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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by DoggyEars, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. I'm still rather unsure about posting this, buuut I'll just see what you guys think of it. I posted it on my dA account and got some good feed back, so meh.

    It's something I wrote a while back, not sure why. It just kinda happened. It's not a poem...I think. I'm not sure what to call it. XD

    The wind is fresh, it smells like rain and green things. And green things there are, trees are thin in numbers but full in their leaves. Grassy hills flowed around us so much like an ocean. An ocean of green, green blades, all swaying in one flawless motion with the wind. The wind that rustles through the leaves of the trees, clicking together, sounding for all the world like they were speaking to us. Speaking in some forgotten language we could master, should we try.

    And the wind blows through my hair next. Tugging at it, yet not in an unpleasant way. I lean back and allow it to flow around me, like a rock in a stream. I have always been so overly fond of the wind. As it plays with the sleeves of my shirt, it seems to know this, seems to appreciate my appreciation. My hands fiddle with a wildflower my eyes have not yet seen. But they have seen all the flowers near us, surrounding us, like fish in our ocean.

    And then I lean against him. A solid protector, always by my side when I need him. I smile, as I always do. His arms snakes around my waist, and my smile grows. I look up at him, hoping he can see the joy in my eyes, hoping he's this happy as well. And I know he is. Without a word exchanged, all has been said. The warmth is nice, a stark contrast to the chill in the wind.

    And the wind seems to grow jealous, my attention no longer being fixed on it. It pulls harder, rattling the leaves on the trees, tugging my hair with more force, whipping it around my face. The smell of rain grows stronger, scents of wet earth replace the lush green. The rain finally catches up to its scent. Drops fall heavily from the start, making loud splotching noises in the ocean of grass, adding to the clamor of the leaves. They sound harsh now, unforgiving.

    And I recoil from the sudden change in atmosphere. Pressing against him, thinking to be safe and warm, knowing beyond all doubt that he'll protect me. But he's not there. He never was. The rain keeps falling. The sky is steadily darkening. The wind blows ever stronger, no longer benevolent. The trees no longer friendly. I rise slowly to my feet, what's the hurry? I'm already soaked. I don't want to fight it any longer. The rain could take me...

    And then there's that warmth again. Coming from nowhere, and I see the ocean of grass, and take comfort in the strength of the wind. My hand goes to the silver disc at my throat, my fingers brush gently against the chain.

    And I smile at the trees, shaking their leaves angrily still. I smile into the wind, I've always like it, haven't I? The rain too, is nice now. It's cool, but it's refreshing, not unlike the lush scents on the wind before the storm. It isn't often I get a chance to play in the rain, after all.

    And, again, he's saved me. He's not even there.
  2. Interesting =D

    Although, right now it sounds more like a poem then a fiction, unless that's what it is XD
  3. I'm not sure what it is, actually. XD It could be a narritive poem, I guess.

    But, thanks Shado. ^^

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