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New Black 2/White 2 Information from CoroCoro!

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    A CoroCoro leak yesterday revealed a few new elements for the new Pokemon games, and today even more information has been thus leaked, confirming much of what said leaker revealed.

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    #1 Rex, May 12, 2012
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Rex, May 12, 2012.

    1. Satoren
      *resists urge to make tasteless parrotornadus jok-OH WAIT*

      This is getting me really hype'd though ^^ I can't believe they actually managed to cram the Gym Leader tourney into this! And I'm really interested in the PokeWood minigame now~

      on a random note, Cheren is now worst gym leader ever. Patrat, Cheren; really? really?!
    2. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      Sacred Beast Forms? They're flipping birds. Okay, only one of them is actually a bird, but that doesn't make me feel much better. Thundurus looks suspiciously like Scolipede, and Landorus has the derpiest face with his eyes in combination with his weird beak-nose. I suppose the good news is that the mysterious silhouette from a while back is indeed one of these new forms of pokemon, Parrotornadus to be exact.

      On to less angry news, it looks like Cheren gave his glasses to Bianca, and now he looks rather weird without them. And the IQ drop that came with it is probably why he's using a Patrat now. I'm still curious about N though, since this doesn't reveal a whole lot about what N is doing now, other than that he probably put Looker out of a job.

      I was so skeptical about this Challenge Tournament when I first heard the rumours yesterday, but I'm definitely excited now. This beats Platinum's Battleground by a mile, a clear representation of the best of the best duking it out to prove who's on top. I'm curious as to whether this will run like the Battleground, where a few appear daily, or if it will be run in a tournament like a Battle Frontier Facility, or if it has a new mechanism that is just as cool, if not cooler. Either way, I'm looking forward to it.
    3. Demelza
      Guess everyone starts somewhere. How he made Gym Leader in two years I'll never know though. xP And Bianca totally stole his glasses and made him like that!

      I was excited for these games to start with, but moreso now specially with the announcement of the World Tournament. Getting to battle all the past Gym Leaders/champions? Yes please! It's an awesome nod to past games, but also for the older fans of Pokemon who remember taking them all on. :)

      The PokeWood minigame amuses me currently, it'll be something that's really cool, or it'll be completely awful, so I'll keep my eye on that for now. xD

      All in all I'm happy though.
    4. Linkachu
      Whoo! Glad to finally have the scans and all of this info confirmed. The World Tournament sounds awesome, and I'm mildly amused that players can only get the three new kami forms via the 3DS app. Thankfully that app, unlike the new PokeDex app, is being priced fairly low in Japan.

      I figured that N would be featured in this game somehow, but it's nice to see his reappearance confirmed. He looks cute without his hat on.

      And finally... Battles are included in these Pokewood movies, eh? That doesn't sound half bad. I hope it ends up being as fun as it sounds.

      This all just sounds really cool. Hopefully the upcoming Pokemon Smash episode on May 20th will iron out even more of these details with gameplay videos. :up:
    5. RLRL
      I'm wondering if the new kami forms will be allowed at next years VGCs, I can imagine like event pokémon they will be banned, but otherwise I think I'm going to have a new team based around Ladorus' new form. Hello higher attack stat! If it doesn't move into the Uber tier, Landorus is going to completely change the metagame, unless we have a lot more game changing move tutors. I'd love it if as well as facing the old gym leaders, they become move tutors for certain pokémon afterwards, for example, face brock, afterwards he can teach an Onix Power Trick.

      I swear every bit of new data (aside from Cheren being a normal type gym leader) just makes me so ridiculously happy! =D
    6. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      The new Genie form(e)s seem to be direct references to previous legendary Pokemon. Tornadus representing Lugia, Landorus representing Raikou and Thundurus's tail bearing a striking resemblence to Groudon's. But all that seems pretty arbitrary. I can't really come up with any link between them to explain it.

      I like the look of the new Gym Leader tournament thing, even if it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever (how the hell can Giovanni compete when he's a wanted criminal who has been on the run since Red defeated him?). I hope they do more with it than just being able to go and fight old gym leaders, though.

      The anime news is intriguing, especially if Dawn actually hangs around. I hope we finally get that Ash vs Cynthia battle we've been waiting for, too. Throwing in a lot of old characters and Pokemon seems to be a pretty good way of taking in the B/W2 features - but given that it's very, very likely we could have all 8 gym battles out of the way by the time 'season 2' starts, I'm really just most interested in what the hell they're going to do to expand what's left. There's at least another year and a half or so to go before the first chance of a new Generation of games on the 3DS (since one would assume the earliest they would be released is next autumn), which would give plenty of time for a 'season 2' title to be of merit... but what actual content is there left to go through?

      I suspect we may get to see a lot of the rest of Unova in that time, but through the eyes of what B/W2 does to it, rather than what we know of it now. Hopefully with some actual driving force for Ash and his team to go through it all - and hopefully not just a year long hike to the Unova league...
    7. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      I want moar N x Protagonist action. Like the Ferris Wheel scene.

      But this is really getting me hyped up for the next games. I mean, Pokewood sounds a lot more fun than the musicals, and I like how this really is more of a continuation than previous 3rd games have been.

      ... though the new forms of those genies really irk me.
    8. darkzekrom77
      is cheren really going to be a real gym leader in the game or not ? ~:?~
    9. Dark Soul
    10. precita
      In terms of anime I think Ash might actually win a league this time. If they carry over the champion league stuff with Cynthia surely Ash must win a normal league first.

      As for Dawn it's probably the usual cameo from a past female character like how Misty and May came back for a short time and then left again. I'd be awfully surprised if Dawn stayed for longer than 5 episodes especially since Contests are gone from the show now.

      I hope we see Giovanni finally return to the anime too.
    11. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      Well, the page about Best Wishes 2 does mention that the new arc will feature the return to the Rocket vs Plasma plot that almost ceased to exist after Castelia City, so it's safe to say that Giovanni will be there too. And from a few discussions in chat, and what Dawn is doing with her Buneary right now, it is more likely that Dawn will feature as part of Pokewood rather than in contests. Which might be a good thing for all those contest haters out there. I'm not sure of course, except that Oshawott and Piplup will most likely be butting heads the whole saga.

      And don't count too much on Cynthia appearing meaning Ash wins a league. She is in the games in the Beach Resort, and she is in a summer suit in the shot, so maybe she was just on vacation when Ash waltzed back into her life. So much for getting rid of the un-ageing 10 year old.

      Edit: And for those that are reading this and wondering what I'm, and a few others above me, are talking about, there's one more scan.
    12. shortsxxx
      at last more info
    13. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Wow, interesting things are afoot~

      First off, the tumor genies new forms...well, I actually think these will grow on me. At the very least I'm glad they're at least attempting to implement the 3DS's features. I'm most excited about the Pokemon World Tournament--I remember hoping we'd get to rechallenge the gym leaders in the third game, but this has far surpassed what I wanted. It's a great way to integrate all the regions together. Also Steven in Gen V? Yes please~

      Pokewood actually sounds like a pretty good idea. Considering the Super Contests of Gen IV weren't all that fun to me and I never even tried the Pokemon Musicals of Black and White I, I have fairly high hopes. It's cool that they included battling.

      As for the gym leaders: Goodness, Cheren is a massive troll. First off, he looks even more like a girl than he did before. Also...Patrat? They took your 'stronger' rival and reduced him to this. They could've at least made him someone other than the first gym leader.

      I'm hoping to hear more details about the plot this time. Although Plasma makes an appearance, I'm eager to see who is the real villain this time.
    14. Linkachu
      I'm finally up to speed on the Anime news and it actually makes me a bit wary. Why are we hitting a series 2 this soon? It's very unusual for the Japanese show to advance to the next series before everything from the previous saga is wrapped up, and going by the upcoming episode titles in Japan (which will take us into June) it's obvious that Ash won't be challenging the league before June 21st.

      The only thing I can imagine is that they're going to have the crew travel completely around Unova, taking in much of what B2W2 have to offer, before finally finishing off with the Pokemon League showdown. Having the Unova League occur smack in the middle (if not closer to the beginning) of Series 2 doesn't make much sense and would only serve to steal its thunder.

      But saying that, I can't say I'm too keen on this decision in general. Best Wishes was meant to be a shorter saga and they could have easily finished it off before jumping into a full-fledged spin-off saga. Instead they're blatantly showing once again how much the TV series is a big dang advertisement, what with B2W2's release on June 23rd. It's a moot point really, but I just hope that Series 2 is handled properly and not dragged out to death. The pacing has been pretty good thus far.

      But that aside... Dawn. Cynthia. Giovanni. And possible Team Plasma plot finally? Yes please. :angel:
    15. Demelza
      They'll drag a Team Rocket/Plasma plot out to make Ash travel around Unova again to fit with the changes in Black & White2, which -could- work depending on how they handle it. It can be dragged out to death like I expect, or it'll be just about right. What I'd actually like to see them do is have the Team Rocket/Plasma plot for however long, then have the League, then have Ash take part in the World Tournament to drag make sure the Unova adventure lasts. It could work like the Battle Frontier worked for the Hoenn arc, and it'd be something I'd be keen on seeing moreso then dragging out the league or a Rocket/Plasma plot.

      Anyways, the translations of the CoroCoro scans have finished and one more small detail was revealed to do with the World Tournament. The tournament will run like the Battle facilities (Battle frontier replacement in other words), and will see players just take part in single or double battles, and nothing more like previously thought. Plus this:

      The wording confuses me a bit though. If I'm right that'd mean we won't have every Gym Leader/Champion available from the start and they'll be given away through Wi-Fi and/or real life events. Which seems a bit lame to me, on top of the fact it means if you didn't have the game(s) from the start you probably wouldn't be able to have every Gym Leader and Champion, which is a nice idea on GameFreak/Nintendo's part to make sure fans buy these games from the off if they weren't already planning too. Unless of course they were decent and had the leaders and champions made available through the Global Link for a long time like some of the C-Gear skins, but I'm not too sure that'll happen.
    16. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      If it weren't for these games being called B/W2, it wouldn't be referred to as a new season. It'd just be a new intro and a new 'saga' within Best Wishes, the same as they did for the Battle Frontier within AG. It's just an opportunity to tie the series into the games and start reintroducing some older Pokemon.

      Kind of telling that we've had the exact same intro for the entirety of Best Wishes so far, though. I guess they knew this was coming quite some time ago.
    17. Linkachu
      I wouldn't say this is similar to Battle Frontier. Battle Frontier was a brand new saga that took place in different region, moreso the same way that the Orange Islands functioned. This is moreso in line with how our North American seasons work. It's a first for Japan, which is somewhat interesting, but I'll just hope that it doesn't drag out.
    18. precita
      Do we know if all 40 or so old Gym leaders are returning, or only a select few? Some conflicting stories seem to indicate we're going to see EVERY old Gym leader in BW2, while others seem like we'll only see certain ones.

      I can't see the anime doing anything with this. No way are they going to bring back all those old Gym leaders to the show, actually track down their old Japanese VA's, and have them re-appear.

      And lastly, Brock and Gary aren't Gym leaders in the show, nor are they even battlers anymore. Brock is a doctor and Gary is a researcher, so I can't see them being revived in a battle tournament. Surely anime Giovanni won't be battling as he's still a criminal, and god knows Misty hasn't had an appeareance in over 6 years since 2005.

      I think Cynthia and maybe Lance will return for the anime equivilant, based on what we know.
    19. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      Well, this battle facility seems like a world tournament, like a worldwide pokemon league, so it would make sense that gym leaders and many titular characters would try to take part. And Ash doesn't even have to get involved, like with the Sinnoh Frontier, we only saw Palmer in the anime for that one.

      To be honest though, I'm thinking that maybe it will be a more quest-style adventure, if the stuff from the game plays out and half of Sinnoh becomes frozen in ice. If we do end up getting the new gyms, then that would at least explain why we had the fortune of not seeing Cheren yet. Also, Cynthia is likely to appear, since she appears in game anyway, so the anime will include that one way or another. Lance, I highly doubt, at least not in person.

      Gamewise though, it is very possible to see all the gym leaders, Elite 4, and Champions, and even past protagonists if we're lucky enough. Especially if this Battle Tournament thing plays out like other battle facilities. There are at least 40 different characters included that are picked out for the Frontier Facilities (although the only differences are in what they say), so I expect that the returning characters would be playing similar roles, with whoever is organising the whole thing (Rumoured to be Cynthia) acting as a Frontier Brain. So maybe it will be just like every other battle facially we had since Gen 3.
    20. Lady Lata
      Lady Lata
      I don't know if anybody noticed this, but N's necklace changed. New design, nice!

      I don't think anybody can really wait for this (except for the Gym Leader Cheren with a Patrat. Seriously?) and I can't either. Looking forward to more information!
    21. shortsxxx
      Look at the new forms of Thunderus,Tornadus and Landorus also Reshiram fused with Kyurem and Zekrom fused with Kyurem
      This is so exiciting because I went and bought another copy of SoulSilver,HeartGold,White,Black,Dimond,Pearl and Platinum ~:D~
    22. CapriSun
      A thing about the new poison gym leader, i saw a shot of her using a koffing, will the gym leaders use every region pokemon?
    23. Demelza
      Yeah, she is using a Koffing like she will be in up-coming episode(s)of the anime which feature her sometime in June/July. As for will the other Gym Leaders use every region Pokémon, we can't really say one way or the other given their teams mostly aren't confirmed (Hell, we don't even have the full line-up of Gym Leaders yet), but I assume their teams will have a mix of old and new Pokémon to fit with the theme of older Pokémon having reached Unova. :)
    24. CapriSun
      About the anime in japan, ash beat the 7th gym and since in black and white 2, cheren is a gym leader, there are 2 new gym leaders poison and a water gym, will ash get 9 bagdes, 10, or 11 badges since the anime he can carry 8 bagdes in the holder, what will happen with the other bagdes?

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