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New Pokémon X & Y Trailer Reveals English Names For CoroCoro Reveals

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    A new trailer has been released showcasing the Pokémon that were revealed in the CoroCoro leaks a few days ago. With the release of the trailer the official site has also updated with the official artwork for the Pokémon and some more general details to do with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y themselves. If you wish to view the trailer then check it out below!

    The trailer shows off all of the latest revealed Pokémon in battle and gives them their English names. Between that and the official websites updates we now know quite a bit about these Pokémon.

    The evolved form of Chespin will be known as Quilladin in English and has the ability Overgrow. It is known as the Thorn Armour Pokémon.

    The evolved form of Fennekin will be known as Braixen in English and has the ability Blaze. It is known as the Fox Pokémon and seems to be able to use the twig in its tail for attacks.

    The evolved form of Froakie will be known as Frogadier in English and has the ability Torrent. It is known as the Bubble Frog Pokémon.

    One of the Kalos fossil Pokémon will be known as Amaura in English which sticks quite close to its Japanese name of Amarusu.

    The other of the Kalos fossil Pokémon will be known as Tyrunt in English and has the new ability Strong Jaw.

    The poodle Pokémon Torimian will be known as Furfrou in English and has the ability Fur Coat. The Pokémon can have a number of different appearances if you choose to groom it and more are unlocked the more times you groom it. However if you leave Furfrou ungroomed for too long then the Pokémon's hair grows back to its original state.

    Meowstic_Female_Version_Official_Screenshot_1_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg Meowstic_Male_Version_Official_Screenshot_1_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg
    The Psychic cat Pokémon will be known as Meowstic in English and have the ability Keen Eye or Infiltrator. This Pokémon looks different depending on its gender, it also learns different moves depending on if it's a male or female. The female is white while the male is blue.

    The recently revealed Pyroar has also been revealed to look different depending on its gender. The female Pyroar doesn't have a huge mane like the male version does.

    Pokémon aside we've also learnt more about Team Flare and as such we've created a Cryptidex page with all the information we currently have, which you can find here.

    We've also learnt a bit more about the extent of which you'll be able to customise your character. If you wish to know more then you can check out our Cryptidex page about it right here.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Sep 13, 2013.

    1. Toastie
      Wow, the trainer customisation is much better than I thought it would be. Customisation in X and Y in general seems to be much better than previous titles.
    2. Burgundy
      Quilladin looks much better in-game than in artwork. He actually looks kinda cool
      Last edited: Sep 13, 2013
    3. baratron
      Quilladin, Braixen, and Frogadier... At least two, if not all three of those names sound extremely French. Which works, considering that Kalos is supposed to be "France".

      I am pleased to see that Quilladin is less awful in 3D than in the Sugimori art, but it's not a huge improvement. I'll need to see the third stage to figure out who my starter will be.

      Amaura is even more adorable! WAAANT! I wonder which of the fossils will be in which version?

      Meowstic... I see what they did there.
    4. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      Braixen seems to be heading towards Fairy-type to me. It pulls, literally, a stick out of its ass and uses it to cast fire attacks. Seems to imply some kind of magic tendency, and fairies are magical.

      So it would seem we'll have a Witch, a Ninja and a...bowling ball?
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    5. Blazi
      Actually @Sir Red (did I do that right?), I read a theory somewhere that makes sense!

      Braixen is obviously going the Witch route, Frogadier is becoming Rogue-y, so there's actually a rather big chance that Quilladin is going to be Knight-y!

      I mean, it even has part of 'Paladin' in its name, AND it would fit if they were going with a traditional RPG 'choose your class' theme.

      Mage, Thief, and Warrior!
    6. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      @Blazi I could see that. Chespin is the squire, Quilladin is the tanky knight and then it becomes a glorious knight of justice upon its final form. I would be on board with that. Not only that, but it would make the Fennekin line probably the one I like least.

      I'm still sticking with Froakie through this point, though. ;)
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    7. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      Don't get me wrong, the magnitude of possibilities re: customization is impressive as is - but there's one thing about the customization feature that is truly groundbreaking.

      For the first time in the history of Pokémon, female characters are no longer limited to dumb miniskirts and can dress sensibly for a damn change. AT LAST, AFTER YEARS UPON YEARS OF FAIL, TROUSERS! ABOUT TIME! (Hopefully they get some shirts that don't do the dumb midriff thing, too)

      Huh. I wonder if I can recreate some of my RP characters in this thing...

      The starters all have great names - Braixen is possibly the weakest, mostly because figuring out what the hell it derives from takes a while, but Quilladin and Frogadier are both excellent portmanteaus. Their designs, however, still leave much to be desired (with the exception of Frogadier, that is still pure awesome in tree frog form). I admit that Braixen is growing on me after seeing it animated - the magical girl nonsense it's doing (this is what happens when a Fennekin makes a contract with Sylveon...) cracks me up, particularly the tail-wand cast animations (although to be fair, I can't help but think of it as roasting marshmallows with it...). Quilladin, however, is still pure concentrated fail and I seriously hope that it's just an awkward Pupitar/Shelgon type phase that would lead to something actually badass.

      I have some mixed feelings on the fossils. They both have great abilities, types and great evolutionary potential. Tyrunt (another great name)'s design suffers a bit from its first-stage-ness (chibification, alas) but it's still very dinosaury (I particularly appreciate the light plumage!)... Which is more than I can say about Amaura. Seriously, that thing looks like a My Little Sauropod. The huge malproportionate eyes, the derpy over-stylized cutesy bullshit body structure, those pastel headwings... Yeaaah. This Dinosaur Is Dumb.

      (apologies to TomSka. The ASDFMovie dinosaur was just way too appropriate.)
      Of course, it might still evolve into something not-stupid (and its name suggests Amargasaurus, which... might lead to something awesome). But somehow? I'm really not counting on it.

      Also, @baratron , it's most likely both fossils will be in both versions, as they've been in most Pokémon games that aren't, y'know, D/P.

      Furfrou and Meowstic are great names for otherwise derpy creatures. The Poodle's nose annoys me even more than the fact it's actually a poodle and is another dumb gimmick creature, and as for the Nidocats... They honestly don't look all that feline. More like the sort of dumb 'mascot animal' character for a very very generic anime. I do appreciate that it's the female that's the more aggressive "Yeah... No." type (although I get the feeling that it's going to be represented as a MASSIVE Tsundere by certain classes of fans >>; )

      As for female Pyroars, they're truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. Someone give the thing a Keytar. 80s cartoon fashion aside, I think I've seen that type of hairstyle somewhere, but I'm not quite sure whe-

      Which brings to mind the old classic about the old man sitting on a bus when he notices a young man with rainbow-colored hair. He stares at the young man intently for a while, until finally the man asks him "What's the matter, gramps? Did you never do anything crazy when you were young?"
      "That's just it." the old man replies "When I was young I screwed a parrot once, I thought you may be my long-lost son."

      ... Welp.
    8. Linkachu
      ... I hadn't even noticed that until now. Oh my... XD
      That being said, I quite like how the female Pyroar turned out, possibly moreso than the male design! It just seems much more streamline, which I'm liking.

      Meowstic doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. Is it a kitty or a rabbit? Wait ... It's a cabbit! That thing is totally a cabbit! :o (But still nowhere as cute as Ryo-ohki or Ken-ohki~)

      And lastly, I must say, the English names for this patch of Pokemon really are quite good. I especially love the name Furfrou. It's perfect for a poodle creature. :D
    9. MultiPokemon7
      OMG OMG OMG i am officially fangirling out X and Y look even cooler now I mean being able to fully customize your character AND Fennekin's evolution looks awesome too i am now defiantly going with Fennekin as my starter and Pyroar female hideous please someone give it a makeover but Pyroar male truly awesome so want one Meowstic i LOVE to and the fossil pokemon rule and Furfrou is awesome and I SOO want so over all I NEED X AND Y :love::love::love::love:
    10. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      oh my gosh I just realized from watching the video that the cats probably aren't even cats... they're like, bunnies disguised as cats. Their ears are folded down and omg (they're still my favorites for now, though.)

      I really like the English names this time, too, especially Tyrunt. XD That just fits so well and cutely~ hee ♥
    11. PokeDragonMaster119
      I remember Tyrunt being a Fakemon at first like years ago. Did they just decide to take the design as their own?
    12. Teapot
      You can't really copy an idea as generic as "a small tyrannosaurus rex." :p I have no doubt that many people have created dinosaur-based fan species, but a common theme does not constitute "copying."
      baratron likes this.
    13. baratron
      I definitely appreciate that we're getting the English names almost immediately.
    14. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      The benefits of a global release. ;) (That and fewer spoilers before we get the games.)
    15. baratron
      The global release of the games is making me wonder what they're going to do about Events, and the Dream World. Will Japan still get exclusives that the rest of us don't get, or will special Pokemon and Dream World items be released at the same time for everyone?

      I actually stopped bothering with the Black & White Dream World because I was so annoyed at the lovely items I saw in Japanese people's houses that weren't available for us to buy.
    16. Demelza
      I'm actually quite curious to see what they'll do myself. I do think we'll get more of the same stuff Japan gets (I mean hey, they couldn't be any worse than the amount of C-Gear skins they ignored for Black & White 2), but I don't think we'll be getting every event in general. Mostly every special Pokémon and Dream World stuff? Likely yes. Every event Pokémon Japan gets outside of the Dream World? Likely not.

      A lot of events tie-in with the anime airing and/or Pokémon Smash and other very Japanese stuff, and while I'd love for us to get every single event Pokémon Japan gets, I sadly don't see it happened.

      That said, I've got my fingers firmly crossed that they'll treat us better than they did at the end of generation five, so we shall see~
    17. *Arcanine*
      When I first saw the trailer I didn't quite know what to think of it. Idk, but at first I really thought the Evolutions of our three little starters were kinda weird..
      But now I think they are pretty cute and well made.
      I love the design of Meowstick and Torimian.

      Why can't it already be October 12 ?
    18. Ceasarex the mage
      Ceasarex the mage
      Mother of Arceus! It has happened! Ground/Grass is here! (I think) Looks like I will be choosing Chespin!
    19. Moni3ds
      I can't wait to customize my trainer!
      Teapot likes this.
    20. ShinyZekrom009
      ....Ground/Grass already HAS happened. To a Pokemon named Torterra :p

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