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New trailer revealed for the Let's Go games

  1. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Shortly ago, a new trailer was revealed for Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon Let's Go, Eevee! Showcasing a bit more about the games.

    Most of the news revealed in this trailer was the appearances of Brock and Misty (and their gyms) as they appear in this side series, along with the appearance of the new rival and an exceptionally minor gender difference for Eevee (a slightly rounder line separating the two fur colours on its tail on females than the jagged fuzz we are familiar with). Certain things were confirmed - such as character and partner customization and the fact that hat!Pikachu/Eevee are not going to evolve. It has also been confirmed that Let's Go, Pikachu! seems to have the Version Exclusive distribution of Red (with at least Oddish, Sandshrew and Growlithe being exclusive to it) while Let's Go, Eevee! seems to have the Version Exclusive distribution of Blue (with at least Bellsprout, Vulpix and Meowth being exclusive to that).

    Also following Pokémon sometimes find items in the wild, and online trading is a thing (not just local Switch-to-Switch shenanigans). That's something too.

    And lastly, we also got a rather nifty looking map of Kanto as it appears in this game, complete with what might possibly be locations for where you can find various Pokémon, when the games hit the Switch on November 16th of this year.

    Mind you, it appears that in their rush to make the region look shinier and put wind turbines on it, they've forgotten that bridge there is supposed to open to let ships out and absolutely blocked off Vermilion Bay, whoops. Lookit them legendary birbs and gene monsters, though!
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by StellarWind Elsydeon, Jul 12, 2018.

    1. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What the hell is the 'bridge that is supposed to open to let ships out and absolutely blocked off Vermillion Bay'? Don't remember that.
    2. Leeon
      They should've already been made a 3D world game like this by now! Years ago. I'm astounded though. This game looks fun.
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    3. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      I can't help but be reminded of the ORAS Hoenn map when I see Kanto's new map. Why Game Freak insists on making their remade regions into squares now is beyond me. Regarding the region though, it's good to see Cinnabar actually has it's volcano now after being absent from FRLG. Another thing I noticed is Mew hiding in the clouds at the top but I don't understand why. All the other Pokemon are in locations they or their pre-evos can be obtained in the the Gen I games so why is Mew not on that "T" shaped pier next to the SS Anne? The "T" obviously stands for truck and that is where the truck was located and everyone knows Mew can be found under that truck :p
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    4. BuckshotBlitz
      As much as I hate to say it, it looks good. Pokemon Go sucked, so I thought this would be the same. We shall see, I suppose.
    5. Merciless Medic
      Merciless Medic
      Mew is a mythical Pokemon and wasn't actually supposed to be added into the games when the Japanese versions of Red and Green came out in 1995, but there was a glitch that someone put in that allowed someone to get Mew. And it totally was the truck. :p Nah, but there was a very convoluted way to get it. Plus, Mewtwo isn't hovering over Cerulean Cave. :p He's on the bottom right corner, the furthest he can be from the cave. :p I guess they just liked to put the Legendaries on the corners, and the mythical Pokemon hiding somewhere (because the reason why mythical Pokemon are called mythical is because they are very difficult to find. I don't know how Ash saw Mew three times, including the Mirage Mew, and how his Pikachu has seen Mew four times if you count the Pikachu shorts).
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    6. Akio and Cubone
      Akio and Cubone
    7. Mr Fishykarp
      Mr Fishykarp
      The "Friendly Rival" looks meh, but aside from that it actually looks pretty decent. But I think we all know that I'm only here for the two seconds of Magikarp partner pokemon near the start. Magikarp Jump integration when?
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    8. Mr.Munchlax
      I still don't think I'm going to get these games since I'm not crazy about the Go mechanics & I want to save my money for Gen 8, but I won't deny that the visuals are absolutely stunning. I'd rather they'd use similar model styles from Sun & Moon than these chibi versions, but this has to be the best looking Pokémon games to date!
    9. Hollow Omega
      Hollow Omega
      Maybe because Ash is such a special snowflake and must have some of his Pokémon gain a whole new form or an evolution based on his special bond with them. <.> Seriously, I've never been happier with Pokémon anime before Alain defeated Ash at the Kalos league and they put an end to that whole "AmourShipping" to bring in new characters. Someone had to say it!

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