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Ask to Join New Beginnings (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by StormingCobra55, Jul 7, 2018.


Who/what should be the antagonist?

Poll closed Jul 14, 2018.
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  2. Nature

  3. Nothing

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  1. Oh I thought that’s just how I’d introduce my character,sorry about that.
  2. Okay. I don't think your character is a sociopath anymore. However, my character still does, and the only way to change that is if something happens between Brandon and Madison in the RP that gets her to know him better.
  3. Madison is waiting on @Zixal. Brandon and Anthony are waiting on @Yusa, sorta, cuz they asked everyone there, including Kiro. That means they’re also waiting on @limebird444. Also, Ray hasnt moved. And then Sterling hasnt moved since Lisa died.

    @Red Gallade i am slowing the RP down a bit. They will just be exploring for the next few pages. It will be easy to keep up with.
  4. @StormingCobra55 I'm still likely writing off Sterling, how should I go about it; Should I still use Nidoking?
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  5. Jax left, so Nidoking is gone. It would probably have to wait until Jax returns with the others.
  6. I'm absolutely clueless on how to progress then; I wasn't prepared for this turn of events and cannot think of a good response at all.
  7. Just say Sterling froze up and didnt react due to fear and went into shock after Lisa died or something. Maybe he can run further down the tunnel and meet up with Collax and Madison?
  8. I was thinking of joining this, could I get a breakdown of any major events? Or, would it seem to late in the journey for another trainer to arrive?
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  9. @Mystic Zander you could join. Here is the basic plot so far.

    • We arrived on the island. Brandon went off alone, Lisa, Sterling, and Collax went together, Madison and Ray went together, Sarah went off alone, Kiri went off alone, and Kira went off alone.
    • Madison and Ray had a battle with no clear winner, and Ray ended up catching a Corphish.
    • Lisa, Sterling, and Collax were attacked by Combee and Brandon intervened.
    • Sterling caught a Buneary and Collax found a Skorupi.
    • Madison caught a Sandile that tried to steal her sunhat.
    • Kiri caught a Treecko.
    • Brandon eavesdropped on the villains and knocked out Jax.
    • Lisa discovered a lava tunnel.
    • Jax is revealed to own a Weavile.
    • Brandon caught a Blitzle.
    • Jax woke up and attempted to attack Sarah until Brandon distracted him.
    • Brandon and Madison battled Jax.
    • Jax is revealed to own a Nidoking, Jolteon, and Alakazam.
    • Madison caused Nidoking to fall into the lava tunnel and Collax confused the Nidoking with Barkley’s Confuse Ray.
    • In its confusion, Nidoking killed Lisa and apparently knocked out Sterling.
    • A trainer named Anthony showed up and he is revealed to own an Exeggutor.
    • Anthony is revealed to own a Flareon.
    • Jax retreated on the back of a Hydreigon.
    • Collax found Lisa’s Inkay, and Madison ran through the lava tunnel and straight into Collax.
    • Sterling is left stranded in the lava tunnel (currently).
    • Brandon and Anthony went off to try and make a shelter.
    • Anthony revealed to Brandon that more people were coming to help in a few days.
    That’s pretty much everything so far.
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  10. Zander?! You're joining? Couple days ago I was like where ya been dude, now you're everywhere :D

    I feel like we're at a critical moment in this RP where some people want out but just as many want in
    Also @Yusa 's 2nd char is not Kiro but Kiri which is what you meant 55
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  11. What should I say in the rp?
  12. @Yusa just say whether Ray and Kiri wanna go with Brandon and Anthony, Madison, or alone.
  13. Rays taking Madison because that’s her only friend that she knows the most, kiri is basically Alain (meaning he travels alone)
  14. XD her best friend Madison actually isn't going with them, she's down in the underground cave with Collax :blush:
    While Brandon and Anthony are still in the jungle, on the surface
    So you ended up ditching poor Madison (in a ditch, no pun intended) but that's cool because...……………..

    You called Brandon a nice, cute guy :\=|:
    Now he doesn't show that much emotion but maybe if you win him over...
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  15. Idk if that was @Red Gallade 's last post on the RP, but if he's planning to post again and confirm his char dead I just wanna let my guy know that it doesn't have to be like that...
    You're insistent on writing Sterling off even though Storming has promised several times to slow it down, but are you sure this is the only way? Killing him off? That's what it looks like from your most recent post, unless he's just unconscious. But no need to confirm his death, because...

    He can always fade away right here and make a comeback later on, when the RP slows down and things are easier to keep track of. Whatever you missed won't be relevant to your character, so if you ever want to, jumping back in will be easy. By fade away, I mean just leave it ambiguous here as to where he is, what and how he's doing. Unless there's another reason you want out like you lost interest, I don't see why you can't just a take a break. Or if you're gone for good, take a break indefinitely (that means leaving without dealing the finishing blow to Sterling, so his status in the RP is presumed dead rather than confirmed dead)
  16. If all of you don't mind a little worldbuilding, I put an abandoned hospital on Lasryn. I was actually planning to do so from the start.

    I also enjoy this point in the RP, Collax and Madison sort of but not completely warming up to each other.
  17. It's gonna be a long process, I tell you what. Yet I still find myself accidentally shipping them.

    On the topic of the abandoned hospital, I'm beginning to put together pieces of a puzzle here. Lava tubes running underneath a thick jungle can only really mean there was some volcanic disaster that probably had something to do with the current state of the medical building, the sudden desert so close to the jungle, and the fact that such a thick jungle exists in the first place. And with the presence of this "Team Void" lookin' ass, I think I know where that volcanic disaster came from.
  18. As it should be, otherwise it's fake.

    I think what you came up with just now better explains why the hospital is abandoned and ties everything together.
    #179 E.K.A.N.S., Aug 22, 2018
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  19. This post was so hard to write because of massive RP burnout rn… college starts back up on the 26th too so I won't be able to post as often.

    Please don't timeskip to morning yet.
  20. @E.K.A.N.S. cant really timeskip when i am waiting for @Yusa to start reacting to what Anthony and Brandon are saying.
  21. Oh woops my bad, I’ll post after school
  22. Name: Zander Grey
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Messy spiked black hair, pale blue eyes, fair skin, average height, and a semi athletic build. He wears a blue hoodie that's partially zipped up, the sleeves also being rolled up to just below the elbow. He has a basic black T-shirt underneath the jacket, a pair of faded dark blue jeans, and a pair of matte black boots on his feet. He carries a light grey backpack that's usually slung over his left shoulder.
    Personality: Zander is hard to get along with unless you have a certain...certain type of personality. He's rather sarcastic and has a habit of voicing his opinion wether its wanted or not. But if you seem alright to him, he's just a pretty decent guy, cares about his friends and all Pokémon, nothing to crazy.
    Likes: Spicy foods, battling, astronomy, swimming
    Dislikes: Heights, sea food, perpetually cocky wannabes.
    Starter: Beldum
    Skills: Basic medical skill, basic survival skills, skilled climber, focused.
    Goals: Create a powerful team in this new region before moving on to other regions where he can further his team and challenge the Pokémon League, maybe even the elite 4 one day.
    Other: Zander takes this trip very seriously, seeing it as his training before actual gym challenges.
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  23. @Mystic Zander starters that have no evolutionary forms are not allowed because it would always be at its full strength. Please change it to something will an evolution line.
  24. Ah yeah I read the rules a few days ago and couldn't remember if in was making that up. At its full strength? Why do you say that? Are characters not forced to limit how strong there Mon currently is?
  25. Well, it just seems like it would be kinda unbalanced in battle. I mean, a Zangoose is much stronger than a Basic Pokémon like Squirtle, Axew, Chimchar, Inkay, or Gible. It would just make more sense to start out with the lowest evolutionary level of a Pokémon that gets stronger when it evolves.
  26. Okay, I can understand that. I just assumed we were all specifically supposed to start with weak Pokémon. I always think of rps a bit more like the anime than the game, lemme think of a new starter choice. :)
  27. If no one's posted in 4 days because my last post makes it impossible to continue, I disagree. Madison woke up in the middle of the night, but that doesn't mean everyone else's characters have to jump to the middle of the night. Brandon and Ray were still planning on cooking something, so they could continue that timeline, and Madison's post will be assumed to have happened after that.

    Then we can skip to morning, if everyone's ok with that.
  28. Huh, oh I didn’t get notifications for this
  29. Heyo im new to pokecharms roleplay, I love it tbh, but could someone pls help me learn how it works? For example how do i ask to join (especially this 1 love it a lot)
  30. @Pjnm13 wow, a new person who actually didnt post “can i join” on the RP thread. Im impressed. On the first page, there is a character template. Fill it out on this thread. I will accept it.

    Just read the rules. No legendaries, mythicals, Ultra Beasts, or Mega Evolutions allowed on this site without admin permission. Also, try not to force hits in battle.
  31. Name: Pj
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wears a blue jacket with some jeans, green eyes and black hair has a light skin.
    Personality: Loyal and charismatic
    Likes: Cold environments, beaches and pools and being around friends.
    Dislikes: Hot environments and being scolded.
    Starter: Eevee (Idk if i can choose the evo but id like Vaporeon or Glaceon)
    Skills: Working with computers and pokemon battles.
    Goals: To raise his pokemon, do friends and reach the E4
    Other: Initially wasnt interested in getting a pokemon but gets a eevee egg (idk if you can do this and I dont want to force something but maybe the egg was directed to the professor and when he gets to the lab the professor makes him keep the egg)
  32. @Pjnm13 accepted. Just make sure you read the global rules.
  33. I read them already a little before you replied. Thx for letting me join!
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  34. What should I say in the Roleplays right now (I want to catch a new Pokémon)
  35. @Yusa have Ray finish setting up her tent, go off into whatever biome she would be able to find the Pokémon you want her to catch, and battle it.
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  36. “Yes sir mister president sir”
  37. How do you guys think i should do my intro? Since I just got here and im a little late
  38. Name: Peter Brooks
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Average height, scar from his chest to the middle of his stomach. Emerald-green eyes and freckles speckling his cheeks. Skinny frame. Bags under his eyes with his brown hair tousled.
    Personality: Quiet and moody. Not up for interaction and avoids it at all costs.
    Likes: Solitude, peace and quiet, the cold, and darkness.
    Dislikes: People, heat, and happiness.
    Starter: Ekans
    Skills: Self-sufficient, super focused, and very observant.
    Goals: None
    Other: Raised himself and met his Ekans when he fell from a tree.

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