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Nicknames and stuff

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Pyxis, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    So yeah, what nicknames have you gotten throughout your life? Did you like them? What was the reason/story behind it?

    I guess the first "nickname" I had was essentially when I was born. My name is Carolyn, so my parents chose a Chinese name that kinda sounded like it: Linlin. Except, thanks to tradition on my dad's side, I had to have a "generation" name, too, so my actual Chinese name is Shoulin. But all my teachers, family members, and even some of my friends from China just call me Linlin. Similarly, my grandparents also call me "Kalolin", with a sort of Asian lilt to it, because they can't say Carolyn correctly.

    One of the cutest, and probably one of the ones I despised most at the time, was a nickname I had when I was 4-7: Chubby Cheeks. Because I was chubby. I wasn't very popular with the boys back then, because I liked to spread (omg) the "cooties" around, which evolved into "Carolyn Germs" later in life. Because of that, the kids tried to think of some name to get back at me, and that developed into Chubby Cheeks. I don't know why it offended me so much back then, because it really is kinda adorable, but I guess it was the intention behind the name and not the name itself.

    Then, from 6th to 7th grade, this boy named Aaron kept pissing me off, so I decided to get back at him. Except I kinda... passed gas as I tried to push him into a wall. I became Fatty Farter then, and I'm so glad nobody uses that on me now. <<

    And then we get to 'Charms, where everyone knows me as either Shiny or Lyn. I've liked the name Shiny so much I'm even using it at school now, and all the teachers love me because of my bubbly and, ah, sunshine-bright personality (except my Spanish teachers, but eh). Lyn came about because of an old member here, when I sent him an email with my real name as the sender. He said he liked it, and called me "Lyn" because of it, noting that it totally wasn't because he liked the character Lyndis (who also went by "Lyn") from FE. |D So yeah, Lyn branched of to things like Lyni, but eh.

    So yeah. :3
  2. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I've had quite a few nicknames throughout my life.

    My parents have always called me Melza, which I don't hate but don't love. It's sorta a shorter version of my name but not one I'm fond of. Dad used to call me Water Daughter because I'd drink a lot of water (I play tennis and was always playing football kicking a ball back and forward with him, so drank quite a lot), which I wasn't fond of either fond of either.

    Other way people use my name is Dem Dem or Dem which I've grown quite fond of recently but hated it growing up as people used to say it to make me sound stupid because I had a strange name to start with. >.> At college I'm currently getting nicknames which suit a fast smart journalist which I really like. :D

    Overall I haven't had many nicknames I guess, just seems a lot to me until written down xD
  3. Only nickname I've had is Ninja :| Some random dude called me ninja and after I got the nickname I became instantly popular o.O I guess I got called it because I'm silent and look like I might snap for a few seconds kill everyone and just be quiet again. I guess thats what I get for walking silently up to people and them not notcing me for like 10 minutes :p
  4. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Sara isn't entirely a name you can shorten, so I tended to have something else added to it or another nickname entirely.

    When I was younger, the elementary kids teased me for the pronunciation of my last name (Golling) and called me 'Goblin' instead. Throughout most of my life my dad called me 'Charlie' for whatever reason. During high school, my music teacher called me 'Sara Soda', and the computer teacher called me 'Sara Sunshine'.

    Here on Charms, my nickname is 'Dway' the short version of the first name of my screen name.
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Because my name has a silent 'e' on the end (Ferne) a lot of people just pronounce it anyway, turning 'Fern' into 'Fernie'. I don't mind that when I know the person knows the e is silent, but when they just call me Fernie because they actually think that's my name I die a little inside~

    Lots of people at school called me Bernard. I can't for the life of me remember why, but I liked it. We all gave each other really silly names. A few people call me Magpie, and here that sometimes gets shortened to Mags or Maggles ♥

    My best bud calls me Fernus, which has caught on a bit at work so I get that quite a bit. Dad sometimes calls me Cat, because I move around the house silently. When I was going out with my ex he called me munchkin, you know, because I'm so small :p

    That's about it I think XD
  6. My real name being Jesper, I usually get called Jesp or even Jes a lot, even by my family. I don't mind it at all; It's not degrading in any way, and it's more practical.

    In this place I get called Dark and DS mostly, which is perfectly fine.
  7. My real name is Axel, and because it's so short and cool I don't have that many nicknames. My parents occasionally call me Acke (which actually makes oral sense in Swedish...), and around school I hear Axelotl quite a bit :D I love that nickname, and i use it as a username on Youtube, Minecraft, Steam, and a few other places.
  8. Well this is an interesting topic to say the least.

    My real name(as much as I hate it -_-) is Nathanial. For that matter, people who know me call me either Nate or Nathan. Simple right? Wrong. People have been makin nicknames up for me since I was in Elementary school. I was called 'Monkey Boy' for a while, due to my amazing agility and flexibility(not to brag, but that's exactly why). After a while though, people stopped calling me that...but then it started back in Middle School.

    Due to my obsession over Pokemon for some time, the local Pokemon Group in my neighborhood saw that my favorite pokemon of all time(Besides Pichu) was Sceptile. So....they began to call me Scept(Short for 'Scept'tile) I never hated the name, in fact, I loved the name. I took it everywhere I went and wore it with pride....even on the forms. Since then....Scept has been my regular name ever since.
  9. I never had any nicknames until last year... I started to learn Japanese so I also saw Japanese culture and I like cats a lot. Cats are important in Japan, a mythological creature called nekomata (猫叉)is kinda important so now I get called neko and stuff like that here and at school, but just my friends no one else knows XD.
  10. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I've had quite a few nicknames over the years. My Mom has given my siblings and I so many nicknames that I really can't even remember most of them anymore, and a lot of them aren't even derived from much of anything. A few of the ones she has for me are: Spikesters (Because Spike rhymes with me), Newton T. Newburger (I have no idea...), Jebidiah (Sadly I accidentally brought this one about) and Spud.

    With a lot of my friends/classmates over the years I've been know as Pretzel, which is derived from my last name being the same except the beginning. Not many people knew me as that anymore, until this year when the girl I'm now dating decided to start calling me that. It's her little petname for me, and that's how all her friends know me as. Sadly I will never be able to outrun that nickname.

    Also, I think more than anything in the world I hate being called Mikey. Fuck. That. Name.

    Oh, and my nickname on Charms is quite obviously Red. I'm also willing to accept Batman, or That Dude With the Dreamy Eyes. :V
  11. Rach and Rach-ee from my mom. Don't think I need to explain those.
    Apparently I was a chubby baby, so my siblings called me "Chunk" till like high school. There's a couple of mutations, "El Chunkawan" (Padawan), "La Chunkarina Dead Hands" (I'd get really nasty psoriasis on my hands) and some others.
    Ray from my friends, and recently "Sunshine" from "Ray of Sunshine".
    I accidentally responded to "Nigel" from one of my brother's friends, so he calls me that.
    I could have gone by D'artaion (w/e) cuz my bf suggested it one time when I wanted a different name. But it didn't stick.
    Most of you guys just call me Rayn, cuz Shyu was an addition and works kind of like a last name...
  12. I, like everyone else, have had my share of nicknames throughout my short life. Prominent one include...
    Drewby and Drew-Boo. Get your laughter out now. Both are a play on my real life name (Andrew, shortened to Drew) and I was called that by close family and friends. I don't think I've outgrown it yet.
    Meister. It's German for Master. My dad called me that when I was about 5-9, because I was awesome back then, and I didn't like it, but now I wish he still called me that.
    Drew-Ness. This is a personal nickname used by my best friend. Because she couldn't come up with a nickname as awesome as the one I gave her.
    Andi-wan. Tun calls me this a lot. It's a play on my IRL name, and -wan, the Japanese onomatopoeia for a dog's bark. 'Cause I'm totally a dog.
    France. Me and two of my friends usually pretend to be the Bad Touch Trio from Hetalia, and I am France, for slightly obvious reasons.
    Kera. For obvious reasons, it's a shortened form of my username. No one uses it in real life.
  13. I've never really had any nicknames growing up. It's kind of sad, actually, now that I think about it. I mean, I've given other people nicknames, but I've never actually had any of my own outside my family.

    My parents always called me Chaddy or Chaddy-boy, and they still do occasionally since that's what they called me for my entire childhood. It doesn't bother me when they use it, but if someone else were to use it I'd probably be a bit offended since it's my parents thing :p and my nieces call me Uncle Chaddy which is another one that I'm alright with since they're my adorable nieces who I adore :D then there's my nephew who doesn't call me anything because he doesn't like to talk, but I'm sure he'll call me the same thing.

    The only nickname I've ever had given to me by friends at school would be Chadwyck, but that's just an addition to my actual name. And the few people in Northern Ireland who called me Chadrick but I still can't tell if that was an accent thing or not XD
  14. Actually thinking about this i realize i have a ton of nick names. Hmm i dont think i can actually list them all because i dont remember all of them..
    Okay so lets start with the ones my family calls me. Umm there's CJ, Jade, Fluffy, and Dara. Most of these are from my name Cedara Jade, Dara was because my brother couldnt pronounce the ss sound so it came out Dara. I Think i got Fluffy because of my hair.. its just a big huge fluff that i cant seem to get strait.
    Umm Some that my friends call me are Jada, CC, Neko, The crazy lady, That chick over there. But whats really sad it that i answer to all of them. CC was from like fifth grade and my best friend came up with it. Jada was from my middle name Jade, that and it was also my main RP characters name. Umm i think i got Neko because of how cat like i am..
    And those are all of the ones i remember.. Gosh i have a lot of nicknames.
  15. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Over the years I've gotten a few nicknames for myself. Like I mentioned in my IRL name post, most of my nicknames are just variations of Robert, with Robby and Rob being the most common.

    Then there's my old football nickname "Bonesaw" which I'm still sometimes identified by. I was only on the football team for my freshman year, but the name definitely left a big impact, in no small part due to the reputation of the coach responsible for first bringing it up. He was well known by the linemen on the team for his "inspiring" timeout pep talks, like: "I don't give four fucks and a dead hooker in your bed how you do it, you just better block that guy!" Invigorating, right?

    Within the theatre scene, I also have a constantly changing nickname depending on which role I have for the upcoming show. This has become a bit more popular this year as two more guys with the same name as mine have just started to partake in theatre productions as well, strangely enough. So, my list of nicknames has also included Marcellus, Nathan, Leopard Man, Linus, Marvin, The Chief, Willard, Grandpa Joe, and most recently, Merrick.

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