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New Rp(with a story in it lol)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by eishiba, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. Ever since being a little boy, Eishiba had loved pokemon. Seeing all the different ways pokemon were used in the world gave Eishiba the realization that he could choose many different options and still interact with pokemon. His father, Zayin, his mother Zellerina, and little sister, Talim was his family members. His dad was a pokemon trainer, and a good one. He was tall and dark; well built for his age of 39. He had two pokemon. One was a Machoke, the other was a Poliwhirl. His father always got up early in the morning and went for a long run through the grasslands along route 11 and went through Lavender town and further north consisted of rock climbing through the Kanto Rock Tunnel. Inside the giant cavern, he would strength train by lifting boulders and hurdling them as far as he could. Then he and his two pokemon would toss boulders back and forth as another test of speed. Once through that, he made his way to Cerulean city where he normally took a break to stop and talk with his old friend Misty, the Cerulean city gym leader. Once finished, he then crossed through Saffron City and back to Vermillion. The training normally lasted 5-7 hours. (I mean seriously, no one has a job in this pokemon world, except for the pokemon marts since we all know that pokemon centers give services FOR FREE. So we know those jobs won't be getting shipped over seas!)
    Eishiba had tried a few times to go along but usually wore out rather quickly. Eishiba would always take his Mankey with him, which usually outran him, if it would go without putting up a fuss. The tiny Mankey was always full of steam. Zayin always found it funny that a simple Mankey never seemed interested in obeying his trainer. When his dad had found the Mankey, it had been caught eating the Leppa Berry's from the family tree, planted in the back yard. Even with Max Repels sprayed around the yard, the Mankey somehow found a way to suck it up and be a man...or in this case...a pig monkey, and eat the Leppa Berry's. His dad's Machoke had restrained the Mankey and was going to take it to the Pokemon Shelter. Eishiba insisted that his dad let him keep it, since it was the first wild pokemon around their very house. His dad agreed but warned Eishiba that Mankeys tend to be quick to anger. Eishiba thought very little of it and tried to befriend Mankey. Eishiba tried to pat his new Pokemon on the head but in return, was hit with a strong punch to the face. Eishiba began to try to give Mankey Leppa Berries to calm it down and over time, Mankey learned to chill out...only when its anger was not on the high. At furious times, Leppa Berries meant very little to it.
    Eishiba also was in possession of a Squirtle. The Squirtle was found during a camping trip in the Safari Zone. Trapped under a fallen tree and injured, Eishiba's dad nursed it to health. Eishiba became friendly with it as it was more calm and easier to befriend than Mankey was. Squirtle, however, was not as energetic as Mankey and tired out on the long runs with his dad.
    Then there is Torchic. When Eishiba turned 10, he was allowed to get another Pokemon. He went with his sister and she pointed out a Torchic. Both he and his sister fell in love with it. Upon walking home with it, they soon found out how much of a klutz it was. It walked weakly and lightly on its scrawny little legs. It tripped and fell many times, only to hop back up to keep up with her new family. Eishiba attempted to take it with him on a run, only to decide against it when he thought of what might happen to it if it fell in the Rock Tunnel. Even a gust of wind knocked the poor torchic over as it struggled to keep up with its family. (Imagine this Torchic like Dawns, only we don't have to sit through Dawn's stupid self either haha.)
    Eishiba woke up to a bright morning. The cool, crisp air came through the glass window of his room. He opened his Golden brown eyes to see his squirtle sleeping next to him. He patted Squirtle on the head as he sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He pushed his orbed hair downHis sister was up playing with her pet Meowth. Eishiba wasn't very fond of the Meowth. It smelled like any other feline and disliked the idea of cleaning its litter box out. He dressed in a pair of jeans, a red tee shirt, and some tennis shoes. He walked out to see Talim running down the stairs of his family's two story house, wiht her Meowth next to her. Behind both of them was Torchic. The thing tried to keep up and rather than walked down the steps, went bumbling down all 8 steps, tumbling and crashing to the bottom as if it was a golf ball. Talim turned and laughed as the little Torchic stood up and kept running after her and Meowth like nothing had happened. Eishiba shook his head and thought, "I'm surprised there is anything in the world to have less brains than my sister." Eishiba and Squirtle made their way downstairs. In the corner of the tiny living room, which consisted of a single couch, was his sleeping Mankey. Eishiba walked quietly to it and kneeled down. He watched it for a few moments as Talim joined him cautiously with her Meowth and his Torchic. She whispered to him, "He looks kind of cute for a monkey."
    "Pig Monkey", Eishiba corrected.
    With her brown pig tails, blue eyes, and small figure, the 8 year old mocked him without making any voicing sounds. Eishiba turned to see Squirtle open its mouth and spray a small stream of water at the sleeping Mankey. Mankey awoke in a rage. It cried out as it began thrashing around. Eishiba turned to Squirtle and shoved him playfully saying, "Good going, RUN!"
    With that, Eishiba and Squirtle ran back up stairs and peeked around the door of Eishiba's room, with Talim and Meowth behind them. Mankey stopped for a moment and was deathly silent. It looked around, and seeing no one, became angered by its own loneliness. Then there was a chirp. Mankey looked to see a harmless Torchic, walking closer to Mankey, unaware of its anger. Torchic took a few steps and fell face first. Mankey stared at it with evil eyes as the Torchic made its way across the floor, aimlessly.
    Eishiba went to the kitchen and grabbed a Leppa Berry and handed it to Mankey. Mankey slapped it out of his hand and watched it role along the floor. It stopped rolling and Mankey's curiousity took over. It walked to the Berry and sniffed it. Mankey sat down in the floor and began to take small bites off the berry. (Which I don't know how in the hell a mankey eats?!?!?!) As it ate, Eishiba sat next to it. Mankey seemed calm for the moment.
    Eishiba went outside to their backyard to pick a few more Leppa Berries to save for later and much needed causes. He passed his bicycle which he hadn't ridden in a while. He notice the tire was flat. He then decided a trip to Cerulean City was in order. The Bike Shop would be able to fix this problem. He hurried inside and put his three pokemon back into their pokeballs.(What does a Pokemon do in its Pokeball anyways?)
    As Eishiba pushed his bike to the front yard, he spotted the gym leader, Lt. Surge, outside the Pokemon Mart. As Eishiba passed him, Surge greeted him. "Where are ya head to there?"
    Lt. Surge was a giant man. Nearly 7 feet tall and built very, very musclular. He looked like he could wrestle a Machamp...maybe. His spikey orange hair and dark eyes stared straight at Eishiba.
    "Cerulean, I need my tire fixed on my bike," Eishiba replied.
    "I haven't rode a bike in years, I'm too big for any of the ones in that tiny shop."
    "Well, perhaps you should ask them to make a bigger bike for you."
    "Na, I have better things to do, like train my Pokemon. By the way, is your father ever gonna challenge me? His Pokemon are the best in this city, excluding mine, of course."
    "Ill have to ask him, he might be able to beat you."
    Lt. Surge laughed histerically saying, "Na, his Poliwhirl would stand a chance, and his Machoke would go down easy."
    Eishiba thought for a moment and mumbled a little as he said, "I could take you."
    Surge's laughter was even louder as he said, "If you really want to, you could try, but I ain't going easy on a pipsqueak like yourself."
    "You mean you would battle me?"
    "Of course, I have to take all challenges under the League rules anyways."(How come these gym leader pokemon can battle person after person and NOT run out of PP???)
    Eishiba looked up excited and said, "Your on! How about after I get back!"
    Lt. Surge shook Eishiba's hand saying, "Then its set. Ill see ya then."
    Lt. Surge walked off back towards his gym. Eishiba was excited. "My very own and first Pokemon battle!"
    Eishiba hurried along, headed to Cerulean City, eager to get his bike fixed. Once he was through Saffron City, he trudged through the grass of Route 5. The sun beat down, making Eishiba feel like Sizzling. With Cerulean City, visible in the distance, he thought of a nice Fresh Water. his mouth watered as he thought of it.
    Then Eishiba tripped over something. He fell face first into the grass. He thought to himself, "Is this what the Torchic goes through all the time?" He slowly stood up, taking him much much longer than it would take that Torchic to stand up. He looked into the grass behind him and saw a furry ear in the grass. Eishiba reached out and touched it. The ear wiggled at his touch. He began pulling the grass apart. As the ear showed to be connected to a furry head. The face of a small rabbit looked at him. Eishiba thought, "How cute."
    He picked up the rabbit and petting it. The small creature hopped up and down eagerly. After a few moments, Eishiba said to it, "Well I have to go. See ya around."
    Eishiba turned to leave, only to see the rabbit following him. "Go back to your home," Eishiba said, but it only moved closer.
    Eishiba tried to shoo it away. Finally, it stopped and watched Eishiba leaving. Once he arrived at Cerulean City, he went straight to the Bike Shop. The shop was but a tiny little shack, with bikes for sale, bike parts laying about, and the smell of grease. The man at the desk said, "How can I help you?"
    "I need a tire put on my bike. The old one is flat."
    "No problem my boy! Just leave it here and Ill have it done in a little while."
    Eishiba thanked the man and left the shop. He then decided to head for the Pokemon Center. As he walked in, the smell of (whatever it is you smell in hospitals)filled the air. Eishiba thought the smell was rank. He saw the front desk with Nurse Joy attending to injured and sick Pokemon.(Sorry folks, there is no 3 second healing in this haha.) He walked onward, to the cafe inside the center. He bought three fresh waters and sat down at a table to drink one. A voice behind him said, "Young man, if you want to keep your Pokemon outside of its Pokeball, thats fine, but we can't have it wandering freely on its own."
    Eishiba turned to see Nurse Joy staring at him. "I beg your pardon?" Eishiba asked.
    Nurse Joy pointed to his feet. Eishiba looked down to see the same rabbit from the before, climbing onto the seat next to him at the table. Eishiba said, "But its not mine, it must have followed me."
    Nurse Joy said, "This Bunery isn't yours? Does it have an owner?"
    Eishiba shrugged and told her the story of finding it.
    "It must like you, since its sitting next to you. If I hadn't known I would have thought you both had been friends from birth," Nurse Joy said.
    Eishiba said, "No, its not mine. Its a Bunery you say?"
    "Yes, they are quite cute aren't they?"
    The Bunery looked him in the face and he then nodded, "Yes, yes they are."
    "Do you need your Pokemon attended to?"
    Eishiba handed her two of his Pokeballs and she let them out. Torchic and Squirtle both stretched and drank in the not so fresh air of the Hospital filled with sick and dying Pokemon. She looked at his side and said, "Did you forget one? I see you still have one on your belt."
    "Um...this one...is always angry," Eishiba warned.
    Before he could say anything else, Nurse Joy grabbed his Pokeball and let out the Mankey. The Mankey immediatly cried out and began to thrash about as usual. Eishiba watched as Bunery cuddled closer with a look of fear on its face. Eishiba shrugged the Bunery away thinking, "It acts like a scared little girl...how annoying."
    All of the sudden, it was quiet. Eishiba looked to see Nurse Joy holding Mankey. Mankey had calmed down completely and said to it, "How about something good to eat."
    The Mankey gave a little cheer as Nurse Joy carried it away as Torchic and Squirtle followed it. Eishiba scratched his head, trying to figure out how Nurse Joy could calm his Mankey down with a single ounce of fear.
    Eishiba sat around for a couple of hours watching his favorite movie, "The Empoleon Strikes Back" featuring the return of the evil Emperor Empoleon who, with his apprentice, Piplup, planned to overtake the universe. Eishiba dozed off to sleep for a nap.

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    Just a note for you. We also don't put up our character bios in the RPs. Use the RP to describe and explain your character.
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  3. Very well, it shall be modified.
  4. "Eishiba? Eishiba wake up. Your Pokemon are finished," came the familiar female voice.
    Eishiba slowly woke up. Everything came into view as he looked to see Nurse Joy holding his Mankey in hand and Squirtle and Torchic standing beside her. She giggled at him when she saw the Bunery cuddled up in his lap. Feeling somewhat embarrassed, he tried to shove gently push the bunery away. Eishiba returned his three Pokemon to their Pokeballs as Nurse Joy said, "We hope to see you again, soon."
    With that, she nodded and turned around to go to the next customer. Eishiba wondered, "How does Nurse Joy pay her bills if no one pays her any money for her services. What if she DOES get paid by someone else? Someone is going broke in the middle somewhere if that was the case." Eishiba shook his head and stood up to leave. He threw away his first empty bottle of Fresh Water and headed out the way he entered. He hurried as fast as he could to the Bike Shop. Once he was there, the man was waiting right outside the tiny shack and said, "Your tire is all fixed. Good as new!"
    Eishiba smiled brightly as he saw his new tire. He couldn't wait to ride it home. With that, he thanked the man and paid him. The man then said, "So, is that your Pokemon?"
    Eishiba looked down and saw Bunery standing next to him. Eishiba shook his head saying, "It won't stop following me. Maybe I should buy a repel."
    The man was interrupted by a 10 year old boy with a backpack on and a Pikachu walking with him. He walked to one of the many bikes for sale outside the shop. The boy asked, "How much for one of these bikes?"
    The man replied, "They cost 1,000,000$."
    The boy reached into his pocket and said, "I only have 999,999$. I can't carry anymore than that."
    The man laughed saying, "Life is tough and totally unfair. Its never fun when you can't buy something simply because, 'you can't carry anymore' ".
    Eishiba stiffled a laugh as he hopped on his bike and took off as fast as he could. The breeze felt great as it blew his hair around. As he pedalled, he looked to his left and was shocked to see the Bunery, hopping along next to him. "Would this thing just leave me alone?"
    Eishiba stopped and put his arm out, "Here, if your going to follow me around then just hop on, before you get hurt or something."
    The Bunery hopped onto his arm and held tightly to the back of his head. Eishiba shook his head somewhat disgusted that he was riding through town with a Bunery holding on to him. He tried to hide his face as peope stared at him as he rode on through Saffron City. He swore under his breath as he kept onwards. Once he reached Vermillion, he rode even faster. "If Lt. Surge sees me, he would never stop laughing."
    He parked his bike and walked inside from the back door in his fence-less back yard. Talim was right there with Meowth as he walked in. She dropped her mouth as she saw the Bunery attached to his head. She giggled saying, "I didn't know you like bunnies."
    "I don't," Eishiba said, as he took it off of his head and sat it down. Talim patted its head and the Bunery began bounding around the house as Talim tried to catch it. Eishiba found this his moment to escape the Bunery. He walked out the front door and ran as fast as he could to the Vermillion City Gym. The Gym was big enough it could fit nearly 6 of Eishiba's house in it. Once he entered, he was already on one side of a battle arena. Lt. Surge was at the other end, talking with a few others who helped run the gym. Eishiba shouted, "I'm ready Surge!"
    Lt. Surge turned and held up a hand to his co-workers and walked to take his place. "Good luck Eishiba," Surge shouted from the other end, "But luck won't save you from the hurting your about to recieve!"
    Eishiba shouted back, "I'm going to show you I'm worthy of starting as a Pokemon trainer!"
    Lt. Surge shouted, "Then let the match begin!"
    With that, Surge threw a poke ball into the middle of the arena. A bright light blinded Eishiba momentarily. He sheilded his eyes while the light dimmed. Moments later, he heard the cry of the Pokemon before he saw it, "Raichu!"
    A second later, the Raichu was in view. About 2 1/2 feet tall and a long tail, it stood with small sparks, shooting from its cheeks. It stood with its arms, (or stubs lol) crossed. Eishiba thought for a moment. "Raichu is electric, so Squirtle would be a bad choice. Torchic is a...klutz...and then there is Mankey."
    Eishiba grinned as he selected a pokeball and threw into the arena. With the same blinding light, Mankey appeared and faced Raichu. Then one of Lt. Surge's co-workers walked to the middle of the arena and stoof on the outside of the ring as the referee. He shouted, "This is a Pokemon battle for a Thunder Badge. Lt. Surge has chosen Raichu and the challenger Eishiba...has chosen a Mankey. Let the battle begin!"
    A bell rang aloud, signalling the start of the match.
  5. Bobby was Eshiba's best friend. So, of course when he heard that Eshiba was going to be challenging a gym leader, he ran down to the Vermillion City gym as fast as he could, his long blond hair waving in the breeze. His Pokemon, Bulbasaur and Pidgey followed him, as he took his place in the stands. Bobby was Eshiba'sneighbor and he often played with Eshiba and Talim. Bobby tried to get a stain off of his lime green shirt. And when he heard Mankey's cry, Bobby knew the battle was ready to begin!
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