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New sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Amyel_Kitten, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Hi. I have just started spriting and have been hoping to eventually start Commissions/Requests for sprites. I will only take requests under a few conditions:
    •You comment on my work
    •You PM me a detailed descrition of the charater you want designed
    •Your character doesn't require completely making items/accessories (Might change later)
    •You will not rush me or put a time limit on when it needs to be done (I have limited computer time)

    Here are my current designs:

    I hope you like my sprites!

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  2. I got a request from someone on fanpop. This is the result of the request:

    A couple updates. One, sprites will be done quicker, due to computer schedule, and Two, I will be taking requests for sprites with custom added pokeballs, pokemon, and accessories. I will also be doing cosplay trainers. Sprite requests are limited to one per person, per week. Also limited to seven requests a week, due to spriting time. Trainer info can be posted her rather than by PM. Also, Some sprites will be sent to Silver August of the Silver Leagues for review. If you do not want your requested sprite sent for review, please say so when requesting.

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  3. Just have a few words. I'd like to say your sprites are really good,it's interesting how there are two designs for one character. Is there a reason, or did you just kinda feel like it? And one more thing, try making your sprites .png files instead of .jpg files, it makes them much more appealing to look at. .jpegs usually take the colors and make each one thousands of different shades.
  4. I'm glad you like my work. The originals were png, but unfortunately my kindle wouldn't allow me to post the pictures in png, so I made them jpg until I could edit it and change it to png. I have made two (technically three) more sprites since my last post.

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  5. Here are some more of my sprites, and some edited ones:
    Me and my close friends
    [​IMG] Amyel Casual
    [​IMG] Amyel Formal
    [​IMG] Sapphira Casual
    [​IMG] Sapphira Formal

    Pokemon based
    [​IMG] Mew Fanatic Regular
    [​IMG] Mew Fanatic Shiny

    [​IMG] Cinccino Lover
    [​IMG] Gardevior and Gallade Cosplay

    Team Astro (Fan made team)
    Team Astro Leader
    [​IMG] Team Astro male
    [​IMG] Team Astro female

    [​IMG]Shadow (8lackIllusion on Fanpop)
    [​IMG] Josie (Mind7Trick on Fanpop)
    [​IMG] Jonah (No Fanpop account, Requested by Mind7Trick)
    [​IMG]No Name (Random girl in a light blue dress)

    [​IMG] Kepton (A random guy I thought of)
    This is all I've got for now. More will be added later. Also an update. I will be taking more requests, as I enjoy making sprites for people. So if you like my sprites, and would like to see more, post a reply, or send me a PM, and I'll get straight to work. Though you must provide as much details in your request as you can, right down to colors, designs, and accessories.
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  6. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    The sprites are pretty good, though the shading's a bit off in dresses and some other areas. Remember that your sprites represent three-dimensional figures, so even if it's cartoon-like, the shading should still be somewhat realistic. Perhaps the shading can be a little rounder instead of angular, if that makes sense? And it's okay to use more than two colors when you shade; heck, sometimes I use as many as five or six.

    Also, clothes usually aren't exactly flat; they have some wrinkles and stuff around edges and stuff. I can tell the girl in the blue dress's dress has folds, though perhaps you can try putting some shading next to the folds instead of just along the side of the sprite.

    I'm probably not making ANY sense at all, kinda tired and stuff. But overall, your sprites are pretty good and well made, just work a bit on shading and they'll be fantastic!

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