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New DS Pokemon game, Generation V, slated for end of 2010

  1. Direct from Pokemon.co.jp, we have news that a new Pokemon RPG will see release in Japan at the end of 2010. The headline makes mention of a "completely new series". That, combined with the revelation of Game Freak as the developer and a paragraph at the end that discusses new Pokemon, a new game, and innovation 4 years from the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl seem to indicate that this announcement is about Generation V.

    The article doesn't give a lot in the way of details, but we do know it will be for the DS, and that it is intended to be released by the end of the year.

    This month's Corocoro is also supposed to have some sort of 'surprising announcement,' which may also relate to this announcement.

    We'll be sure to be on top of news as it develops, so stay tuned.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by NonAnalogue, Jan 29, 2010.

    1. Blisk
      Finally, another generation! It's been years since the thrill of a new generation so I'm psyched. I can't wait to get more information about what kinds of Pokemon shall be appearing. :3
    2. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      I figured Nintendo's recent adoption of short announcement-to-release times would eventually catch up with the main Pokemon games. Especially since Platinum and HG/SS were pretty much the same.

      Here's hoping for a normal September-November date and an early worldwide English release next spring.
    3. NonAnalogue
      Of course, more work for you, eh, Doc? :p
    4. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      As ever. :p
    5. Linkachu
      Yes... finally... :'D

      Can't wait until more details are revealed ^___^
    6. Magpie
      Pfffff, the reply I was just about to post looked almost identical to the one you just posted, Linkachu. You beat me to it XD

      I can't wait either. It'll be the first time I've been part of a Pokemon community when a new Gen is released, so I'm sure it'll be uber fun getting to gossip about new Pokemon and possibilities. In the past no one I've known has been remotely interested in my 'Weeeeeeee! Look at THAT new Pokemon. It's awesome!' rants
    7. Prof. Cinders
      Prof. Cinders
      I. Want. More. Fire Types. That's all I have to say on the matter. :p
    8. Abnaki_Knight
      If they have a new eevee evolution, I be happy for the whole next year. XD
    9. Toru
      A litttle bit of originality, possibly a new Pokemon type due to the sucess of hitting gen V. I'll be pleased if some of that pops up in the new game.
    10. Nim
      Yeah i have to agree with prof cinders that we need more fire types cause in gen 4 there was only one new fire type that wasnt a starter or a legendary.

      This is gonna be sweet. I love playing pokemon game where you dont know what pokemon you are gonna find and just finding them as you go.
    11. Falacy
      A new generation sounds nice but i wish it to be not packed with a new 150 pokemon honestly. Like myself i try to catch them all i only need a few more pokemon for each region then i'm done, Now i have another 150 or maybe abit less to catch, But at this rate i can see a 7th generation besides my concerns and nagging though, Hopefully most of it well have pokemon that still don't have a evolution such as Farfetch'd or maybe some that need abit more evolutions like possibly a baby scyther evolution. .
    12. Luconray
      Can't wait to finally explore a new region! I'll probably actually avoid looking at too much information for these games, so I can still be surprised at new things that may be in them when they come out. For now, though, I'll probably keep on checking for some more basic info about these new games.
    13. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Eeeee, this is so exciting! And the more Pokemon the better because the variety is awesome! I still want my Dark/Electric type, but more dark types in general (along with a dark type gym leader ahem) would be awesome.
    14. jertyuiop
      Yipee! A new generation! Some of them will be released in the next movie, but then a whole new region full of them! I'd like to see all of these and what sort of new (pr)evolutions they have in Gen V.
    15. Johto-Master
      i'm glad they'll be on ds, i wont have to buy a new console
    16. Luxetone
      O awsome finally i get to play a new one i hope they use some fan sprites this time but that will never happen
    17. MysticalMonkeyMan
      I hope that they make more new Pokemon, because personally I want to see less of new evolutions and more of plain old NEW.
    18. Cody
      I'm excited and all...but...I dunno. It seems a bit too soon for me.

      Ah well, should be loads of fun! : D
    19. Nim
      Does anyone know what these games will be called or seen any of the pokemon? And when does the movie that reveales some come out because im really curious about this and want to know more.
    20. RoaRx3

      ah yes... finally some new pokemons coming up plus new evolutions and new regions etc. anyways i dont want every pokemon having a prevolution or evolution cuz then again it isnt fun...

      hope they are gonna make some new legendary type, lets say fighthing and bug...

    21. windsaver
      *Does Happy Dance*

      How exciting. Can't wait for more info. I wonder what new items and gear they will have. Also who the gym leaders will be. Hope more info come out on the new pokemon in it.
    22. Jenova
      Hah, same here. Seems a bit too soon to have another Pokemon gen, what with HGSS coming out for everyone else in 2 months or so. Then again, since it'll be released at the end of 2010, that might give the time for everyone to hope for the best.

      I can only hope that female characters aren't going to be as... skimpily dressed as they are as of now. Then again, I'll be wishing upon my own meteors.
    23. Rex
      It does seem a little soon, especially with so many other games coming out this year. The new Ranger coming out Japan, and HGSS coming out in a bunch of countries. To be honest, I'm scared of what a Gen V Pokemon might look like.
    24. Blisk
      I think the reason it seems so soon is because the world just got Platinum last year. It just seems a little close because of the spacing of the gen and the fact they did the remakes after the sister game instead of before like with FRLG. I actually can't imagine any new Pokemon to add, so I'm excited to see what they come up with.
    25. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      Now this is going to be interesting. As with Jenova, I, too, wish that the female trainers weren't so scantily clad.

      I really hope there is going to be a gerbil Pokemon. However, that most likely won't happen, so a more plausible dream would be for an electronics Legendary.
    26. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      I hope this new generation has more original Pokemon than the last generation (as in, not as many prevolutions or evolutions of already-made Pokemon), and that there's some cool new feature in it. ^^

      Though I have to say, I'm a tad surprised. I mean, a new generation came out with the release of a new handheld console (Gameboy, Gameboy color, game advanced, and the DS)... so unless they count the DSi as a different one from the DS, I'm slightly tempted to think of this as just another spin-off game.
    27. NonAnalogue
      Gold and Silver were for the Game Boy. Crystal was the only one for the Game Boy Color.

      Also, consider it's an RPG with new Pokemon made by Game Freak and not one of the companies that handles spinoffs. If it is a spinoff, it's still gonna be a pretty damn big deal.
    28. Toastie
      I certainly was happy when I heard this. However, the perplexity of it being on DS and it stating it being one game has of course made a lot of people sceptical.
      I'm still reeling from the 'big suprise' from Pokemon Sunday being a ranger game I already knew about, so I'm slightly cautious in case we're let down again.

      However, it is very possible it's Gen V, and if so, I'm hoping for a bunch of evos like Gen IV had (unlike the Gen III calamity of NONE)
    29. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Actually, it's not as soon as you think. It's been four years XD Diamond and Pearl where introduced in 2006...coming four years after Ruby and Sapphire which themselves came three years after Gold and Silver (referring to the Japanese dates). If my dates are correct, we're right on schedule--if Gen V is indeed coming. Blisk is right, it only seems soon because we just got Platinum and we're getting HG/SS very soon.
    30. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      It feels soon but it really isn't. *sigh* I know the feeling. My how time flies. I have to admit I'm feeling a large amount of anticipation for this news release no matter what the details are. Even so, I'm still very much wrapped up in the 4th Gen trying to complete Pokedexes and preparing for my SoulSilver that I'm not sure if I'll be ready to throw all of that to the side in one year's time.
    31. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      People saying it seems too soon are probably only feeling that way because this is a completely different way of releasing a new Generation for us. In the past, pre-Generation hype was drawn out across a good 2 years - for the most part if nothing more than the fact both G/S and D/P actually ended up delayed.

      In this case though, we get a short announcement that there'll be a new Generation towards the end of the year (as early as September, possibly - but probably November) and then a few months later it'll be here.

      One reason for this is that Nintendo's pre-release strategy has changed dramatically in the past few years following the lacklustre reception games like Twilight Princess and SSBB were released to because they "didn't live up to the hype" - which, in both cases, was extremely insane and drawn out by plenty of delays. Now we're seeing games announced in one month, and released just a few months later (in Japan, at least). Just look at next month's Ranger game, for instance - that was only announced just a couple of weeks ago.

      But, really, cries of 'too soon' are pretty ill-founded. Were it any later, Generation IV would be the longest so far.
    32. Blisk
      I agree with Alex. The generation was released differently.

      Generation III was out in 2003 (US), remakes in 2004, and then the sister game in 2005. This generation is set differently. DP came out in 2007, then two years later like the last generation, they released the sister game. What made it weird is the release of remakes after instead of before the sister game.

      Also, the games are coming out with the same years apart. There were two between Emerald and DP in America (2005, 2007) and then it'll be at least two after Platinum that the new generation comes out in America (2009, 2011+).

      Just thought I'd point that out since it wasn't specifically stated.
    33. ratsmilk
      i agree with blisk it seems like they have used every thing possible for pokemon
    34. RoaRx3
      i watched pokemon sunday on 31. of january and they had another question mark which they will reveal this sunday... plus they were fighting about some video tape to show us...
    35. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      The video tape is a recorded announcement by Masuda. What they're pretty much saying is that on the next episode, Masuda will personally announce the new games and Pokemon Sunday will reveal the first Gen V Pokemon - set to appear in this year's movie.
    36. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      I hope I'm not getting too off topic here but...

      Considering how most people are complaining that Pokemon doesn't stray from its formula, they've come nowhere -near- close to using everything possible for Pokemon. Unless you mean the Pokemon themselves, in which case they still haven't used everything. I think of all the animals and mythological creatures that can possibly be used as inspiration for new Pokemon and I get more and more excited about Gen V.

      I'm getting a little tired of the "they've used every idea for Pokemon" and "they've run out of ideas" argument. And I don't care if Arceus exists or not. There's no problem with the so called Alpha Pokemon not being the last Pokemon listed. It doesn't have to be all about Gen V trying to top Gen IV.
    37. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      To save myself the bother of rewriting it, I'm just gonna dump what I said in the chat not too long ago:

    38. RoaRx3
      yes, i hate those arguments too.:)
      well im just gonna wait till sunday and see the new poke (if it is.)

      sorry for my bad english; not my language.
    39. KoL
      I'd just like to point out the heavy irony regarding an ALPHA Pokemon being the last Pokemon in the 'Dex, since in the Greek Alphabet Alpha is the first letter. That alone shows me that Arceus being the beginning of something has far more merit than the nonsensical and ridiculous theory that Arceus is the end of Pokemon, and the species name itself probably means little more than "Arceus was the first Pokemon in existence, hence Alpha."

      Want to go on par with Arceus? Make an Omega Pokemon that works as the opposite of Arceus. It took me all of 5 seconds to come up with that too.

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