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NetBooks or Laptops?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Amzaar_Gyarou, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hi there!
    Kasumi here, trying out something new.
    Just as it says in the title; what do you like better; Netbooks or Laptops?

    I want to know which you prefer and why?
    If you have one, both or neither, just tell me which you'd buy, for what purposes?

    Personally, I prefer the my Netbook over a laptop. Why? Because I've used and handled laptops in the past and they are a lot bigger than I like, and most don't have that great a memory. My Netbook is slim and small and has a large memory, with all the great necessary features I need like a word processor and built in webcam and drawing softwares.
    What about you guys?~

  2. Personally, I don't know what a netbook is, but I have to say I like my laptop. It can connect to the web fine, and I can store all of my creations in it. Plus, I keep finding all sorts of little surprises when I'm bored. I never realized that my laptop had a built in microphone until it recorded me :3
  3. Netbooks are pretty much just smaller laptops, but they hold the same kind of things in them~
    Haha! I bet you were surprised when you discovered that you'd been recorded huh? x//3

    I only came across the webcam by accident too, and it caught three seconds of my fluffy purple socks in quite good quality (:
  4. I like what the Google Cr-48 is. It's sort of a mix. It's got the insides of a netbook (Intel Atom processor) with larger memory (2GB), but it's slightly bigger than a netbook and has a full size keyboard. The LCD screen is 12" and normal netbooks are 10". It runs Chrome OS as the operating system, so not much more is needed. Best of all, I own this sucker. :D

    I prefer something like this ChromeBook or the newest Macbook Air. It's really light and small, but it's got good enough hardware to make a decent computer. Plus, they both have SSDs for instant on.
  5. I have one of both over at my dorm. It really depends what I'm doing. If I have to go to class, I'd rather obviously have the netbook- it's lighter, and it still does what it needs to.

    For general use though? Laptop all the way. The one I use is around 4 years old, and works like a champ. The netbook is a little over a year old, and it's beginning to die D: Plus, it's faster and has more storage- so I'm able to actually run Photoshop on it.
  6. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    It's not an either/or situation, really. Laptops fulfil a much deeper level of function than Netbooks do, and the cost and size of them reflect that. Netbooks, meanwhile, are cheap, simple and provide good Internet access and basic PC functions on the go.

    Laptops these days are really not anything more than machines you can move around your house from one place where it's set up to another place where it's set up. The portable aspect is really not about carrying them around with you - and when you think back about it, it really never was. Notebook PCs have never been all that portable, and these days they're even less so with the standard large widescreens.

    Netbooks, meanwhile, give you genuine light portability in a way that Notebooks have never been capable of providing, making them great for taking pretty much anywhere and everywhere, but not great for actually working or playing with in the majority of cases.

    I love my little Netbook, and I do use it for work when I'm away and have no other options, but ultimately, if I'm at home and have any real work to do, I do it on my laptop, sitting properly at my desk.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    It shouldn't be either/or, but many casual consumers treat them that way these days. They'll weigh the pros and cons of both computers and buy the one that best suits their lifestyle and needs. Not everyone needs a laptop, especially if they already have a powerful desktop PC at home.

    I personally don't own a NetBook so my answer is probably biased. I have a 32 gig iPod touch for video and quick internet, so while it's obviously not as functional as a NetBook it does a decent job when I'm on the go. For years my laptop acted as my replacement desktop PC, and it did everything my older PC had done - only better. The built-in wireless and ability to easily move it closer to a wireless signal was very handy, and its compact shape and size allowed me to travel around with it to various places (ie. university, my cottage, homes of my friends and family, and even vacations). It really was a handy little tool during those times.

    Now that I have a brand new desktop and there are computers at work, my laptop doesn't get used as much. I've uninstalled all of my games on it and simply left it for video, internet, word processing, and music purposes. I still enjoy owning a laptop mind, and if it ever broke down I'd probably buy a new one over a NetBook for the extra features/CD/bluray drives. I probably wouldn't go any larger than a 17" inch, though. My current laptop can be pretty annoying when trying to fit it into my typical backpack. :p
  8. I'm going to be plunging into the world of new computers very soon as I actually go away, so I'm a little inexperienced. However, with just the basic feel of using a netbook and a laptop, I have to say I generally prefer laptops. The larger size makes it sturdier for the models I have used, it can handle multiple programs up at once, and like the image editors. However, for ease in carrying and not in use, the netbook obviously wins. :p
  9. Netbooks; totally useless pieces of garbage if you ask me, 99% of the tasks a netbook was designed to do is better experience on a slate tablet like Apple's iPad or Samsung's Galaxy S Tab and for a almost identical price you can have a CULV (Comsumer Ulta Low Voltage) ultra portable 13 inch laptop that can do more then any netbook can with less eye squinting <_<

    Laptops > Tablets > Netbooks
  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Tablets aren't worth the money at the moment though. You've listed exactly both the options available, and the iPad is automatically ruled out for being an iPad.

    In a few years, with Android 3+ and better hardware, tablets will be a much more viable option, but as it is, they're both just bigger phones without the phone function. The Samsung Galaxy tablet especially is barely distinguishable from most Android phones, except that it can't actually be used as one, thus loses easy access to 3G networks and actually has even less function available to it.
  11. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Speaking as a MASSIVE Android fanboy... the Galaxy Tab is pretty crappy. As Alex said, the software isn't yet designed for tablets - nor will it be until at least the middle of this year - and trying to upscale current apps just doesn't work as well. Plus a 7" screen is just too small for most people - after all, why else did Apple elect not to make a 7" iPad?

    As for the topic, I have owned and used both a netbook and a laptop and, for my personal uses, prefer my laptop. It's a big 15" monstrosity, but I like the ability to be able to do anything, anywhere... and I'm plenty used to the weight anyway. It's nice to be able to whip out my laptop and play older games at school when I get bored. Or just blast offensive J-pop at chavs. Either works.

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