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Open (No more than 3 people please!) Shouko's New Journey.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by IdolShouko, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. It all began in Littleroot Town of the Hoenn region, where Shouko made her way through the entire Hoenn region, making her way up in the ranks of trainers. With her loyal pokemon, Leif the Sceptile, Twilight the Shiny Ariados, Banana the Tropius, Azura the Gardevoir, Jumpy the Jumpluff, and Itar the Tyranitar, Shouko became the champion of Hoenn. However, she was quickly defeated by a close friend of hers, and she decided to move onto other regions. She kept Leif and Twilight with her at all times, even when traveling to Sinnoh. She didn't stay there for long, but caught herself a Rosa the Roselia (now a Roserade) on the way. Shortly after, she arrived in Unova, where she caught Emolga and Malla the Cinccino (used to be a Minccino), before finally stopping in Alola, where she met an abandoned Popplio, and took him in. Now, she wanders around Alola, making sure she stops by all the important landmarks. As she pushes her sunglasses to her face, she rides around Melemele Island on her new Ride Tauros, exploring the new region and seeing all the new Pokemon there is to see. "What a beautiful region! I can't wait to see what else lies in store for me!" she smiles happily at the bright, blue sky above her.
  2. Name:Zain
    Pokemons: frogadier and bisharp
    Apparence:Black pants,red shirt,Black sneakers,Black hair,Black ninja mask and scary red eyes
    Other:he can uses jutsus to do things

    Zain was in a tree mediting and his frogadier Popped out of The pokeball "Frô Frô ga" Zain looked at him and Said "Yeah you are right" Zain Said jumping out of The tree and seeing Shouko
  3. Shouko's Tauros turns around, causing Shouko to look at the young man. "Ah, are you a local?" she smiles.
  4. Zain looked at shouko "From Kanto" Zain Said walking to a Pokémon Center taking off his mask and putting his pokeballs on the healer and picking back, "Great,now i'm going to pick something to I eat" He said walking to a café
  5. "Ah! If you don't mind, may I come with you? This is my first time here in Alola, so I'm a little lost." she explains.
  6. "Feel Free" Zain said.His bisharp poped out of The pokeball "bi bisharp!" His bisharp Said Very angry "I'm not going to catch any weak Pokémon like a emolga"
  7. "Weak? Emolga isn't weak.." she holds onto a Luxury ball and frowns. Her Emolga tries her best to keep up with the other members of her team. She's proven to be a good member of her team.
  8. Name: Charles
    Pokemons: Rockruff, Salandit and Combee
    Apparence:Black pantse\,blue shirt,red sneakers,Brown hair
    Other:he Specializes in the evolution

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