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Nicklas' Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Nicklas, May 2, 2009.

  1. Well.. I'm Danish, and love to sprite :p
    But I don't do it much i:
    Here is what I have on the PC right now;

    [​IMG] To my littlebrother :p - Scratch
    [​IMG] To one of my friends. - Overworld
    [​IMG] Also to a friend. - Mix
    [​IMG] Friend - Mix
    [​IMG] Friend - Recolor
    [​IMG] Friend - Recolor

    Well.. More come soon! :p

    Please, if you use 'em, don't take the credits. I'm the respective owner. (:

    - Nicklas
  2. Hey, Nicklas, these are pretty good, the shading being rather unique and eye-catching. However, your 'mixes' are actually called fusions or splices. Just a note.

    The Scizor one is pretty unique. I would have never thought to put an Ambipom and Scizor together.
  3. Thanks.. I think o.O

    I'd made a "pixel-over" .. I think..


    I'll soon make it in colours ^^
  4. Wow.

    That is amazing! The shading, colors, how true you kept it to little Meganium…

    I admit, I am a fan of the Chikorita line, even though Grass types get wooped easily.
    #4 Secad MS, May 22, 2009
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