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New pokemon are getting robotic!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Twilight Raikou, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. I think the first pokemon were better cuz they were not robotic and freaky! well thats my opinion! oh well anybody got any ideas.
  2. i honestly dont know what you're talking about....how did they get more robotic and freaky?Are you sure you're just not using just those?
  3. Can you give some examples. By robotic do you mean there are more steel types? I'm as confused as Goeman. But seriously everyone has Pokemon they don't like in every generation including the first one. I personally can't stand the Rattata line. So I don't think the Pokemon are getting worse or um... robotic(?)
  4. It's well for example the legendary pokemon HAVE details (alot) but it makes them seem a bit hard to tell.....again my opinion.
  5. details?Mesprit azel and uxie just remind me of mew with a different head and tail,as for the cover legendaries they're built around their respective jewel (pearl or diamond)

    Arceus looks fluffy to me....
  6. lol yes every body loves Fluffy pokemon but my though is you see yanma(how ever u spell it) and then u see its evolution! And a new pokemon series is going to come out! they are going to look even more freaky!? i bet there is going to be an evolution for an already evolved Eevee! :'( lol
  7. Hmm, I think I see what the OP is getting at and thats the idea that the new pokemon somehow seem less related to previous styles of pokemon, be they evo's or completely new species. It's like the point I made about what Charizard would look like if he was created for this new gen instead of for the first.

    However, this being the debate forum and all, I'd just like to suggest that maybe a good analogy would be fashion in the eighties. It was cool at the time but style has moved on and some people still find the old styles attractive whilst others (me included) find it pretty awful. Pokemon design has done the same, time has moved on and stylistic cues have changed yet some people prefer old to new or vice-versa.

    People who cry foul at the new designs do have to take into account that time separates each gen and will leave an obvious mark.
  8. hmmm.... yeah, when i first saw some of the evolved forms of older pokemon, i just laughed... it looked like with some of them they just added more wings/ arms/ tails/ made bigger... a new build on an old concept that didn't quite work...
  9. The freakier, the better. My battle party consists of the most terrifying-looking monsters in the game. There isn't a one under 5'5" or without spikes, horns, and sharp teeth. ;)
  10. Well in my opinion I think Pokemon has gotten a little weird. But Pokemon I think is going to end in about 3 years or sooner. I'm not saying I want it to but Pokemon has gotten a bit unpopular. Well as they say all good things come to an end.|< But I don't believe Pokemon has gotten more "robotic".
  11. The new pokemon don't look robotic at all to me. And Shaymin, Pokemon still makes Nintendo Tons and Tons of cash
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