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New Member Introductions

Discussion in 'Entrance Gate and Hall of Justice' started by Teapot, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Here you can post an introduction and tell us a bit about yourself: what brought you to Pokecharms, your hobbies, and any other details you feel like sharing. By no means are new members required to post here, but it's available for those who want it.

    Regular members are welcome to introduce themselves here too!

    In return, we ask that all introductory posts go here. Please don't start a brand new topic just to say hi (it will be treated as spam). Thanks. :)
  2. VaccineKitty

    VaccineKitty Previously catolotl

    My name is Kitty. A nickname that I've received over the years here is 'Smugerin' due to being a member of the best House in Hogwarts; Slytherin. My Patronus is a dragon and a runespoor. If that isn't already enough proof of my allegiance, even my Celtic Zodiac in the real world is a snake. My eternal rival is the Gryffindork, Tailon . He barks at me on a regular basis. Fite me.

    I was born, raised and currently live in Glasgow city, Scotland.
    One day, I'd love to travel and see the world.

    Originally, I came to Pokécharms for mysterious reasons. I was going through a hard time and along the way, I made many amazing friends here. Before I knew it, this site was another home for me. Everyone here has been so very kind and warm towards me. Pokécharms quickly became my favourite place to be. ...Despite the amount of muggles, this place is magical to me.

    My hobbies involve drawing, comics, video/card games and music. ....Sometimes my family encourage me to get this thing called "a life" but whenever I ask where I can download one, they just sigh and shake their head at me. Thanks to the site, I met my best friend StellarWind Elsydeon, my brother from another mother Shiny Lyni and the ever amazing Pokécharms staff members.
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  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    So I guess the old into thread has gone bye bye. Oh well! >:D

    My full name and title is Sir Psycho Monkey, Lord of the Evil Space Monkeys, Right hand of Sun Wukong the Monkey King, and Knight of Honor of the Dragon Empress Dwayna Dragonfire. But most call me Psycho Monkey or P_M for short.

    Within the PokeCharms community I am (in)famous for my fic Rise of Team Neos (see link in my sig) and I join the occasional RP that catches my interest. Most of the time you can find me in Chat. Once X&Y are released I may or may not become more active in the WiFi forums depending on if the whim strikes me.

    In that boring place called the real world I'm a Marine Biologist and an Otaku. My hobbies include videogames, Anime, Manga, and taking enthusiastic walks. Very enthusiastic walks. My favorite videogame is Kingdom Hearts with Pokemon as a close second. My favorite Anime is Code Geass (I even cosplay as Zero), my favorite Manga is One Piece, and my favorite song is Matryoshka by Vocaloids Hatsune Miku and Gumi. Other cosplays I have are an Organization XIII coat, Squirtle Squad sunglasses, and a Matryoshka hoody that I made myself.

    And that is all I feel like sharing.
  4. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Goodbye old thread, hello new one! May as well introduce myself for anyone joining up!

    I'm Magpie, and I've been a Moderator here on 'Charms for roughly four years. I originally joined as Silvermagpie if I recall, but most people call me Magpie so I ended up just dropping the silver. My hobbies include video games, reading and drawing, although I do sadly spend a lot of time working these days. I like mythology (especially Egyptian), drinking tea, looking at the stars and killing zombies. I also love shiny things. I loved Game of Thrones before it was cool and turned into a TV series (read the books!), enjoy Walking Dead and dislike all things Twilight. Pokemon-wise I played the original Red and have been a fan ever since. Manectric is my favourite Pokemon, but I'm most associated with Murkrow here on 'Charms. I also like Archeops, Sceptile and Weavile. So howdy everyone :D
  5. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Guess I may as well introduce myself too. ^^

    Lets see.... I've been here two years now and was brought here by Magpie originally after being told how friendly the community was, which it is. Not long after joining I started helping out with the news and joined the Moderator team earlier this year, which I am very proud of and love working with everyone else.

    I'm generally a very quiet and shy person, but a very friendly and laid-back person too. I value my friends above all else besides family and well, I'm pretty lost without them because I also tend to be quite lonely and don't like being on my own. Kind of fallen into doing journalism here and there and really enjoy it, so a good deal of the time you can find me rambling on about one thing or another, normally Pokémon, video games, or anime. As far as hobbies go I watch a lot of anime, read a great deal of manga and other books and play a great deal of video games. I also try my hand at writing now and again, but that often doesn't turn out very well (although people assure me it isn't -that- bad). I can be quite musical too, I have a guitar that I mess about with, not sure I'd call it playing :D, and generally really appreciate music and enjoy listening to it.

    As far as me and Pokémon go I got into it when the anime first aired in the UK and haven't looked back really. I was pretty young when I first got into and to say Pokémon didn't have a huge influence on the person I've become would be a lie. I've played every main series game so far and played a great deal of the spin-off titles. My favourite Pokémon (as you may have guessed), is Eevee, but I'm very fond of Charmander and a good deal of the Johto Pokémon too. Asides from not playing the TCG I generally enjoy every aspect of Pokémon though and value the series incredibly highly. Right now I'm really looking forward to playing Pokémon X and Pokémon Y and all the things that this generation will bring. :)
  6. Man, you guys are just awesome! :D

    Well, I think it's time to introduce this gringo over here. hehehe First of all, I'm Italian, though I've lived in London, England for about a year. I don't know what made me want to come back, but... this is my home after all. Anyway, I've always been a fan of Pokemon in general and that passion never wore off, not even for a moment.
    I currently work in a videogame store, which is a dream come true, but my other hobbies are manga's (not Anime, stopped watching them long ago), voice-acting, Heavy Metal and... well, videogames, of course.

    The first time I heard about Pokécharms, it had to do with TCM since, for many, that's what's this site is all about. But I was curious and I started visiting every now and then, and every now and then became every week, and finally every day. It's a very useful resource in all PKMN-related stuff and now that I read the conversations in the Forums, you guys are all great. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you. 8)
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  7. Name's Shocari, and I've been a member since October 15th, 2008. ^^ I think I'm most notorious for doing a little bit of everything...just not posting or updating much. With any luck, the new Creative Corner will be enough to kick me back into gear.

    I started playing Pokemon back with the US release of Red and Blue in '98, and have been hooked ever since. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, spriting, video games, anime, and acting(subset: voice-acting). If an Associate of Fine Arts - Theater degree doesn't show that, then I don't know what does.

    More often than not, you can find me lounging in the Chat(except for recently, due to a heavy work schedule).
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  8. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Oh yeah introductions. I guess I should, huh? XD

    Anyways, Shiny Eevee here, though most people know me as Shiny or Lyn or Lyni or some variation of the sort. I started off as a spriter here back in 2007, partially because of the TCM and partially because I became friends with a lot of spriters who submitted sprites into the TCM, though throughout the years I've also role played, attempted to write fics, and lots of other stuff. Way back when, I was probably most notorious for being a typical n00b: immature, emotional, and completely unaware about how the internet worked. I've grown since then (I think), and more recently, I've gotten into singing and mixing on youtube as well as spending time here. I'm also a pianist and violist and I know a bit of Chinese violin and guitar (nothing to brag about, though. I only know like 3 chords...).

    Despite popular belief, my favorite Pokemon is NOT Eevee, though they are one of my favorites. Plusle and Minun are actually the 'mons closest to my heart~ And Hoenn has always been my favorite region, though I'm quite fond of Kanto and Unova as well. I haven't been as active lately due to college apps last year and college actually starting this year, so yeah. Speaking of college, I'm currently a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, studying computer science, and I'm hoping to get my masters in 5 years.

    Community-wise I'm also known as the girl who's always 12 or the Asian football or the laser fan-atic. Nice to meet you all! ♥
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  9. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Well, if we're reintroducing ourselves, guess I ought'a follow suit.

    I go by Mr.RMA around here, though the community addresses me as ARMA more often than not. Used to bug me a little a while back, but not for very long, and now I have to admit I've grown pretty fond of my appointed epithet, so, however you want to address me, take your pick. I've been here since December of 2010, so, I guess I'm a fairly early post-fallout member.

    I am an android eternally damned to cleaning people's rooms at their request (most particularly the one belonging to a certain Asian football we all know and love), thanks to my abysmal programming that's been messed with on countless occasions. When I'm not occupied with this forced labor, I'm getting my chassis replaced with all sorts of pop culture robot characters, often switching bodies more than once within a few minutes, depending on Tailon's mood. Don't remember how or when he found a way to modify me with such ease, but, since the most recent lineup has consisted of Transformers and Jaegers, I guess there's no real reason to object. When I'm not in any of those forms...well...I guess I'm sent right back to my cleaning work.

    Though my robot-based identity associates me with the steel and electric types, I'm actually most fond of water types to be honest. Not too surprising if one is aware that I'm currently majoring in Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater biology, or, as some people have come to call it, water bending. While on the subject of Pokemon, I've loved it since I first played the Blue version as a youngin', or perhaps more appropriately, a younger youngin', and I always make sure to buy at least one game from each new generation, if not more. As to what I do around here, well, I like to RP whenever I can, as it feels quite similar to acting for me, a hobby I love partaking in any chance I get. I also hope to begin writing my own works, as, ever since I just barely managed to complete a story for the annual ChaWriMo for the first time, I've been harboring a desire to write more. You may see me around chat on occasion, and I've been a regular in the Mafia games as well. Though college does take a substantial amount of my free time, I still hope to remain a part of Charms as much as possible. Trust me, newcomers, this place is too amazing to give up once you stick around for a while. See you 'round the forums!
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  10. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Ohai, I suppose I should introduce myself as well.

    As you can see, I'm called Tailon. Like so many others, I initially came here back in the summer of 2009 because I heard about the TCM. However, I ended up sticking around for the people (and the RPs >>). I can usually be found lurking the chat at ungodly hours when no person should be awake.

    Among the community I tend to be known as various mythical beings, formerly a Cerberus and currently a low ranking angel.

    In the real world, I'm a Game Design student and general gigantic nerdlinger, and I've been playing Pokemon since I was just a wee child in 1999, when I got Yellow with my first Game Boy Color, and Red and Blue for Christmas the same year~
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  11. Hello I'm Corey, I've only been here 2 years (even if my post count makes it seem otherwise) unlike most people I actually came here because of the forums and I've stuck around and somehow survived this long. I'm notorious for posting excessively. being a drama queen and whining all the time. I'm starting to get into RP's. I'm one of the many fabulous members here at Charms. As for likes I'm not really fussy I like most songs, most films and most games just don't give me any horror stuff. And for Pokemon I've been a fan since the UK release of Red/Blue.
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  12. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I am StellarWind Elsydeon. I am armblades. Just to get the obvious out of the way.

    More specifically I'm a biomechanical, shapeshifting armbladed construct from across the threshold of dimension (or at least, Israel). I got into Pokémon back in 1998 or so, becoming a fan overnight after actually playing the games - and over the years I evolved from a fan into a Jet Turbine (but that's a story for another time). I have been here since the very beginning (along with Linkachu and Doctor Oak, whom I met via the now long-defunct Turquoise Tavern) and in all likelihood will be here for the natural lifespan of my bioshell.

    When I'm not running around reducing idiots to subatomic fragments via systematic application of armblades, I largely engage in assorted creative pursuits (drawing, writing, abusing musical instruments and occasionally RPing), worldbuilding, playing video games (most of which are ancient as frell), gathering of useless science factoids (primarily in biology - my most major field of scientific interest and what I got my university degree in - but far from exclusively), generating mass amounts of obscure references, bad puns and bad puns deriving from obscure references... And generally being a massive snark-machine. Biomech. Whatever.

    ... The short version of all this: I'm made of science and outer space, stop the button and glowing?

    Anyway. I hope to be a bit more active on this incarnation of 'Charms (I've been quite active on chat but less so the forums), particularly with the advent of the Creative Corner - do expect quite a bit of art from me on that thing once it's stabilized a bit. ^^
  13. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    History Lesson:

    I'm now, apparently, officially old, so back when I was the age of most of our visitors, the realm of computers (well, mine) was Windows 95: Blue Screen Of Death Edition, 512MB RAM, 4GB Hard Drive space and IF you had Internet, it was 56Kbps Dial-up. In those heady days the Internet was a wildly different place. If you looked up Pokemon, you'd constantly see stories of special stones that had something to do with Mewtwo that you could take to your starter and evolve them into a PokeGod... ok, I guess that's kinda come back around, but the point is this is in the time when every Pokemon site was a badly designed mess of poorly written content - and not just Serebii.net.

    But, that's because everyone was doing it. Angelfire, Geocities, MaxPages - this was the real Web 2.0: people actually getting their hands dirty and building their own sites, not just clicking a button and posting to Tumblr or Facebook. Yes, they were all crap, but most current professional developers started off that way - and so did Pokecharms.

    I'd dabbled with creating some websites, pretty much as soon as I got Dial-up. One of these was one that never actually made it onto the Internet at all - a Pokemon fan site called "The Rocket Brothers", featuring content from me and, as it might seem obvious, my brother. It was a rivalry with a friend that put me onto actually getting pages online using these free hosting firms, and this led directly to the very, very, very, very first (and very, very, very, very, very bad) Pokecharms - which, amazingly, is still available. It broke every rule in the book (by today's standards, at any rate - it was kinda normal back then, really), and I was very much a child, but it was there. The name came from the fact I was Northern Irish and had an affinity for Lucky Charms when they still sold them in the UK properly (and they're still nummy now you can get them imported).

    One thing you may notice is the username I've given my self there of Gary Oak. That comes about because of the name I picked for another website, Pokeschool. One that, I'm sure, plenty of us are familliar with from the earlier years of Pokecharms, as quite a number of us are people that I came to know and be good friends with as a result of also being members of Pokeschool. That website is now catastrophically dead (there are, amusingly, still posts by -us- from 2008 that are the most recent posts in some forums) thanks specifically to the bone headed actions of its administrator (it's not my fault - I promise >>), but Pokecharms has only continued to grow and get stronger. Take that Chedy.

    After the original incarnation of Pokecharms, I was pretty committed to doing this website thing in some capacity. Back then, I was spending a lot of my time on Pokeschool, so, primarily, these websites were just ancillary things for me and the people I was friends with there. As well as another incarnation of Pokecharms (essentially as a rubbish forum), two websites spawned from this - primarily with the aid of the bestest of friends I made through Pokeschool, Nemesis (or Arcanine2K or 'Nemisis', as he's also gone by in much earlier days): RPGCCG (a silly attempt to cater for everything that those of us at Pokeschool were fans of collectively) and Nintendo-Gamer (a games review/discussion site focused on Nintendo). Both of these are absolutely critical to the history of Pokecharms.

    RPGCCG was around in the pre-release period for Ruby and Sapphire, the coverage of which led to a few important things. Firstly, the day we
    totally scooped the rest of the internet when Coronis, a name you'll probably be familiar with from Serebii.net these days, passed on to us - first- the scans of CoroCoro revealing key elements of Ruby and Sapphire including Teams Aqua/Magma and Groudon/Kyogre. No other Pokemon fan site had the information on this when we did. Unfortunately, we were on shitty free hosting, and the traffic knocked us off the Internet entirely, and that was that.

    The other big thing of RPGCCG's coverage of R/S, of course, was our partnership with another website, Turquoise Labs. It's kinda fallen off the Internet entirely now, but, after Pokeschool, it's the most important other website to Pokecharms' history. We've got a number of members that came directly from there - not the least of which are Stel and Katie/Linkachu.

    Stel, Katie, Nem and I, essentially became the four amigos in terms of future endeavours. When wanting to move on from the crippling nature of RPGCCG's breadth, Stel, Nem and I worked on Nintendo-Gamer to really sort of define the kind of game coverage we still do to this day whenever it comes up, whilst Katie was very much the heart of our community. We attempted to make a real go of this by getting onto some proper hosting... but that's when things turned south. One day, our hosts up and disappeared, taking the site with them and that was the end of that.

    At this point, in the early summer of 2003, I was getting turned off the idea of doing these websites in general. But, I did still want to host some of the creative fan works for Pokemon that I had been doing - and felt it would be handy for the others too. So, I fired up the FTP access to the second incarnation of Pokecharms (on free hosting by a company called Netfirms - a name that would go down in infamy in later history of the site, not once - but twice) and set it up to stick stuff up onto it.

    Eventually, this kinda grew into the site rekindling its forum community - especially now that Stel and Katie were on board - and then we started taking creative submissions and featuring them on the home page... then Pokemon Colosseum was announced... and once we began to feature news and coverage on it, everything just kinda spiralled together into Pokecharms being a fully fledged website - probably for the first time, really. That's why we officially celebrated the site's 10th birthday this year, because while Pokecharms was around, this Pokecharms is very much a direct line right back to that summer. And now we're back with the Creative Corner and an increasing focus on that initial driving force that led the site back into life and down its current path.

    During those 10 years we've had a thousand and two redesigns and relaunches, 4 versions of the highly popular Trainer Card Maker (which, honestly, only started out as an experiment by myself and the first version of it was put together in a single night) and three new Generations of Pokemon. We've had troubles and ups and downs, but we always end up coming back stronger, so I'm looking forward to seeing where we go in the next 10 years.

    So, there's your history lesson. As far as my life outside of Pokecharms goes, I'm now a professional web developer with a UK marketing agency, working on websites for some of the biggest brands in the UK. I've got a number of other projects on the go, including continuing work on my portfolio site and a new piece of web software that I've been working on for over a year now aimed specifically at powering community websites like this one. I don't get too many opportunities to work on Pokecharms itself at the moment - which is why Teapot has stepped up to the plate to deliver this excellent solution to our previous Joomla-y problem - but I'm always here, and certainly on the chat most nights, and as my work in other projects dovetails into releases, you'll start seeing a lot more of me as a developer back on Pokecharms too. Which, hopefully, shouldn't be too far away now. :)
  14. I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

    Anyway, I've been a "Pokemon" fan since 2000 when I stumbled across the anime while channel-surfing one Saturday morning. I don't really have a favourite Pokemon, but I do like Pokemon from all the games that have been released so far - and I plan to get one of Gen 6 games, even though it'll mean investing in a 3DS, when they come out. One of my pet peeves is people who diss any Pokemon later than Gen 1 or, sometimes, 2. I also write fanfiction for various fandoms, including "Pokemon".

    And, as you can probably tell from the fact that I spelt "favourite" with a u in the previous paragraph, I'm British.
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  15. Hi there! Name's Kyle, but my friends call me Deep Chicken 8) it's a pleasure to meet you all!

    I've visited this site many times before to use the wonderful Trainer Card Maker here, but only now did I join the community. I used to post in Serebiiforums a long time ago under the name Poke-friend. Thought I'd have another go at it, though probably not as seriously as I did on the other site. I'm enjoying myself here so far and everyone seems nice. Hopefully I don't mess up and end up getting banned >_<

    Anywho, I'm currently residing in the Philippines; just moved here from Hawaii, and I lived in Hong Kong before that. I'm a college student student aspiring to become an entrepreneur in the food business, while working on a side project involving music. Food is life, and anime comes at a close second. I've been playing Pokemon for a little over 12 years now, and boy I gotta tell ya, it's amazing to see the changes every time they come around. I enjoy playing Pokemon for fun, but I do dabble in competitive battling from time to time.

    To cut things short: I love all things Pokemon! I also love meeting new people so feel free to strike up a conversation! Oh, and if you have a Tumblr account, we should definitely be friends~

    (Hope I did this introduction thing right...)
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  16. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I am Dwayna DragonFire, Queen of Dragons (and my own imaginary planet), mother of one (a little girl), and regular member of Charms for at least 5 years now.

    I believe there were two reasons why I came here at first. One was the TCM, like quite a few of the other members. The other was that I believe I was looking for a place to roleplay and I was interested in PokeMon related stuff. I joined the chat not long after that and became a regular there as well, and I try to help where I can (if people need assistance that is within my ability to do). I have completed ChaWriMo two years in a row, am currently writing another fic, and occasionally draw from time to time.

    Otherwise, I have made some truly wonderful friends here and really grown as a person over the years. Here's hoping we have many more good ones together. :3
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  17. I'm Mr. Munchlax &, trying not to sound cliché, but I'm a long time user of the TCM & A newbie in terms of Pokécharms; though I've had tons of experience with forums before. I've been a member over at Serebii forums for the past 8 years, so I know the basic to forum rules & regulations, though I still have a lot to learn about Pokécharms forums

    One thing about me is that I play my pokémon games in a role-playing style, where I start off with one game & then after I finish it and go on to the next one, I pretend it's the same character traveling to a different region. For example, I'm currently playing my Heartgold game as if the trainer is my character from Black 2 (who I named Dale Hudson), & I plan on doing the same thing in X & Y. That's why my avatar's a picture of the BW2 protagonist wearing Calem's clothes

    The reason why I originally joined Pokécharms forums was because I've been designing a new type of trainer card format for X & Y, & I was hoping to get some constructive criticism after two failed attempts at Serebii and Deviantart, but now I want to try and interact with the Pokécharms community so I'm not one of those jerk members who signs up, posts 1-2 times, & then quits
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  18. hello i am new to this but anyway hello8)
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  19. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Well hello to all of you new folks, and to the old farts who have been around here for years now.

    I've gone through a few names in my time here, originally joining Charms in the summer of 2009 with the name of RedRising24. I would eventually drop the "24" because it is so passé. Eventually through a series of shenanigans in chat I was knighted and adopted my current nickname. Though through it all I have been known as Red, so that simplified everything.

    I've come and gone periodically in my time as a member of Pokecharms, but in the end I have always come back. I credit that to the amazing community that we have and all of the great friends that I have made in my time here. Life sometimes complicates things, but I always try to make my way back.

    I was a fan of Pokemon back in the original days, and went through Generation II in my fandom as a child. Then I fell off the franchise (but would often consider picking up a Gen III game). I bought Diamond a year or so after the games were out in NA, but I needed some movepool knowledge and had remembered Pokecharms was a site I had visited previously. So I came here to use the Pokedex, and eventually I got the itch to read some fanfiction. I began reading @Psycho Monkey 's fic and felt compelled to join and comment. That was over 4 years ago. :)

    Some time after that I made my way on to chat and met so many of the wonderful and nice people around here. So hang around, peoples.
  20. Well, then. Here goes!

    I, like probably 97.273635483667%(I use fabricated statistics a lot) of the members here, first heard of this website because of the TCM. I was watching video series of hacked Pokemon games on Youtube, when I noticed that in the introduction to one of these series, there were these "Trainer Cards" for the different characters. Upon closer examination, I caught a glimpse of words that told me that these Trainer Cards can be made at a website called "Pokecharms." One Google Search later, and I found the site, and messed around with the TCM for a while. However, after seeing that the place had Forums, I decided that I would join the site as a member.

    Now, the origin of my username. Before Gen V, my favorite Pokemon was Typhlosion. However, after acquiring Pokemon White, I fell in love with Zekrom. He was one of the coolest Pokemon I had even seen. A black dragon that emitted electricity, with an amazing design? :love:

    Now, contrary to what some might think, I actually like how the regular old Zekrom looks rather then the Shiny one. This name came from me creating the username "ShinyZekrom" on an old, now unused, and obscure Pokemon site called "Pokeworld-something-something/forums/cc-something-or-other.blah.com."
    The "Shiny" part was just to make it a longer username, which is what I wanted. However, I soon discovered that that site was no longer being used by anyone, so after I discovered this site, I slapped the same name on.

    However, I wished to add something different here. And so, my favorite number 9(long story that I don't need to get into) was added on the end, in three-digit form. I use the "009" at the end of pretty much all of my usernames for various sites I have joined since 2008. I am thinking of changing my username, though, if I can learn how to do so and if I come up with a better name.

    I have been a member of this site for a year and about 4 months. At first, I was a bit n00bish, although over time I've changed and become less immature. While I might not always offer much in my posts, I usually like to make my opinions known on any subject of interest. Before the new and improved 'Charms, I never posted any literary works or artwork of any kind, and as I didn't have any clue how to RP correctly(and still
    don't), I don't participate in that. At various times, I have been either very inactive or being on here pretty much 24/7, depending on what's happening in my life. I think the thread I've posted the most in is the Playground-if those posts counted, my post count would probably be tripled :D. I'm usually inactive when at chat, although if I'm present at a conversation that I can actually partake in, I'll attempt to participate.

    As for me, in what some call "The Real World," I'm a 15-year-old male high school student living in Michigan, U.S.A. I read a lot, and I mean a LOT, in my spare time. I also write somewhat, although not nearly as much as reading(If you want a book list, I'll have to put that somewhere else). Other hobbies of mine include listening to music, playing video games, and surfing the web. My favorite shows are The Walking Dead and The Legend of Korra, and my favorite video games are anything Pokemon, Call of Duty, and Mario, plus The Last of Us and The Walking Dead game. I also currently enjoy a web-series called RWBY, an American anime-style web-show. I play baseball and for music, percussion. Currently, I play Cymbals for the Drum Line of my school's Marching Band.

    I'm a relaxed person, and also a quiet and shy one. I'm not very good at talking-at all. Generally, I'm more mature than some my age, but every now and then, that immaturity breaks free. I'm usually a very friendly person, willing to help others and ask others for help. I'll get on people's nerves sometimes, but hey, that's just me being me. I can be very sarcastic sometimes, as well.

    With the new-and-improved Pokecharms, I'm hoping to write a lot for this site, the majority of which will go to the Creative Corner. Anything with multiple chapters, or that doesn't relate to Pokemon, will probably go in the Pit of Creativity. As for art...eh, I'm still not an artist. However, I'm willing to give it a shot if I can find a way to create art solely online, for free, and can figure out how to share it here. I'm posting in the Cryptidex a lot more, and just posting more in general. The TCM4 is amazing, and I love that I can actually save cards now. In general, I'll be appearing more on here!

    All in all, I'm a regular Pokecharms member that is definitely sticking around, and I recommend to any newcomers that they stay here, because this place is something special. You change as a person, and get to live in a place where you have the opportunity to express your creativity and discuss Pokemon, among many other topics, as much as your heart desires. Stick around, and join the 'Charms family. We won't bite. (No, seriously. We won't. I promise... ;))
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  21. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The Walking Dead and stuff by Rooster Teeth. Two of my favourite things too :D
  22. Greetings, all! My (user)name is No Heart. Worry not, my vital organs are intact despite my username saying otherwise. Like most (if not all) of you, I am a fan of Pokémon. However, I was a bit late in the game, you could say, since my first game was Diamond. Ever since then, I've loved the series to death and I've played every game since. Aside from the pokeymans, I enjoy games such as Kingdom Hearts, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, and even Super Robot Wars.

    As for my non-video game interests, I am a huge fan of anime. My favorites include Naruto, Fairy Tail, Gunbuster (and it's sequel series), Gurren Lagann, FLCL, Getter Robo: Armageddon and many more. Aside from the first two, I'm willing to watch any series with giant robots. I like giant robots. c:

    And that's about it for me. I'm glad to be a part of a new community and hope I'm able to stick around for a long time.
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  23. ely


    hey my name is ely

    a online pokemon rpg brought me to pokecharms , i make trainercards for them
    my hobby is pokemon:blush:and karate en my fauvorite type is dragon
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  24. My name is Riolux12345. Making Trainer Cars for my Signatures brought me here out of interest to see the rest of the site which is pretty cool. My favorite hobbies are Playing Pokemon Showdown and my Favorite Type is Dark Type.
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  25. Why, howdy, folks! I'm eddiplayer435! I hope to find a signature gif. that not everyone is using already, but in the meantime, I write! Just about anything that can be written about, I write about, especially Pokemon! I love to write stories about Pokemon, and I love to take already existent stories and paraphrase them using Pokemon! I hope I can spread all the joy that I cannot contain in one profile amongst fellow Pokecharmers (that's so catchy)! Hope I make your guys' time on Pokecharms even more memorable!! HELLO POKECHARMS!!!!!!
  26. I'm not really great with introductions, but hey. Sorta new here. And a little shy. I guess if we get to know one another, I can be more .. Lively than shy. But yeah, hey.
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  27. Heya, I'm Kraisia. While I'm new as far as the forums go, I have made use of Pokecharms for news and of course the TCM since around the Diamond and Pearl era. I've been playing pokemon since red and blue first released in the US many many moons ago, and have since gotten my oldest daughter attached when the Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes released. As for non-pokemon interests.. I'm into gaming, reading, fishing, baking, and crocheting. Think I'll leave it at that for now, looking forward to getting to know everyone =)
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  28. Hiya everyone! I'm Tails. I found this website from a link someone posted and I loved it ever since I saw it! I love the Creative Corner. Its my favorite spot here! I also love the forums. I really like how there is a news spot too. It comes in handy. I loved Pokemon ever since I was younger and never got bored of it. I enjoy drawing and playing video games too. I also watch a ton of anime. My favorite food is fish and pancakes. I hope to get to know all of you and continue to post art!:angel:
  29. Insert an obligatory introduction title here.

    I'm rather new to the site, which I've stumbled upon by means of the Trainer Card Maker, in a manner in which I've completely forgotten about. I'm 14 and I'm a Filipino who found his way over to the United States, then back again.

    I can't really explain why I chose this username. It's just me being fancy, I guess. One may assume that I have an odd way with words from the way this is written. I really don't mind. I just go by what I think looks good.

    A word I can best use to describe myself is erratic. This is something I try not to show. Still, tempt me with a picture that is depicted as amusing or "cute," and watch as I send it to half the people on a server I moderate. I guess that isn't being a good moderator, but I get away with it anyway. Their reactions allow me to be ignored by the higher authority anyway. Too many people blow up from the cuteness meter levels that the pictures contain.

    I have a funny taste in music as well. It's mostly influenced by my own decisions on the Internet. The details I leave out, as it will take too long to explain and it wouldn't make sense in the end, anyway. It's something that I always do, talking in a manner which is often confusing and sometimes very funny.

    Now, if I were asked about favorites of anything, I'd probably take several eons to answer. I always think of all the positives and negatives and other factors which I doubt some people in this world care about. The same situation applies with strong dislikes. The end result is that I don't have many of both. It's usually a good thing that I'm like this, as it has allowed for me to establish unbiased points of view.

    Now that I've drained myself of all the information I can think of at four in the morning, I'll head off into bed. Looking forward to some activity in the times to come.
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  30. Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you all. I just made a account but came years ago and simply never made an account out of laziness. I came because of the TCM like so many other. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Sapphire. My hobbies are mainly reading anything and videogames. I usually do whatever catches my interest. I am looking forward to posting on the form. Please treat me well.
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  31. Ah, I'm so nervous! ;;

    I'm Kuroha, but you all can call me Kur, Gibbs, or Mr. Snake-face. However, no one can ever call me Gabbs, for they'll get a swift kick to the face. Only my girlfriend may ever call me that, erm, getting off topic. Anyway, I would have to say my hobbies include drawing, animating, writing erotic fanfiction and other stuff, singing, hunting, and screaming at small animals. I'm currently in my first year of highschool, and despite what other teens would normally gripe about, I find it fairly easy and fun! I'm not very good at speaking publically and I'm pretty scatterbrained and easily loose my train of thought. I have very strange dreams often, and I usually ramble about them whenever I feel like it. I don't have very many friends, since I say whatever comes to my head without thinking, make awkward advances on people I don't know very well, and am very clingy to people I find cool. I'm really just a loser weirdo who likes chocolate, sings in the shower, sleeps with her dogs, and writes nsfw fanfictions to pass the time.

    As you may or may not be able to tell, I've been a Pokemon fan ever since 2000, when I first played Yellow with my elder cousin. I've loved every single Pokemon game so far, with my favorite being the Sinnoh region series. The first game I ever owned was Sapphire, where I levelled my Swampert up to level 100 for the first time. I just now recieved my copy of Pokemon Y, but I have yet to play it, haha.

    Anyway, I doubt I'll be very active in the forums, but I'm always open for chats and I'm much more personable via the interwebs than I am in reality. I also roleplay, hurrhurr.
  32. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    @Kuroha like Kuroha from Kagerou Project? :'D Sorry, I had to ask because your avatar looks a lot like him and stuff ^^;

    Anyways, welcome everyone~ Sorry I don't have the time to personally welcome you all, but I hope you guys have a great stay! ♥
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  33. Might as well.

    Name is over there <. Found from someone's TCM signature on a random forum lurk. Made an account for it and decided to move in.

    I played Pokemon since the originals and... am one of those people that never moved on. Some might be the usual, had my fill in Blue, and didn't see a reason to get the new ones. But it was mostly that I never kept up with portables. Didn't get a Gameboy Color for Gold and Silver, and by the time I got an Advance, the DS came out. The Advance was more of a 'here, I don't want this anymore' from a friend. I own, like 5 games for it, and Pokemon wasn't one of them. The DS was a different story, but the damage was done. I was pretty much set on keeping it all in the past, and didn't bother with the Gold/Silver remakes or Black/White. Heard about X and Y and was about to write it off... until I saw Fennekin and went "Oh my God, I MUST HAVE THIS."

    Played around with the idea on release, and then bam. I'm back in the series proper.* So far, probably helps that most of my team is made up of the old. Though I'm trying to remember if I started with Squirtle or Charmander. I distinctly remember Squirtle, but my game still works, and Charizard is in the lineup (Blastoise in a box. Venusaur is there, too....)

    *Touhoumon mod was played and completed at some point...
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  34. Hey guys, I'm BOOMmaker! I found Pokecharms because someone on an animation program forums had a trainer card in his signature and i was interested in it, so i went to the link in the image.

    My first game was Platinum, i got it about 4 years ago when i turned ten. I also play the older games like Red, Ruby, Leafgreen, etc.
    I'm a writer and an animator, probably a newbie compared to others here, but i'm considered to be good at technical stuff.
  35. Well, why not.
    I can't promise I'll be all that active, as I get distracted easily by roleplay on tumblr. But I may as well introduce myself.

    BunyipSong is my username.
    But, all of you can call me Madi... or Gene, or Snipes.
    I'm Australian, a few months away from going into my second decade of life, and I've been a fan of pokemon since I can remember. Sadly, I've not played many of the games. Although I wish I had.
    I love to draw and roleplay mostly. My current main fandom is TF2. But I like a whole lot of others things as well.
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  36. My username is RetroGamr, I'm American and proud of it! What brought me to Pokécharms was, well first, I like Pokémon! Second, I LOVE the Trainer Card maker. I like printing them out and showing them to my friends. It also gives me a place to just sit down and talk to people with the same interests as me. My hobbies are, well, playing Pokémon! I also enjoy playing Minecraft, watching videos, talking to friends, etc.
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  37. You can call me Dragon, Dragoncat, DCat...I first discovered PokeCharms through its trainer card maker. I have been a member of GTSplus and Psypoke, but I think I will stay here. As well as Pokemon, I enjoy Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Spyro...Spyro was actually my first favorite game. It started my dragon obsession. Also as you can tell I love cats, but I'm not only a cat person. I like dogs too.
    I'm into roleplaying, writing fanfiction and making fanart. I live in the USA.
  38. Hi everyone, i'm UmbreoNoctie, or Noctie, I'm 21 and I like Pokémon for a long time ago.
    I live in France, at Paris exactly, and my english is so bad, I wanna cry.

    I'm a student on an art school, to do some ad in the future. I like to draw too, so I'm an illustrator.

    Ho, and I'm a girl. \o/
  39. Hello everyone, I'm StormChu or Storm, whatever you want to call me. I'm 13 and I'd loved Pokémon for as long as I can remember. My dad brought me up on Pokémon, so it's very close to my heart. I found Pokecharms through the trainer card maker, and stayed for everything else! My first pokemon game was Diamond, which I got on Christmas when I was 10 (how ironic!). I've played every main series game released since then, and have played at least one game from every generation. My first ever starter was a Turtwig, I named her Twiggy and I still have her to this day. Unfortunately, I have lost my Diamond cartridge, but I know it's somewhere in this house! I've currently got 3 legitimate shiny pokemon, not including in-game events~ My first shiny was a Wooper, whom I aptly named Lucky. My second shiny, was the first wild pokemon I caught in my White, a Patrat,Unfortunately I didn't nickname him! My last shiny to date, was an Audino, nicknamed Shimmer. I also have the in-game Haxorus and Dratini, Guillotine and Spirit. I don't have a favourite region, however Sinnoh is very special to me ♥.

    I live on the Isle of Wight, in the United Kingdom. I spend most of my time on the computer, drawing pokemon and designing my own fakemon with my best friend. Most of my friends live in the next town over, where my school is, so I don't spend much time with them other than at school. I'm not shy about my love for Pokémon, often playing Ruby on my Gameboy Micro at Break and lunch. Sometime's boys call me gay for liking it, but I shrug them off, how does liking Pokémon make me gay?

    I enjoy digital art, using Ms paint and Paint tool sai. I can easily splice sprites, and am currently practicing my scratch sprite skills. I am constantly taking advice with spriting and art, so any advice is welcome~ I'm into Role-playing and take art requests, so ask away!
  40. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Staff Member Administrator

    ... From the looks of this post, I'd say your only language is bad English. <<;

    Admin Edit: Just so the reason I barked at this individual remains visible in spite of their attempts to cover it up. It looks rather nonsensical just hovering around like this. XP
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