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New pokemon game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Addi_plays_pokemon, May 30, 2015.

  1. Does anyone know if Nintendo is making a new 3ds pokemon game? Usually, "Alpha" means the last one, or best. But I haven't heard of them stopping the pokemon series, but I haven't heard of any new games in the proccess, so anyone know anything?
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    'Alpha' is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and has never been used to mean 'the last one' or 'the best'. 'Omega', the last letter of the Greek alphabet, is sometimes used as some kind of derpy mega-ultra-prefix shullbit.

    But Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby have absolutely nothing to do with this sort of nonsense and more with the sort of new internal lore re: Groudon's Desolate Land/World's End and Kyogre's Origin Pulse/Primordial Seas nonsense and the newly-redesigned Red and Blue orb. It means nothing for the grand scheme of the Pokémon series.

    Re: where the series is going next, we assume there will probably be a third version to go along with X and Y (probably named Z) before we'll start hearing about Generation 7 - but frankly, your guess is as good as ours seeing how neither Nintendo nor Game Freak have released any official statement re: the next main series game. When they will, it's likely you'll hear about it. Until then, be patient.
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  3. Ok, Shullbit, still trying to process that - and I'm dying >_<

    However, I have been hearing and needing images about a generation 7/ XZ, YZ, however, it could be photoshop and just run of the mill rumors for all I know. I personally really hope that Nintendo releases a Diamond and Pearl remake, since it seems every 5 years they are coming out with a new remake of the old games.
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  4. This was stated elsewhere on 'Charms, but basically the remakes come about because the older games have no way of communicating with the newer ones, and/or cannot be played on the current gen systems. FRLG exists because the GB/C games couldn't interact with the GBA games, HGSS because GBC can't with DS, and ORAS because GBA games cannot be played on the same system as 3DS games, and porting from Gen 3 all the way to Gen 6 is ridiculous.

    The concept of a Z version to go along with XY has been fan rumored since the XY release. It would make sense for one to exist for a multitude of reasons, but they could just as easily make a different main series game that doesn't continue the Kalos story. The 20th anniversary of Pokemon is coming up in the not too distant future, so it's possible that their attention is currently more focused on something for that, if at all.
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  5. Putting money on it now- D/P remakes are coming to Gen 7. Of course, that brings up Shocari's point of how previous remaked games were on obsolete consoles and thus needed to be modernized. Well, perhaps this is the time for a new console?

    The original Nintendo DS was released in North America in 2004. Several different versions were released including a version that no longer has backward compatibility to old GBA games- the DSi, which was released in 2008, making the GBA finally completely obsolete. The DS lasted four years. The 3DS, which introduced all new 3D graphics to the sixth generation, was released in 2011. Maybe, just maybe, Nintendo is planning a new 3DS that will make the DS become obsolete (Probably called the 3DSi), giving Nintendo a reason to remake Diamond and Pearl.

    And hell, maybe it will be a little later than seventh gen. Perhaps this will be as far back as gen eight. But mark my words, the 3DS and it's backwards compatibility will come to an end.
  6. Parz_Official

    Parz_Official Previously Parz'sOfficialAlt

    pokemon z? i heard rumors about plus and minus!
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Every console comes to an end, but the backwards compatibility of the Pokémon games isn't likely to go anywhere anytime soon - because Pokémon Bank and its Pokémon Transporter module are a thing.

    Bank was planned, in advance, to be a cross-generational service planned to go on to the future. I wouldn't be surprised if Bank lasts until the cows come home - I don't see Nintendo terminating support for online services for the 3DS line for at least a good number of years (especially seeing how the Nintendo Network wasn't exactly outsourced to foreign contractors like the Nintendo WFC was, so chances of that shutting down are pretty slim unless Nintendo itself collapses into its own navel).

    As for the 3DS' successor... well, the 3DS recently got its successor in the form of the New 3DS (dumb name is dumb, but still) - which is basically what the DSi was to the DS - and it's unlikely that we'll see a new handheld anytime soon. There is a possibility, of course, that Nintendo's upcoming NX console is some kind of a fusion between their handheld lines and their home console lines (as is rather widely theorized) - but it's far too early to speculate on that.

    TL;DR, nice try, but nope.

    the Plus and Minus rumors have been flying around for a long time and they are complete and absolute bullshit. Next.
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  8. Parz_Official

    Parz_Official Previously Parz'sOfficialAlt

    the Plus and Minus rumors have been flying around for a long time and they are complete and absolute bullshit. Next.[/QUOTE]
    i just heard of it

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