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Never Have I Ever!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by SylvieThePokemonTrainer, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. So, the rules are simple! Kinda...

    So, it goes in an order. Somebody will say 'Never have I ever...etc, broke a bone'.

    If you haven't done that, you get a point. If you have, no points for you! If you said 'Never Have I Ever blah blah blah' you don't get a point or anything. Remember, be honest!

    So, the rules are, the first person to get to ten points wins, then another game will start.

    I will update the point chart with every person who joins the game with how many points they have got. Remember, nothing rude! =D

    So mods, is this okay? =)

    (If this gets approved,) The game starts tomorrow when I am online. All the people who are in the game will be in the game, and the game will start! I will start off by saying 'Never Have I Ever...blah blah blah'.

    First Game - 0

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  2. Huh. Nobody likes Never Have I Ever? XD I guess I'll just wait until tomorrow then lol.
  3. Yay! We'll wait till tomorrow to see if anybody else joins then begin the game =)

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