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Next Pokemon Game(after Platinum)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Man Hideout, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Here you post what you think of the next pokemon game.

    I think it will be a Silver/Gold/Cristal Remakes (for DS) or a game named pokemon wifi(DS).
  2. oh no not anouther topic like this. but they are good ones, just can get a little out of hand. well i think that the next pokemon game will be anouther spin off game or even a new one for the wii (shopping Chanel download) because i just cant see anouther main series game or remake happening anytime soon, even though i want a G/S/C remake i dont see the point you can get all the johto pokemon anyway now.
  3. The majority of people believe that G/S/C remakes are what Nintendo are working on at this very second. But in my opinion, I think they are trying to come up with a new handheld console. If one was to be made, then there will be a good reason for a G/S/C remake, although they might leave out Crystal and squeeze some of it's uniquity into G/S like they did to the first generation remakes (I was expecting a thunderbolt yellow when leaf green and fire red came out).
  4. Gosh, I've heard everywhere that Nintendo is making a new Ds console. I've been wondering if it's true. I seriously doubt though that they'll make new G/S/C versions for the Ds. They've already made so many generations of these games! I think that after Plaitnum, the pokemon games for handheld consoles might just take a rest.
  5. The new DS console is called (Rumour) the DSi. It still plays regular DS Game chips.

    Anywho, I would love to see a G/S/C remake. It'd be awesome. Better graphics and such of the Johto region, one of the best regions. And Cyndaquil. Just add more stuff on top (Especially the PokeGear) and it'd be great.
  6. Righto. Johto remake would possibly pwn the whole universe.

    Aside from my hopes, I think a spin off is what we are up for next. Not counting Shadows af Almia coming out soon. I think it'll be more or less a contest-game spin off, focusing on spin-offs. Played slightlyed like Nintendogs, and with only certain Pokemon. Kyogre+Contest=The second funniest fail ever. The first would be Wailord.
  7. If it follows the patterns of past Pokemon games, then the G/S/C remake seems to be the most plausible and not because I'm totally biased. After all, every region can now interact with each other except for Johto. With all the features that G/S/C introduced, the DS or even the next generation handheld sounds like it could greatly expand on those. I just can't see Nintendo coming up with a whole new region right after D/P/P. It would be cool though, but I hope they don't do to the new region's dex what they did with Sinnoh's dex. ~shudders~

    I do also agree with Cody though. If we're talking about the next Pokemon games period then it will likely be a spin-off. I've never played any of the spin off games save for the original Pokemon Stadium so I'll likely buy the next one that comes.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    To clear things up, DSi isn't a rumor anymore, nor is it the next hand held console from Nintendo. It's merely an upgraded DS with a larger screen, better speakers, music playing capabilities, better WiFi, and a built-in camera. Aside from making games that would utilize the bigger screen and camera, it's not an advancement in the power of DS games. That said, I'd say that if a G/S remake is released, it will be on DS/DSi, not the next proper hand held.

    Anyways, I think the next Pokemon games announced will also be spin-offs, probably Wii related. Possibly PBR 2? Or maybe the first Wii based Pokemon RPG. It could even be PBR 2 with a scenario mode the same way that Colosseum functioned. Barring that, I could see a new Pokemon Snap-like game announced, especially after they released Snap onto the Virtual Console. Something like that would play perfectly with the Wiimote.

    I also wouldn't put a Mystery Dungeon Wii game past them.

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