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New Design & The Forums

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    As you can see, I've (after a LOT of frustation with SMF) got the new design working with the forums.

    I've forced this forum to use this new skin to demonstrate how it will look when everything's done and dusted and to get feedback. Though, as it is, this is pretty much finalised - only minor aesthetic changes are possible to happen.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Nov 17, 2008.

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    1. Ruko
      Aside from a few minor details I've already mentioned in chat to you, This looks great ^^

      Everything melds together well, and the Ad doesn't take up too much space or anything. It'll just take a while to get used to XD
    2. Linkachu
      Only issue I have with this new style is the WiFi friend codes lengthening the posts a bit too much due to the new ad banner. Any chance you could cut down the amount that show up within topic posts? As long as people can still view their friend IDs in their profiles, it's not a huge deal if you cut the display down to say just Diamond and Pearl. Just a thought.

      Otherwise, looks nice ^^
    3. Plapti
      Any idea on what the biggest size a Avatar can be now? I ask because I noticed Katie's Avvie has the scroll bar now, unlike the old layout, which it didn't have one.

      Otherwise, it looks a tad plain (To me anyways), but I'm all for change. As long as there's a Swellow or Furret involved. :p
    4. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      100x100 is the optimal size for any avatar, anywhere. You CAN use a larger one - but it will end up with a horizontal scroll at anything just over 100px wide. By eye, I'd say the absolute max without a horizontal scroll would be about 110-120 (probably on the low side of that estimate).

      And sorry if it seems too plain. Any recommendation to make it seem less so for you?
    5. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      What I could do is remove them completely from the post display on this skin. I will be working in the future on the possibility of customisable 'userpages', which would focus the friend codes a lot better (and would probably remove them from the forum side of working things, 'cos as it is they just generate errors - albeit errors that don't actually have any effect other than to clog up my error logs).
    6. Plapti
      I believe the ad might have something to say, but maybe silhouettes some of the Staff Members' favourite Pokemon. Something to spice it up a little.

      And do realize, if the general population like the plain style, I'll go with it. I could live with it.

      Oh and the random Pokemon that shows up in the Pokeball in the upper left hand Corner, any way for us to customize that so it will either randomize through a set list of Pokemon or just stick to one Pokemon.
    7. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      The code for that's already fairly big - if I keep adding to it, the loading times will end up increasing enormously. I think that section fulfils all it really needs to and would consider that bit pretty much finished. (Aside from hooking up the form to the actual Pokedex, of course).

      I've tweaked the colours and stuff a bit of the design, by the way. Hopefully it's slightly more visually appealing. I might change the background colour to have a stronger gradient too - assuming I can get that to work right.
    8. Plapti
      Love the colour on the posts Alex. That should do for me.

      And the other thing, gotcha. It's pretty good as it is right now.

      And Swicked job Alex. Don't push yourself too hard though.
    9. Magpie
      I'm liking how it looks! Only issue at the moment I'm sure has been mentioned (The text runs over the text box onto the background). I love the grass at the bottom of the page, 'tis a nice touch that I think adds character. You've really outdone yourself.

      Not really sure where else I'd mention this, but are the little gender icons below our avatars going to stay? I like them ^^ I assume they're a neat little feature you decided to include with the update.
    10. Linkachu
      That could work, and it would shrink the size of posts nicely overall.
    11. The Purple One
      The Purple One
      You better fix the ban system. I'm came back!!!
      :o :o

      Really, Alex. I thought you were better than that!
    12. Picnicker Virgil
      Picnicker Virgil
      (I thought it was Teh Purple One.)

      I really like the new layout. That Dex Search thing at the top is a really fun new thing, and I like how there's a button to the 'Charm's homepage now instead of just the forums.
    13. Perfect-Chao
      i'm loving this new layout it is great and i'm also loving the green feeling to things, and the adds where smaller than expected which is a great bonus, and we can now go to the home page without typing it.
    14. The Purple One
      The Purple One
    15. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      A) I didn't ban you. In fact, I have little part to play in most of the bannings that go on here, so I don't really appreciate getting the blame for them all.

      B) You're still banned. The only reason you can post in here is because guest posting is enabled for this forum. Which I'm just about to change. :)
    16. Yoshimitsu
      Quick, someone IP ban it.
    17. Teapot
      I approve. I approve very much.

      The only criticism I can think of right now is that the background can often be a little "flat" - it's basically a block of colour, and as so much of it shows without that ad being there, it could possibly do with a little variation. I dunno. I'm probably wrong. -shrug-
    18. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Then hopefully the Ranger styled update I've done will look a bit better. :)

      I've also done a background for the default look that should help it look less flat when we revert back to that.
    19. Linkachu
      Nice work on the banner. It does make it feel less plain :)

      The background looks good, too, but I'm noticing breaks in the frames (might not be the best term for the issue, sorry) surrounding Darkrai's image when scrolling. The issue vanishes as soon as you cease scrolling, tho, so it's not huge - just cosmetic.
    20. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      It's entirely a technical issue related to the browser and how it displays a large scrolling image when scrolling at speed.

      Short of rewriting every major browser out there to work a bit less shittily, there's not a lot I can do.
    21. Plapti
      Looks sweet Alex. Love how Darkrai follows you as you scroll down.
    22. Perfect-Chao
      what! he doesn't do that on my one. but what ever you know this new layout rocks the house down anyway loving the starlight theme,very nice.
    23. Plapti
      Well, he stays in that same spot. If you just scroll up and down, he'll stay in the same spot, the lower right had corner, regardless of where you are on the page.
    24. NonAnalogue
      Digging it.

      Only note I have is that scrolling up and down the page is a lot less smooth than it used to be, which is somewhat jarring. I dunno if that's a problem on my end or not, though.
    25. Magpie
      Looks awesome Alex ^^

      Mine jolts a little too, and I get a black/grey rectangle where the page scroller goes, like Linkachu described, but you said that wasn't anything to do with the design so no matter :p
    26. Yoshimitsu
      The design is actually quite lush.
    27. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      In my opinion, this new layout is good, but when you shrink the window down (like instead of a large, overall page, a small box) you have to keep scrolling side-to-side to read the posts. That is rather annoying. However, the layout we have (what will soon be the old one) makes the posts skinnier to match. Do you think this issue could be fixed?
    28. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      The layout is designed to work in 1024x786 resolutions to the pixel. If you have a 1024x786 screen, simply view maximised.

      I have no notion of why anyone on such a small screen would WANT to view windows unmaximised, but if you choose to, then horizontal scrolling is unfortunately unavoidable.
    29. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      Oh. I apologize for disturbing the usual conversing of the thread. I understand your reasoning now. Thank you for the explanation.

      The reason why someone might want to view it small is:

      *college professor walks over*

      Professor: "Miss Secad, what is that window on your screen?"

      Secad *calmy*: " "Just the Wikipedia page for green, ma'am."

      Professor: "I have said this before; Wikipedia is off-limits! In addition, I did not know Wikipedia's logo had changed from a globe to a red-and-white sphere."

      I'm a bad girl. *cry*
    30. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      I don't exactly know what it is about this layout, but it seems so much more soothing and peaceful than the current one. Of course I am a freak so it may just be me. Either way, you have out done yourself Dr. Oak. :)
    31. Chris
      Looks great, although, I have IE 6.0 so the grass has no transparent parts and neither does Darkrai.
    32. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Yeah, unfortunately, IE 6 has no support for proper alpha transparency on 24 bit PNGs.

      On the other hand, IE 7 finally included this (and a lot more to make it not completely shit). I really would recommend upgrading. To the latest IE at least, if not Firefox.
    33. Ruko
      Because I keep three small chats open underneath my browser, one in the bottom left corner, and two to the left [including the mIRC "master" window with all the channels and queries listed]

      Though, I keep the windows small enough, I don't have to scroll XD
    34. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      I really like it. The only thing tht bugs me a tad bit is the color scheme, but that's only my personal taste. I could live with it; it's not like it's bright red and white and purple and will hurt my eyes or anything.

      Also, the grass at the bottom looks really nice, but with this sorta background and the Darkrai in the background on the bottom... well, it just doesn't exactly seem to fit in for some reason. Maybe it's jst me, though.

      Otherwise, I really like this layout.
    35. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      I've now changed the design in this board to the new 'default' basic design - replacing the previous setup. The changes are fairly basic, but they should be enough to break up the visual monotony that was present originally.

      When I activate the ability to choose themes, the Darkrai one will be available to select as well as the 'classic' forums design. In the future, whenever a new theme is applied in relation to a specific event, they will be selectable to use as your own personal set theme.

      Because of this, theme designs will only remain set as default for about a week or so around the event they're designed for. When a new theme goes live - it will become everyone's default for the duration of that time. You will have the option to change it during then if you wish and you will also have the option to continue using it after it has been reset to this design following the end of the event.

      I'm currently working on the new Pokedex - which I've provided a preview of as an attachment.

      As soon as that is done, I hope to have the new design live ASAP. This should be before Christmas - but definitely not for another fortnight or so (I have a lot of Uni work to do next week - so little to no sitework will be done).

      Once the new design is up, I will begin work on the next big feature for Pokecharms (which the integration of the forums is key for) - as well as working on another upgrade for the TC Maker, and a long-overdue update to include Platinum sprites and Trainers. Any new card and trainer designs you would like to be in the TCM update MUST be submitted before Christmas. Anything after that will not make this update and thus will probably not be added until late in the spring.

      The winners of the Winter tournament will be taking part in the beta testing for the new feature - so I expect the beta programme to begin shortly after the tournament has finished.

      [attachment deleted by admin]
    36. Pokepok
      I really like the new dex design you are working on, Doctor Oak.I hope you are able to finish its update as quickly as possible.
    37. Magpie
      I love the new background, Ivysaur looks great. I also love how if I'm at the bottom of the page, he hides behind the grass a little XD

      Lovely Dex design too, good luck with it and I hope everything runs smoothly.
    38. Plapti
    39. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      So, basically, no.
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