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(Non-Roleplay Discussion) HMVJ Character List

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by CheerfulSteekip, Jan 21, 2021.


What do you wanna see in this series? (Please comment why you chose an option if you voted)

  1. New region with Fakemon

  2. Unique Backstories

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  3. Animated Series

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  4. New Designs

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  5. All of the above

  6. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Here is a list of characters that are in the story (if you want me to add your character, please let me know):
    **Not everyone will be accepted as to keep a well sized cast. With the exceptions of the HoloMyths and the Defendix Club, who will not accept any members, and the Starlix Club and the Harmonic Nymphs, whose amount of extra members will be decided by me, all teams will have a maximum of 5 extra members. Also note that each character will have a page made for them.**

    • Harmonic Nymphs (The main Team of Equestria)
    • Team GDI (They use weapons instead of magic and also don't often catch Pokémon)
    • Team PokéFaith (Their goal is to spread friendship around the world while using both Pokémon and magic)
    • Starry Skies (Their Japanese translation is Horizona Skies and they are partnered with fairy mascots and Dream Animals)
    • Team PikaPika (Their name stems from Pikachu)
    • Team Defender (They use both weapons and magic)
    • Team Starshine (An all-girl team who are part-trainers part-fairies)
    • Starlix Club (All girls alive each have a job while keeping their part-time fairy status)
    • Defendix Club (Similar like Team Starshine)
    • HoloMyths (Virtual YouTubers Team)
    • Winx Club (A special club made of 12 or 13 fairies who attended Alfea)
    **Note that some of those listed are also from my PKMN EWMA roleplay.**
    **If your character becomes a representative, you may be added to the PKMN EWMA roleplay.**
    • KANTO: Connor Perkins of Saffron City
    • JOTHO: Miranda Skylark of Cherrygrove City
    • HOENN: [open]
    • SINNOH: Valestina Arsenault of Hearthome City
    • UNOVA: Princess Nanette Daisy of Aspertia City
    • KALOS: [open]
    • ALOLA: [open]
    • GALAR: [open]
    **Canons before OCs; most of them listed by region**
    • Scottie of Centra City in Pasio
    • Kanto
      • Red Fire of Pallet Town
      • Green Leaf of Pallet Town
      • Chase Sparks of Pallet Town
      • Elaine Gabena of Pallet Town
      • Connor Perkins of Saffron City
    • Jotho
      • Ethan Gold of New Bark Town
      • Lyra Silver of New Bark Town
      • Miranda Skylark of Cherrygrove City
    • Hoenn
      • Brendan Birch of Littleroot Town
      • May Maple of Littleroot Town
      • Abby Camden Kitto of Oldale Town
    • Sinnoh
      • Lucas Diamond of Twinleaf Town
      • Dawn Berliz of Sandgem Town
      • Barry Pearl of Twinleaf Town
      • Verity Platinum of Twinleaf Town
      • Sorrel Virile of Velistone City
      • Bettie Brown of Sandgem Town
      • Valestina Arsenault of Hearthome City
    • Unova
      • Hilbert Miller of Nuvema Town
      • Hilda Mari of Nuvema Town
      • Bianca Tulip of Nuvema Town
      • Cheren Harkabune of Nuvema Town
      • Nate Miller of Nuvema Town
      • Rosa Mari of Nuvema Town
      • Nanette 'Natasha' Daisy of Aspertia City
      • Marina Daisy of Aspertia City
    • Kalos
      • Calem Xavier of Vaniville Town
      • Serena Yvonne of Vaniville Town
      • Hannah Borealis of Laverre City
    • Alola
      • Elio Sunne of Hau'oli City
      • Selene Moonne of Hau'oli City
      • Mallow Floris of Hau'oli City
      • Lana Davis of Hau'oli City
      • Lillie Aether of Hau'oli City
      • Pollen 'Pikala' Yellow of Pikachu Valley
    • Galar
      • Victor Woods of Postwick
      • Gloria Tate of Postwick
      • Jim Porter of Wydon
      • Xander 'X' Nightfall of Stow-On-Side
      • Dean Emery of Hammerlocke
    • Techno
    • Miinya
    • Notia
    • Rainglow
    • PonyVerse
      • Discord (formerly)
      • King Sombra
      • Queen Chrysalis
      • Lord Tirek
      • Cozy Glow (former ally)
      • Grogar (actually Discord in disguise)
    • PokéVerse
      • Team Rocket
      • Team Magma
      • Team Aqua
      • Team Galactic
      • Team Plasma
      • Team Flare
      • Team Skull (minor)
      • Aether Foundation (temporary; major)
      • Team Yell (minor)
      • Marcos Cosmos (major)
    • WinxVerse
      • Trix
    • ??? (true villain of the whole series)

    As for the reasons why I chose the last two options in the poll above...
    • I really want to see an animated series with Fakemon actually looking like reality (for once)! I also want to give characters some redesigning and new backstories.
    • I decided to give Pokemon and possibly Trainers new forms and styles. For example, when Orchid is in her Innocent Starlight Miarclix Phoenix form (tell me if I need a shortened name!), her outfit is completely white and light pink while her hair also becomes completely pink and styled into a long braid. As for her Leafeon Maple, he'll get leaf-like wings that enable him to fly and some other things will change too.
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