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New Member Introduction Thread

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, May 31, 2007.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Since some people like to introduce themselves when they first join the forum I've finally decided to go ahead and make this thread. That said, all "Hi, I'm new" posts will go here from now on. Any that already exist are fine, but don't make a brand new topic for yourself from here on in.

    So, if you feel like it, tell us a bit about yourself (your likes outside Pokemon, what brought you to the forums/site, random info about yourself, etc.). You don't have to post in here just because you're new, though. It's just for the folks who want to.
  2. Hiya everyone...i have a lotta posts but i actually signed up like 2 days ago...

    umm...I'm very poor knowledge wise on advance gen pokemon,and 50/50 on Johto.My best is 1st gen and D/P.

    I like mew a lot...and i enjoy reading into glitches (so i LOVE missingno...never had one though :( ) and i breed eevee's 90% of the time,so i have a lotta eggs
  3. well, i never made one, so here it is. sorry i'm late xD
    well, i've been here for a couple of months, so...it's fun =D
    i'm a johto fanatic, getting into competetive for the first time in my life with the new release of wifi pokemon, and....i know i'm outspoken when i say this (greatly so, in fact,) but i hate spam. not just the luncheon (if you can call it that) meat, but the bad stuff on forums.
    i'm decent at math, and i can solve most less-than-30-character-equations in my head. might take me a few minutes, but hey >> at least i can do it.
  4. tpl200? A new member? Lies, heh. At any rate I've been around a few days. I have a great liking for custom sprites, and I rather like spam, the luncheon meat. It makes lovely sandwiches. I've not been one for competetive battling before, but with the potential of WiFi I started building up a team and out of 2 matches I've won both, so I'm hoping that's a good start. No doubt I'll be refining my tactics and changing Pokémon repeatedly.

    I'm also on a quest to get as many shiny Pokémon as possible, hence the link in my signature to my trading thread.
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  5. yeah im new here i signed up like last week and got a little confused, but i think im ok now.i havent gotten much time on here,so yeah.....anyway...how do u get those shinies on your signature?!
  6. Hello hello new friends :)
  7. Hiya, I'm Sonjo. I signed up a few days ago so I'm still fairly new.

    I'm currently training my pokemon in D/P. I also enjoy all the other version of pokemon. Red was my first
  8. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Hi, I'm new here. I like this site a lot.

    Also, the webmaster is a genius.

    And hot.

    Give me his phone number please.
  9. I heard he's in jail for being a pedo, so you might wanna try 911 to get a hold of him.
  10. Just to respond to the getting shiny Pokémon on my trainer card - I used Photoshop and just put the images on top.
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  11. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    You're thinking of Sem. He's not the webmaster. :D
  12. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    I'm not pedo though ._.

    I be Sem, and though I'm not new, I never had an introduction thread of my own. ;_; And so Sem must say hi to introduce himself to teh newbies.
  13. Look on your home phone. :D
  14. Hi...i joined a long time ago, but here it go's "Hi, my name is rayku, or just ray. I like make sprites *even though there bad* and other things.
  15. Well, uh, Hi, I'm Rocket X, but otherwise you can just call me RX, if you fancy usernicknames...And uh, well, I've been looking for a good pokemon forum for a while, and now I'm here hehe ;D My interests include fanfiction, drawing and stuff.
  16. Hi, new forumer here from sunny Singapore! XD I just registered like... 45 minutes ago? XD
    Aside from playing Pokemon in my GBA SP, I watch tons of anime, listen to J-Pop, and do other stuff teenagers do. :p A Nintendo DS is on my wishlist. Anyway, nice to meet y'all. :)
  17. Hello, im john, joined a couple of days ago i think 4, yeah, so erm...
    my fav gen is all of them, and anyway hi people.
  18. Hey, I'm new. Just testing my sig. :D how do you make a custom icon? I would like to use an mage but i cant find out how
  19. Hey- yo- what's up? Im new and I've already been warned.... First Forum... ever. Red/Blue were the best. Vaporeon is the best pokemon ever!! And , Hello everyone.
  20. I joined probably at least 4 weeks ago and i'm not on the computer that often so you'll probably see me posting once in a while, like right now. I'm new here but i know the rules and stuff. I only got my first warning by accidentaly posting in the wrong forum.Anyways, nice to meet everybody!! ;D
  21. Hellooooo~

    I'm new here, so uh...hi!
  22. Hey I'm Oren

    I like to make avvys and sigs not good at banners and cards though.
    MY favorite pokemon is Luxray for sinnoh, Charizard for Kanto, Quilava for Johto and Manterick for Hoegn.
    I love to Make TeTeks.

    ps.I'm sorry if I mispelled.
  23. Wow I just kinda noticed this place! I joined like a week ago..No idea im not paying attention, anyway Hiiiii people that probably already know meee!

    I totally second that =O
  24. Well, Ive been here for about a month and a half, but have never made a topic introducing myself, Hi, Im Figs, And I am here to bring you randomness...and bacon... and oreos.... (my oreos, dont touch)
  25. Well, Hi-low there, all of you! I'm a new dp_dex_completer, having 157 seen and 70-something caught!

    I like Sonic, Mario, Pokemon, and what led to me onto this forum, is that I am a Sonic Stadium Message Boards member, who saw those trainer cards on other members signatures, so I tried them out. I was then led into the Sumbit a Trainer thread, and I then registered here!

    And also, I like Homestar. Especially SB.

    Well, I hope I don't get n00b'd!
  26. Well met.

    Pay no attention to me around here, I drift in and out of relevance (and coherence) under no volition of my own.

    Hmm, I have also enjoyed SBemail at times, but pray tell Toku, is that a bizarre form of candied Japanese Power-Rangers in your sig? If so I approve of it.
  27. More like Sentai. That's the Japanese version of PR:SPD.

    Well, thanx for the welcome!
  28. well, to your surprise, yet another new person, so, yeah,I am the new one here, hope I don't get pwned....again
  29. Hey, I'm Puppy. (Shhh! I'm a super hero is disguise..) xD
    I've actually been here for a couple days. ^^; I found this site because I made a trainer card. and then I decided to lurk in the forums. I found that most of you were nice and fair traders so I decided to join. :D
    An'...Yeah...Using wi-fi makes me happy :3 Dun ask why. It just does.
    This is the best site I've found so far. ^^ I like you guys :O *cling*
    So I'll be sticking around, forever >:D (You better get used to me...)
    ...I need not linger in evil people filled forums....
    And I do lots of stuff, have lotsa interests and I do lots of weird things. o-o;
  30. Heya. The name is Paper_Only.(Yes, a stupid name, I know, but I am proud of it.)
    I enjoy my daily serving of video games (if not over-dosing a bit ;) ) and like to roleplay occasionally. (alright, that was a lie. I roleplay alot.)
    And now, for all who care to listen, the story of where this spectacularly (is that a word?) supreme username originated.
    It is a very short tale, if not told in a mere, oh...13 words.

    it comes from a recycling bin from my school that says: Paper Only. (Yes, it is that simple and that ridiculous.)
  31. yo. this is scorne.the name is from a game from the N64 era, called gauntlent legends. anywho, I actually stumbled upon this forum by accident and thought why not. anyway I know most of the glitches. which is why red, blue, and crystal are the best games ever.
    in crystal I have 12 lvl 100 tyranitars because of the duplication glitch. and in my red and blue 99 of alot of stuff cuz of the missingo 99 item glitch.
  32. Hello to all the other people who are new. My name's Katrina. I had played Pokemon up to the Crystal version and got really bored with it. A couple of my friends said Pearl was an excellent game, so I decided to give Pokemon another try. In my spare time, I love to write and once in a while, I'll make animations or AMV's. (Emphasis on the 'once in a while' part.)
  33. Sup. I'm R-C-US(Sounds like Arceus if you didn't already get it). so yeah. I'm a big pokemon fan and would love to battle you people, but I got a new computer and can't install the wifi registration tool because I lost the software for it.

    Other than that, not only do I like pokemon. But I'm a big Megaman Battle network Fan. I loved those games...they were pretty hard.

    So yeah. See you guys around.
  34. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Merged into general welcome thread. Enjoy your warning! ^^
  35. Well, I've posted a bit already, but I think it's only fair if I make some form of introduction.
    I'm really rubbish at this sort of stuff, and I end up rambling on (see?), so I'll try and keep it to the point...

    Name's Ashley, otherwise known as Hedj. I'm dotted about some places, but came to Pokécharms upon the discovery of the Trainer Card Maker. I found that a friend of mine from another forum had submitted a sprite, so I decided I'd make a few too. Someone deleted them from my post as a guest, so I signed up to prevent that. Came for the TCM, stayed for the community, I should hope. :) The atmosphere is very friendly from what I've seen so far, and hopefully I will stay!

    Oh, and while I'm here, kudos to Doctor Oak for choosing SMF for the forum, because it's almost, if not equally, brilliant as IPB.

    *Skips away merrily to make more Trainer Card trainers, a signature, and post and read bit more*
    #35 Hedj, Jun 11, 2007
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  36. Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum(Obviously). I just wanted to introduce myself here. Also, I just want to get one thing straight here. I've used this same exact account before, but it got deleted some how.... I know I posted in "Ask the staff" thread a Wi-Fi question, which shouldn't have been posted there. I read the rules now.

    So...all in all.....I'm SORRY!!!! xD T.T
  37. Hello I am New to the Forums ^^
  38. hi my name is pikachu55 *Jess* hi and this is a cool site i love it so much. hmm i gues i still just love pokemon cause i have pokemon yellow gold and crystal!! and have beaten all 3!! yeah me!!
  39. Sup' guys.

    I just joined because I just got back into Pokemon (I found my Ruby when I was bored and been playing ever since...lol)

    I'm just saying Hello here in Misc. because I didn't see a "Hello Forum".......or I'm just lazy and/or stupid.

    Anywho, Hi.


    P.S. I was about to post somewhere else, but I looked a liiiiittle more carefully and found this! Go me! lol.
  40. i guess is were can i say "hi"


    hi there

    i'm new here from chile

    im KYOKENCL and i want to be acept here

    (sorry about my bad english)

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