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New Idea for a Pokemon Rp Crossover

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by YoungAssassin60, May 31, 2017.

  1. Hello!! So I have a idea on a Pokemon Crossover. Its a Assassins Creed/Pokemon crossover! I know that sounds weird but ive been doing it on twitter for a long time and everyone seems to like it! I just want to know if anyone likes that idea? If so...ummm...reply? XD sorry I'm new!
  2. I do love Assassins Creed, though I haven't played all the games, I know the gist of it and I'd be more than down to do a crossover roleplay about it! /)^3^(\
  3. Cool! So I have a thing ive been doing on twitter. Its a Pokemon/Assassins Creed Crossover. So far everyone has enjoyed it! So the character I have been Role Playing as is a man named Garret Helims. He is a Assassin of the Hoenn Region. I have a ext. For his bio! I forgot to copy it! Let me find it :)
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  5. I absolutely love it~
    It's far more detailed than I expected, but that's great! I've been wanting a more elaborate and detailed RP! Count me in, for sure! Heck, I'm starting on making an OC this instant~
  6. XDDD Alright! So when your done I have an plan! We should react when Team Magma burned down Fortree City :). And Garret tries to save everyone but doesnt. His parents don't make it. I wanna do something like that!
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  7. Do you mind if I just make a detailed, written description of everything? Since the site doesn't allow pictures/artwork that isn't yours. ^^

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