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Nemesis Generation #029 Azperial and #030 Azmer

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator


    Today I would like to introduce you to the two final forms of the Aznymph family, Azperial and Azmer! (And yes, I am aware of the naming error in Azperial's entry!)
    Azperial, the Mer Guard Pokemon. The final evolved form of male Aznymph, Azperial patrol the large coral colonies, ensuring the safety of their leaders and young. Although they have a rather calm demeanor, Azperial will not hesitate to use extreme force if it must. It has a high Attack Stat, making it's main moves of choice Waterfall and Brick Break. When guarding the gates to their palaces, it is not unusual to see Azperial wielding large tridents, a weapon it makes use of with its own unique move, Trident Strike. This powerful fighting move has a high chance of making the foe flinch.

    Azmer, the Mer Queen Pokemon. Azmer have powerful psychic abilities, and form a group consciousness between around five of them. This hive mind leads a colony, instructing Aznymph, Aznaiad and Azperial from the safety of their coral palaces. In contrast to Azperial, Azmer has a large Special Attack stat, which it uses for its signature move, the psychic type Hive Mind. Although powerful in its own right, this moves power is increased slightly by each water type Pokemon nearby, or in a trainers team.

    That's all for today! Join us again soon for more Pokemon from the Nemesis Generation.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Nemesis, Oct 10, 2009.

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