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Ninfia's English Name Revealed: Sylveon

  1. Teapot

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    A short but sweet update today - the official Pokémon YouTube channel has been updated with a short video containing 30 seconds of Sylveon footage - the Pokémon previously known as Ninifa. It also shows off the new battle animations in more detail, inclduing moves like Trump Card and Swift. What is particularly curious is that we still don't have any type info for Sylveon - an infographic released with the video, showing all of Eevee's evolutions, and their types, listed Sylveon's as ???.

    You can find the new video below the jump - click Read More to see it!

    We've also updated our Cryptidex entry with the latest art and screenshots for Sylveon - take a look!

    Read More
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Teapot, Feb 14, 2013.

    1. Demelza
      Really not all too fond of the things English name, might end up one of those Pokémon I nickname by its Japanese name. x3

      I'm glad we've finally gotten a clear look at some official artwork though, and seeing the short amount of footage of it in battle has just made me warm to it all the more. It doesn't look quite as cute and as soft as the artwork makes out. Overall though, I like it, I just worry it's going to be some silly new type.
    2. Doubled
      Sylveon, that sounds cool~ ♥ Plus the reveal trailer showed the game's graphics a lot better than the existing ones, and I'm impressed~ Though I do wish that they wouldn't have blacked out the background music :< Oh well~

      Judging by the looks of it, I think Sylveon will be some sort of special attacker, which throws out that silly fighting type rumor out a ten story window. Still though, the fact that they are keeping the type a secret just irks me.
    3. Toastie
      Although I doubt that Game Freak would introduce a new type, I wouldn't rule it out. It would explain why there is so much secrecy regarding Sylveon's type, and why it doesn't seem to fit any of our existing ones. Also, if Game Freak introduced a new type, the best way to reveal it would be through an Eeveelution.

      Another possibility is that it evolves through the new game mechanic that Masuda was describing.

      Edit: Sylveon's name appears to be from Sylvia, latin for Belonging to the Forest. This, coupled with the 'Nymph' part of Ninfia, has lead to speculation of a fairy/spirit/magic type. Interesting.
    4. Demelza
      Aye, the games are still looking really good and the fact that this again isn't final footage means I have little to no doubts we'll have something really, really nice come October.

      Sylveon really can't be a fighting type now, and if it is I'll be very disappointed considering it looks nothing like a fighting type. I think I largely agree with what others have been saying about it being a new type (and like I've said in the past, it wouldn't surprise me because Umbreon worked the same in Gen 2), but again I kinda hope it isn't because once they start introducing new types it'll likely be more than one and I find the game balanced enough as it is.
    5. Toastie
      Exactly - Pokémon games are balanced as they are now. However, it's possible that X & Y will add features/mechanics that result in the need to balance out the battle system with a new type. That said, I'm still very dubious as to whether this eeveelution really is a new type.
    6. Magpie
      Always nice to have the English name :) Also seeing it 'in action' has helped me accept it as an Eeveelution, although I can't quite say why xD
    7. Linkachu
      I said this elsewhere, but what I'd really like to know is if Sylveon's bows & ribbons are accessories or if they're abnormal flesh and blood growths that look like bows and ribbons, because the latter situation disturbs me to no end... XD

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