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Open (new) PMD: Wanderers

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by happymeal, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. You're dead.

    It sucks, but it happens -- that's life (or the cessation of it, anyway.) Maybe you weren't expecting it to happen now, though. You were probably in the middle of something else. You had goals left unfulfilled, people to inspire, a casserole in the oven.

    Humans like you lead comfortable lives. The concept of "death" is something used for drama in movies, at worse, something too far away and intangible. In the times it does show up, it's usually in the case of some-thing decidedly "less." Maybe a hamster died when you were a kid. Maybe a great-great-relative you didn't know that well. So what? Death is, at most, an inconvenience. Right now, you're probably still unconvinced.

    You can't perceive anything about this void: just blackness. A harrowing thought: is this the afterlife? Before -- snap -- a portal opens "in front" of you, revealing the blurry image of a world unlike the one you've left behind. Some-thing giggles. It's offering you to the choice.


    What happens next?

    In short, you land in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of other neer-do-wells in the form of a magical creature known as a "Pokemon." Where you fall also happens to be filled with Pokemon. Some of them are friendly. Some are them are hostile. The vast majority are neither. The Pokemon that revived you skews the definition of "help" as they will only offer as much guidance as they feel you need. Your only real directions here on out are, one, stay with the group; two, keep moving.

    Are there any rules?
    • Site rules are here. "Paragraph-long" refers to posts of three sentences or more. Autoing extends to any characters piloted by the GM.
    • In all instances, the GM leads the story. If there is ever contention with what happens, the GM has the final say.
    • You may play one character.
    • Avoid graphic descriptions.
    • Currently, characters cannot evolve, mega-evolve, dyna- or gigantamax, or use Z-moves.
    • Characters will not become legendaries/mythicals, Fakemon, or the same Pokemon as another character.
    • Description trumps mechanics. You can interpret your Pokemon's moves creatively within reason.
    • Save questions asked by other players for the GM.
    • Your character comes from a world most like our own where Pokemon do not exist, in real-life or as media. If pushed, Spider Riders was the prevailing Mons franchise. They will retain their memories.
    Sign-up is under the cut. You'll notice there's no spot to choose what Pokemon you turn into. You didn't expect this to be a free deal, did you?

    Name: Only a given name is required.
    Age upon passing:
    Past occupation:
    Worst quality:
    Cause of death:
    A word or phrase they say a lot: I tend to start sentences with "Essentially..."
    Biggest regret:
    What they'll miss the most from their past:
    A moment: The ghetto version of a "writing sample," this can be your character's last memory or just a random moment in their life. This is just to encourage you to write the character before you write the character, if that makes sense. It only has to be five sentences, minimum, but take advantage of it.
    One Pokemon you could absolutely not stand them to be resurrected as: Take advantage of this if you need it!

    ADDITIONALLY: How often can you post for RP, and how long are your posts typically?

    Each Pokemon will start with two attacking moves and two non-offensive moves. Your character will be able to learn new moves as they develop. Furthermore, the Pokemon your character becomes has different qualities, things like whether they're heavy, whether they can breathe underwater... Altogether, it will look something like this:

    Jane has become PIKACHU! The Electric Mouse Pokemon, this Pokemon tends to stand out wherever it goes.

    Pikachu is:
    • Agile - It's lightning quick and a great climber, coming from forested environments. This also means it's a lightweight Pokemon, however, so it can't take many direct hits.
    • Electrifying - With its tail as a lightning rod, it can attract and even absorb incoming lightning, though it can become overcharged and subsequently hurt itself. Static energy runs off its coat and this may be used to outright paralyze attackers upon physical contact.
    • Alert - Pikachu can sense electric currents, enhancing its senses. It's especially attracted to other Electric types and is capable of communicating with them easily.
    Pikachu's ATTACKS are:
    • Thundershock - an electric attack from the Pokemon's cheeks. It may paralyze the opponent.
    • Quick Attack - a high-speed tackle that always moves first.
    • Tail Whip - a lash of the tail. Used correctly, it trips up an opponent, lowering their guard.
    • Play Nice - an appeal to the opponent, lowering their will to fight.
    Who are you, anyway?

    A delicious Happy Meal. I'm the GM! I like daily posts, but I won't stress anyone to meet that if they can't, it just makes me more available. I'm pretty lax as a whole.

    Chapter 1, Rings and Roses, will go up on the Role Play board proper once we get some characters to work with. A "who's who" will go here once we're ready.

    Good luck, wanderers!
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  2. This RP is super inspired and sounds very interesting :) it’s rare to find something like this so count me in!

    Name: Samael. Goes by Sam.
    Age upon passing: 19
    Past occupation: Student.
    Personality: Sam is outgoing, a true people pleaser. Very loyal. Sam always tries to impress positively on others to make up for lack of genuine confidence. He fronts a carefree personality, and is always eager to help and support his friends, even to the point of neglecting his own needs. He has a hard time standing up for himself, especially against those he is close to. He also had not adopted very healthy ways to cope with intense emotions, and can sometimes just shut down. Secretly a bit paranoid, but hides this pretty well.
    Worst quality: Sam can become very easily attached to someone, even if they are dishonest or manipulative. He often excuses their unacceptable behavior. Paradoxically, he can sometimes find it difficult to completely trust others.
    Cause of death: Car accident while out with friends. The person driving was reckless, and attempted to outspeed an oncoming cargo train.
    A word or phrase they say a lot: (TBD I’ll fill this in when I think of something) Worth noting that Sam has mild Tourette’s syndrome. His tics usually do not impact his daily life, but become more severe when he is stressed.
    Biggest regret: He also feels as though he could have made more of himself.
    What they'll miss the most from their past: He will certainly miss his friends/loved ones, as they were most important to him.

    Sam’s exitement was slowly wearing off as he stood alone in the frigid highschool pick-up lot. He was still coming off of the high of winning the last soccer match of the season; Eevry member of his team had been in high spirits as they retreated to the locker room. Even number 31, a scornful boy who had never so much as smiled at him, had given Sam a celebratory high five. Now, alone and freezing in the cold night air, the initial rush of victory was not proving to be a deterrent against the bitter cold. He absently wondered if his father even remembered he had a game tonight, let alone when it was supposed to be over. He hoped the man would be in a good enough mood to appreciate his accomplishment, even just a little. But in all likelihood, he would remain as cold as the frost that was beginning to line the sidewalk.

    One Pokemon you could absolutely not stand them to be resurrected as: I’ll be honest, I really don’t like 95% of the galar Pokémon. i don’t know if this counts just lmk
    I’ll definitely try to keep a steady stream of posts. They’ll be at least a paragraph. I usually write a lot, but I segment it to keep the RP from becoming crowded.
  3. Name: Jackie
    Age upon passing: 15
    Past occupation: prankster
    Personality: he's a prankster, as people would say annoying, he loves to stand out and be the center of attention, though he won't go out of his way to be constantly the center of attention.
    Worst quality: he's annoying
    Cause of death: G U N
    A word or phrase they say a lot: "Bruh"
    Biggest regret: not apologizing for the biggest pranks he's done
    What they'll miss the most from their past: his family
    A moment: Jackie was walking around in an alley, he was preparing a prank on the first person to arrive here, "Hehe, this is my best prank yet" He said as he hid, the plan was done, he waited until someone eventually walked around, he came out quickly to scare the person and then..a gunshot, It wasn't aimed at him right? What happened? Questions flew around his head until he looked at his chest, there was a hole and blood coming out his eyes widened as he fell flat on the ground, lifeless.
    One Pokemon you could absolutely not stand them to be resurrected as: Take advantage of this if you need it! (didn't play the galar games) Mankey

    ADDITIONALLY: How often can you post for RP, and how long are your posts typically?: it depends on the day

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