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New Pokémon, Mega Forms Revealed, and More

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    It's CoroCoro leak time agin, and this time we've got a lot of new info and Pokémon. Perhaps the most interesting development so far is the addition of "Mega" forms, a method of unlocking variants of existing Pokémon. We also have several new Pokémon and their Japanese names, including a Gogoat pre-evolution called Meekuru, an Electric/Fairy type called Denenne, and a Normal-type rabbit Pokémon called Horubii.


    We've got lots more information in the full article, so click through to learn more!

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    #1 Teapot, Aug 8, 2013
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Teapot, Aug 8, 2013.

    1. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      I expected Gogoat to be a stand alone Pokemon but like its pre-evo just the same. I'll catch the little guy and evolve it as soon as I can to ride it.

      As expected, we have our generic Electric rodent for the Gen. Fairy-type? Ooo special. -_- When I finally get around to catching it, it'll be banished to the PC like the rest.

      And then we have the Easter Bunny. I'm not really sure what to think of it. The moment I saw it I couldn't stop laughing so that's a plus. Still, we already have several species of rabbit Pokemon so another one is about as redundant as adding an emo seahorse.

      And the Mega Forms. What. I'm sorry, I thought this was Pokemon, not Digimon. This is one of those things where I'd dislike it, but I'd get over it after awhile and begrudgingly accept it as a thing. That is if it wasn't for one teeny tiny thing: Why Blaziken and not the other 17 starter Pokemon!? Why no Mega Sceptile, Mega Infernape, or Mega Samurott? What is so special about that kung-fu chicken anyway? Now maybe I'm just over reacting and the other Starters will get Mega Forms too, but for now I'm going to be grump. I do like Mega Lucario's dreadlocks though.
    2. Teapot
      You're overreacting. :p They're not going to use the space in CoroCoro to reveal seventeen starters, they're deliberately picking the most notable and the most popular (Blaziken, Lucario, Mewtwo). There's been no word on whether the other starters will get Mega formes, but I imagine they will.
    3. Doubled
      While I am a bit skeptical about these Mega Pokemon, I'm not going to argue with MegaAmpharos or MegaBlaziken. Now... I wonder what MegaCharizard or MegaTyphlosion would look like :0 also I wonder if, since MegaBlaziken as Speed Boost, if it is either just limited to dream worlders or if they have major weaknesses or limits to counteract them.

    4. baratron
      I really don't know what to think about this.

      I don't know how they picked the Pokemon to have Mega Formes. Absol and Mawile have needed an evolution forever, so they make sense. Blaziken and Lucario are extremely popular, so they make sense too. Ampharos? Not sure.

      The part that bemuses me most is third-stagers apparently getting an evolution. And of course, a Legendary - Mewtwo. What's the deal with that? Given the legendary and the third-stagers, it would make more sense for this Mega thing to be a Forme rather than an evolution, regardless of what it says in Japanese. But there's no reason it couldn't be a new thing that's neither a Forme, nor an evo.

      I need information in English before I have too much of an opinion, really.
    5. Picnicker Virgil
      Picnicker Virgil
      Wow this blindsided me, I wasn't expecting Corocoro to leak today and then bam Mega evolutions. I actually like the idea a lot, like there's a big dramatic battle and then you go Mega and win the fight and then go back to what you were before. Less cliche and permanent than evolving during battle.

      So far these mega evolutions look either badass or ridiculous. Blaziken, Mawile and Mewtwo are probably the best. Absol and Lucario aren't that interesting to me, and then Ampharos just looks insanely stupid. I guess it's cool that Ampharos has wool again because I always wondered what happened to it, but... yeah. That shit is weird.

      Not the most exciting new Pokemon reveals but I'll post my other thoughts on them later in the Cryptidex.
    6. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      They've gone full internet this Gen. I don't even know what to think anymore. I just...what? Mega Forms? (So this is Digimon now?) Well okay then, Game Freak.

      MegaAmpharos is pretty much the best thing to happen ever. It's just megaderp and fantastic.

      Also I like the Gogoat prevo that people nicely spotted in a video a while back.
    7. Demelza
      The fact it's part dragon is what made it for me, electric dragon sheep thing? Yes please.

      Now that we know a little more about the mega Pokémon I don't mind too much, sounds like only certain Pokémon and not all of them will have mega forms, which honestly suits me fine. It sounds pretty complex at the moment, but this is Pokémon, so I'm sure once we read about it from Pokémon.com and such we'll understand it a lot better than from CoroCoro translations.

      I'm curious to see what impact this will have on the competitive side of things too, I mean as we already know, they've taken one very popularly competitive Pokémon in Lucario and made it even more powerful...and they've broken Blaziken even more. XD Maybe some of the things will be outright banned, at this rate your only shot at taking them down would be by having a mega on your team and that'd also depend on you having the right mega on your team for whatever you're facing, which is only easily done if there is a small amount of them.

      I feel pretty sorry for the three new Pokémon though, they're being a bit overlooked because of the mega news, which is a shame because they're good Pokémon. I mean sure, they're cute 'mon and very unlikely to be worth anything in terms of being good battlers, but still adorable. ♥
    8. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Mareep Digivolve Tooooooooooooooo.....


      It's now been confirmed that they are in-battle form changes only, and require the Pokemon to hold a special item under the class of 'Mega Stones', such as 'Blazikenite'. These items are not available in-game, so it looks like they'll be restricted to events or some sort of Dream World-like meta game and/or spotpass.

      They also confirm that they are stat-boosting evolutions, so they are pretty significant changes given that they affect stats (Lucario's attack increases, while Absol's Attack/Speed increase, for example), abilities and types. Seemingly the only thing they won't affect are the moves available to the Pokemon - unless holding something like Blazikenite also allows the line to learn new moves as it levels up...

      Also, the Super Training feature appears to fulfil the leaked promise that there will be an in-game facility to 'view' your EVs, and it will also help you increase them. It sounds like it'll be an actual gameplay feature to use for EV training instead of the workarounds we've been using until now, which is a great move I think.

      Next month there'll be even more new Pokemon, new Mega Evolutions and, finally, a new type chart featuring Fairy type.
    9. Coreysawrus
      Mega Evolutions I'm not liking it seems to be running to close to Digimon for my liking and I'd rather stuff like Mawile and Absol get proper full fledged evolutions rather than temporary ones.

      The new Pokemon on the other hand. Skiddo I love it's so cute. Dedenne is cute but looks like Hamtaro mated with a Raichu and Bunnelby is a little odd looking in my opinion.

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