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Nintendo All Stars UK Tour 2005 - Nem and Gary's Run-down.

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Doctor Oak, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    And by run down, I mean about 3 hours stuck in frelling traffic, followed by about 45 minutes of simply trying to park a fecking car...


    Gave me time to get further into my Buffy Book, which I want to finish before I start reading Harry Potter 6.

    But that's not what this topic is about. Instead, it's about how much Nem and I are waaaaay better than all of you because we got to play a bunch of awesome new games long before you lot.


    The tour itself is actually pretty lame. Nintendo have latched onto other events, like the music festival we went to today (And got in rather dubiously too. Ticket Touts galore, not to mention English pricks hastling us in queues.) Their area is tiny, not much bigger than a plot that encompasses a decently sized house and garden. But what was so tiny was also rather awesome.

    Despite being rather 'naff' as Nem put it, (The Zelda 'Castle' has fake 'grass' and turret pods for the demos. At least there were two pods with two demos each.) There were a nice set of games to try out. Most of them are already out and on sale, like Mario Party 6, Starfox, Mario Tennis Advance/Cubed etc but the real interesting ones were the ones that arn't out yet.

    I played 'em all. Almost. Nem played XD, I never really bothered as there wasn't much to experience through play. 'Press A to select option 1, or option 2, or option 3....' If you've seen the IGN footage from E3, you saw what we saw/played today. It does look cool, but very Colosseumish right now. Bring on the story bitches.

    Anyway, the other games there were Mario Kart DS, Nintendogs, NEW Super Mario Brothers and the piece de la r..whatever, was Zelda: The Twilight Princess.

    Actually, a smaller version of the demo from E3 - it only had two levels to play, a dungeon and a boss. The boss was awesome, very similar to something you'd see in Metroid but done in a fantastically Zelda way. You begin off not having a clue what you're doing, but once you've figured it out you feel great and you're on fire - nothing can stop you.

    The dungeon was meh. Nothing really outstanding, just a typical Zelda dungeon. No horseback sections so that was a letdown but meh. We still got to play it months before any of you. :p

    Nintendogs looks great and i'm sure will be great. However, the demo was a bit cack. They put the effort in, with a bus covered in fur and a Nintendogs logo and a special demo area (A bone you sit on and play the DS on) but the demo itself was a bit lame to play. The basic problem was that you were playing around with these dogs (very much in the same way as Pikachu in Dash) but you had NO attatchement to them at all. Without that crux, Nintendogs completely loses it's magic and you really do have to wait for the final game to come out to really go nuts over it.

    NEW Super Mario brothers was a bit lame for what I played. I didn't really get to play that much, the demo seemed to be stuck in a bit of a shit area that didn't leave you with much to do or much to get a feel of the game from. However, doubters of the 3D on 2D effect should have their minds put at ease - it looks great.

    Mario Kart DS was fantastical however. Originally I got stuck with Toad, that some stupid git picked before me but it was a great game to play. It was nice to have a game that didn't go doo-lalley over the Touch Screen and cram it in unecessarily. The D-pad steering even works really well. Online and in full - this game will take over DS' all around the world for... until D/P comes out.

    Oh, btw, I'm going to kill Gamefreak over that. :twisted: Bastards. I better not be waiting until 2007/8 for it in Europe.

    More news some othertime
  2. There's not really much I can say, other than "I fucking hate you".

    I want Zelda, dammit.
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    w00f! Just make me want Nintendogs even more why don't you :p

    It's too bad that the new Mario Bros. demo was so crappy and the XD demo was the exact same as the E3 one... But I'm sold on Mario Kart. Considering it's one of the first online DS games, though, I always knew I'd be picking up a copy.

    Get those pics/videos up as soon as possible. I wanna see Alex on the giant Pikachu (if the thing was even there) :wink:
  4. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    New Super Mario Bros wasnt that bad once you got past the first crappy level. The one I played was quite good, didn't get the huge mario power up, though. Got to shoot some Koopas (witha nice redesign) with fire balls, and bounce on a GIANT Goomba.

    XD wasnt anything new, it's novelty is purely being a new Pokemon game. Zelda on the other hand impressed me, the boss battle was pretty cool, using the traditional boomerang for new things, and as Alex said, it did take a little while to work out and get used to what you had to do.

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