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New Eeveelution Announced

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    It's that time of the month once again. CoroCoro is beginning to leak, and one of the first things to slip through the cracks is a Gen VI Pokémon.

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    #1 Rex, Feb 12, 2013
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Rex, Feb 12, 2013.

    1. Stark
      Another Eeveelution *facepalm* WHY?
    2. Linkachu
      A higher quality scan of the CoroCoro page surfaced this morning so I've added a second image to our news update and a better quality version of our original pic. Seeing it more clearly makes me like this new evolution a bit better now. I'm looking forward to hearing which type it is. :)
    3. Stark

      What type is it, if not Flying?
    4. Demelza
      We all knew this was coming the minute the eeveelutions started getting so much attention. I am so happy though, that thing is cute. ^____^


      I wouldn't be at all surprised if it turned out to be a whole new type (maybe the same way Umbreon was a Dark type to fit when the new type was introduced in gen 2), but it could be a normal type too... Guess we'll see.

      Either way I am perfectly happy with this news, yesh. :D
    5. Magpie
      I'm not sure what I think of this little guy to be honest... I'll probably post in the Cryptidex when I've figured it out what my opinions are xD

      I'm not sure about Flying... I actually hope it isn't because my visions of a Flying-type Eeveelution always involved fabulous wings. I've seen suggestions of Normal and Fighting floating around (ninja ribbons, go!), and some are thinking this one could represent a new type all together (although what that type would be in anyone's guess).
    6. Doubled
      I guess I like it, but... I dunno, I guess it'll have to grow on me. Though I am excited~ It looks like it could be a normal type, but I think that this thing will be able to use attacks from her Eeveelution sisters (in my head it is a girl, okay?), given that one screenshot from the game in the second scan that looks like she's summoning some sort of fire. what if it turned out to be fire/fighting However, I really can't say that I think this thing will be anything other than a new type. The secrecy revolving around its type just makes me wonder, and unlike her brothers and sisters, Ninfia just doesn't have that appearance like Glaceon or Umbreon have that scream what type they are, so I'm going to bet either Normal or something new, though I know the chances of that happening are really low.

      Though something about it reminds me of Milotic for some reason. I know that that has nothing to do with it, probably, but once you see it, it doesn't really go away. PLUS, now that we have a confirmed Eeveelution in Gen VI, I think we can safely assume that there will be plenty of returning Pokemon, and that Gen VI might go the way of Gen II and IV and give us several new evolutions. Though, then again, GF could just say that Eevee would be the only Pokemon with a new evolution, we really can't tell anymore :I

      Edit: now that I think about it, aren't Eeveelutions introduced along with some new evolutionary mechanic? In RBY we had stones, GSC we had friendships at certain times of day, DPPt we had locations, so I wonder what would trigger it this time. I don't think that we will be seeing the same mechanics used for this, and I think this one is going to be really unique since its the only Eeveelution introduced (or at least thus far, but really if they were going to make more then they would reveal them too, wouldn't they?) this gen.
    7. Stark
      Doubled, it reminds you of Milotic because Milotic also has giant head ribbons going on.

      I suppose Ninfia is its English name too, as we had the English starter names already. Right?
    8. Demelza
      It reminds me more of Victini because of the ears.

      And nope, Ninfia is the translated name from the Japanese, it isn't to say that Ninfia will end up the actual English name. The way the starters had their names revealed was handled differently because of the English announcement side of things, TPCi/Nintendo/AnyOfTheEnglishLot have yet to speak out about it, which is what bothers a lot of us because we still have to rely so much on the Japanese news before we'll get it translated for us officially.
    9. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      I'm pretty sure it's the Japanese name. Glacia and Leafia all ended in -ia in Japan. The English name will probably be Ninfeon or something closer to its type. I honestly can't see GameFreak changing the naming scheme on us like that without this one being majorly significant.
    10. Coreysawrus
      It looks like a Normal type and one that shouldn't exist imho xD

      The other types I could think is
      Bug (Bows represent butterflies and it has antennae sort of xD)
      Dragon (Only special type yet to be done and has red and blue the two colours of the dragon typing)
      Flying (Streamers in the wind or could be used like a helicopter xD)

      Grasping at straws a little but I hope it is Normal because the other types deserve much better
    11. Keleri
      I like it, it's cute. I'm excited to see what type it is as well-- cute and pink says Normal to me, but we'll see. The blue eyes make me think of something ghostly for some reason.

      I've heard some wild speculation that this gen will have new types (long-hoped-for Light and something else), so it would be cool if this eeveelution was one.
    12. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      I don't really get why they're gearing Ninfia so much towards girls, seeing as Eevee and its evolutions are already so beloved by girls and considered to be adorable Pokemon. It seems like a redundancy to me. Also, Pokemon is one of the franchise that doesn't really need to pander to either gender to get them to buy the games. I'm really not getting it the logic here.

      I'm really interested in what the typing will be, though. Normal seems like the most obvious choice right now. I'm really curious, though.
    13. baratron
      I just want to know why it's PINK. Isn't that already covered with Espeon?
    14. Demelza
      Espeon is more purple than pink to be honest and they get away with it because some Espeon artwork shows the thing as being a very dark purple which keeps it away from the pink side of things.

      Plus Ninfia is more cream than it is pink imo, the image used in the news article just make it more pink-y than other images have. :3
    15. baratron
      Espeon's official Dex colour is Purple, that's true. But it's really a very pinky lilac, especially in some games or art sources. I've always thought of it as pink.

      Where's that Japanese magazine scan (might be CoroCoro) that had people flailing about a possible new Eeveolution a couple of weeks ago? That'll give its Ninfia's official colour.
    16. Keleri
      Clearly, to offset this OBVIOUS GENDER IMBALANCE, since only girls like pink cute things, we need a hairy, roided-out fighting type eeveelution for the manly men.
    17. Demelza

      The image does mean it can really only be purple or pink, and of course Espeon is already our purple Eeveelution
    18. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      With all this talk about there already possibly being a pink Eevee evolution (though I don't see either Espeon nor Ninfia as being pink colored), I have to point out Vaporeon and Glaceon. Both are blue. I rest my case. :|
    19. Linkachu
      Looking at that image with all of the Eeveelutions just reminds me that we're unlikely to ever have an official Ninfia sprite. The sadness that is nostalgia... XD
    20. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      I had this problem a lot with Gen. VI, to be honest. I mean, I really love 3D, and having a Pokemon game with 3D graphics would seem /amazing/. But as a spriter, it does make me sad to see the two dimensional graphics go away. ;;

      Also, whoooot Ninfia~ ♥ I actually have pretty split opinions about this one. While I'm pretty pleased that we get another Eeveelution (if only for my Eevee bias XD), the color scheme kinda hurts my eyes, and the design didn't strike me as an Eeveelution at first glance for some reason. Probably because I was tired when I looked at the image, though ^^;

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