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New Pokeballs

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Doubled, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Okay, this topic is similar to the new ability topic, but with the pokeballs.

    As we all know, they will introduce some new pokeball that makes catching pokemon easier, so what kinds would you like? I think they could do the following:

    Volt ball: Powers up if the target or a member in your team is electric type.

    Dream ball: Captures sleeping pokemon more efficiently.

    Double ball: designed with the shopper in mind, it can be used twice (it can only catch one pokemon at a time, it means that if the ball breaks the 1st time, you get another chance without wasting a ball.)

    Hydro ball: Powers up depending on what body of water your in.

    Okay, your turn :)
  2. I remember when I was a kid, I wanted a Ball that could catch Pokemon that were otherwise uncatchable. That meant it would catch the Marowak ghost, Pokemon that were in the middle of Fly, Dig, Shadow Force, Dive, and so on.

    Granted, it would be incredibly situational. XD
  3. Dream Ball would be nice, well, any Status Ball would be nice. Technically, that's already in affect, but not as much as one would wish. Like Paralysis is impossible to get off (for most Pokemon in the wild anyways), so a Para Ball that increases the capture rate on Paralyzed Pokes would be really nifty. It's a lot easier to get a 'mon that has a Paralyzing move rather than one that has False Swipe (well, it's a TM in Gen VI, but yeah).

    Umm, some sort of ball that's kind of the opposite of the Timer Ball would be nice. It would have to be really expensive, but it would have a really high capture rate the first 5 turns and then it diminishes.

    But other than that, they already have some pretty good Pokeballs.
  4. Ohmygosh Dream Ball sounds really cool :D I hope something like that appears in B/W, I'll be thriiiillled.

    Um I thought up at Enigma Ball a while back, it'd have a better catch rate on Pokemon you've never encountered before. I guess it's kinda lame now that I think about it but I can't really come up with a better idea :p
  5. Ahoohooohoooohooooo

    I've thought of this for a bit and I thought up one little old idea for a Ball that I would loooove ♥

    Sticky Ball: Acts like a regular Pokeball, however, it latches onto the foe and continues to attempt to capture the Pokemon for 2-5 turns if it fails the first time.

    Unfortunately, it acts as a regular Pokeball, same catch rate and whatnot, but I'd imagine the color scheme to be like a gooey white color that's stick and oozy, like some sort of sticky web. It would have a hard time getting off of your fingers though ♥ On that note, only one Sticky Ball can be in effect at a time, cause loading a Pokemon's face with like five of them would border on abuse c: To better clarify, at the end of every turn for 2-5 turns, it'll attempt to recapture the Pokemon. The rate for 2-5 would be like the rates for Spike Cannon, Fury Swipes, etc.

    I think it would be nice : D
  6. The main thing I'd like to see is an ability to switch the pokeball your pokemon was caught in, destroying the old one in the process. This probably wouldn't happen since it would make cheating a little bit easier (i.e. use all Master Balls and then switch the ball so no one's the wiser), but it's one of those things I'd really like for vanity's sake. It would also be useful for not having to waste Luxury Balls trying to catch pokemon that evolve by happiness-- just use your regular pokeballs on them, then switch them to the Luxury one. Being able to choose what ball a hatched pokemon goes in would be a good middle ground as well. I like having a variety of different pokeballs rather than just the plain one.

    The Dusk Ball is pretty much my go-to ball nowadays. I just hope that they don't introduce highly situational pokeballs like Kurt's. -_-;;

    This would be totally overpowered, but maybe a rare Lucky Ball that gives the contained pokemon a 50% EXP boost, stackable with trading and the Lucky Egg.

    I wouldn't mind seeing pokeballs that work better against certain types. Maybe a Slow Ball to be the opposite of the Fast Ball, or a Light Ball to catch pokemon during the daytime. x)

    Like the Quick Ball? :D
  7. That already exists; the Quick Ball. As for my idea...

    Gender Ball:
    Comes in blue and pink, and catches pokemon better that are male or female, respectively.
  8. Another set:

    Photo ball (since light ball was already taken): Works more efficintly when theres more light. Like the day, or probably while standing near a street light.

    Trap ball: an odd ball. It works like a regular pokeball, but if you attach it to a pokemon, when the pokemon is hit by a physical attack, the ball captures like an ultra ball.

    Charge ball: Its powered up by how many steps the player takes.
    or by how much power is made by attacks.

    and 3 more:

    Forcast ball: works better on the type responsible for weather (example: Sunny day powers up the ball for fire types and grass type)

    Altitude ball: Works better the higher up you are

    Alterball: Alternates between random balls (1 in 100 chance you'll get a master ball).
  9. Transparent Ball : A ball that is used to catch ghost pokemon.

    Super Ball: a ball with a higher catch rate than the average Ultra Ball.

    Basic Ball: A ball that increases the capture rate of basic pokemon.

    stat ball: a highly rare pokeball to find, when used to catch a pokemon,if succesful,it raises the stats of that pokemon.

    Storm Ball: A ball used to catch pokemon in a rainstorm.
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  10. Status Ball - Heals pokemon's status condition once each battle
    HP Ball - Heals pokemon's hp once in battle
    Legend Ball - Catches legendaries easier
    Type Ball (Fire,Water,Etc) - Makes catching the type of pokemon that the ball is easier.
    Ex; Fire Ball, Makes Fire Pokemon easier to catch.
    Sleep Ball - Throwing it at a pokemon makes it sleep.
    Pyrlz Ball - ^^ makes it paralyzed
    Confuse Ball - ^^ makes it confused.

  11. Are those all assuming you don't capture them? o_o
  12. Ummm, maybe also there could be a Pin Ball, and it'd do a small amount of damage to the Pokemon if the capture fails. It'd be all spikey. It would be helpful for those Pokemon you're trying to capture but can't weaken enough without killing, but I figure they'd probably just cause more harm than good.
  13. Technically, Ultra balls are already called Super balls in Japan.

    Fortune Ball- has a random catch rate from 1-100% the downside to using this ball is that it'd be really expensive to purchase , or to fit the theme, a Game Corner prize.
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  14. then superballs will be called ultra balls in japan! ;)

    Charm ball: a ball with a better catch rate for pokemon with the ability cute charm.

    Mischief ball: a ball with a better catch rate for pokemon with mischievious nature.

    Feather ball: a ball with a better catch rate for bird pokemon
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  15. Actually, Great Balls are Super Balls in Japan, and Ultra Balls are Hyper Balls.
  16. Plasma Ball: a ball used by team plasma.

    Furnace Ball: a ball with a better capture rate for high leveled fire type pokemon.

    Sticky ball: a pokeball that sticks to the wild pokemon so it will be caught easier.

    Zoom Ball: a pokeball that's when thrown it goes at fairly high speeds.

    PokeShooter: a pokeball shooter, that makes pokeball throwing easier for people.

    Fake Ball: a ball that is thrown at the wild pokemon to trick them, the pokemon thinks its a fake ball,so when the pokemon let's it's guard down it gets caught by the ball.

    Mega Ball: A ball with a similar capture rate to the infamous Master Ball.

    Fog ball: a pokeball with a better capture rate for pokemon in foggy areas.

    Lock Ball: a pokeball that ALWAYS goes directly for the target.

    Shock Ball: a ball with a better capture rate for electric type pokemon.

    Shade Ball: a ball with a better capture rate for pokemon in shady areas.
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  17. Hmm, I though Quick Balls were more of catch fast Pokemon. I haven't played Gen IV much sooo... -_-;;.

    Nature Balls would be kinda cool. Only you don't really know what nature it'll be... But it could help on some Pokes, like Legendaries to see what nature it will be so you don't have to catch it. IDK, but what ever.

    That's why there's an "H" on some Ultra Ball art! They're Hyper!
  18. I like the sticky ball idea
  19. Oi oi oi! I suggested a Sticky Ball that is a bit similar already, meaniecheatermeanieface D:<

    Anyway, to stay relevant, I'd like something like...~

    Macho Ball: It has a lower catch rate than a regular Pokeball. Like, half of it. However, if caught, the Pokemon receives double the EVs it would normally from battling.

    Personally I'd like that so EV training wouldn't be a terrible pain in my behind cause I get really bored doing it ♥
  20. Heres a couple ideas i made off of the top of my mind:
    wimp ball- if the opponent has higher attack, you have a higher catch rate.(would help a lot)
    cook ball- If pokemon is burned, is easily caught. (would make burned a good use)
    evolve ball-if pokemon is an evolved form, is easily caught. (helps catch stronger pokemon)

    I dunno about the names... but I kinda like those ideas. What do y'all think?
  21. They sound good Whonii.

    Now for a few more.

    Turn ball: Powers up by the amount of balls thrown at the pokemon. (sorta like timer ball, but different).
    Ninja ball: Better for catching Dark, Poison, or Ghost type pokemon.
    Sandball: Powers up in sandstorms, also if the pokemon breaks loose, then it works like sand attck and looses accuracy.
  22. Worth a shot:

    Shine Ball: has 100% capture of catching shiny pokemon.
    Single Ball: X5 chance of catching pokemon with no evolution.
    False ball: X40 chance of catching Ditto or Zoroark.
    Pac-ball: Adds X1 to the chance of capturing a pokemon every time it uses a drain move.
  23. I like the ideas centered around balls that get better the more you use them (mutter mutter legendaries wtf). It would be cool if there was a visual effect, like an Octo Ball that doesn't disappear but starts flying around the wild pokemon if it fails to catch. The more you use and fail, the more balls will be flying around the opponent, and finally when you hit the eighth failure, they coalesce and make another capture attempt but with a very high multiplier, like 8x or so.

    I would like this. @_@ I keep a special Gallade with me that knows Mean Look, Hypnosis and False Swipe so I'll never miss a shiny pokemon. BUT WHAT IF I SAW ONE IN THE SAFARI ZONE OH THE HUMANITY
  24. Balls for each Type would be a great idea!

    Here's just one I had:
    Disadvantage Ball- Now, I thought of two ways this could work, but I don't know which sounds better:
    If your Pokemon has the Type disadvantage, the D-Ball would have a better capture rate.
    Idea two- The D-ball helps the captured Pokemon overcome whatever Type Disadvantages it may have during battle. (The advantious Type move would do normal damage instead of Super Effective damage)
  25. Idea two sounds over powered, Suicune. It could be a super-rare item though, probably Pokemon specific.

    How about a Two-Turn ball? It's pretty powerful, but as the name states, it takes two turns in battle to catch the 'mon, one to charge up and one to actually catch the thing. Not to be used on Pokes that tend to run, but it could be pretty useful for Legendaries.

    Ororor, a Pokeball charger. Adds some sort of percentage to the catch rate of any ball. Does not work on the Masterball of course, maybe if they were nice it would even work on Safari Balls. Yeah, that's a better idear...
  26. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    That's essentially what the Timer Ball in the Gen. IV games does. Although, the rate at which it increases is rather minuscule, so it's rather annoying to get up to a respectable success rate. =\

    Also~, I really like Tan's idea of the sticky ball and all of the various incarnations that work along the same lines at is. Stackin' them Balls for capture would be very cool and a nice little strategy. :3
  27. Terrain Ball: Changes its effects depending on the location it is thrown. For example, If thrown near the water it will have a better catchrate for water pokemon and if thrown in caves, rock and ground type pokemon would be easier. It would also change its appearance when it catches a pokemon.

    Alpha Ball: Work well on Unown.

    Spiky Ball: If the ball doesn't catch the pokemon, it does 1-5 damage. It does not do any damage if the opponent is on 1 HP.

    Pen Ball: Works well on pokemon with the 4 legged body shape.
  28. Locate Ball: A ball that catches hard to find pokemon better.

    Scout Ball: A ball that has a better catch rate for pokemon you have to chase throughout the region.

    Font Ball: a ball that increases the capture rate of shiny pokemon.

    Bound Ball: A ball that has a better capture rate for legendary pokemon
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  29. Length Ball - Catches tall pokemon more efficiently
    Light Ball - The opposite of heavy ball

    Maybe pokeballs that catch certain types better? But then I suppose there'd be way too many.....
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  30. One thing. Hackers. These "Perfect PokéBalls" will be abused by hackers. Good Ideas, but the X900 Pokéball Cheat will beat the codes. Any way,

    The Link Ball- Better catching on Pokémon who evolve by trading.
  31. Not any more than they are already. I mean, the x900 Master Ball code and the 100% Catch Rate code already have things pretty much covered. :p
  32. Speaking of Hackers, I just thought of another poke ball.

    The description will say "Has 50% of catching pokemon that are a higher level" but, even with the 100% capture code, the ball won't even shake once no matter what. The effect will go on, even with a master ball, so if they decide that the pokeball is worthless and use another ball, the other ball will fail too. And yes, I am opposing my self. Hackers will be punished
  33. confusion ball- a ball with better capture rates for a pokemon thats confused.
  34. I think they need:
    Nature Ball for catching Grass Pokemon
    Legend Ball, more chance of catching Legendaries
    Weather Ball, more chance of catching Pokemon during weather
    Liquid Ball for catching water Pokemon
    Magma Ball for catching fire Pokemon
    Status Ball, more chance of catching pokemon if they have a status problem

    That's all!
  35. Squishy Ball: Good chance at catching blob pokemon like Ditto, Gulpin and Grimer
    Eye Ball: The more eyes the pokemon has, the better the catch rate.
  36. We should have these:
    The "Oo it's pretty!" Ball for shiny catching,
    The "Waaaaaaaa!!" Ball for catching other trainers pokemon,
    The "Hey look!...theres thirty of them?!?!" Ball for catching evasion noob pokes,
    The "WTF BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!" Ball for catching pokemon with self-destrcting moves, and
    The "OMG...that thing SUCKS!" Ball for catching pokemon with no attacking moves.
    (hahahahaha funny names)
  37. What about

    Lullaby Ball- If it misses, it puts the pokemon to sleep.

    Maybe there could be a place where you could infuse a pokeball with a move, so that if the pokeball misses the move happens ;D
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  38. Um, I'm sorry, but I don't really see the point of that. When you want to catch a PokeMon, you don't want to kill it.


    -Grass Ball: Higher catch rate in grass, less on water.

    -Tamer Ball: Higher catch rate for dragon type PokeMon.

    And for Gen V:

    -Split Ball. When one wild PokeMon is encountered, it has the catch rate of a Ultra Ball. In a double wild fight, the ball will split apart into two balls, each of which have a catch rate equivalent to a Great Ball.
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  39. Most of you keep saying the same ideas... But i thought of one: Bad Ball~ opposite of luxury ball, it makes the pokemon not like you, cause i bet theres going to be pokemon that evolve by making it bad in generation V. But who knows maybe thats just a dream for me, im tired of the pokemon that evolve through happiness i want some bad ones..
  40. Duel ball:Works better on duel type pokemon. (Pokemon with 2 types)
    Nitro Ball:Higher catch rate than ultra balls.
    Legend ball:Works best on legendaries
    Frost ball:better catch rate in snowy places.

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