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Ask to Join Neo Kanto Adventures

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Gold The Dragonite, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    (Signups are here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/neo-kanto-adventures-signups.20052)

    "Achilles, use Iron Head on the Houndour!" Alex shouted. The sword started to run up to the skull dog, and knocked it into the wall, making it faint.
    "Alex has won our daily tournament!" The referee shouted. "For three back-to-back wins, your reward for winning is 1200 pokedollars!" "Thanks..." Alex said, trying to put a smile on her face. After leaving, she walked over to the Pokemart. "Hello, can I please buy a few Fresh Water and some Big Malasadas?"She asked the shopkeeper politely.
    "Sure, here you go!" He said, bringing her requested items to her. The shopkeeper looked at her Honedge. "Take this as well, you might need it," The shopkeeper said while giving her a "Bond Bracelet". "Thank you!" Alex said, before leaving to the orphange.
  2. Ashley walked around the city for a bit with her Buizel standing beside her,she was mostly just looking at the city and sky. She soon sat down on a bench and fed her Buizel,giving him a soft smile and chuckle as he ate. “You still are the best Pokémon I could’ve had Ollie, always friendly and kind.” She then went on to read a book about a couple of Pokémon and other things as well.
  3. Clint came to the City, He and Izanagi were tired after long Journey and they stopped in the Pokemon Centre. He left Izanagi to Nurse Joy and he sat down at the sofa and he checked his phone and he saw few messages from Professor and one from his Father, after some time he took his pokemon and he headed to City Center. He was once stopped by a kid with pikachu themed shirt "Hey, Are you a Trainer, Can you use Battle Bond with Chimchar? " he was saying quickly, Clint thought that he asked him becouse he had Bond Bracelet "No, We can't use Battle Bond yet but maybe one day I will show you it when we will reach it. Your name is..."
    "Oh, Sorry, My name is Zeno" said kid "Zeno, We are going back to home" Zeno's Mother shouted, when he was going to his Mother, he waved to Clint as a goodbye.
  4. Darrius, as usual, was quite bored, he was currently heading to Pewter city, hoping for a gym battle, however, he was extremely bored from the walk so far, as nothing had attacked him or Chespin, he made sure his bond bracelet has on right, which he had received as a gift from his father, who was too busy with his 'job' to see his son in person. He was bored. So he looked around for any trainers to challenge. So he said
    "Well, this is boring, isn't it, Chespin?"
    "Ches, ches-ches!" the two of them kept walking, agreeing to disagree on the whole 'this is boring' thing. Darrius started looking around for anyone to challenge, it was obvious.
  5. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "Alex?" said the orphanage owner. "Do you think it's time to have an adventure? You've done so much for us, but you can't keep on doing illegal things,". "I understand,"Alex replied. "I was planning on to anyway. Bye guys!" She said the the little kids biting into their malasadas. "Bye Alex!" They replied. Alex walked to Viridian City and going to the forest, before bumping into a boy. "S-Sorry!" She stuttered.
  6. Clint came to nearby to Pewter plains to train with Izanagi and then he saw Petilil "He could be a nice member of my team, Go Izanagi. Use Scratch"

    Battle was quite long and when Clint saw his chance, he threw his pokeball at Petilil and 1*2*3*click*. He cought him he trained his pokemons for some time to prepare for Gym Battle then he returned to Pewter city "Alright, I think that we are ready now" Clint said to Izanagi and His Petilil. When he returned them to their pokeballs, he was heading to the Gym.
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  7. Mt. Moon

    Slowly, a ragged and worn boy crawled his way out of the Mt. Moon tunnel. On his back, an equally worn looking Zorua and Magikarp stuck out his backpack. Feeling the sunlight on his skin, Shiori slowly looked up. Raza, the Zorua, knocked off the Zubat that had been clinging to the backpack as well.
    "Finally..." Shiori said softly, resting his head on the ground. Then with sudden strength the boy jumped up, his exhaustion seeming to have disappeared. "WE MADE IT!"
    Shiori grabbed his Magikarp, hugging it and pointing at the skyline in the distance.
    "Look, there! Pewter City! Raza, Magikarp, our first challenge awaits! With you two by my side, we shall conquer, explore, and seek our fortune!" Shiori exclaimed. Slightly energized by his trainer's excited speech, the Magikarp managed an excited,
    "Karp!" The Zorua on the other hand, simply laid on the ground. She was so tired from the trip through Mt. Moon, she couldn't even form an illusion to disguise herself.
    "Zor, zoru..." Raza muttered, resting. Shiori smiled down on the Zorua, before picking her up and putting her on his shoulder. With a Magikarp under one arm and a Zorua on the other shoulder, he made his way into the Mt. Moon Pokemon Center. One quick heal later, Shiori was on his way to Pewter City.

    Pewter City

    Within Pewter City, where the proud Rock Type gym once stood was occupied by a new building, a waste disposal plant. The Gym Leader, a young lady named Marsh, had came into the Gym Leader scene after Brock had retired. Heck, she had shown that Janice and Koga who was boss. But now here she was, stuck. In truth, a lot of the times being a Gym Leader was quite boring. She was usually the first Gym Leader for many up and coming trainers, so she had to use her weaker Pokemon for that. Even then, she usually ended up whupping the butt of most of them. So what if she made them cry? Being a Pokemon trainer meant you had to be tough. And by Mew, she was going to make sure trainers learned that by the time they got through her gym.

    Marsh strode through the City, reaching the small warehouse area that Marsh had dedicated to the Poison Gym. Her Poison Gym. Sure, it smelled. Then again, Marsh didn't really care. Marsh unlocked the gym and walked in, and gym was now open. It didn't smell as bad, but that was compounded by the fact that across the floor as a thick purple goo, up to knee deep in some places. If a trainer were to look directly to the left as they walked in, they would notice a staircase behind a fine metal grate. The staircase lead all the way up to the second floor, which was where a trainer would then face Marsh. Sure, the challenge was a bit disgusting, but it would help trainers realize how tough being a full on Pokemon Trainer was going to be. Marsh unlocked the door in the back of the room and walked in, locking it behind her. The Poison-Type Gym leader made her way up to the second floor and sat in the metal folding chair, looking out the grimey window for any prospective trainers wishing to battle today.
  8. (@Clite of Dragonbow More detail, please.)
    Darrius was not looking where he was going, and was shocked when a girl bumped into him, so he nervously said
    "Uh, don't worry about it. I should've been looking where I was going." He nervously smiled, when he looked at the girl, he had to admit she was quite cute. He noticed the Honedge, and said
    "Hey, that's a cool Pokemon, wanna battle?" He asked this in confidence, hoping that she would accept, as he was quite bored, and needed something to do.
  9. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "My name's Alex, and sure, I needed a warm-up before Pewter anyway. Go, Achilles!" She said. Achilles really wasn't expecting a battle in the middle of nowhere, but she still wanted to make Alex proud. "Achilles, use Iron Head on the Chespin!". The Honedge started to run in the Chespin's direction, head first.
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  10. Corrine had been making her way steadily through Viridian Forest. Her parents had just kicked her to the curb at Viridian City, and she wanted to train up a bit at the forest. Corrine’s parents had a ritual where, when a kid came of age, they were sent on a journey of the parents choosing. For Corrine, it was Kanto and it’s gyms. Corrine wasn’t sure what drew her or her parents there, but something about it was new. Perhaps the gym leaders or elite four was it. Who knew. All Corrine knew was that she had to complete this pilgrimage for her family.

    Corrine watched the bright rays of the sun pierce through the thick canopy formed by the trees. It was rather dark in the forest, but it was still a seeable level of lighting. It was mesmerizing to look at as she trekked through the seemingly endless sea of trees. However, a rustling stopped Corrine in her tracks. She could hear it coming from the nearby bushes, just a little ways off the trail. She had encountered several Pokemon in her trek through the forest, but all of them attacked on sight. Corrine found it odd that whatever was in here didn't. She carefully crept up to the thicket of bushes, rustling leaves aside until she viewed the green head of a Pokemon. It turned it's head up to look at her, it's eyes covered by the thick hair around it. A Ralts! Startled, the timid Pokemon attempted to run, but Vera, it all it's icy glory, blocked the wild Pokemon's path.

    "Vera, I wanna catch this one, so go a little easy. Powder Snow." Corrine calmly commanded to her partner. She didn't like yelling at Vera, even in battle. The small, alolan-style Vulpix blew out an icy breath: a stark contrast to the Kanto vulpix's fiery personality. The snow clusters scratched lightly at the wild Ralts, dealing a bit of damage. The Ralts responded with a weak psychic attack, before Vera responded by tackling it to the ground. Corrine tossed a Pokeball, and watched with interest as the red and white sphere enveloped the wild Pokemon and fell to the ground. There was something pretty about the red glow it let out. The ball shook three times and clicked, signaling a successful capture. "I think we'll call him Ito for now." Corrine spoke her thoughts aloud, as Vera purred in agreement.

    Corrine was able to make her way through the forest relatively quickly after that, not meeting any other interesting Pokemon. As soon as she reached Pewter City, she bolted to the center to heal up both of her Pokemon. As she exited the doors to the center, she saw a battle beginning to start in the center of town. A girl and her sword-looking Pokemon fighting a boy and his Chespin. Corrine had never seen the sword Pokemon before, so she walked on over to observe the battle and take some mental notes.
  11. "My name's Darrius. Funnily enough, I'm heading there too." He nodded at Chespin, and said "Chespin, dodge using rollout!" Chespi curled up into a ball and rolled out the way
    "Now use vine whip to grab the Honegde and throw them to the ground!" And Chespin did as commanded, very quickly too.
  12. When Clint was on his way to the Gym, he passed a big telebim, which was on the skyscraper. He stopped to see if something interesting is on this telebim. "...and we want to invite our guest, Karma!" presenter shouted, then camera focused on a young red haired Guy "Thank you for invitation, Frances" Karma said "I heard that you bought a one of the biggest, Bond Bracelets Factory. Is that true" She asked
    "Yes, I think that in Battle Bond is still a hidden potencial that we don't see. I believe that our little experiment will be a big help for trainers and their pokemons" He said "Thank you for answer and for coming. That was our Guest, Karma, ladies and gentelment's"

    When Karma left TV studio, his Limousine was already waiting for him. He went inside to the black car and told to driver "Take me to my Office, our preparations are completed".

    When Karma left studio, Clint headed to the Gym. He was thinking about what that Red haired Guy said and when he stopped, he reached the building with a sign on his wall {Gym}. Clint went inside, he wanted to say 'hi' but whole building stunk badly, what surprised and disgusted Clint for a while.
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  13. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Achilles was smashed to the ground, due to Chespin's Vine Whip. "Achilles, back up a bit and use Swords Dance!" Alex told her Pokemon. Achilles started to get up and back away a bit, and started to use Swords Dance. She used it two times, before Alex told her to do another move. "Now, use Tackle, then Iron Head if it misses!".
  14. Pewter City Gym

    As Clint walked into the gym, and man in a suit and sunglasses approached him.
    "Yo! Champ in the making! I'm betting this is your first gym, amiright?" The gym guide said to Clint, nudging the brown haired kid. "Not to worry, we all start somewhere! This gym, however, is a pretty tough start. Marsh, the gym leader, does like to make things a little tough. She's waiting on the second floor, ready to battle you. I can already hear you asking, but how am I supposed to get there? Well, I can't tell you that. Only this. Somewhere in that goo is the way up to Marsh."
    The gym guide indicated the goo all over the floor.
    "Don't worry, it's harmless. Just stinks a little. By the way, Marsh uses Poison Types. So be sure to counter with ground or psychic, and carry a lot of antidotes!" The gym guide said, before leaning against the wall.

    Pewter City

    "Wow, Pewter City!" Shiori exclaimed, entering the 'City between Rugged Mountains'. "It sure is a bit more smelly here then in Vermillion, but I'm excited!"
    Shiori, believe it or not, was still carrying his Magikarp under his arm. Raza had managed to get enough energy back to cast an illusion around herself, giving herself the appearance of a young girl with black hair, and slightly punk clothes. The Zorua huffed, evidently unimpressed with the city.
    "Now, we only have to find the gym and challenge it!" Shiori exclaimed. Noticing a girl chilling on a bench with her Buizel, Shiori approached her. He must look quite silly, a Magikarp tucked under his arm, but the boy didn't really care.
    "Greetings! Do you know where the gym here is?" Shiori exclaimed.
    "Karp!" Magikarp added.
  15. Darrius smirked. He said to Chespin
    "We're not falling for that! Chespin! Take it head on by using rollout!" He knew that if Chespin dodged, they would be dealing with a stronger attack, so taking it head on was best chance. However, when Chespin got in close, he accidently stopped rolling and was sent backward by the tackle. Darrius was evidently surprised by this, and said
    "Uh...huh? Oh well that went poorly. Chespin, use belly drum!" Chespin did as commanded, it hurt a bit, but not too much.
    "Ches Ches!"
    "Alright, now use rollout!" Chespin did as instructed.
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  16. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Alex was running out of options- Achilles was hurt and the Chespin was too strong. She then remembered something. "Achilles, use Iron Head!" She said, as she remembered Achilles used Swords Dance. She didn't have much of a choice, now that Chespin is using Rollout again and it just used Belly Drum.
  17. Clint stepped on goo and when he raised his leg, he saw that goo glued to his shoe "Perfect, better for me that I won't waste my shoes and that I will win that battle" he continued to walk through the goo and sometimes he thought that he will need to take a shower, three times in the row. When he finally reached the second floor, he sat down and he looked with his light green eyes at Marsh, who was sitting on her metal folding chair "Hello, My name is Clint...Whoa, You know, I thought that I will come here faster... Anyway, I come here to challenge you for your bange" He said, he was making a little breaks between sentences, because he was tired a bit after this goo.
  18. Darrius smiled. He knew exactly what to do. Although Chespin was getting low on health, Alex was obviously getting more desperate. So he said
    " Chespin! Charge in!" And Chespin rolled towards Achilles. However, when he got close, Darrius said
    "NOW! Push yourself into the air using vine whip!" Chespin said
    "Ches!" Before pushing himself into the air and turning around, causing Achilles to go right past him. Darrius said
    " NOW! Rollout!" Chespin used rollout to attack from behind. Darrius and Chespin both hoped this would work.
  19. Marsh glared at Clint. So, the kid had made it through her goo pit. She stood up and strode over across from Clint.
    "Really? Here for my bange? Who would've thought." Marsh said sarcastically, shaking her head. "Really, kid? What are you, 12? Instead of wasting my time here, why don't you just turn around before I send you running home to mommy."
    Marsh seemed a little irritated. Nothing really irritated her more than some dumb kid running in here thinking that they'd be the next Red just because they 'believed in their Pokemon'. Sure, it took belief. But it also took work. Hard work.
    "Let's just get this over with. Poison Types are tough, so you better have brought some Antidotes." Marsh said. She unclipped a Pokeball from her belt before tossing it up. In a flash of red light, the cave Pokemon known a Zubat appeared. It flapped in the air, letting out small 'eeks'!
  20. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Achilles wasn't looking where she was going, and ended up getting stuck in a tree, and the Chespin's Rollout was able to make her faint. "Good match," She said while returning Achilles. "Hey, if we're both going to Pewter, why don't we go together?" She asked Darrien."We might as well, maybe we could beat the first gym in a double battle!".
  21. Darrius smiled at his victory, and after calming Chespin down by giving him his last malasada. He said to the girl
    "Heh, why not? That was a great battle. Most people I've battled can't handle Chespin at all. So sure. I'll come along with you. Not sure if the gym leader will allow a double battle though. You never know though." He chuckled and walked over to Alex. He said
    "I'm sure it will be easy if they allow it. So I'll be glad if it's allowed."
  22. "You really think that I'm just an idiot... If you don't wanna to hold back then its fine for me" Clint said and he smiled at Marsh, then he sended out Petilil "Go Gaia, show her your power" He yelled and he started to think "Okay, she probably will underestimate me becouse I started with grass-type, I schould Defend myself and observe her habits" after he planed his tactic, he yelled at his pokemon "Gaya, use Sunny Day"
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  23. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "Well, we should get going, shouldn't we?" Alex said. But what she didn't realise is that Achilles' failed Iron Head knocked down a Pokemon from the tree, and it looked angry. "A Shroomish!" She said, pointing to it. Angrily, it started to Tackle the tired Achilles. However, it wasn't thinking about the fact she's a ghost-type. After it ran through the Honedge, Alex quickly threw a Great Ball and caught it. She then grabbed a tag out of her bag and wrote on it "Shroom" and stuck it onto the pokeball. "Now we can go!" She laughed.
  24. The light in the Gym became brighter, and Marsh sighed and rolled her eyes. Yep. It was just as she thought. She could tell that the Petilil was just caught. Who came into a Gym battle with a Pokemon that was just caught, and was weak to said Gym's type? A fresh trainer, that's who.
    "Zubat, Poison Fang." Marsh commanded. With a small shriek, the Zubat swooped at the small grass Pokemon. It's fangs were covered in some dark, purple liquid, and the bat Pokemon attempted to chomp down on the Bulb Pokemon. Hopefully, it would poison the runt. The sooner she could get done with this battle, the sooner she'd be able to go back to relaxing.
  25. "Heh, nice move. Gaia Dodge it" Clint told his pokemon who dodged his opponent move with enormous speed "Oh, I really like my pokemon ability. I don't have to explain,how Chlorophyll works. Or maybe I schould... Gaia use Sleep Powder" then Petilil started to emit a big amount of powder toward Marsh's Zubat. "Okay, I think that I will soon saw it then I have just to do powerfull strike" Clint said to himself in mind.
  26. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    It's very much time to catch another Pokemon.

    That's what Nathan thought as he was heading to Pewter City. It was very much time to get his first gym battle. It was for him to battle, soon or not. Near the path to Pewter City was many bushes, where many Pokemon could possibly be found. With his trusty Coiflet, named Choco, right on his shoulder, he looked right down the bush. A blue lion cub Pokemon appeared. It was a Shinx.

    "Perfect. I know Flying Types are weak to Electric Types, but still, defense will work here." Nathan thought, as he commanded Choco to fly forward.

    "Choco, Dance of Owls, now!"

    The playful Coiflet stared at Shinx for a second, then its wings flapped and it started to dance. And dance. And dance. But then, the Shinx got to into it, its defense fell.

    Shinx, after the dance, went right towards Choco with a Tackle. Choco, without command, knocked the Shinx in mid-air with a Peck.

    "Nice job!" Nathan shouted. Now that would hurt. Perfection. Nathan, without a word, threw a Pokeball at the Shinx.

    One shake. Two shakes. Three shakes!

    Shinx was caught!

    "Now that's good." Nathan said, high winging (haha) Choco.

    Choco leveled up!

    Nathan then went forward to Pewter City, and went to the gym right away. Beforehand he healed Shinx with a potion, so he was alright.
  27. Marsh raised an eyebrow. Huh. That... actually wasn't that bad. But that strategy still had it's flaws. That was made quite apparent as Zubat's wings prevented the Sleep Powder from reaching the Flying type.
    "Well, you'll have to do better then that." Marsh said, making sure to keep her distance from the drowzy powder. "Zubat, Supersonic."
    The Zubat paused in mid air to let out a powerful, disorienting shriek, directly aimed at the Petilil. One of Zubat's most common moves, yet it was pretty darn annoying. This should throw a wrench in this punk's works. Confusion was no laughing matter.
  28. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Cornelia ran out of the mountain, with a Zubat biting her head. "Ah! Ah ahhh!" she yelled. The Sandygast that accompanied them shot a rock fro its inside, as it lodged inside the sand pokemon. She booped a pokeball on the Zubat, and waited. Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle. Ping! The Zubat was caught. "Jeezus! That was long!" she yelled. she looked at the horizon. "Wow!" she said. The two beamed with happiness. The Zubat came out, and beamed too. They flew into the bag, however. So the three traveled down the mountain, arriving at the new town.
  29. "This is quite the problem!" Shiori exclaimed, holding up his Magikarp. "How can we not find the gym?"
    "Karp!" Magikarp exclaimed, obvious.
    "Oh, woe is us! How are we to defeat the Gym Leaders, take on the Elite Four, and become heroes for all if we can't even find the Gym?!" Shiori exclaimed dramatically, throwing the Magikarp into the air. It landed beside him with a plop, not really seeming to mind being thrown. Little did Shiori or his Magikarp know, they were standing directly in front of the Pewter City gym. From a distance, Raza (still disguised as a human with her illusion) watched the pair and shook her head. They really were a pair of idiots.

    Something new caught the corner of Raza's eye. The disguised Zorua looked over to notice a new group entering the town. Curious, Raza went over to inspect. It was a girl, close to Shiori's age. She appeared to be a trainer as well, with some sort of sandcastle Pokemon and a Zubat. Raza ran over to them, fully confident that they wouldn't realize she was actually a Pokemon. The sandcastle Pokemon especially piqued Zorua's curiosity. She hadn't seen a Pokemon like it! Raza crouched down, putting her hands on her knees, and poked the Sandyghast curiously.
  30. Corrine had been sitting in front of the Pokemon Center, enjoying an ice cold soda pop with Vera curled up on her lap. She liked to people watch every now and again, so why not cool off and do so? She had already healed up Ito, her newest partner. She got the gender confirmed as a male at the Center (Corrine cannot do so herself, she has no Pokedex!). A couple of people had caught her eye, and she was watching them from a distance for a bit. The funniest to her was a boy and his Magikarp. He seemed to be desperately searching for the Gym. Little did he know, he was standing right in front of it!

    Corrine watched his despair for a couple seconds, unable to refrain from laughing to herself. Clearing her throat, she started to stand up. She gently nudged Vera to get off, the ice-type running obediently to her feet, and tossed out the now empty can of cola. Corrine walked over to the boy, trying to feign ignorance at his rather pathetic situation.

    She wasn't great at hiding that. Multiple chuckles escaped from her voice, causing her to clear her throat again before she finally spoke to the boy and his fish. "Are you, erm," she chuckled again, "looking for something?" She finally got out, her smile not fading for one second. "You look lost."
  31. "Hm, I didn't find it yet but... I think that I have to came with another stage of my plan" when Clint was thinking about his tactic, Petilil was hited and she was confused, she was walking around "Use Leech seed and after it attack with Mega Drain" Gaia shooted at Zubat almost perfectly with her Leech Seed but When she attacked with Mega Drain, She turned around and started attacking piece of junk, who was lying on the Floor " one well-done move when we used two is still a good score" Clint said to himself.
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  32. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    The Sandcastle-like pokemon poked back, getting some sand on them. "Sandy!" they cheered happily. Cornelia turned around, looking at the two. "Hello!" she said. The Sandygast used sand tomb on the human. "SANDY!" The girl yelled. "Thats not very polite!" she said, turning to face the Sandygast. "This is a HUMAN! You can't go around hitting them with some sand!" she scolded them. "Sa-sandy!" the Pokemon exclaimed. The Pokemon pointed at the so called 'human'. "What about them?" she asked.
  33. Marsh
    The seeds struck Zubat, and small roots grew out of them and attached to the Zubat. Marsh didn't look too worried by this, however. The Zubat also seemed quite calm about it.
    "Zubat, Poison Fang." Marsh commanded. Zubat swooped down at the Petilil once again, attempting to bite the Petilil with fangs covered in poison.

    Shiori broke his pose, noticing a black haired girl approach and ask him a question.
    "Ah... Yes." Shiori said.
    "Karp!" The Magikarp exclaimed, flopping once.
    "I'm trying to find the Gym of Pewter City, so that I may defeat the Gym Leader and start my journey to the Pokemon League!" Shiori said dramatically, posing and pointing to the sky. After a moment, he looked back up at Corrine and stopped posing. "I've searched this whole place, and was certain that I had found it at one point! Unfortunately, it was only the Museum. I was certain that the Gym was going to be there, but then I was informed that Brock was no longer to Gym Leader, and not only that the Gym was no longer a rock type! Crazy... So now I've just been wandering around, trying to find the Gym."
    Shiori sighed and picked up his Magikarp, tucking the fish Pokemon under his arm.
    "You wouldn't happen to know where the Gym is, would you?" Shiori asked.

    Raza barely had time to jump out of the way of the Sandygast's Sand Tomb. How rude! What did Raza do to deserve that? Frowning, Raza tried to smack the Sandygast, only for her move to phase right through the Pokemon. It was a ghost type! Raza jumped up and ran back towards Shiori. He appeared to be talking to another human, but Raza didn't care. She jumped behind Shiori, holding onto his shoulders and glaring back at the girl and her Sandygast. Especially the Sandygast.
  34. Gaia received hit and She got poisoned by it. In the same time Sunlight faded away. "Thank you, Gaia... Now I know her habits and how to deal with poison types. I could heal you with Antidote but you already lost, thank you once more for that Leech Seed on Zubat. It's time for true battle to begin" Clint thought then he yelled "Use Sunny Day". Petilil was able to use his move then he fainted becouse he received damage from poison, Clint returned Petilil to her pokeball and he threw Chimchar's pokeball "Go, Izanagi. Use Ember" Clint shouted and from Izanagi's mouth came great amount of small flames.
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  35. Corrine just stared at the boy for a second.

    “If you’re looking for the gym, turn about 90 degrees to the left and walk in the doors. You’ve been standing directly in front of it for five minutes now.”

    She couldn’t refrain from laughing out loud now. It was just too funny! She stifled her laughter and outstretched her hand for the boy to shake.

    “I’m Corrine, by the way.” She said. “And this is my partner, Vera.” Corrine motioned towards the ice type at her feet. “If you need help finding something, I’ll try and help you out.” However, before the boy and his fish could respond, a girl ran over, away from a... is that a sandcastle? Corrine had never seen anything like it. The Pokémon (at least, she thought it was one) had a female trainer who was slowly approaching them.

    “Do you, uh, know these people? And why a sandcastle is terrorizing someone?” She was just confused at this point.
  36. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    The girl Scolded the Pokemon. "That was so rude! You can't do that to People OR Pokemon!" they said. They walked over to the...three. She wasen't sure at this point. "Hello? I'm sorry Sandy here was terrorizing you all!" She said. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't introduce myself! Alola! I am Cornelia, and this is Sandy! And here..." they said, doing some sort of thing with her hands and then showing her bag. "This is Quad!" she said. The Zubat looked out. Then it came out, and flew around. It seemed very happy. "Zuuu!" it yelled. It seemed to be trying to signal another. "Anybody here have a Zubat?" "ZUUUUUUUUUBBBBAAAAA!!" The Zubat looked at the gym. "Zu!"
  37. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    It was right just when Nathan was about to enter when Choco went and pecked at a sandcastle-like Pokemon. Nathan decided not to put the owlet Pokemon back in its Pokeball. Choco kept pecking at the sandcastle Pokemon, which went faster.

    “Choco, time to go! Oh wait.. not this again. Choco, stop the pecking, not time for this!” Nathan exclaimed. Chocolate flew back to Nathan’s shoulder, staring at the Pokémon.

    Nathan then looked at the group of trainers, and then said, “I’m sorry about this. My Coiflet is very playful, but that’s why they always do.”
  38. Marsh
    Marsh's Zubat was able to hear Quad. Unfortunately, the bat Pokemon was a bit... occupied. The Chimchar's Ember attack struck the Zubat directly, nearly knocking it out of the air. Just was Zubat recovered, it squeaked in pain as the Leech Seeds drained more health. Once again, Marsh was surprised. This kid was putting in strategies way more advanced then she expected from a trainer his level. Using the last moves of his Petilil to boost his fire type and weaken Zubat... Had she underestimated him?
    "Zubat, Poison Fang." Marsh said. Whatever. Even if this kid was better then she thought, Marsh was definitely not going to just roll over and let this kid beat her. Zubat summed up some strength to swoop at the Chimchar, attacking for the third time with poison dripping from it's teeth.

    Shiori froze, slowly turning in the direct Corrine had said to find the warehouse with the sign on it's wall, saying {Gym}. Looking back at Corrine, the boy took a double take at the Gym. He couldn't believe it! Had he really just been dancing around in front of it?
    "Well... That was... unexpected." Shiori said, turning a little red at the girl's laughter. But he soon forgot his embarrassment when he noticed Corrine's Pokemon. A Vulpix! A white Vulpix! But before Shiori could ask Corrine if it was some sort of Shiny, another girl walked up and apologized for her strange sandcastle-like Pokemon. Raza did not seem to like this Pokemon, and even forgot she was disguised as a human, hissing at the Sandygeist. The girl, who introduced herself as Cornelia, also had a Zubat that was making quite a commotion. Shiori didn't seem to mind however.
    "Greetings!" The boy exclaimed. "I am Shiori! And this here... is my Magikarp!"
    "Karp!" Magikarp exclaimed, as Shiori held him up triumphantly. Raza rolled her eyes and did a small huff.
    "Oh! And this is Raza!" Shiori said.

    At that moment, yet another trainer walked up. It was a boy, wearing a green t-shirt. Not only that, but the boy had an unusual owl-like Pokemon that Shiori had never seen before. Wow! Shiori sure was meeting a lot of new people and Pokemon today.
    "Whoa! That's a pretty cool Pokemon!" Shiori exclaimed.
  39. A Coiflet... That's what the boy said it was called. Corrine had for sure never seen anything like that. It reminded her of a picture of a Rowlet she had seen before, but it was quite different. I really need to learn about more Pokemon. That's the third one today I don't recognize! Corrine thought to herself. The group had also doubled in size in the span of about 10 seconds, which offset Corrine a bit.

    "I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that everyone is here to challenge the gym, correct?" Corrine asked the new people in the group. The boy with his owl-looking Pokemon, the girl Cornelia and her sandcastle She called it a Sandy... Corrine thought to herself. What an odd name for a Pokemon. And then there was that other girl. The black haired one. She didn't have a Pokemon with her. Something seemed... off with her. Shiori called her Raza. Is she mute? Corrine thought. Raza hadn't said a word. Corrine didn't pursue the thought, and instead introduced herself and Vera to the newcomers.
  40. "Izanagi use Double Team, and after it Scratch" Izanagi maded copie of himself and Zubat destroyed one of them, then Chimchar jumped toward Zubat. "Okay, I schould be able to win that fight but We will need to use all our power to win with next pokemon" Clint thought as he saw that Zubat was very exhausted.

    Karma in that time said to one of Cyber grunts "I want you to find for me All admins and Cyber Queen then you must tell them that I ask them to came to my Office" "Yes, Sir" said Grunt and he left Karma alone in his Office "It's time for our plan to begin"
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