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DPPt/HGSS Ninetales and team building help

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Gorgonopsid Master, May 4, 2008.

  1. Well I chosen a ninetales over arcanine and I was thinking about this moveset

    Hypnosis/Confuse Ray

    I need help with this moveset because I dont know if its any good

    I am also building a team for the battle tower below are my definites


    I am also considering


    Then I will work on more elemental teams like

    a water team
    a fire team
    an electric team
    a grass team
    a rock team

    I will through in pokemon to topple the teams weaknesses to but I will have at least 3 pokemon of the types so I will have at least 3 grass pokemon on the grass team

    I have an idea for the grass team so far


    The problem is though I dont have any movesets so I would love some help
  2. Well, this is interesting. How about working on one thing at a time? So first we'll work on the Ninetales. Not a lot of people do more than 2 or 3 Pokemon at a time for a full given moveset. So we'll help with Ninetales first. Then we can move on to your Battle Tower Team, then the one you're considering Then we can work on those Elemental Teams, one by one. So If you could just edit everything but the Ninetales and the Battle Tower Team. You can update your post after you get the movesets you want for your previous Pokemon.

    I'll start by helping Ninetales out.

    Ninetales@Wise Glasses/Choice Specs
    Modest Nature
    252 Spd/252 S.Atk/6 HP
    -Energy Ball
    -Hypnosis/Confuse Ray/Will-o-Wisp/HP Ice/Dark Pulse

    Energy Ball hit all of Ninetales's weaknesses hard.
    Extrasensory is a godd move with a Flinch rate.
    Flamethrower for STAB.
    Hypnosis to setup on Pokemon.
    Confuse Ray and Will-o-Wisp to annoy the other Pokemon.
    If you can get it, HP Ice is worth it.
    If you want to use the Choice Specs, The last move can be either HP Ice or Dark Pulse for optimal coverage.
  3. thanks but I am focusing on my battle tower team right now so I can get bp for another energy ball

    I have four definite pokemon and some movesets


    ~Swords Dance
    ~Night Slash

    I am unsure about having curse on his koveset


    ~Leaf Blade
    ~Physco Cut
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Brick Break

    I like his moveset as it deals a lot of damage and it has a lot of PP


    ~Knock Off
    ~Fire Fang
    ~Toxic Spikes/Toxic

    I am unsure what to get either toxic spikes or toxic so I would appreciate help here


    ~Ice Beam
    ~Shadow Ball

    I would prefer something that increases her special attack for the last move slot. I was thinking about breeding for fake tears but I cant be bothered getting another ice beam.

    Thanks plapti for the ninetales moveset too
  4. TO get Energy Ball onto Ninetales, you have to breed the move on. It can't learn the move with a TM.

    Now Gallade can use Close Combat and Night Slash better than Brick Break and Leaf Blade. Drop Brick Break for Close Combat and Leaf Blade for Night Slash

    Impish Nature
    Hyper Cutter Ability
    252 Def/252 HP/6 Atk
    -Aerial Ace/Elemental Fangs/Stone Edge
    -Knock Off/Stealth Rock

    Roost helps Gliscor stay out longer.
    Earthquale is a must and gets STAB.
    Knock Off or Stealth Rock. If someone on your team already knows Stealth Rock, so go with Knock Off.
    Aerial Ace gets STAB and hits Hearcross Hard.
    The Elemental Fangs give some needed Coverage.
    Stone Edge is to hit Ice-types.

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