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Newbie needing help starting

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by TheEveOfDarkness, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Ok! So new to the site. I couldn't really find a place that explains how to get started. Yes I read the rules. Yes I understand the pokemon rules as well (regarding like trainer levels, mega evolves, etc). I'm not new to roleplaying, what I'm looking for is more of a "I signed up...now what?" kind of thread. So I've got a profile I want to use. Very basic trainer. Considering only having two pokemon to start. I don't see anywhere to make a "character" if you will like other sites. In technical terms how do I get started making threads and or joining in open ones (asking for ASK threads of course).
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  2. Often times, RP threads will have a link to a discussion thread, where you can ask to join and leave your character profile there. These are usually done in the same post.

    For example:
    "Hey, I saw this RP and thought it looked fun. Can I join? Here's my character...

    NAME: Jerry Seinfeld"

    And so on and so forth. If there's no discussion, perhaps message the creator of the RP privately. Honestly, I'm pretty sure there's a section about joining RPs in the rules. Those are the General RP Rules, but they apply to Pokemon RPs too.

    I'm not sure if that answered your question, but it's the best I can do!
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  3. Yeah from what I can tell it's just jump right in. Which is fine with me. I was over-complicating things. Thanks for getting back to me.
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