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New Hunger Games RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DragonianKing87, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. I know there was a Hunger Games RP recently but due to it dying I was hoping people would be interested in a new one. If you had participated in the last one I would personally say feel free to use your original bio if you wish. For those who missed out or are new to the series, go ahead and make a new one. As far as numbers go I was hoping to at least have one from each district that seemed to work well. Also due to the Training taking so long I think it would be wise to skip the training all together. Meaning we would have our first three or four posts be the Reaping, then a night in the Training Center building either before or after training, Then interviews so we can get down to the Games. Speaking of games, as far as crowning a victor goes I havent quite decided on how I will work that yet because it has to be fair and it indeed will have to be agreed upon. My initial thought was to have everyone pick their districts then have someone roll a die but then I thought of all the ways that could be rigged so I'll have to think of something else.

    I hope people are interested in this and I hope to see some familiar faces. Oh and for those who are wondering. Yeah I'll be using my same character as before. I set him up for a heart wrenching death and I feel he deserves it.

    Fly strong my friends....And may the odds be ever In your favor.

    Current Participants (confirmed):
    DragonianKing87 - District 12 Male
    BlackAmber - District 6 Female
  2. Hmm I'm interested in this however I'll wait and see if I have enough time to be doing 2 RP's and I think Blazi might be interested too
  3. I am interested in this; however, I have never participated in RPing before, so I will need to excessively read through rules for it, and polish up on my writing. So, if I do partake in this, you might have to be patient with me if I screw up. I also would like to know how to do a Hunger Games RP, with aspects such as tributes dying.

    EDIT: Also, training shouldn't be skipped, it just shouldn't be prolonged. Maybe spend one day of training, and then skip ahead to when the tributes get their scores, and some of them can remember what wet on during their private session. Before that, I think a Reaping post for each person, one post for being on the train, then one for the parade, then what I mentioned above regarding training, one per person for interviews, and then the Games.
  4. I am definitly interested in this as I was with the last one however for some odd reason I never came back to Pokecharms for months maybe a year (Can't remember how long its been), anyway I hope to use my old character bio or a new one if neccessary, its in the other discussion form unless you feel I should post that horrifyingly long thing here if so just let me know. ~:D~
  5. Thanks for all the interest guys. Amber I personally would just post it here to make it easier. I'll be adding my bio to the end of this post so everyone can tell whats going where. Other than that i was thinking we sould use an abandoned city as our arena. If anyone has anyother ideas let me know.

    Name: Jameson Strongarm

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: District Twelve

    Age: 15

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Hair: Short and black

    Eyes: Blue

    Clothing: Blue jeans, Red t-shirt, Black hoody, fingerless gloves.

    Token: A piece of mettal he mad into a necklace charm.

    Identifying Marks: A long scar he got after tripping and scraping the side of his face along a piece of mettal he turned into a necklace charm.

    Musculature: fairly strong build from workig in the mines.

    Personality: Warm and caring, usually he tries to make friends with others despite his scar.

    Skills: He is an extremely skilled hunter and excels at traps and even a basic swordsman.

    Past: Jameson was born to qa family that couldnt fend well for themselves they taught him to hunt from a young age and tend to leave him to his own wills. He fears the Hunger Games because he thinks its all wrong to be doing so much harm to children and families. He has a very uncharicteristic hatred towards The Capitol on the Career tributes seeing them as blood-thirsty and cruel.

    Family: Mother, Father, Brothers all alive in District 12

    Love Relationships?: None
  6. Just a question: Is there a limit on which District we can do? Because I prefer to have District 7, but I'm just wondering if someone else is already doing that District.
  7. Edit: I changed my mind I can't participate in this RP right now (apoligies for any inconvenience).
  8. Honestly ShinyZekrom I believe District 7 is open so go for it. If anyone else wishes to participate I'm currently writing the first post so go ahead and post your bio's and we can get started.

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