by her feet. Michi nodded, agreeing to the selection Rene made.

    Rene took a Pokepuff from her bag, walked over to the Munchlax and offered it to him. "Hi there. Me and Michi are looking for a partner to start our journey. Would you like to join us?"

    The Munchlax took the puff and ate it. He then stuck his hand in his mouth and smiled. He slowly got up and walked over to join Michi and Rene. Rene took out her camara and took plenty of pictures of her two new friends.
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  24. Slatzsly

    Slatzsly Previously WildFlower

    Roria was walking around, finally finding the pokeball for Piplup. She grabbed the pokeball, which was between 2 other pokeballs. She started to turn, but then remembered about a group of pokemon that were brought here. She started to walk around, trying to find where she could go to find one. She walked toward the bushes, guessing that her secondary pokemon could be there, and it seemed like people were around that area.

    Like Roria guessed, she could hear a bush shaking, leaves slowly falling downward to the ground. She could here a type of cheer. “Ha, Happiny!” It seemed like some sort of pokemon was coming out. From Roria's guess of the sound, the little pokemon coming out was a Happiny?

    Just as Roria had that thought, the Happiny waddled out, something in its pouch as well. It appeared to be an egg? Roria wasn't exactly sure. Happiny however clearly didn't mind, waddling over to her feet. She bumped into the girl, shaking its head in surprise as the female pokemon looked up, and cried in apology.

    " Well, this is quite the cute pokemon, disappointed nobody picked you.. " she said to herself and the Happiny, looking around. " How about you come with me?" she asked, letting her hand out for the Happiny to maybe come toward.

    The Happiny looked at Roria, a little worried about what might happen, but stepped forward. It grabbed onto Roria's hand, and had a smile on its face, hopefully ready for some adventure they both might face.
  25. Hecotoro proceeded to go get his starter Pokemon. He walked in casually and calm, looking around the different types of Pokemon available. He knew what he wanted and he was going to look for it first.

    After searching for a few minutes, he finally saw the Pokemon he was looking for. There was a Cyndaquil sitting down against a tree.
    "Yo! Cyndaquil!" Hecotoro called out as he approached the small fire Pokemon. "Hey man, what's up? Chilling like a villain?" He tried to hide his excitement with small talk.

    The Cyndaquil took a defensive stand and ignited the fire on his back. It growled as Hecotoro approached. Watching his steps closely.

    "Woa! I didn't mean you were literally a villain, you look like a really nice guy!" Hecotoro tried to calm the fire Pokemon down. "Come on dude, chill."

    The Cyndaquil grew angrier and shot small flames at Hecotoro, moved away.
    "Man... What made you upset? Villain?" Hecotoro looked for a reaction, but nothing. "Chilling?" No reaction again. "Oh... Was it man?" The Cyndaquil shot flames again. Hecotoro jumped backwards and laughed. "You're not a man? I'm so sorry, should've asked first. You're a beautiful little Cyndaquil girl, aren't ya?"

    The Cyndaquil turned her flames of and looked away, clearly upset. Hecotoro approached it slowly, again. "Ok ok, I'm sorry. I'm new to this, so I still don't know how to recognize genders... Problaby why I can't get a girlfriend, right?" The Cyndaquil didn't reply. "Oh tough crowd... Well for reals now, I always dreamed of having a Cyndaquil and traveling the world with it. Learning about the vast world that's there still left to discover." The Cyndaquil remained quiet. "Battle to become champion." Hecotoro said as a last attempt.

    The Cyndaquil's attention was caught by the word 'champion'. She turned around and walked up to Hecotoro, looked up at him, while he just stood still, trying to avoid saying a joke. The Cyndaquil then nodded.
    "That's a yes? Its a yes! YES!" Hecotoro picked up the fire Pokemon, but she bit his arm and jumped down.
    "Ow! Okay, we're not that close yet." Hecotoro laughed as he scratched his head. "I have the perfect name for you, Furia. You like it?" Furia seemed unaffected.
    "Great! Let's go meet our next partner."

    The two walked out and towards the area where the second Pokemon were. He looked around at the options available, he wasn't prepared for this, or most of the things in his life. "Okay let's see..." His attention was caught by a Feebas splashing around making funny faces. Hecotoro laughed. "You...erm... ma'am?" He pointed at the Feebas, he Sola joyfully in return. "You ma'am are coming with us!" He picked up the Feebas, while she wiggled happily in his arms. "We're ready to go!"
  26. (OOC: @DarkHydraT, You can join us when you get back from your trip. If you do not wish to continue let me know. You can aways get your starter and second pokemon later on.)

    Grace was glad to see the trainers pick out both pokemon. It was heart warming for her to see them start off on their journey of self discovery.

    While the trainers had gotten their pokemon, Grace had been busy with the things she had for them. "Listen everyone. I need your attention. Now on this table, there are going to be two boxes. One from me and the other from Blake."

    Picking up a large box that seemed to be specially made to hold something. Opening the box, it was revealed what the something was. Inside where many different pokedexs. Each one a different color then the last. "Inside this box I have your pokedex. Once you pick out the color you would like, you can go over to the computer to get your identification installed. These will act as your cards. Wether you are a breeder, trainer, coordinator, or a researcher."

    Gestering to the box on the left which had the name of each person in front. "The box on the left is the one I have set up for you. Inside you will find a region map of Kanto. It is the latest design, it will update to any region you have entered. Along with that you will find a couple of different pokeballs. There are 15 regular pokeballs, 10 greatballs, 5 ultraballs, 2 loveballs, and 2 friendship balls. Now moving onto the last item in the box. This is item is a portable pokebox. It is a new project I am working on. I am needing some help testing it and I thought, what better way then to test them out in the field with young people going on their journey. Now I am going to turn this over to Mr. Blackwell for his part of the supplies."

    Blake was standing near Grace when she was speaking. He was glad to see that his pokemon would be taken in by such caring young people. "Now the box on the right has a bit more in it. Inside you will find, a couple of jars of pokefood. I made these for the pokemon that you chose to start your journey with. I have also included some ingredients, and the recipes for the food that is within the jars. There is also a couple books in there as well. They will help you with how to care for pokemon while travelling. There is an egg container that will help you safely and carefully carry a pokemon egg with you, if you ever come across one. Last but not least, is a set of cooking utensils and pots to help you along the way. There is also a book on how to cook for yourself if you need it."

    "Now can you please come up here to get the supplies that you will need for your journey. Once that is done you can come pick out the color of pokedex you want, and then you can imput your info using the laptops behind me. Once you have the items out of the boxes, and into your bags, you can stack them over by that wall out of the way if you do not mind." Grace gestured to the row of laptops all set up for them to use.

    Zane walked forward, up to the table and took the boxes that had his name in front. He quickly put away the items, and then walked over to get a pokedex. He had decided to get a dark purple one. Glad that he was able to get that color, seeing as it is his favorite.

    After that was done, Zane walked over to the laptops and started filling out the survey on what he wanted to get out of his journey and what he hoped to become.

    He answered truthfully and quickly as to get out of the way of others who might need it. After that was completed, Zane picked up the two boxes and placed them on the wall out of the way. It seemed there were many people who had gotten similar packages, because there were more boxes like the ones that held the items he now possessed.
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  27. Hecotoro yawned as the breeder spoke. He shouldn't have stayed up all night making a playlist for his journey. It was impossible to chose so many songs. Yet he managed to make a wide selection of only 202. Once it was over he watched Zane and did what he did.

    Hecotoro returned his Feebas in the Pokeball and got his items. He carefully placed them in his backpack, to avoid it bothering him while walking. He then went for his Pokedex. He was going to grab a gray one, but Furia insisted on a dark blue one. "Fine fine." He said as he got the one his Pokemon chose.

    He then walked over to a lap and began his registration. He took his time with the answers, trying to convince himself of which answer was the correct one. Afterwards he left the boxes by the wall and joined Zane. "Sup." He said with a smile. "Ready to get crakin lakin?"
  28. Preston went up next, with the Murkrow still perched on his shoulder and the Litten in his arms. He began to pack the items into his bag, which was already rather full, and he had to unpack and repack some of his things in order to get it all to fit. He had set Litten down again, since he needed both hands to pack properly. He was rather hesitant to do this, in case the cat attacked the bird again. However, this did not happen, and he was able to get nearly everything packed away in the bag. He took the Pokeballs in their shrunken form and put them in his pocket. He was unable to properly fit any of the cooking materials, or the incubator, into his bag, however, so he carried these with him as he took his classic Red Pokedex over to the computer in accordance with the professor's instructions.
  29. Landon nodded at the Professor and glanced at the large container that held many portable devices in an assortment of colors. The Oshawott worriedly watched the man's right arm reach for the red and white sphere on a prior table that had the Marill's name on it. The compact ball was placed in the daypack soon after. The sea otter glanced at the Professor and started to snivel noticeably louder in front of the slim woman. His tear ducts appeared to be as busy as the popular Cafés in Kalos.

    "Okay, I think we need to find out what's going on with you," Landon said to the little otter, before he took a brief glance at the Oshawott's body. The young Pokémon continued to weakly bleat towards the relative direction of the Professor.

    "Are you hurt? Are you hungry? Are you like... needing some attention or something?" Landon politely asked the Oshawott, before the sea otter slowly shook his head in response. The man somewhat tightened his grip when the young Pokémon wriggled in his arms.

    "Well, I'm going to have to find out what's wrong eventually. I think I might need to talk to the lady over there. Maybe she can help us out with that. I just want you to try to be as calm as possible alright?" The young adult stated to the little otter. The water-type Pokémon had a dismal look at the Professor. The Oshawott's eyes poured tear after tear with every second that went by.

    The Marill frowned at the sea otter after she picked up on his glum face. She casually bounced on her bubble tail, and attempted to spark up a few formal words in front of the young otter. It was almost as if the aqua mouse had not existed to the Oshawott. The Marill emitted a light sigh and remained next to the man's right side like before.

    The aqua mouse followed the man to a table that had an array of boxes with the young adult's name on their frontal face. The Marill nodded when the man retrieved the items from the containers, and then happily bounced on her tail for a brief moment. The man giggled at the little mouse and promptly deposited every item from the containers in his daypack. It took a brief moment for the man to figure out a better fit for the egg container along with the other items inside the bag.

    Landon strolled towards the large box seen before, and decided to grab the Pokédex that radiated a sky blue tone to his indifferent look. The Marill happily bounced near the man in response. The Oshawott continued to squall, and almost managed to free himself from the man's tight grip.

    The young adult made his way towards the laptops, while the Marill concealed a couple giggles. The man was forced to keep the Oshawott still with one of his arms. The survey was somewhat demanding for one arm with two forces not being on his side at the moment.

    Once Landon finished after a painful, lengthy moment, the young adult gave a slight sigh of relief. He returned his right arm on the squirming Pokémon soon after. The Marill continued to follow the man, and watched him pick up the two containers retrieved from earlier. They were placed next to the other boxes out of obstruction from most common routes of the building.

    "Well, at least you taught me that it's still possible to type with one hand... but it would be really nice to get this settled with right? Let's talk to the Professor alright?" The young adult moderately voiced to the Oshawott in an attempt to conceal his bottled frustration.

    "Okay look, I'm still trying to figure out how every Pokémon acts, but can you tell me what's up with him? Has something happened to him, or like did he have a bad experience with someone or something? I mean... like, I don't think it's normal for a little Pokémon like him to be like this. I know that something's up with him, and I think it's best if we deal with that right now," The man politely inquired the Professor, while the sea otter shielded his face with his arms in a near instant.
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  30. Slatzsly

    Slatzsly Previously WildFlower

    Roria was fumbling with her hair as she listened to the instructions, while her Piplup and Happiny were brushing against her legs now. Roria saw a few boys already going over toward the Survey, Roria was slightly worried, but she felt like she was making her first step. She smiled, and followed the boys toward said survey. She watched as they went by, and went to finish her survey now. She tried her best to answer honestly, and got her Identification and got a Lavender color.

    Pulling said Pokedex out now, she looked at what the boys had done. She walked over to some boxes, picking them up in some slight haste. She tried to keep up with anybody ahead of her, so she continued to where the boys were, and sat down with the boxes, trying to fit it into her Black Bag. She sighed, somehow fitting bow boxes into her not greatly widened bag.

    She looked at the Piplup and Happiny by her feet. Roria looked at the Happiny first. " How about I name you.. Ureshii? " She asked, as the Happiny made a light chirp with its voice. She turned to the Piplup now. " And I'll name you.. Kyl! " She said after some quick thinking, her smile growing as the Piplup also Chirped.
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  31. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Rene smiled and listened to the instructions attentively. She was really excited to start her journey with her two new Pokemon. She was going to need Munchlax hat now, that way he didn't feel left out. Maybe there was one in the local clothes store. It would be good to have an extra pair of clothes. She shook her head and went back to paying attention.

    As the Professor instructed, she began doing as she was told. She first reorganized her bag, to fit all the new items. It was a pain to have so many things in it, but at the same time exciting that she would use them. Afterwards, she went to get her Pokedex, a yellow one of course. Then she easily filled out the survey. No trouble there. She placed the boxes by the wall and waited for further instructions.
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  32. Ani followed suit with the others getting a silvery white Pokédex and her box of supplies. She felt a familiar rush of excitement and anticipation as she finalized her trainer card, and randomly filled the survey, not really interested what it had to say.

    She turned to Yami and Bunny, “Well guys, it’s time to get started! I need to figure out what you two are capable of so I know what we’re working with! Let’s head out and battle some wild Pokémon for some practice.”

    “Froak!” Yami nodded with determination.

    “Buneary!” Bunny hopped with excitement.

    Ani smiled at her two fired up Pokémon and then turned to the two professors. “Been a pleasure meeting the two of you but this girl’s gotta get going!” She turned to leave the lab. “Good luck with your Oshawott kid!” She added before she opened her parasol and swung it over her shoulder and headed out. Yami and Bunny hopping and bouncing excitedly behind her on either side.
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  33. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Valrie was more than ready to start. She rushed over to her stuff, tossing it all in there in a jumbled mess. Nothing was broken, but things could have been packed far better. In fact, she had to return here after the survey and Pokedex just so then she could take everything with her. She then ran over to the computer and completed the survey, taking a bit longer due to the fact this was one of the few things she was not going to mindlessly answer. Once she completed, she chose a dark red Pokedex and looked at her Pokemon and the stuff for her that remained. She sighed and went to pack her bag properly. She hated doing stuff over again.
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  34. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    With the Togepi clutched tightly onto Greyson and Treecko, well, being Treecko, Greyson followed to where Professor Grace Oaks had instructed the crew to do. One box held the Pokedex, all with variations of colors. The other box held breeder materials to help care for their secondary Pokemon such as his Togepi. After all, these Pokemon did originally come from Mr. Blakewell, who was a breeder himself. The third box held the neccessities to become a good Pokemon trainer, holding items like variations of Pokeballs, a map of Kanto, as well as a newly made item known as the PokeBox.

    Coming to the table, Greyson picked up carefully with one hand the box with his name on it. Greyson Blackwood printed in bold on the box, opening up the container to observe the contents, making sure they were all fully there as Professor Oak had described. Walking over to another part of the table, Greyson put his hand inside the box of Pokedexes and claimed a variation with sleek black, almost reflective. Placing the Pokedex into the trainer box given by Professor Oak, Greyson walked over to the computer to place down one box. Togepi finally eased down on the crying and clutching, and Greyson was successfully able to remove of it's clutch and placed the Spike Ball Pokemon beside the box of trainer contents. Greyson took Treecko off his shoulder to watch the Togepi, in which the Gecko finally shifted it's focus to Togepi. Greyson smiled a bit before grabbing the second box full of breeder materials and placed it beside his other box.

    Deciding what to do was the easy part for Greyson. He wanted to partake in both Contests and Gym Battles. The male with the beanie quickly uploaded his information onto the laptop which transferred over to his Pokedex containing his information. As Greyson was doing that, Treecko was awkwardly looking at Togepi who was playing to herself, not minding the Wood Gecko Pokemon.
  35. David yawned, he spent way too long on creating new recipes last night and it came back to haunt him. As combinations of salt, berries and temperature flew through his mind, he made his way to the lab to receive his starter Pokémon. Catching the tail end of the professor's instructions, he quickly followed the rest of the people who were way earlier than him into a room that resembled a jungle of sorts. Treading carefully, he kept a sharp eye out for anything that stood out. He didn't find anything for a while, until he heard something trip behind him. A Torchic was following him since he entered the room. "Hey there buddy, I'm not gonna hurt you." He gently picked up the Torchic and cradled it in his arms, inwardly nodding as the Chick Pokémon didn't struggle when it got picked up.

    As he was about to walk towards the Pokéball that belonged to Torchic, he felt a blow in his back. Somehow managing to stand upright, David turned around to see who even dared to attack him. A Tyrogue hit him, clearly challenging him as it raised its fists to a boxing position and hopped back and forth to quickly react to a fight. David was irritated by the attack, though he had to admit that the Scuffle Pokémon had guts. "Alright, I'll bite." He placed Torchic down and hunched down, his hands open as he imitated a wrestler. The Tyrogue caught on quickly and charged at David, who locked his hands with the hands of the Fighting type. Pushing against the Tyrogue's hands, David managed to push it back and let go of the left hand to put Tyrogue into a headlock. It struggled for a while, but eventually it forfeited and patted David on his arm, which freed him from David's grip.

    After the short scuffle Tyrogue refused to leave him alone, and instead began following him along with Torchic who refused to be picked up now. David didn't mind and followed the rest of the group, who all got a box with a name on it and a Pokédex. He managed to get an orange one and waited for further instructions, having spent quite some time during the little fight with Tyrogue. "Umm, excuse me. Where is the Pokéball of this Tyrogue and what's in this box? I apologise for being a bit late, got caught up in something."
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  36. Preston finished taking the survey. He had tried to answer as honestly as he knew how, but some of the questions had questions he could answer multiple ways, or he just didn't know and chose an answer at random. However, it was still accurate enough, or at least he hoped it was. When he was done, he realized that Litten had wandered off somewhere. The Murkrow was still on his shoulder, looking at the screen of the computer Preston had just used. As Preston began to walk, the Murkrow gave a startled lurch as she was almost thrown off balance, and flapped her wings in an attempt to stay up. Preston got a wing to the head and stumbled slightly. Once he and the Pokemon had both recovered their balance, he mumbled to the dark-feathered bird.

    "Hey, watch it.... you're making me look bad in front of all these people!"

    "MURK krow, krow..."

    Preston didn't know what the bird Pokemon was trying to tell him, but from the tone of voice he guessed the Pokemon was just as indignant as himself. He shook his head, and took another step. He wanted to find the black cat Pokemon that had wandered off while he was taking the survey. The Murkrow swayed again as Preston began to walk, but this time she was better prepared, and all she had to do was dig her claws into his shoulder. Preston winced, and continued to search for the cat.

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