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New Types

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Blarg, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. Before the site crash, someone had posted this topic (who now escapes me,) but I'd like to revive it. Are you for or against new types? What new types do you want? I'm personally against new types, due to the fact it will screw up a near perfect battle system. If they were, however, to make new types, I'd like to see Light, (who woulda thunk it?) Sound, Space, and maybe Virus (computer viruses, mind you) type.
  2. Against. I'm totally alright with the types the way that they are, no need to change.
  3. Against. The only reason I can think of that Dark and Steel were created was to counter Psychic/Ghost and Dragon. I say Psychic/Ghost because both could take care of each other at the time(Gastly line being half poison and all), but all three being immensely powerful with very rare weaknesses. Sure, Ice Beam, Blizzard, and Ice Punch were helpful TMs against Dragon, but Dragon usually carried something to deal with whatever carried the move, not neccessarily an Ice-type, wheras you practically needed a Gengar to counter Ghosts and Psychics or an Alakazam/Hypno/Mewtwo to counter Ghosts specifically.

    Besides, new types would just complicate the perfect harmony that we have with types right now, not to mention confusing players who started on Gen IV, and really just making us older players get accustomed to the new types. Nothing needs to be made because nothing needs to be countered.
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  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Completely against, purely because I think adding new types might upset the balance we currently have with the types already here. I mean, as much as new types would be cool and stuff, I don't really see the need to create more.
  5. Im against any new types. I am perfectly happy with the current types and I cant think of any types they could make that wouldnt be cheesey.
  6. I like whole Light Type and all :)

    But I still cant find the difference Between Rock & Ground :(
    #6 BlackAmber, Jun 13, 2010
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  7. Rock is more like things that are typically mountainous/cavernous dwelling pokes, while Ground can live underground or in the ground.
  8. Like most everyone else here, I just don't see the point of a new type--at all. As Sho said, Dark and Steel were introduced to balance out the outrageously overpowered Psychic type. It was so bad to the point that RBY Mewtwo is the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist. I've been against a Light type for reasons outside of it being slightly pointless from the beginning.
  9. I don't think that new types would be added just because of the resulting horror of trying to balance them versus the current types... not that the current pokemon metagame is very balanced to begin with, but there you go.

    Another difficulty I can see is that they probably want to avoid retconning pokemon types: I'd personally like to see Light, Crystal, Sound and Acid types, but perfect opportunities for a sound-type (the Whismur line, Chatot) have already passed by as normal-types. Similarly, the Grimer line would be perfect for acid-type pokemon but they've been poison for 4 generations. Chansey and Espeon would arguably have made perfect light-type pokemon.

    One possibility for this though is to make new types attack-only; that is, we have new typed attacks but no pokemon are of these types.
  10. In my mind, I am truly against new types because veteran players would spend most of their time getting used to the types. Although, I wouldn't see that big a problem if they made more attacks that are ??? type.
  11. Although it could be cool to have a new type or two, the system is already balanced.

    Reshiram not being a light type rules out light's possibilitiy.
  12. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I sometimes forget what's strong/weak against current types, so I certainly don't want new types adding into the mix XD

    Like it's already been said, Reshiram lacking a 'Light' typing does pretty much rule out that type: if the Yang Pokemon doesn't have it, no one does, or I'd be very surprised if they did. I suppose one could argue that Zekrom is not half Dark, and therefore muting the whole point, but meh :p

    Dark and Steel were welcome additions to balance the game, and they were introduced near the beginning. We've had two new Gens since then, and they kept it at seventeen types. Adding another one now for the fifth Gen just seems unlikely. Now that we also have WiFi, it could potentially upset battling there as well, especially if I was still playing from HG and my opponent was playing on Black. How'd that work? Not very well, methinks. Now that we're all connected in such a way, I can't see any huge upheaval to the battle anyway, including new types. Unless of course you can't battle with Previous Gens, which is normal... but then we didn't have WiFi before D/P.
  13. Magpie holds a good point. Now that Wi-Fi is important in battling, people playing in, like, Platinum battling someone in White could possibly destroy the game, for there is no data for the new type. And the idea of a new type is silly. I can't possibly think of anything that could go with what we already have. I'm against and one more thing: Kibetou is right with the veterans having to get used to the types. It makes no sense!
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    the games wont connect that way, they will connect for migrating reasons as the games are two different generations.

    I'm against new types, its perfect as it is, but they should changes some of the resistances. Like grass water and Fire, wouldnt it be funny to make them all supereffective on each other? Enough Fire can turn water to mist, Enough water can drown a plant, you can use a tree branch to beat a flame out. They probably wont do this, but its just things I've noticed, a lot of people who don't pay attention would get mad if gamefreak did that, but If you think about it it would make sense.
    #14 Anonymous, Jun 19, 2010
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  15. Oh. I knew that. Anyway, no new types!
  16. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    We are perfectly fine with the types we have. The system is very well balanced, and it has been since Gen II, when we got the Dark and Steel Types, Dark to weaken Psychic, Steel to strengthen Fighting.

    Light: Most of the want for a Light Type is to counter Dark. This is a misconception that many make. Dark has nothing to do with anything that could be countered by Light. Dark refers to the Type's tactics, such as ganging up on an opponent (Beat Up), attacking with more strength for fleeing (Pursuit), and stopping the opponent's use of items (Embargo).

    Sound: Sound can only refer to two Pokemon lines, four Pokemon total. Plus, it wouldn't fit into the Type Chart. What would Sound be strong against, what would it be weak to?

    Space: As with Sound, Space works for very few Pokemon, in fact, three lines could possibly use this type. And, again, where would Space fit into a Type Chart?

    (Computer) Virus: Refers to only one Pokemon, Porygon-Z. No place in a Type Chart that it would work, except maybe a possibly strength over the Steel Type.

    Acid: Poison's got this one covered.

    Chrystal: Rock's has this one.

    Okay! I there's my opinion on all the suggestions thus far!
  17. I thought about and it still doesn't make sense. Since you thought about this way too much, now it's my turn. What you're describe is the concept of 'Not very effective.' For example, enough Fire attack can turn Water into mist--but only if the attack or Pokemon is far more powerful. As in, Flint's Infernape's Flare Blitz KO'd Ash's Buizel even when it was using Aqua Jet because Infernape is much stronger. I see no reason to change it to Super Effective when, under equal power and normal conditions, Fire beats Grass, Water beats Fire, and Grass beats Water because super effective means it doesn't take as much power or effort for an attack to do a lot damage to something that's weak to it if that makes sense.
    #17 Carmen Lopez, Jun 19, 2010
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  18. Not that I support new types or anything, but Sound actually does seem more practical than people are letting on. I could see sound as being;

    Super Effective Against: Fighting, Normal

    These seem reasonable enough. Normal needs another weakness IMO, and Fighting type pokemon reflect humans enough for me to want to say that they'd get just as annoyed by sound as we would.

    Not Very Effective Against: Flying, Ground

    Flying is kind of like wind, and wind can distort sound. Sound simply echos throughout caves.

    Weak To: Flying

    Like I said, wind can change the sound why ground simply makes the sound bounce.

    Normal against everything else.

    That's how I could see it working out, but I don't really want a new type anyway. It's not completely practical but it does have its potentials...
  19. I think the whole [glow=white,5,000] Space-type [/glow] idea is actually a pretty good idea of a new choice.
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It was just an idea, and i did say it was a bit farfetched but think of other games that deal with earthly elements, in some of them you take a fire elemental and a darkness elemental and they'll do normal damage to each other, but take a fire and water elemental together and they'll do double damage to each other, bottom line is: it all depends on how the creator of the game sees the cycle of elemental damage.
    I really am against sound now(even more than I was before), having all those strengths and only one weakness? That makes it better than Dragon-types and they were put into the game to be the strongest type with only 2 weaknesses.

    what role would it fit? Its not a good idea, end of story. Space would only apply to 4 pokemon, 3 of which are legendary, we dont need ubers to get any stronger... Plus what would space be weak/strong against? It just doesn't fit.
    #20 Anonymous, Jun 21, 2010
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  21. Well it's a rather common weakness, as opposed to Dragon, which has two uncommon weaknesses. <<
  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Well still, I-uh uhmmmm! NO! ok? NO! I don't want more types its perfect just the way it is! Plus if they did introduce sound type, I'd have to go through fixing my team's moveset to be able to handle that type, and we all know know how lazy I am~
    #22 Anonymous, Jun 24, 2010
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  23. We can't go around naming new types just because they sound good/fit a pokemon we like. Chances are, it's only going to fit VERY FEW pokemon, and that's just not good enough to change the WHOLE BATTLE SYSTEM. If there's going to be a new type, it needs to fit A HUGE amount of pokemon, like, around 20, and not because "it seems like it fits that Pokemon". If that were the case, then Gengar should be Dark because it has a dark sense of humor, and Lucario should be Psychic because it can totally own the realm of auras, a supernatural kind of thing(aka hey look, I'mma Psychic. Lemme read yo' mind)

    The new types, as I have stated earlier, were only added to balance the game. Now that it is and has been balanced, we need no more types. And the argument that some pokemon are too powerful is moot because any poke can be beat with the right amount of strategy and preparation.
  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Do You know how little the amount of dark-types were when they introduced it in Gen 2? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there were only 3 pokemon in generation 2 who had the dark type. And in gen 1, there was only one evolutionary line(the dragonite line for those who haven't played the original game) that was Dragon-type. So you're reason is kindof discredited now, I think, Im not sure and I don't think gen 1 was a good example.
    #24 Anonymous, Jun 24, 2010
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  25. what role would it fit? Its not a good idea, end of story. Space would only apply to 4 pokemon, 3 of which are legendary, we dont need ubers to get any stronger... Plus what would space be weak/strong against? It just doesn't fit. [/quote] (Quote by iFlare. My stupid thing won't work.)

    Well 1. Maybe some new pokemon could be from space (BTW Do you mean Deoxys and Jirachi? And what Ubers?) and 2. Space could be weak against Flying and Dark. Anyway it's just my opinion ok? Good, end of story.

    Weak: Flying, Dark, (Maybe) Electric.
    Strong: Ground, Rock, Normal, Fight, Water, Grass, Fire.
    #25 pfreaking unbelievable, Jun 24, 2010
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  26. What existing Pokemon would have Space type? It could be like Dark when it debuted, having no supporting Gen. I Pokemon.
  27. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I mean taking water away from palkia and replacing it with space, and Palkia IS uber and with the little info you gave on your oppinion in the initial post would make an uber A LOT stronger because you're cuting its weaknesses even more.
    I don't know, space contains and maintains EVERYTHING in existance, so wouldnt it be supereffective against everything?! I mean the only thing that could destroy space is the void and the same goes for time. So by the laws of the universe making a Space- or Time-Type would be completely unfair because nothing besides the void can even make a slight change.
    #27 Anonymous, Jun 24, 2010
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  28. :l

    You know, I now starting to agree. Space is totally out of order. Maybe something more balancing. If I don't come up with an idea in one week, I'll be totally against new types. ;)

    #28 pfreaking unbelievable, Jun 24, 2010
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  29. There was way more than two Dark-types in Gen II: Umbreon, Houndour, Houndoom, Sneasel, Tyranitar, and Murkrow. I say twenty because the Type with the lowest amount is Ghost and Dark(17-19 each), and that's including every non-Arceus pokemon in Gen IV. There's around 25 Dragons, give or take a few, and there was only a small amount of Dark-types in Gen II because out of the 251 pokes, over half were already dual-typed and the vast majority don't even fit the "dirty tactics" definition that is Dark Pokemon.

    Once Gen V comes out there will be over 600 pokemon, so asking for twenty of a type isn't that hard to ask, but you guys keep coming up with types THAT FIT ONLY A SMALL HANDFUL OF EXISTING POKEMON, so they'll HAVE to create around twenty NEW pokemon of that type in order to balance out the PERFECT battle system that we have.

    In addition, those weaknesses/resistances to your beloved Space-type make zero sense. Flying: space is a vacuum, NO BIRD/BIRD-LIKE THING WILL BE FLYING ANYTIME SOON, seeing as it takes tremendously powerful engines to get anywhere in space. Dark: space is already pitch-black, and won't/can't get darker. Electric: I'm pretty sure electricity isn't conducted by nothingness. As for those resistances, they can't even be propelled through space by their own accord.

    You'll probably say "well, the Pokemon isn't space itself", to which I'll reply: It'll have characteristics of something flying through/living in space, so it'll look like this:
    Resistances(if not immunities, even)
    Ice(sub-zero temps, gotta survive travel somehow)
    Dark(for reasons stated in a previous paragraph)
    Fighting(pretty hard for something terrestrial to move in space, and the creature probably distorts gravity some way)
    Ground(at the right velocity and proper size, it can crash through a terrestrial planet, a moon, and asteroid)
    Rock(same as ground)
    Flying(nothing of a Pokemon's size can just fly through space, 'cept Deoxys 'cos he IS from space)
    Psychic(the ability to stop it with mental power...even from far away)
    Fire(a massive temp change is bound to confuse its body)
    Ground(stopping the traveling object due to a higher durability)
    Rock(same as Ground)

    *note, Rock and Ground can be either/or, due to them being extremely similar

    It all comes down to common sense, really, and there's no sense pretending that theyvadded new types to Gen V. We'd have seen that in Reshiram/Zekrom for sure if it was true.
  30. New=Bad

    If there were new types than,
    and it seems like I'm not the only one who thinks that! ;D
    #30 Lord Zortn, Jun 24, 2010
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  31. I don't support it either dude. This is purely theoretical, not like I plan on going anywhere with this. I made that by what makes sense with the real world, not what makes sense with the type chart. Don't get too angry o.o;;
    #31 Raktoner, Jun 24, 2010
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  32. SJ


    Er... Ice and dragon moves uncommon?

    - You're saying you run nothing with ice beam?
    - Even Pidgey learns a dragon move!

    Both of these are common, precisely BECAUSE dragon types are weak to them!
  33. I think they need a Light type. They have dark, why not light? Dark would be super effective against light, light would be super effective against dark!
  34. @ the person who said dragon types have the lowest amount of weaknesses.. Actually normal types have only one weakness which is fighting. So for you who say they should make a new type it should be a type thats super effective to normal types. Like a wood type. Haha yeah i know it sounds cheesy but it works if you think about it.. Fire, fighting, and steel, and flying beat it. And wood beats normal, bug, electric, ghost... But idk just the word wood sounds lame... Wait i got a better idea! Just leave the decision about the types to the people at gamefreak! Cuz obviously we cant come up with good types.. Just leave em the way they are, but light was a good idea though, it makes more sense than all these other ideas. ~sigh~ only if the word wood sounded cool
  35. I'm totally against the idea of new types, because it would most certainly mess with the balance of our current types.
    Plus, Light-Type? Sounds kind of stupid to me....

    And space and sound seem just as bad.
  36. I'm don't really want new types becuase if they add some new types people may say that their stealing it from digimon or yu-gi-oh or something. and example is virus or light type. =/
  37. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'd never want this even if you gave me a lollipop. Don't mess with perfection, like a lollipops. I want a lollipop :'( .
    #38 Anonymous, Aug 6, 2010
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  38. Anyways, I'm really against this whole idea. Though I really wish there are new types, but that would cause a lot of confusion if I have the game next year. What if the past Gen Pokemon evolves to the gen Pokemon with a new type. @_@ That would mess up the whole previous Gen Pokemon current Type(s)

    @Jardy: Umm, what??
  39. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    against! I already have trouble with type advantages if they added new types I would probably explode from confusion!
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