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New Mewtwo Relative Announced

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Today's Pokémon Smash has announced a new Pokémon - although all we know about it is a picture and that it is somehow related to Mewtwo.

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    #1 Teapot, Apr 7, 2013
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Teapot, Apr 7, 2013.

    1. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak

      Actually, I don't mind the design. I think it looks pretty cool in-game, even.

      I just don't really dig the idea of either a Mewtwo forme or a Mewthree. I might change my mind after the game's release - but it's just adding to the frustration in how much of an absolute tease any information about these games is becoming. Especially since we literally know bugger all about this thing other than it exists.
    2. Toastie
      Yeah, it's getting a bit ridiculous. We've waited two months to see a new Pokémon about whom we know nothing, not even its name. We're only six months away from release now. Perhaps we'll get some more information in CoroCoro?
    3. Magpie
      I'm glad that I pretty much forgot we were getting a new Pokemon reveal last night, because I'd have been very disappointed if I'd been waiting and watching. As it stands Mewthree/Mewbuu or whatever it interesting enough, but I just want to see some original new Pokemon already! And I just hope the reveal of this guy doesn't signify a theme for what's yet to come.
    4. Linkachu
      My thoughts exactly. Likely the source of my disappointment surrounding this latest reveal isn't the Pokemon itself (they could spin quite an interesting story with it) and moreso that this was advertized as "big news". Sure, one can argue that a revisit to Mew/Mewtwo is certainly worth extra attention but I'm dying here for something brand new, be it a gameplay feature or a wholly new Pokemon. A new Eevee evolution and something that looks like a bootleg Mewtwo (sorry, but it does XD) aren't quite cutting it for me. :p

      I'm not holding my breath for additional info hitting this month but it would be nice if CoroCoro revealed something more about this fellow. Anything more would be nice.
    5. Demelza
      Like others have already said, I think my source of disappoint here is that I wanted something brand new. I don't mind the Mewtwox3, especially if it isn't another forme and is a whole new Pokémon, it looks pretty nifty in-game and they can probably do something interesting with its story. What bothers me is that:

      (a They haven't even named the thing.

      (b We still know almost nothing at all about these games and these 'big' reveals are just getting worse for giving us no information at all! I almost wonder if it's because they announce all the news worldwide around about the same time now, so they don't say as much as maybe they once did, but either way I am not happy with this trend. I just want to be able to call the thing by some kind of official name, even if it was the Japanese name.

      I dunno. It isn't that I mind the thing, and considering movie 16 is actually quite close now in Japan I likely should have expected the thing, I just wanted something else. I'd have liked them to tell us something about the games, anything at all, or failing that just name this Mewtwox3 thing. There is such a thing as too much information, but also FAR too little and while I understand that they might not want to give types away and such, especially if they're going to introduce something new, I don't feel like we should be left with such little information about a Pokémon.
    6. Teapot
      Yeah, I have to agree. We were promised a big reveal, and all we got was a picture and a vague description. Our Cryptidex entry has pretty much everything available for it, and it's an absolute joke - literally nothing has been shown.

      We were also promised "something else", which apparently didn't materialise either. I can get not wanting to spoil everything, but this is just too coy. It's hard to remain excited when they won't tell us anything.
    7. Coreysawrus
      Looks like a kid version of Mewtwo in my opinion, as for whats been announced so far the only things I'd have wished for is a type for Sylveon and a little more explanation on this Mewtwo relative.

      I'm actually glad the news is slow and fairly vague because I find all the speculating fun and it's going to give us a game that will surprise us all even if you get the Japanese version generally all the major details are out the bag weeks before release and knowing what to expect takes away the excitement in my opinion
    8. Klyedragonborn64
    9. shortsxxx
      This is nothing special because everyone knows that mewtwo will either become this pokemon or will be a more powerful clone of mew which I am positive that will be called mewthree or supermew or something else crazy :down:
    10. Doubled
      Well, I'll admit that I'm a bit disappointed too, but the fact is, this is kind of huge. Whether or not this is a new forme or a new Mew in general just provides a sense of nostalgia to the original Mews of generation 1. However, does anybody else think that this thing can't just be a Mewthree? I mean, I'm probably getting ahead of myself here, but let's look at the video. All of those attacks obviously show that this thing has major powers, not only that, but that ring around its head and the head tail thing, along with the oddly shaped horns... Screw it, I'll cut to the chase. Anyone else think that this is an experiment with DNA from Arceus too? I'm probably wayyyy off base here, but still.

      Either way, I do look forward to the explanation they give for him. He almost looks otherworldly, so maybe something from space? Anyway, I just hope that they don't give him the "distribution" treatment that they've been giving for Pokemon like Keldeo or Genesect. Even if it is just an event, I want some sort of explanation for what came to the creation of this being in the form of some sort of sub plot and a battle, and not just walls of text.

      With all of that said, we can pretty much all agree that X and Y has a heavy emphasis on genetics of some sort (heck, the Japanese titles have DNA in the logo!), and the fact that they showed Sylveon a couple of months along with this kind of screams some sort of DNA Splicing sub plot, or even some sort of mechanic. At least to me anyway.
    11. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Yeah, I'm having trouble taking this thing seriously. To me it looks like someone spliced Majin Buu with Mewtwo. What were you thinking Game Freak? Kid Mew? If this had been announced a week prior it would have been the greatest April Fools joke ever, but... yeah. Unless Game Freak can give a very plausible backstory to justify this Mew's existence, I just can't get behind this one. I'm sticking with the original Mew family. :|
    12. precita
      I guess now we know why Mewtwo is in the new movie. Kind of a shame, I thought Mewtwo's return didn't have anything to do with advertising, that they just wanted to bring back an old popular pokemon...but I guess I was wrong.

      Just goes to show you the writers only bring old characters back in the anime when it has something to do with advertising whatever game is coming next.
    13. Toastie
      They brought back Charizard, and I doubt that evolutionary line will be getting any relatives in Gen VI.

      Does anyone know if that Mewtwo is the same one from the first Pokémon movie and Mewtwo returns? It's been implied, but I don't think I've seen any official confirmation yet.
    14. Demelza
      We don't know officially yet, but chances are it is and I know we're all hoping it is. xD
    15. Linkachu
      Actually, I'm fairly sure that it has been officially confirmed that it's the same Mewtwo. I was wondering about this a month or so ago due to all of the rumors that it wasn't the same Mewtwo but it seems that the initial confusion had been caused by bad translations.

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