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New Pokemon Game to be announced next week

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    [img align=left]http://www.pokecharms.com/gamesprites/dp_artwork/250.png[/img]Pokemon Sunday, Japan's live action Pokemon catch up show has announced that they will be announcing something in their 'Game' section of the show next Sunday in a preview that also featured Gold and Silver inflatable balls adorning the set.

    While there's no confirmation yet, obviously, the various hints towards it that have been running throughout Generation IV - and heating up with this summer's movie featuring the Johto starters and the Notch Eared Pichu - make it almost inevitable that a G/S Remake or Johto based game will be announced next week.

    It's also been reported that Junichi Masuda, the sound director and overall director of the Pokemon games since D/P, will be making an appearance on the show next week to announce the game.

    We'll make sure to keep you all updated on any announcement. In the meantime, with the probability of G/S remakes finally coming on their way (and presumably seeing release in Japan some time after summer), what would you like to see?


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, May 3, 2009.

    1. Corey Kirkham
      Corey Kirkham
    2. Lucario454
      Well what do you know? When I first joined a few months ago this site made it very clear that it was very fake. I guess thats how rumors are in the early stages.

      I remember how Platinum was deemed fake after people looked a little more deeply into it. Than poof, a few months later something like this happens. I wonder why it works like that...
    3. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Any specific 'announcement' or 'reveal' of a G/S remake prior to now have been fake though. Just because there's looking to finally be genuine confirmation of what we all knew was coming anyway doesn't mean that other peoples' endeavours to trick the fandom with fake screenshots, boxarts or the like haven't been fakes.
    4. Linkachu
      What he said. Plus, people have wanted a G/S remake for years - not just months. The first hints of one being made were dropped in D/P themselves. Ever since rumors about 'em have been going around, but that's all they were until now. Just rumors XD

      Anyways, I know what I'd like to see in those games... I just doubt any of it will actually happen. I'm wary about seeing the Kanto bits done again because of certain plot elements... As interesting as they were, they really screw with the Pokemon canon XP
    5. KoL
      This is definitely an interesting announcement, and I'm anxious to see what comes of this. If it is a G/S remake, then I'll definitely be getting it the instant it's released, although part of me thinks it'll end up being something ridiculous like a sequel to Pokemon Ranch or something. That said, a sequel to Battle Rev. which allowed the new Platinum Formes to be used would be an interesting one.
    6. Linkachu
      If that happened, I don't even think I'd be angry. I'd just laugh my ass off XD
    7. Silver Scizor
      Silver Scizor
      Well, it's about time, I've been going crazy waiting for this to happen.
    8. NonAnalogue
      Ha, cool. I think we all saw it coming, but it's good that it might finally be happening.
    9. Midnight Shadows
      Midnight Shadows
      I can't wait for them to announce it! ^^ I would love to travel through Johto again. I am curious as to what they would name it though..
    10. pokemon2010
      pokemon games might be sterling silver and shining gold! 8)
    11. pokemon2010
      they might be good pokemon games because if they are for dsi and dsi only that means no migrating witch equals lots and lots of pokemon! :o
    12. Teapot
      I will laugh, so, so hard, if this isn't a G/S remake. I will DIE laughing if it's Hey You, Pikachu! for the Wii. :D
    13. NonAnalogue
      ...of course, now I want it to be Hey You Pikachu Wii, because that would be hilarious.

      Also, pokemon2010, double-posting is unnecessary; use the edit button in the future.
    14. Rai
      Even though my friends rant on how they like G/S/C as is; classic and old, I'm kind of hopping for a G/S/C remake, I say that was the best gen. game for me.
      I really can't wait for the announcement now, I'm so excited to see what they'll say. 8D (Though I'd die of laughter or the such if it was something stupid like Database said. xD)
    15. EmberGryphon
      I'd be delighted if they were GSC remakes... which, y'know, would make sense (since they know the fandom's been WHINING for them since FRLG and it would be kind of mean to put Pokemon Pinball 2 in gold and silver Pokeballs prior to the announcement). Those were definitely high on my list of "favorite games," since they were the only games to let you go to more than one region...

      Plus, 3rd Gen on you can't get Meowth early in the game. ^^()

      But anywho! If they ARE GSC remakes (again, I don't see how they could be anything else xD) I'll be happy. If not, then... it'll be a surprise, I s'pose. ^^
    16. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      As I haven't played any game set in Johto, I'm looking forward to this and getting my first experience with it. If it is a G/S/C remake.

      And I would stab myself, not laugh, if it was something else. Because it deserves to be nothing else.
    17. Dragodden
      Interestingly enough, Gold and Silver were the series that made the littlest impact on me. I liked the other games better. I wonder what they could add to this that would make it be considered a different game and not just a really shiny remake..
    18. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      Gold and Silver... good old days

      I actually had 2 copies of silver and 1 copy of gold, though I think I accidently got one from someone else. I even remember one of the silver copies having GS printed on the cartridge, thought it meant some special perk at the time.

      BTW, a GSC remake (or just GS, like what happened with Yellow for the 1st gen remake) would be a blast. It would mean bug-catching contests, effortless berries, apricorns, and an easy shiny Gyrados all over again. I just wonder what extra scene would be added to the main plotline, like the Sevii Islands in Kanto. It would probably be Kanto again like in the original. So that's the things to look forward to if that's what Nintendo is planning.

      Like many people here are speculating, there is a chance that it is actually another lame spinoff. Probably not Pokemon Ranch, it's too soon for that. But maybe Pokemon Snap or Hey You Pikachu like Data said. Either way, I would probably laugh with everyone else.
    19. sunny1213141515
      You know, if these people have any sense at all, they will release these dang GSC remakes soon before we all go mad.

      Something I'd like to see if they did GSC, is being able to use the touch screen more. Like being able to walk with it. I'm not sure if that' possible, but it would still be cool.

      Basically, I'd like to see the original GSC, with the improvments of the 4th Generation. Also, they better not take out Kanto. Another thing, if they remake GS, you can bet that they will do something Like Cyrstal, Yellow, Emerald, and Platinum. If that is the case, I'd like to see a new Battle Frontier. IMO, the Battle Frontier in Platinum was too easy.

      And, if this ends up being a stupid Spin-off, I'll probably go insane and fly all the way to Japan and jump up and down and scream. Not really, I'd probably just laugh, but I'd really be Po'ed.
    20. Magpie
      Ah some (hopefully) good news! I really do hope it is announced that the game is a Gold/Silver remake, I have such fond memories of Silver.

      Like many here, I just hope they either seriously improve Kanto in the game, or replace it completely with the Orange Islands or something. Other than that, just being able to play though Johto with up-to-date graphics and sprites will be improvement enough for me.
    21. Pokémon Breeder Ben
      Pokémon Breeder Ben
      I'm betting it's going to be the long-expected GSC remakes, since it could provide an alternate way of obtaining the Gen III exclusive pokemon for DSi owners.

      My wild speculation: It will be announced that the next Pokemon game will have voice recognition for battle commands... for Japan only.
    22. Picnicker Virgil
      Picnicker Virgil
      Aaaaah! I really want it to be a Johto remake :D

      If it's a Pokemon Pinball type game or something other than a G/S remake, I'll kill something.

      I wonder if Shellos will get new formes in the Johto region? :O
    23. Cody
      I'd totally love to see this be one big setup, and the only announcement be

      "SCREW YOU, POGEYMAN FANS!!!! NO REMAKES FOR YOU, BEETCHES!!!!" and then it end. That would be hilarious. Or Wii Hey You.

      But yeah, G\S remake ftw.
    24. Rai
      lol Cody, I think I'd cry if they did that. xD
      An improved Kanto or Orange Islands would be pretty cool, as well as the voice recognition. CB
    25. pokemon2010
      ive done research and found out a bit of stuff like boxart and japeneese titles there cool! :)
    26. NonAnalogue

      Any chance that's the image you mean? 'Cause those were proven to be fake a while ago.
    27. FowlInc.
      A remake of the GSC era is probably be the only thing that people can think about now. I only played Crystal for like two days when my friend let me borrow it, and I was hooked on it. Johto isn't my favorite region but I would buy a remake of it for sure.
    28. ozmer
      I read theat the names for the games are to be dawn gold and dusk silver. If you want you could google that to find the proof. What do you guys think the names will be?
    29. NonAnalogue
      The only evidence for those names is that they've been trademarked. However, the names Pokemon Whitegold and Pokemon Moonstone have also been trademarked (along with Topaz, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Black, Brown, White, Gray, Scarlet, Purple, and Crimson).

      On the other hand, though, I would not be surprised in the slightest if they did turn out to be Dawn Gold and Dusk Silver.
    30. RLRL
      I'd like to see it be a colloseum-esque style game, set in Johto on the Wii.. Only because unless they fleshed out Jotho a lot more, there's just not enough going on in there without Kanto, and kanto appearing again would be a bit meh after having LG/FR already. However take all the maps, put them 3d, and do a full map walk around game with snag machines, yeah i'm all for that haha
    31. Yoshimitsu
      I thought hints were first made in FR/LG? I distinctly remember -someone- mentioning Johto, possibly that guy who's in love with Bill. I'm sure someone else mentioned Claire as well.
    32. Linkachu
      Wouldn't surprise me (did they also mention Hoenn in FR/LG? I can't remember off-hand), but it wasn't really until the Red Gyarados was mentioned in D/P (or Jasmine made her cameo) that people really started talking about the potential remakes - at least that's when the topics started cropping up around 'Charms.
    33. NonAnalogue
      It would have surprised me if they didn't mention Johto in FRLG, since Kanto is, y'know, right next door. The references were much more surprising in DP.
    34. sunny1213141515
      I have been waiting for a remake since FRLG. It really made me mad that they did Emerald, then D/P, A thousand spin-offs in the middle, and Platinum before A GS remake. I mean, I have played through Silver, but only half-way- and it is still my favorite region, and I haven't even seen it all yet!

      Another thing is being able to get Ho-oh & Lugia without having to go to an event. Seeing the Ho-oh & Lugia are my favorite legendarys, I'd be very happy to see a GS remake! I'd by both of them to get those pokemon.
    35. POH!KEMON
      Probably not, but that would be...kind of odd...to see in the game.
      Also, it'd be nice if they added generation III pokemon as well as generation IV, since it will be on the DS.
    36. twinky
      Sadly, my friend was looking around the internet and found out it might be generation V. If so, I wonder what could they do now, new regions having to geographically match with the other ones. Then having too make over a hundred new pokemon for the game. Hopefully, it's all rumor and that it turns out to be a G/S remake, i can't handle another generation.
    37. NonAnalogue
      Does your friend have a source? It very well might be Generation V, but it also might be Pokemon Trading Card Game 3 or Pokemon Trozei 2. However, the hints seem to be pointing to GSDS.

      I'd be very surprised if this turned out to be Generation V. Platinum was not that long ago, really.
    38. twinky
      I'm not sure if he has a source or not, he never told me where specifically he found it. It be interesting if it is Pokemon Trading Card Game 3, but something would be amiss. Only Japan got their hands on the second one. However, i guess they could put the second one on the DSi shop channel. Like I was saying, Generation V could be a rumor, and i hope it stays that way. I'm pushing towards the G/S remakes like i previously stated, but Pokemon Trading Card Game 3 would be a huge surprise.
    39. pokemon2010
      yes,but i did not know that picture was fake. ??? the thing is is that im not realy paying any attention to stuff like that

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