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Ninetails and the Dream World ability discussion.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Galaxite, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Has Draught as a Dream World ability. I can't remember who has Drizzle.

    Personally, I think they're going to be extremely popular leads as, looking at this generations abilities, weather inside of battle seems to be the go-to over an entry hazard such as Stealth Rock or Spikes.

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  2. KoL

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    Honestly, I've not seen (or heard) anyone say anything regarding either of them being useful (or indeed otherwise - I can't remember the last time anyone even mentioned either of them at all.) Seems to me like Ninetales and Politoed (the other one) have been largely ignored by the competitive crowd in favour of Nattorei and Skarmory hazard leads, as well as whatever attacking leads you're likely to get your hands on.

    I should probably point out that entry hazards are in fact just as prominent in Gen V as they were in Gen IV, so nothing has changed at all in that regard. Another amazing shocker (sarcasm) is that even in spite of Ninetales and Politoed getting Drought and Drizzle respectively, Sandstorm still rules the roost as far as weather goes in Gen V because Tyranitar vastly outstrips both of the aforementioned weather generators in every conceivable way. Also, having Doryuzu and Garchomp available as sweepers now basically means that while Rain and Sun have taken several steps forward, Sandstorm has also taken just as many steps forward if not several steps more, so in relation everything is more-or-less as it was in Gen IV.

    In short, either everyone has in fact completely forgotten about Ninetales and Politoed in what is essentially a massively collective brain-fart and the two will begin dominating the scene once everyone's remembered that they actually exist, or (more likely) they aren't as good as the other new stuff that has come along, especially given that Doryuzu is currently considered the best sweeper in the game.

    Guess we still have the dream, right? *BRICK'D FOR AWFUL PUNS*
  3. I won't be surprised if a lot of this generations Poke'mon, however, are deemed too uber for standard play. And unless Garchomp has gotten weaker or people have changed their minds, he is still also not accepted in standard play. However, I can see why sandstorm would be very prominent as well, as Hippowdon is also a popular Poke'mon to whip out.
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  4. I've played on some battle servers and whatnot for a while, and it's pretty much a given to have a lead Drizzle Politoed for rain teams, who are much much better than before. Considering Politoed has access to Hypnosis and other support, he can do very well as a lead in that own manner. If hazards come up, Tentacruel has a nifty new ability in Rain Dish, so he can be placed in Rain teams for spinning and spikes. In the manner of Rain Stall, Rain Dish Blastoise can be equally frustrating with access to Rain Dish, Leftovers, and Aqua Ring, and can shuffle things with Dragon Tail. It's thoroughly frustrating.

    Sun teams, on the other hand, are iffy. I never liked Ninetales, but she' a nice lead with Hypnosis, and can do a Specs set or Nasty Plot setup. Sun Teams aren't as dominating as Rain, though, as their members aren't exactly great in the way of coverage, as grass isn't the best attacking type. Still, since Growth now is like a fusion of Swords Dance and Nasty Plot in the sun, if they have a chance, Sun Teams can sweep after that. The main user of this I see happens to be Venusaur, who does well with Chlorophyll as a dream world ability.

    Yep yep ♥

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