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Ask to Join New age of Demi-gods

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. (Ok everyone, the idea for this rp was born from an rp created by @lord of hatred so just making sure you know that. Moving on now before joining this rp please PM me the below character bio and just for continuity sakes this takes place about 5 AFTER blood of Olympus
    Now onto the rules
    1) no being existing book characters or copies of them
    1.5) you can be a relative of a book character if you can justify it to me
    2) please actually be a demigod not a minor god or Titan
    3) no god mod (pun intended) your powers should be justifiable
    3.5) this goes for weapons too
    4) please make sure at your characters powers or gear is proportional their age we can't have a group of 10 year olds running around with Zues master bolt
    5) finally please put some thought into your parent choice, I will be denying people big three heritage if I feel there are already too many
    5.5) one last thing your godly parent needs to live up too their respective lore so no sons of Artemis etc
    Name: Jake (Jakilles) Anistar
    Age: 3000 years old looks 19 (hear me out here)
    Godly Parent: Chronus (the god of time not the Titan)
    Power(s): Immortality (as in he doesn't age) and basic chrono-kinesis (he can control time to a certain degree)
    Special skills(?): fluent in a multitude of languages and an expert in many types of armed and unarmed combat
    Parental charm: a pocket watch hung round his neck which allows ticks at the same speed no matter the distorition of time. the watch also lets him revisit any point in history
    (Just to observe)
    Weapons: Stygian iron scythe, dual enchanted revolvers and a returning chakram engraved like a clock
    Armour: Mayan stellar armour (AC4) with matching hood no helmet
    Home(?): Chronus cabin at camp half blood and a small apartment at camp Jupiter.
    Backstory: Jake or Jakilles as he was originally named was born the only child of the god of time and as such can choose when and for how long he ages. After the fall of both the Greek and Roman empires, jake moved to England where he worked as a body guard for factional leaders for many centuries. so when the age of the high seas arrived he simply jumped abroad and just sailed away until like all good things that ended he sailed once more over the horizon to feudal japan where he served as a high ranking samurai in another pointless conflict. until the tales of the Wild West caught his ear so off he went again. Where after over 2500 years his past finally caught up and his father locked him up until the present day. At least thats the order that all probably happened in. with 3000 years of memories you tend to get some of the details muddled up.

    Jake sat atop a crested hill overlooking camp half-blood listening to his watch as it ticked
    'Tick, tick, tick, tick'
    "the endless rhythm of the universe, funny how variable it is yet it always stays the same" said jake thinking aloud
    "Hey time boy dinners ready!" Yelled a voice from the base if the hill, one of the new Hermes kids, thinking himself so fast with daddy's speed
    "Ok, wanna race?" Replied jake he had a way to remind the newbie of their place
    "You? wanna race me? The son of the messenger god? Your on time boy! On your marks set go!" Yelled the boy as he sprinted off toward the dining hall. Jake simply laughed as he slowed time and wangled his way toward the dining hall. To the outside world jake was flying easily over taking the Hermes boy who was gobsmacked as the child of time passed him by

    --3 minutes later at the dining hall--

    "Supreme pizza and soda, you guys have no idea how good this stuff is to the some of the stuff I've eaten in my life" jake turned to some of the surrounding Demi-gods the majority of which were children of Hephaestus and as such didn't care much about the food but instead about the blueprints being passed around for some new camp defences
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