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New Remakes?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by snetonobre, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Well, my point is:

    Generation I: As it was the first pokemon game, a remake would be agains't the laws of physics, unless they made a remake of the Generation I games, which would be pointless.

    Generation II: Because of it's proximity with the previous generation, a remake still woudn't make much sence.

    Generation III: Games are getting better. And people want the Generation I games with these new features and grafics. Remakes, woohoo!

    Generation IV: The games are already super better, and since we got Generation I remakes in Generation III, now we got Generation II remakes.

    So, I wish in Generation V they make remakes of Generation III, including remakes of the remakes. I really wish I could play all pokemon games on the ds (Well, technicanilly I can, but I don't like the grafics of the third generation, and I haven't found Generation III games anywhere, anyway).

    So. Do you think they're gonna make remakes from generation III? And if yes, do you think they're gonna make remakes of the remakes? Tell me.
  2. Generation III: Remake of Generation I
    Generation IV: Remake of Generation II
    Generation V: There would be a remake of Generation III as well. But i don't think they re-do remakes for generation I.
  3. Well, I'm not sure. At this point, I'm hearing more people want a Kanto remake than Hoenn. Undoubtly they'll come up with something, but what remake is beyond me.

    I'm putting money on Kanto though, since Gamefreak likes to leave little hints to games in other games. Look in the Black and White OST, you'll see they've remade the champion remix. What this means, not many know, but I think its a clue that we'll be getting some sort of remake of the Kanto gens. Which one though is beyond me. THey may use Blue and Green this time, since Red got the love last time, but there's not much difference in it. Personally, I'd prefer to have a Yellow remake, considering you could get all Kanto starters without so much as grabbing a Gameshark, AR, or even another Pokemon game. If they do remake Yellow, which obviously stars Red himself, I would like some insight on what all happened between the Indigo League and his rise to Mt. Silver, y'know, besides his little Sevii Island adventure. Plus they could include some more islands to the Sevii Islands (They're not called that because there's 7, but because they were made in 7 days. Otherwise Birth Island and Navel Rock wouldn't exist.), considering that we have more memory space in the DS cards, ironically, than the GBA cartridges, and hopefully a bit more back story to it too. And maybe they could also give Green (Well, the girl in America, though I prefer her to be Blue. But I will call her Green to avoid fights.) some more story too.

    If they remake any Third gen games, they will probably remake Emerald, just looking at how much more story it has. There'll probably be little change between the original and the remake, minus the graphical changing, the adding of seasons, night and day, etc., plus the ability to walk with pokemon. Just look at HGSS, they'll more than likely do that. Plus, I would like it if they gave Wally some better battling skills. I mean, c'mon! You barely got to battle him seriously at Victory Road! His team definately needs some improvement, I mean, the Mauville challenge was just his Ralts. Very disapointing. Speaking of Wally's team, I think it would be more appropriate if somehow his Ralts would evolve into Gallade, I mean it is a boy, right? And for Pete's sake, May/Brendan needs some better character development, and a better team. Her Pokemon need to fully evolve if we are going to take her seriously. The Battle Frontier also needs imrovement. Hoenn's Safari Zone should not be the only place to be able to catch Foreign Pokemon, which is why they need to upgrade from just Smeargles and Sudowoodo to a more variable plethora of Pokemon. We also need a bit more to do after the main game. THe Regi Trio search was rather fun, but I just need some more back story on them to be able to feel the mystery. Regigigas could make an appearance here.

    As said though, Yellow will probably get a remake would be more favorable, but as said in other topics, I could see a game connecting the two, just not like HGSS. Basically the game would function through one part of the game, then go through the next. However, seeing how remakes like to come in 2's, they would proably make one Pokemon Yellow and one Pokemon Emerald remake, however making sure that one does not overshadow the other. How would Gen V play into any of this is another good factor. In FRLG, it brought us Deoxys, and even though it was Gen III, for a time it could only be found in the remakes. In HGSS, Gen III and IV, as well as Gen I played very well into it, so Gen V could have some more story behind some BW legends, such as Genosecto being behind a wall of ice in Icefall cave, this would be a great wayt o implement some of it.

    Anyway, we probably won't see it until, lets say, 2014 or 15ish. It'll be a long wait anyway, so hopefully they'll work something out.
  4. I think they should have a generation 3 remake but it better have a gallade/ lucario/and a deoxys in it
  5. There is an obvious pattern.
    Gen 3: remake gen 1
    Gen 4 remake gen 2

    (remaking the games from 2 previous generations.)

    so Gen 5 will remake the Hoenn games (I predict they will be called MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire. :3 )
    Gen 6 remake gen 4
    Gen 7 remake gen 5
    ...and so on, if they do go that far... :/

    Depending on how long the franchise decides to go on, they may decide to remake the earlier games yet again, though I think it would be more interesting if they remade the special versions, since they already remade the "originals". Like...they would do yellow for gen 1...and as such, they might even incorporate Yellow as a game character. ^^ And for gen 2, they could remake Crystal...that way the people who bawwwed over Kotone in HGSS would have their precious Crys back. :D
  6. Seeing as some of us are looking as far ahead as Gen VII, I'm a little skeptical. Can the franchise really hold enough 'oomph' to run for almost another generation of gamers?
  7. I wasn't implying that I thought the franchise would go that far. Personally, I think gen 6 will be the furthest they go, then they will probably spend the rest of the time remaking the games as many times as possible. :p
    Nintendo is definitely going to take pokemon as far as it possibly can go...so we theoretically could end up with new pokemon by the time our kids are our current age. :/
  8. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Well you see, one of the big things about the remakes and the way that the coincided with one another in their release of Generations in the games is that, in the game universe, the events in those games happened at the same time (as in R/B/Y and R/S/E were going on at the same time and so were G/S/C and D/P/Pt). So, the remakes were logical in that sense. However, B/W have been stated to not be happening at the same time as any other Generation of games. Thus, the easy connection is not there for any of the games.

    Although, they could obviously still come out with remakes, but if they did I believe that they would be of the Hoenn games. Simply because we just got an aesthetic remake of Kanto in Gen IV thanks to HG/SS's post E4 exploration. Hoenn is the only region still trapped in the confines of GBA graphics.
  9. Well, I don't think there will be anymore remakes. Simply because, they had to re-make the first and second gen due to tha major graphic change from Gen II to Gen III. It might come one, but I hardly doubt it.
  10. there is an obvious pattern, but the real question is, will it be beofre the third version?

    in gen 3 the made Ruby/Sapphire then Fire Red/Leaf Green then they made Emerald.
    in gen 4 they made Diamond/Pearl, then Platinum, then HeartGold/SoulSilver.

    So my question is will the remake be before, or after the 3rd version of 5th gen...
  11. Well, I hope there will be Ruby/Sapphire remakes, but there are two points I'm wondering about:

    1. What would they have to remake? Maybe the graphic would become a bit better, and the Physical/Special damage system would be funny, but that is it.

    2. Names! What should the names be like? (If you have got an idea, tell me please!)

    But as I said, I hope so. I'm really missing Dive.
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  12. Um...dive is in B/W...you know that, right? :/
    (I was missing it, too, though. XD )

    As for names...I predict they'll be called Magmaruby and Aquasapphire...

    While people are saying that the gen 3 games don't need a graphic redesign, but they do. Sure, they were the first games in full-color, but other than that, they were pretty plain. In the remakes, the graphics would be up to the standard we're used to in B/W, possibly even better...the characters would get new outfits...and they might change the story a bit, or add characters...maybe even mix in bits from emerald like hgss did with crystal...
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  13. There will be places to dive in B/W? Cool, why didn't I notice that?
    But the names are good. I just have to translate them into German... "Magmarubin" and "Wassersaphir".
  14. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I've mentioned it in another topic, but I'll say it again here too. I just want another game set in Hoenn. I'll take a Sapphire Remake or a completely new story. It doesn't matter to me, I just want my favorite region to be showcased again. Not only is Hoenn the only region not in 3D, but after seeing the mega upgrade Johto's scenery got, I want that for Hoenn too.
  15. I am almost positive that we'll be seeing Ruby and Sapphire remade pretty soon.
    I will be jumping on them as well because I had a blast playing generations 1-3.
    Imagine if they can start figuring out to remake the generations for the main consoles as well, to design your trainer like Sims would be fantastic, then having to dive underwater to catch yourself a Relicanth or go into the underground maze to dig up some fossils! All that on your Wii or the next generation console would be the biggest hit for the year!
  16. SJ


    It has to be Hoenn, and I look forward to the 5th gen camera letting me walk round the inside of Sootopolis, rather than just the back wall!
  17. At first, I just thought that there would be a Gen III remake, something like MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire (as a guess) but now I've read some of these posts it makes me think otherwise. I still think there will be Gen III remakes, but maybe Kanto remakes, like Yellow? I don't know, really but it sure would be good if that was true. Have you notice that Kanto has been in every Generation? Gen I - R/B/Y Gen II - G/S/C Gen III - FR/LG Gen IV - HG/SS. I expected this to end when it came to Gen V, but now I have second thoughts.

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