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New Nintendo DS to be announced next year? Generation V to follow with it?

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Sources talking with Tech news site, BSN, are reporting that nVidia are working with Nintendo on a new DS, due to be announced next year.

    If true (and it's not confirmed, although pretty possible), it would allow a proper next-generation DS, with enhanced graphics and processing power, but allow backwards compatibility to be maintained.

    What's important about this, to us, though is that it indicates that a new DS could be on the way within the next couple of years. With Generation IV seemingly drawing to a close - and the possibility of the first Generation V Pokemon being announced within the next few months - this would match up strongly with the recurring constant pattern of a new Generation of Pokemon tying in with the launch of Nintendo's latest handheld.

    The timing of this is hard to ignore - and while this is all speculative - it does all add up. Don't be surprised if this story holds true, and next year bring with it a brand new DS - with the year after likely bringing us our first Gen V games exclusively for it.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Oct 14, 2009.

    1. Linkachu
      As much as I love the DS... I really hope this becomes a reality - for more reasons than one. I'm both ready for a brand new DS-styled handheld and Gen 5 XP
    2. Spix
      Backwards compatibility then? Thank goodness.

      I wonder what Generation V is going to be like? And if I'll be able to convince my husband to let me get a new handheld, when my DS is still working like new. *shrugs*

      Thanks for the news.
    3. Abnaki_Knight
      Oh yeah new DS and On top of that Gen V! I think I'm going to safe up my cash. I wonder if Gen V has any new eevee evolutions?
    4. 000aj
      I hope generation V comes really fast, I need a new favorite Pokemon. :p
    5. Johto-Master
      i hope they dont charge more than what its worth *cough DSi cough*
      but it's about time for 5th gen, i can't wait to see what could possibly top arceus.
    6. Luconray
      Assuming that article is completely true and everything, I'm excited to finally hear of another gameboy or DS! I do hope that when that new DS comes out, Gen V is right behind it. We are due for another Gen around late 2010 anyway, so that really would fit the new system perfectly...
    7. ulises87g
      if a new ds brings with it a new generation of pokeymans, then the game would make me get the new system. thats the reason i bought the ds!
    8. RoxasLovesCookies
      wow right after the DSi, why couldnt i just wait :( but I hope Nintendo doesn't make the same mistake as PSPgo did.
    9. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      I wouldn't call at least 2 years "right after" the DSi's release.

      Saying that, I still don't have one and Nintendo still haven't given me reason to do so. If this is announced as early as the start of next year, it's unlikely I'll ever bother.
    10. RoxasLovesCookies
      heh yeah my bad on the 2 years one xD i wonder what the new DS will look like... a PSP and DS formed together? haha..it would be nice if they kept the gameboy slots for the DS cause DSi doesnt have it :l
    11. Laizden
      I don't know how I feel about Gen V coming out so soon after HG/SS. I mean Gen IV hasn't been around all that long. Although the new handheld should be interesting, I still like my DS lite though. They need to make sure it's backwards capable though otherwise I might put off buying it for a good long time.
    12. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      [quote author=Doctor Oak link=topic=6847.msg121581#msg121581 date=1255566628]
      I wouldn't call at least 2 years "right after"[so soon][/quote]
    13. Johto-Master
      but the DSi just came out in Japan November 2008 and April 2009 in America and Europe, that sure isn't two years, or even one (if the system were to be released this month)
    14. Sem
      DS2 wouldn't be out anywhere next year in my opinion. If it's announced next year it doesn't necessarily mean that it'll hit shelves that same year. I could be wrong but that's just how I see it right now... An early 2011 release would be good.
    15. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      If it is announced at the start of next year, it could hit Japanese retail by the end of the year. That would be two years. It probably wouldn't make its way here until 2011.

      Similarly, even if Gen V follows this fairly quickly, it's highly unlikely to be a launch title and probably wont be released in Japan any time before the latter quarter of 2011.

      There's a plenty large gap between both there for it to not only seem highly probable to turn out this way - but also for it to be a fair enough break.
    16. Linkachu
      Ditto to that.

      With annoucements like these, people aren't saying Gen 5 is already finished and ready to be released. Same goes for the next gen DS itself . All they're saying is that, if the rumor proves to be true, it's coming. When they're finally released is anyone's guess.

      Maybe it feels like the DSi just came out now, but it won't feel that way come a year or two from now. The same can be said for Gen 5. We haven't even seen a single indication of Gen 5 yet, and during previous generations that wasn't the case. People also seem to forget that it still took quite awhile for D/P to finally be released after we first met Bonsly, Munchlax, and Lucario.

      It's not "too soon" for the first Gen 5 Pokemon to crop up, so I really don't understand why people keep repeating that...
    17. jameszone208
      same here. if arceus is suppose to be god, then anymore more legendary pokemon are inferior, unless they tried to do some 12 Olympian thing with Arceus being Zeus.
    18. PokeManiac99
      This is going to be amazing if it holds true! I would love to see the new pokemon they make, including some new evolutions of eevee. wouldn't it be cool to have an eeveelution of every type? I think it would.
    19. Jirachicody
      A new DS?! Come on!! I JUST got my DSi last week!! That doesn't make me very happy... but the Generation V makes me say FINALLY because when you start up D/P on the bottom it says 2005 so why do they put a good five years in between each!? I forgot to check if this was stickied but I dont want to type this all again.

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