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New in town!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by vorodorofrfc@hotmail.com, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. (My first RP so don't expect an amazing story line. Anyone can join.)

    Elias had only been in sinnoh for a few shorts days. He had arrived by boat at canalave city and swiftly moved on. A few years ago he would have rushed to the gym right away but now he was a pokemon coordinator so he had no interest in challenging the local gym leader. Instead he could only wonder where the first contest in this region was going to be held, so far he had idea where to go. He would have to try and find out in the next city. He was sure nurse joy at the pokemon center would be able to help him out. This year he was sure he would win the grand festival after losing in the third round last time around.

    He soon took his first step in jubilife city, he was amazed how much bigger it was than most places back home in Hoenn. He passed a lot of large building's on his way toward the pokemon center but he did not have time to waste right now maybe he would explore later. Right now he just wanted to get some information and something to eat, although maybe not in that order. Soon he reached the local pokemon center and stepped inside.

    He had decided to see nurse joy later as his pokemon did not need attention but he sure needed some lunch. Sitting down in the cafeteria he bit into some food with relief. As he chewed he wondered if there were and half decent trainers in town.
  2. Galain handed in his Pokemon for care with the centers nurse Joy. He was glad he had finally reached Jubilife city. He had heard that the city was large, but even he was surprised at its size, and in his travels he had seen many different places. His journey here had been a long one. However he was glad to be here.
    As he went to get some food, he thought about the Sinnoh regions contests. It was a large place, and he wondered what they would be like. It would be good to see how hard it was here. Though of course the most important thing was to make his Pokemon truly shine.

    He was just thinking about possible moves he could use in the next contest when he saw a familiar face. It took him a while to place it, but then he remembered.
    Elias had been one of the coordinators he had met in Hoenn. Though he didn't know much about him. Galain realized that there was no time like the present to get to know him however, especially if he had to beat him in a contest soon.

    He quickly got himself some food and sat down next to Elias.
    "So you decided to visit the Sinnoh region as well. If you don't remember the names Galain. Nice to see you again" He said. It would be very interesting to see what Elias would do now, seeing another Coordinator so early in Sinnoh.
  3. Elias was still eating when another young trainer came and sat down at the same table as him. He was a little surprised as he did not remember having seen him before. However once he mentioned his name he recalled that he was one of the coordinators he had seen in competition in Hoenn. He did not remember much about him but it was weird seeing him in Sinnoh maybe he had the same idea that he did. Well there was no way he would stop him from winning the ribbon cup.

    "Hum...oh i remember you were in Hoenn right?" He replied although from his tone and expression it was very hard to tell what he was thinking. He stopped to take a bite of his sandwhich, then looked at Galain again. Perhaps he knew where the first contest was, if he did he decided not to mention it in case he looked foolish.

    "I hope your better than you were then, otherwise it wont even be fun beating you." He finally said with a slick smirk as looking away he ran a finger threw his hair. He spoke now in a way that was left now doubt he had little repsect for Galain's skills as a coordinator.
  4. Galain just smiled. He didn't really mind that much what Elias thought about him. But underestimating him would be a mistake. However Elias certainly looked very confident. But it was still hard to tell if he was arrogant or if he was right to be confident.
    "I'm getting better, I would say I'm not that bad, but that's only me." He said. He decided not to remark on how good Elias was, mostly because he really didn't know how good he was.

    He sat back and started to eat his lunch. But in the middle of it he continued their conversation.
    "So what are you doing here in Sinnoh? I guess your entering the Pokemon contests here?"
    He already guessed the answer, but he still needed an answer.
    Personally, he didn't know about any contests here. However it would be easy to find out and he had been planning to find out later today anyway. He never liked to waste time on anything that was important.
  5. Elias found Galains modesty and mild mannered confidence to be quite annoying. He could not quite put his finger on why but it brought out the dark side of his personality.

    "Well its good to see you have some enthusiasm although that can never take the place of real talent." He remarked, most trainers he knew would already have been bristling over his last comment. He wondered how he would take it, would he get upset or stay calm?

    "Of course real winners cant resist competition." He said in responce as Galain asked him if he was compeating here. Although he knew Galain was trying to be polite he felt no need to return that gesture. It was not that he enjoyed being rude more that he was a no nonsense kind of guy. He finished the last part of his lunch quickly not wanting to waste any time when there was much to do.
  6. "Like I said, I'm not bad at contests, or fighting" Galain said again. He quietly wondered what Pokemon Elias had decided to bring with him here. He knew he would bring at least one really strong one, but what others would he bring?

    He decided to not directly answer the comment about real winners. It was probably best not to brag about how many times he won compared with how many he lost.
    "So your entering the Sinnoh contests then. Same here. But we both know there can only ever be one winner."
    He didn't say it out loud, but it was clear he intended on being that winner.

    He finished his meal. Lunch always had a habit is disappearing quickly. And talking about lunch, once he found out about the next contests he had to get his Pokemon back and look about the city. It was clear that Elias had also just arrived in the city. He wondered what he was planning on doing next.
    He pushed his plate away from him and sat back.
    "So what you going to do now?" he asked Elias
  7. Elias gave Galain a searching look. So he thought he was good enough to win the big prize this year. Even if he appeared outwardly modest he must be very confident in his battle skills. Maybe this would work out well then after all he could use a warm up before his first contests.

    "If your really not bad then how about you and me have a little battle." Elias asked as he gave him an in case your afraid to lose kind of look with one raised eyebrow. He could not recall what Pokemon Galain had used in Hoenn after all he had only seen him once or twice. He stood and handed his now empty lunch try to a Chancy that was walking around the room cleaning up.
  8. The thought of a battle suddenly changed Galain. It was hard to notice, but is someone looked closely at him, they could see he suddenly showed a slight grin, and there was a sudden light in his eyes.

    He put the remains of his lunch into a bin and said
    "A battle huh, I guess I could use a good warm up before getting into any contests. Sounds great. Lets get our Pokemon back from nurse Joy and find a good spot to battle."

    Without waiting for Elias, he turned around and went back to the front desk to collect his Pokemon. Once he had them back he thanked nurse Joy and waited for Elias to get his Pokemon as well. As he waited he thought about which Pokemon he should use.
    He could use a charizard of course, but it was a bit early for such a strong Pokemon. Togepi was still to weak. Finally deciding on his first choice he smiled and waited.
  9. Elias Pokemon had not needed treatment as he had not been in any battles since he had come to this region. He waited for Galain to collect his Pokemon from nurse joy so they could start there battle. Nurse Joy clearly seeing what they had in mind pointed outside where there was a large park area that would do well for a battle ground. He walked out side and after he was some distance from Galain turned around a pokeball in his hand.

    "Roselia lets go now." He said said as he threw his pokeball up in the air. Roselia appeared in a shower of petals. Once Roselia had landed on the ground after hovering for a moment Elias turned to look at Galain it was time to see what he would use.
  10. (If y'all don't mind...)

    "Finally! We're finally out of that goshdarned jungle of, like, buildings!"

    Ethan was totally out of his element here. He may enjoy the occasional city or too, but being in one too long makes him claustrophobic. The only reason he's been here for so long was so he could take his Porygon2, Flowlight, somewhere where the sky was not very appealing in general. The attempt was useless, however, and so the thing had kept looking at the sky.

    "Tcha, I really wish you could talk. Then I'd actually know why you're acting like this all the time," Ethan frustatingly said, waving a head in front of it. Flowlight never even blinked, which he felt was rather creepy. "Anyway-ohmygosh! A place with air! Thank the gods! I know what! We can have a picnic and watch those guys over there," He exclaimed, pointing towards two battlers oon a part of the field that was clear, and then bending down to check his Pokenav strapped to his ankle, "Besides, it's time for my lunch."

    Walking over near the two soon to be battling battlers, he found a nice spot to lay out some bread he bought from a convenience store some time back. After doing and so and making sure Flowlight was situated, he turned to the two, adressing to them, "Um, hi! I hope you don't mind, but I'd love to watch this, and I have to kill the next few hours anyway, so I decided, to you know, spend it here! Don't worry, I'll try not to be a nuisance, and Flowlight here certainly won't be doing anything." He kicked the duck-like thing slightly. It fell over.

    "Wow. That's really, er, pathetic."

    Plopping himself down on the grass, he started looking intently at the scene, to see what would happen. One of them already sent out a Roselia, and he couldn't wait to see the other. Wasn't like he was going to leave anyway.
  11. ((I'm cutting in as well, if that's alright..))

    Terrance leaned back and peered up at the sky through dark goggle lenses, wiping the back of her arm over a sweating brow to dispose of the salty water as well as stretch her muscles. The geologic pokemon enthusiast had just run straight from Oreburgh City to Jubilife City alongside her Mightyena companion so-called and so-known as Mag. The female, dog-like pokemon didn't seem the least bit tired in contrast to her trainer who was recovering from that previous work-out. Mag's red eyes scanned the town around her and spotted the nearest Pokemon Center. She barked once to the cooling down Terrance and then took off in the building's direction. Bending all the muscles along her vertebrate once before following after her Mightyena, the rock-lover mentally made a note to go running more often so she could keep up with her pokemon.

    She glanced sideways at a couple of people outside on a near-by field and had to stop just at the door. Gazing over at the few other persons, obviously trainers as well, Terrance could tell from the stances of two that they were about to begin a battle. Torn between watching the fight and getting something to drink, the girl's decision was quickly made for her by an impatient Mag dragging her inside by the edge of her shirt. Terrance grumbling all the way.

    The brunette was efficiently pulled all the way to a vending machine in one corner of the Pokemon Center by her bossy pokemon. Not two seconds later Terrance found herself alone as Mag had pawed off to the outside undoubtedly now watching the very thing she, Terrance, had wished to see. Pushing that aside for now, the half-annoyed teen fished some dollars out of her pocket and bought the first thing she saw; lemonade. Rushing back outside while earning curious looks from other people there, Terrance came to a halt when she saw exactly what Mag was seeing- the Mightyena seated relaxedly in a patch of grass where Terrance soon joined. The traveling trainer and her rebellious pokemon sat around spectating before they had to move on, but it was Mag who noticed they were not alone in being on-lookers. Apparently someone else had gotten the same idea as they had. The dark pokemon's scarlet eyes blazed at them from across the way while Terrance kept optics locked on the scene at hand.
  12. Galain followed Elias out of the Pokemon center and into park. It was a sunny day currently and there was a slight breeze. The best conditions for a Pokemon battle.
    Before he sent out his own Pokemon he looked about. There were a couple of Pokemon... trainers or something, watching their battle. One of them with an odd looking Porygon2, the other with a Mightyena. He grinned out of the sudden excitement. It was always better for a coordinator to have an audience.

    He looked across at the Roselia. It was a small Pokemon, but he knew that with Pokemon, size didn't matter much. The Roselia certainly looked very strong. He can't underestimate these two. But he was good as well, and he was determined not to lose.

    Taking out his own Poke Ball, he realized that he still hadn't got one of those seals. But seeing as this wasn't a contest he didn't need one. Besides his own Pokemon could make their own entrance.
    "Breloom! Come on out!" He shouted and threw out a Poke Ball.
    In mid air Breloom appeared. It performed a flip in the air for a moment, letting different glittering spores shower around it. Then it landed on the ground, with the spores falling down a moment afterward.

    Once they were ready Galain said
    "I presume this is going to be a one on one battle?"
  13. "Of course you can watch Roselia always preforms better in front of an audience." Elias said with a grin as he ran one hand threw his hair again. As he watched patiently it appeared Galain had finaly chosen his Pokemon which also made a stylish entrance. He was a coordinator alright and whats was more it would be a grass type vs a grass type battle, that meant damage would be at a minimum. Well for a coordinator that was perfect because it meant that showing off there Pokemon would be most important.

    "One on one is fine with me, with standard contest rules of a 5 minute battle." Elias said holding up 5 fingers, they both would know that a knock out was unlikely in that time. The winner probably be the one that could show off there Pokemon the best. It was time to get this battle started no fooling around here.

    "Magical leaf Roselia." He said with a wave of his hand to start the battle off. Roselia span once then pointed one of her flowers at Breloom, at once a multitude of brightly coloured razor sharp leaves shot out. Elias smirked he was sure Galain knew Magical Leaf was an attack that always hit its mark so how he react to it.
  14. An interesting open move. It was quite a simple start, but it was clearly to test him to see how he would react. However, Galain knew from experience (not always good experience either) that any move could be blocked or dodged.

    "Breloom, use your bullet seed!" Galain shouted. At once Breloom leaned fowards and shout out a barrage of yellow bullets, using them to intercept the magical leaf.

    Smoke and dust rose as the two moves collided. He couldn't see Roselia from where he was, but then the chances were that it hadn't moved. Why would it?
    But Galain wasn't about to simply counter an attack, defense alone rarely won the battle
    "Now use your mach punch" Galain instructed

    Once again Breloom was on the move. One of its fists started to glow and it shot forwards, aiming for where they guessed Roselia would be. The advantage about Mach punch was that it was an extremely fast move. This should indeed test Elias's and Roselia's reflexes to see if they would be able to stop it.
  15. Interesting with a fighting type mach punch it zoomed across the field towards Roselia. There was no point trying to stop it before it could land an attack. The good news was that as a half poison type Roselia would not take much damage. Wait that was it, why even dodge if he could land an attack too Elias smirked as he called his move.

    "Poison Jab." He called out as hearing him Roselia stood its ground against Breloom. The mach Punch made contact knocking Roselia back a step and up into the air but it span in mid air its flower petals now glowing purple. Now Breloom was close it hit back with a barrage of Poison Jab attacks. Although Roselia was smaller it was still large for its species and would not let Brelooms size worry it.
  16. The poison jab was unexpected. Roselia was doing some surprising damage, even for a super effective. but they were not going to quit just because of that. However, if was clear that the poison jabs had to stop before Breloom was out.

    "Quick, use your iron tail" Galain told Breloom.
    Breloom didn't like getting hit with poison jab either. Before Roselia got in too many hits Breloom tail started to glow silver. Then it span about, trying to catch Roselia just below the head with his tail. If it hit the move would probably send Roselia flying into the air for a while

    One of the best things about Breloom was that it could inflict damage close up with ease. If it needed to it could use its tail, fists and even its head if needed to.
    Galain was glad that this was a contest battle. On a real battle it was whoever knocked out the opponent. However in a contest it usually was to the end of 5 minutes. There often wasn't enough time for a knock out. This meant that as long as the Pokemon was standing and able to fight, super effective's meant little.
  17. Elias watched with satisfaction as Roselia managed to land some Poison Jabs on Breloom. He was sure that Galain had been taken by suprise there as Elias usually did not use Poison type moves with Roselia, he usually concentrated on grass moves. Well it did help to be flexable but now Breloom was coming in fast with Iron tail.

    "Dodge it now." He said as with a spring of its legs Roselia propelled itself high into the air with a quick dodge. As Iron tail went threw the air where Roselia had just been Elias was glad it had missed with such power and normal effectiveness Iron Tail was packing some major power.

    "Roselia Petal dance." Elias called out, Roselia began to spin in mid air its flowers fluttering. Then a beautiful shower of petals began to form from Roselia spinning down towards Breloom below.
  18. Galain smiled. That petal dance was really a great contest move. But he could use it just as well as Elias could. Contests were not just about fighting. They were about making your own Pokemon looking at its best.

    "Breloom, use mach punch on the petals" Galain said.
    Breloom leaped into the air. now both his claws glowed at once as Breloom clawsbecame almost a blur as it slashed at each petal coming from Roselia.

    Eventually it was over. As Breloom landed each petal landed, each one had been cut in half. They slowly fell through the air, gently surrounding Breloom and Roselia, however at this speed they could do no damage.

    Galain smiled. In a contest you could gain points without attacking. Just doing a good looking counter could gain some points. However this time, he decided not to attack. It would be more interesting to see what Elias and Roselia did next.
  19. Elias watched as Breloom beat back his Petal dance with mach punch. Although it has used his petal dance it had still been beautiful so he thought that had probably ended as a draw. He was not sure how much time was left but it was defiantly more than half was gone now.

    Roselia was still high in the air hovering with its petal flowers pointing down toward Breloom. As Breloom had not managed to get in an attack he could fire some more of his own.

    "Sludge bomb." Elias commanded his voice still calm as he ordered another poison type attack. Roselia smiling sweetly fired off multiple balls off purplish sludge down onto Breloom. Elias doubted that Breloom would try to block this attack since it was grass type.
  20. It had all happened so quickly Ethan had barely time to blink. A constant flurry of these beautiful leaves, blindingly fast punches, all of it made his head spin. So, while he was watching, he felt as if he was being stared at, and as he turned, he found his suspicions to be true. It was like the black dog could pounce on him any second, which he felt kind of creepy. But, being the inviting person he is, he waved a hand at the Mightyena's owner.

    "Hi! You don't have to be so far away! Would you like to come over here, by the way! I'm setting up this really really special picnic for my lunch, and, um, since Flowlight," Ethan glanced at his companion, slightly wondering why it hasn't gotten up yet, "Can't exactly eat, I was wondering if maybe...you and your apparently hostile doggy can?" Before she answered, his attention was torn away to the battle for a second to see this filthy ball of sludge being sent towards the mushroom-monster thing.

    "Oooh, that'll hurt."
  21. Terrance eyes were swishing back and forth like a ball in a Tennis match, keeping locked on the movements in this battle. Overall just awed by the sheer quickness. Mag still stared but her strong gaze became a glare and she growled, alerting her trainer to the presence of others. Managing to pull all attention from the two disputing trainers and redirect it at what the Mightyena had just indicated, she was surprised to find a boy calling over to them. Just a bit younger than herself, with a clearly friendly aura about him. Her lips twitched up into a half smile. Still, knowing it was rude to interrupt a fight, the teenager pressed a finger to her lips in a familiar, globally recognized "shushing" motion. The pair then got up and silently made their way towards the fellow observer, both having a seat so they were in range enough talk.

    Removing her hand from her mouth and grinning at the other in a naturally amused way, Terrance nodded and offered a gloved hand to shake. "I'm Terrance," the Mightyena at her side growled causing the human to continue, "And this hostile doggy is Mag." said canine now laid down, satisfied with the introduction. The pair of foggy eyes behind goggles lenses glanced at the new acquaintance's Porygon2, their user concluding, "S'nice to meet'cha.. and Flowlight."
  22. Galain just saw their spectators talking, but he gave them no heed. It wouldn't help to become distracted in the middle of a battle. Instead he focused on Roselia, which was now attacking them with a sludge bomb. A powerful attack, and one that could do some major damage. If that one hit Galain expected that Breloom would be seriously weakened.

    However, just like Elias expected, he never intended on letting it hit.
    "Breloom, jump and use your bullet seed, headbut combination" Galain instructed him. Galain grinned in expectation and pride and Breloom used its powerful legs to jump far clear of the flying pieces of sludge.

    Once in the air, Breloom began to spin, moving faster and faster as it started towards Roselia. It Began to fire off its bullet seed. Partly to block any attack, but also its spinning motion spread the seeds further, making it less concentrated, but with a much wider area. Ad the same time, Breloom got closer and closer to Roselia, intent upon smashing it with his large mushroom capped head.

    As the move progressed, Galain thought back to Roselia's sludge bomb. It had been easy to counter, however he hadn't expected a Pokemon like Roselia to know a move like sludge bomb. It seemed as though the tiny Pokemon was full of surprises. Not only graceful but surprisingly fast and strong too.
  23. Elias had not really expected his sludge bomb attack to land but it was surprising how well Breloom dodged it with zero damage as well. Now his Roselia might be on the end of an attack combination unless he was careful. He tried to concentrate as hard as he could sure he would be able to win this despite how strong he could see Breloom was.

    It seemed now was not the time to hold back but to use one of his better attack combinations as well. As Breloom started firing off bullet seed he decided on what to do.

    "Magical leaf defence Roselia." Elias said as hearing his command Roselia sprang into action. It started spinning downwards as it unleashed a spiral of magical leaves both upwards and below. The leaves spun in a spiral and with the accuracy only a move like magical leaf could give blocked the bullet seeds. Soon the spinning Roselia still defending with magical leaf reached the ground again having avoided the head butt by returning to the ground fast.

    "Now combine stun spore." Elias called as Roselia added an upwards spray of stun spore to its magic leaves. Because of the still spiralling magical leaves the stun spore also moved upwards in a wonderful orange colour spiral. Moving slightly Roselia aimed this spiral towards Breloom.
  24. The battle was really getting interesting now. Not only had Elias responded with a great defence, but he had also attacked with a great combination. In the small amount of time there was before it hit, Galain couldn't think of any way to avoid the damage, but he could do all he could to minimize it. He couldn't dodge it either because that magical leaf directed it all.

    "Breloom, use stun spore and leap through it!" Galain cried
    Breloom began to shake, releasing all of its own spores as it leaped into the air right into Roselia's move. It was a risky move. Hopefully his own stun spore was closer to Breloom and so he could use it as a shield to avoid paralysis.
    However there was no blocking the magical leaf. Galain was glad that it did little damage against Breloom, but knew he would still lose points for it. He probaby wouldn't have done such a move if magical leaf hadn't been ineffective. If might have taken out Breloom.
    But it didn't and that was the important thing. And now Roselia was in the air it was much harder to dodge moves. While Roselia had been able to hit him, he would make sure he could hit back harder.

    "Now hit Roselia with your iron tail"
    Breloom was now right next to Roselia, and even though hurt, Breloom flipped in mid air to bring its now glowing tail straight down into Roselia. If it worked it should send Roselia straight back down to the ground, causing some major damage. He would be very surprised it if knocked Roselia out, but he hoped that it would at least make up for that poison jab earlyer.
  25. (OOC: Roselia is on the ground not air now)

    Elias was surprised to see Breloom jump into Roselia's magical leaf and stun spore tornado. He knew it must be causing damage and maybe paralysis as well. It was a brave move and risky as well. Since Roselia was using so much concentration to maintain its attacks he decided it would be to risky to dodge.

    "Intercept with Poison Jab." Elias said, stopping its combination at the last minute Roselia used poison jab to attack Breloom as it used its iron tail. Roselia struck out with Poison Jab but got knocked backwards by the force of the Iron Tail. He wasted no time calling another attack as he was sure the time limit was nearly up.

    "Magical leaf." he said, Roselia quickly straited up as it span gracefully and pointed both flower petals at where Breloom was. Roselia fired Magical leaf at Breloom not so much to cause damage but because it could not be dodged it would be difficult for Galain to gain any advantage.
  26. (OOC: it would end in the same way anyway. Lets just stop the OOC and continue)

    The iron tail and poison jab collided with terrific force. Spores, leaves, petals and seeds now lying on the ground were sent flying into the air from the impact. Breloom sprang backwards using its tail as a spring.
    Galain also realized that time must be almost up now. There was only time for one last move, and Elias called first with another magical leaf.

    There was no time for any combinations, no time to dodge and counter. They only had time for one great ending.

    "Breloom, finish with your bullet seed." Galain said
    Once again, Breloom let loose another powerful bullet seed, colliding with the magical leaf in the middle of the area between Breloom and Roselia.
    Just like it was at the start, another great explosion of smoke and dust billowed out from the two moves coming together.

    Galain looked at his Poketch. The time was up now anyway. No time for anything else.
    "Stop Breloom. The time is up. You did great, well done." Galain told Breloom. Breloom sat down on the ground, he knew the fighting was over now.

    Galain looked over at Elias
    "Your a good coordinator, well done on fighting so well. If you don't mind, how about we let our spectators decide who did better. Since neither Pokemon was knocked out, lets have them decide which Pokemon did better."
    Galain turned towards Ethan and Terrance, as well as their Pokemon. He didn't actually ask them, but his eyes seemed to ask both of them which Pokemon shined brighter.
  27. As the dust settled Elias saw that Breloom was still standing after the 5 minute ordeal. A shame he had hoped to get a knock out but Roselia had put up a great effort so he could not complain. He moved over to Roselia it had earned a treat, he gave Roselia some of its favourate Pokeblock before going to speak to Galain.

    "That was the best battle iv had in a while, your Breloom's quite something. I really don't mind if they decided who won they were in a better position to see after all." Elias said no longer thinking Galain was the weak fool he had thought him to be earlier. Although since this was not a real contest they had not judges so he was happy to let the who had been watching decided who was the winner. In fact now the battle was over it was time for introductions.

    "The names Elias, Pokemon coordinator." He said as he walked over to talk with the two people who had been sitting down to watch. Having finished the pokeblock Roselia came to stand next to him, it was just a little higher as his knees.
  28. "Gyak!" After realizing he was being too loud, Ethan immediately covered his mouth his his hands. After a few seconds, he noticed said trainer coming over to greet him. Smiling back, he grabbed the outstretched hand and shook it.

    After hearing her introduction, he immediately responded, "Hi! Um, I'm Ethan, and you really shouldn't mind him," Ethan motioned towards the Porygon2, now resuming a floating position in the air, "He's just, er, I'll say, weird. Seriously. Even if you tried, the goshdarned thing won't even acknowledge anyone. As much as I'd love to say it only acknowledges me, it kind of doesn't. It's like it's asleep, and won't wake up. Not like it can't fight or anything, sure, it will do whatever I say on the dot, but..." Ethan paused for a minute before continuing.

    "It just really creeps me out. I can't tell what it's thinking at all. It's like I'm controlling some sort of robot," Ethan took a look at it, thinking it hadn't moved from it's stationary spot, but instead, it floated over to Mag and, beeped. "Wow. That's the most interaction it's had with something all day. Anyway, who do you think did the best from the two? 'Cause I just can''t tell."

    Turning towards the two now finished battlers, one of which coming towards him, he said, " Oh, hi! I'm Ethan, and, er, that's them," He pointed towards Terrence and Mag. "If you could give me a second, I still have to decide who did better."
  29. Changing her position, an arm draped over one bent knee and the other dangling in aftermath of the hand-shake. Terrance's optics quickly shifted to back to the battling trainers, having nodded at the boy's description of his pokemon in consideration. Soon the attacks came to a halt causing both Mag and her trainer to seem curious. Who had won? That was, until the two battlers turned to them and looked with expectant eyes, apparently having noticed them an recognized that they were there. One even walked over to greet them appropriatelly. Mag, being much more opinionated than Terrance herself, let out a decisive growl and rested her head upon two crossed paws, eyeing Roselia. The Migthyena's bright reds flicked to Elias as if to explain she liked his performance better, but the sheer boredom she expressed about giving her thoughts could've been be somewhat off-putting for the vote.

    She quickly introduced herself and her pokemon, to make sure they could all call eachother by name and doing this in a manner of motioning to herself and the Mightyena respectively. "Terrance, Mag." The geo-girl furrowed her brow and glanced from Galain to Elias then back to Galain, speaking in a tone that could not be doubted of it's honesty, "I think yer both better off with a draw. See, mosta' those moves would've been dumb on their own but when y'all fought against eachother and put 'em head t' head.." Terrance shrugged to express the last bit. Pretty much, the rocker (lol, pun) was stating both of them needed some practice but were clearly on the same level. Plus, they seemed to work well togethor. Then her attention was turned back to Ethan to hear his feelings on the subject, as he seemed to still be debating.
  30. "Nyaaaaa!" Ethan exclaimed frustratingly, trying to think. After hearing Terrence's thoughts on the subject, he finally said, "I suppose I agree with her. As is, from what I see, Mag apparently likes Elias more, but I kind of liked Galain performance. So, you know what?" Ethan got up and and with dramatic motions, declared, "Draw! Teehee, I always wanted to say that!"

    "But seriously, that was a really nice battle, and if someone had been knocked out, I still would've, er, drawed it." Quickly bending over and pulling up part of his jeans to check the time on his Pokenav, he said, "But I've still got a few hours to kill. May I give it a shot to battle you, Terrence? Unless you don't want to of course. I don't really mind either way." He turned to her, swiping part of his honey colored hair to the side.

    (Seriously, by all means, you can say no. Just trying to keep this going as I got no other ideas at the time.)
  31. ((Nah, it's cool, I was hoping for a battle.))

    Terrance grinned and could sense rather than see Mag roll her eyes annoyedly. The Mightyena was often lazy due to over-confidence and rarely ever wanted to battle, being somewhat of a narcissist. Still, the trainer nodded in agreement and made to stand up as well in mimic of Ethan, her soon to be opponent. "I think a battle'd be kickin'.. it ain't like I got t'be anywhere inna hurry." her hand automatically reached up to her vest pocket and retrieved a small pokeball which quickly became twice it's size in her palm after one press of a button. Without much thought she shined it at the Mightyena who got called back in a flash of red.

    Placing the re-shrunken ball on her hip temporarily, Terrance lifted up her goggles momentarily and kept that atop her forhead. Eyes now clearly shown, she spoke up,"M'kay. So, what kinda fight y'want?"
  32. "So that means you get until the first contest until i beat you." Elias said turned to face Galain, if he was disappointed it did not show. After all this was just a practice battle things did not get serious until later, then there could only be one winner. He smiled with his battle skills and Roselia's talent he was sure that first ribbon would be his soon.

    Roselia did not seemed to mind the Migthyena growing at her, she just looked back confidently. They had won enough battles together that it would take a lot more than that to intimite Roselia. Leaning back Roselia turned her eyes to breloom clearly upset the battle had ended before they could score a win.

    "Yeah that's a good idea you two should have a battle as we can watch. It would be interesting to see what of battle you would put on." Elias said his eye flicking from on trainer to the other.
  33. "Well, I prefer something without too many Pokemon because it may get really long and stuff, so, um, how about, like three on three? That's how it normally goes right?" Ethan cocked his head questioningly to the right and then headed out to the field where Elias and Galain had recently battled, but immediately ran back so as to put Flowlight back in its Heal Ball.

    After returning back to said field, he exclaimed, "Are you waiting for something? I'm ready! Oooh, this'll be so exciting!" Ethan then sat at his spot, due to his feet hurting from all that walking around before and waited for Terrence to come over.
  34. Galain thought about it. Seeing as it was a mock battle anyway, he didn't really mind losing. He had even learned a bit from it. Breloom had battled the best it could, and seemed to have had some fun as well, and in the end that was what was most important.

    "Hi, the names Galain, also a Pokemon Coordinator. Nice to meet you two. And Elias, next time were in a contest together, I'm the one who is going to win."
    He said the last part looking at Elias, and then sat down next to Breloom on the grass. While it was fun to actually have a battle, it was almost as fun watching one, especially when you had no idea what Pokemon they could use.

    Breloom was looking back at Roselia with a new respect, however, he was as determined to win next time as his trainer was.

    Galain sat back, content on watching the next match, while he waited for it to begin he brought out some of his own pokeblock and gave it to Breloom. It deserved it after fighting so hard. As Breloom ate, he realized that he would have to dry to make some poffins, and he wondered how they were different from pokeblock
  35. "Ha, just saying it doesn't make it so." Elias said as he brushed his hair of his eyes. His tone this time was not rude like it had been before but it was clear he thought he was going to win. He noticed that Ethan and Terrance were moving off to have there own battle so went and sat down near Galain to watch. Although he was watching he was also thinking back to the battle he had been in and thinking how to improve his combinations for next time. He also decided to get a poketch they looked quite useful for a coordinator as well as a fashion item as well.

    Roselia sat down near Elias feet her flowery arms folded as she watched the two trainers with interest to see what Pokemon they would bring out now.
  36. She smiled at the suggestion. Three on three would be perfect.. six on six really was too long a battle, the geologist had to agree with Ethan there. Terrance gave a wave of her hand to diismiss his calls, replying, "I'll be over inna' second!" Picking out a pokeball from her inventory and rolling it around between her fingers as she walked over to the fellow trainer, taking her time, Terrance hardened her senses as was needed. "Alright, so I'll get started, I reckon.." a grin flitted over her mug, "Typo, yer up!" she clicked the pokeball and it became large just as the previous one had, accept this time the brunette tossed it forward and out shot a Cranidos along with that same red aura.

    Typo snorted and scuffed his feet against the ground, clue cranium placed first as a sort of shield but also to intimidate the other. Terrance crossed her arms over her chest and began calculating inside her skull, going over possible moves. She hadn't used Typo in a while, but by his offensive stance it only proved to make him more eager for fighting. Perfect; that's what she'd wanted.
  37. Looking at the dinosaur-like thing that came out, Ethan for a second was shocked. You don't really see that type of thing anyday. "Oh wow! It's so pretty," Ethan clapped his hands together and tilted his head a bit to the side, and added, "But I guess I'm gonna have to do beeeetteer!"

    Reaching to his sling on bag to his side, he quickly searched through it thoroughly and took out one great ball with a lot of stickers on it. "Let's go, Mr. Potato Head!" Throwing the ball up in the air, released from it was a huge rock that looked like an Easter Island Statue. The Probopass turned towards Ethan and eyed him angrily. "Alright fine. Forget that his name is Mr. Potato Head everyone!" He shouted. The poor Rock and steel type looked even angrier now.

    "Don't mind him, he's just a spoilsport. Anyway, I guess I'll start off," Ethan pointed his finger at the Cranidos dramatically and said, "Flash Cannon!" The Probopass' three Mini-Noses rised above him and started gathering a sort of metallic energy in between them, and sent the ball of shining metal straight towards the dinosaur, and Ethan had a feeling it would hurt. Pretty bad.
  38. The girl whistled upon seeing the Probopass and nodded subconciously at Ethan's words, mumbling in recognition, "Nice pokemon.." Terrance had to admit she was impressed. A species that interesting was fun to see, but she knew enough about rock pokemon to understand this wouldn't be easy. Rock against rock, with her disadvantage of steel, she had just lost the upper hand in this. And the first move had been steel-type as well.. what a bad match on her part! To equal the playing field she'd have to reveal her signature move first off. "Typo! Zen Headbutt, plow through!" The Cranidos half-faultered but not a moment later was roaring it's name and stomping forward with vast momentum to meet the shining blast half-way.

    Typo's glowing head continued to gleam and the streaming, heavy light passed over him as the protective shield summoned by the attack as a sort of side-affect, leaving him with much less damage than what would have been the case but not without injury entirely. Psychic energy blisterered around the top of his skull while the young Cranidos was still on his path, barreling towards the Probopass at full force with no intention of stopping. Terrance stood ont he side-lines watching the sparks fly and thinking back to how it reminded her of a snapped cable.
  39. "Ohsnap!" Taking aback by this sudden twist, ethan realized he wasn't battling some ordinary trainer. "Probo, brace for impact! Iron Defense!" The Probopass raised its Noses up and then quickly flashed into a shiny metal, and so the resulting collision didn't do as much, but it still pushed him back a good amount.

    "I must say, your Cranidos is really strong. I don't think I'd be able to stand up to it if it evolved." Ethan commented. "Anyway, I guess I'll have to cripple it so I can match that speed. Probo, Thunder wave!" The Probopass' Mini-Noses start circling the Statue-like creature, creating enough friction so that it was just sparking with energy. "Now, release energy!" The Probopass silently shot a spark amount of electricity towards the dinosaur, meant to paralyze the target.
  40. Perfect. Literally, not sarcastically speaking. Terrance knew all too well she'd picked the wrong pokemon for this and a paralysis was just the sort of excuse she needed to pull her pokemon back before it fainted. His defense was horrible and the female geologist didn't trust Typo to hold up against the opposing pokemon when eh couldn't even attack. Sending her Cranidos a thoughtfulglance, she was inwardly excited to see the gaze returned- apparently the cowardly rock-type was thinking along exactly the same lines as his trainer. Cranidos quickly buckled as the thunder rocked his body around and then forced him into an unmoving position. Like the rocks he controlled, Typo was unmovable. Critical hit! Thank goodness he wouldn't be forced to stay on field.. the brunette's creeping feelings of guilt were swept away by that single thought.

    Turning her eyes to Ethan with a small grin, she nodded at his rebuttal, "Good one." Terrance quickly drew out another pokeball on hand and called her Cranidos back. "Nice job, Typo!" with a flash of red he was gone. But soon replaced was another flash of red followed by a shout of "Now- C'mon, Cid, let's show 'em how it's done!" and a very angry looking Diglett had appeared in place of Typo. The ground pokemon cried "DIGLETT!" in a voice that was naturally joyful but now filled with annoyance, causing something of a major contrast.

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